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tv   [untitled]    January 24, 2012 6:48pm-7:18pm EST

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the national park service have decided that this four month long protest has lasted long enough but that wasn't enough for representative darrell issa he had his powerful subcommittee called in d.c. police chief cathy lanier and the national park service amongst others to figure out why the protesters were able to circumvent the district's ban against camping in a federal park so members of the committee hint that they'll question the park services decision making process and possibly mer vincent gray's change his views on the cabinet seems that gray has taken a cue from mitt romney going back on his original support encouragement to call me curious and dangerous and a serious sanitation problem now usually that would be a city issue is a city issue the mayor has spoken but no you see for some reason congress wants to get results is quite rare as usually they don't really delve into local d.c. governance issues they continue to overlook serious issues in the past like the shocking aids epidemic where one of the highest rates of aids rates of aids and hiv in the entire country disease department of health says that seven percent of d.c.
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residents between the ages of forty and forty nine are infected which is three times what the world health organization classifies as an epidemic but congress didn't have a weight on that issue or what about d.c. schools there amongst the most troubled in the nation that's something that former school chancellor michelle rhee spoke about openly in the film waiting for superman . you wake up every morning and you know that kids are getting a really crappy education right now she think the most the kids are going to. go i don't think they are i know they are. all right or how about poverty considering that washington d.c. as a state ranks third in the nation for the highest poverty rate at one thousand point nine percent behind only mississippi and louisiana now congress hasn't made that a priority either so why is occupy d.c. why do occupy d.c. need an entire congressional hearing to talk about it i mean it's pretty civil right it's politics they're all i said has been on a tirade since december to figure out what all is happening in mr macpherson square
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he's requested all communications from the white house from the interior department and the park service so that he can decide for himself is the president is allowing protesters to stay in unsanitary conditions for political reasons and according to the washington examiner committee members will analyze the effects of the occupy movement with what they fact that they've had on the economy on security and on the environment so is the real concern here unsanitary conditions due to rats well d.c. residents don't seem to think so it's not too bad i mean you go anywhere in the city anywhere in the city there's roads everywhere you go out. you know everywhere they can be in the white house i never knew a b.c. map anyway you could tell me and. now i'm sure the mayor knows but somebody should probably inform ice as well rats are nothing new but congress actually taking an interest in the city that is very new so i'm going to take the liberty of calling out there i said for merely taking up the d.c. issue because he's sick of how the occupiers portray him in his party so for that
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their eyes and the rest of congress it's all part of it they're tonight's time winners. are guys that time for a happy hour and joining me this evening our team producer jenny churchill and tanya saw minator reporter and blogger for think progress dot org. hello ladies are you ready to talk about some more food and always talk a lot of food a lot of fast food lot of cheese on the show lately right now we're going to talk a little about mcdonald's mcdonald's if there's one thing that they're usually good at it's marketing it's marketing and branding themselves take a look at this at. the global building if you told me it was the egg mcmuffin of apartments the egg mcmuffin the egg mcmuffin of all the experts are calling you can
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a company science projects. ok well it turns out mcdonald's had one big massive fail because then they tried to launch this social media campaign and try to get people to tweet with the hash tag meet the farmers in the campaign to draw attention to the brands guarantee a fresh produce unfortunately however. basically they just got a lot of people talking about how they've lost finger and gross and they had to i think they had to edit. the egg mcmuffin of p.r. . very good it was actually really pathetic because it only lasted like two hours this hash tag mcdonald's stories or whatever and then they had to pull it they didn't specify however that they had to be good stories this is probably why ronald mcdonald has a confidentiality agreement this is my period i do have like a lot if you're going to ask people to tweet about mcdonald's you really think there's going to be overwhelmingly positive rather than just people talking smack
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on mcdonald's and i just can't think of one positive experience of have there untrue and you never done. you know you're going through the drive through on a sunday morning and gotten from coke and thought it was the best thing in your whole i'm a burger king well. i only do the mcdonald's breakfast and that is only where it was you know i told you this is going to. do it again and not about their failed social media campaign. oh he's getting hungry. all right now let's move on to rick santorum and we've got he's a hateful mean person and we talk about it all the time but he decided to weigh in on what he thinks about women bodies and what we should do with them yet again in a new interview take a look at this. the right approach is to is to accept this horribly created in the sense of of rape but nevertheless a gift and in a very broken way the gift of human life and accept what god is giving to us.
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so again he doesn't support abortion even in cases of rape because it's a gift even though it's a crappy gift it's a gift from god now i think the worst gift giver. here and i mean nothing says happy hour like rape and abortion i really can't think of anything i'd rather be talking about right now but i don't have to say whenever i hear santorum talk about rape and abortion i cannot stop thinking of that law in order character olivia benson she was like the product of a rape and her mom hated her and she's like an uncomfortable topic i think for everyone all around well i just don't think he extends his sense of humanity to the actual victim you know he keeps talking about these embryos and fetuses the like have rights when he's completely ignoring the right of a sexual assault for young and that's the whole concept the g.o.p. loves babies until they're born and actual people so not a good actor so. let's see what is the thing a little happier is. just
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a downer and it makes me angry it makes me depressed so let's talk about something going on in kentucky basically we've spoken about the creationist theme park before but here's a little refresher. the fork is scheduled to include a first century style village up look of the tower of babel children's play areas and petting zoos and the main attraction of noah's ark based on biblical descriptions. have you been yeah i really don't think it's not open yet it's still building yeah there's a theme park is set to open in spring of two thousand and fourteen however the museum the creation museum which is right down the street is open and i've never been to that now well you know kentucky like most other states in the nation right now is having some tough economic times so budget cuts are involved but this is what they're doing is kentucky governor steve beshear is suggesting over fifty million dollars in cuts to education and yet he's preserving forty three million dollars in tax breaks for the creationist theme park. right yeah events around we
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could be you know this is can only like teach creationism but you want to cut money for education this is actually i don't think this is going to be any more outraging because what you have here is a state where it's you know renowned for its allure to illiteracy issues you've got a forty percent illiteracy rate in a lot of areas and and we're focusing now on a theme park that may or may not produce nine hundred jobs instead of the future of the state and its children it's disgusting well said well you know if they don't go to school because they can't reach any discernible educational standards they can just work at the ark dinosaurs rightfully out amusement parks we're talking high level careers it is pretty out of priorities to me. all right now to onto one of our favorite topics of the show.
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last night at the debate we heard a lot of talk about nasa and the space race but it's not the first time that this kind of thing has come up we've seen mitt romney even make fun of newt gingrich in the past about wanting leader qualities take a look real quick. speaker gingrich and i have a lot of places where we disagree we'll talk about a name though which is where we disagree. let's see. if we can start with that was his idea to have a colony that would mind minerals from the from the moon i'm not in favor of spending that kind of money to do this. well. because truth turns out that. nasa and russia and the e.u. are working on putting permanent research stations up on the moon and i find it very fascinating the u.s. and russia have such a tough time you know relating to each other and getting along on earth but we seem to do really well in space maybe we should just all go up there and we just get along great i'm just surprised gingrich is like
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a one man think tank i don't know why he was like worrying about the presidency when he just you know opened a shop down in the spews ideas and things happened a lot of ideas it's scary once again are you guys thanks for joining me tonight that's it for tonight so thanks for tuning in they come back tomorrow we're going to have change you've heard from the young turks on to talk about obama's state of the union address in the meantime coming up next. it is easy for me to believe. if he feels the. need.
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for. food. costs. it.
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would. be a. dud. getting testy with to you rob that you was drilling a hole in relations with iran this time by banning new oil imports from the country because this slick road of sanctions mean higher gas prices around the world. to countries only a thousand miles away from one another and yet in so many ways worlds apart egyptians are cheering in a new parliament as libyans shed more blood so as the us holds its breath in the world watches we take a look at what's next for the middle east. and dude where's our
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jobs american workers stand in unemployment lines while millions of foreign workers stand in assembly lines find out why america's number one export these days just might be its jobs. it is tuesday january twenty fourth seven pm in washington d.c. i'm liz wall and you're watching our t.v. before we began you may notice a different look today our t.v. is now in high definition some of you may still be getting standard definition but for some artsy programs but not to worry that will change in the months ahead. well fears of a nuclear attack is prompting the european union to enforce sanctions on iran e.u. foreign ministers are convinced the country's nuclear enrichment program is being used to create a nuclear weapon iran insists the program is for peaceful purposes but that's not
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putting the brakes on the union shifting forward so the question is how much of an effect will the same sions really have on iran well if you take a look at their exports maybe not much as you see here about the largest amount of oil actually goes to china with about five hundred forty three thousand barrels each day but the second largest amount going to the e.u. turkey and the if your panel and south korea all also they export hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil from iran each day china and most of these countries are refusing to join the oil embargo so it's pretty much just the u.s. and the european union and as you can see you see here the europeans make up just twenty percent of the iranian exports so what purpose would these sanctions really serve well i spoke to author and independent consultant dr sara vox shorey who further explained the possible backlash. as you said european union is purchasing twenty percent of iran's oil and sixty percent of iran oil actually going to asian
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markets and for country of india china. japan and south korea totally by ninety percent of iranian oil. so i actually deducting this. is not easy for iran to find a replacement for customers but iran can always offer a lower premium and better prices in compared to the same quality of crude oil and can find substitute customers china disappoint finish the first phase of building its. own reserves and the capacity of that is between ninety two hundred and ten million barrels of oil and if you run cells four hundred fifty two for a five hundred thousand of crude oil which is almost the same amount that goes to europe from iran iran can sell of about one hundred sixty two hundred to two hundred ten days of oil in additional to what already send to china to feel its
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strategy petroleum reserve so basically iran can say hey we're going to go elsewhere we can we can take our markets elsewhere it's not so easy of course especially with the central bank sanctions against iran iran has to find new ways but again iran has. many economy in trade relation with many countries including china turkey iran just increase its economy exchange and trade with turkey from fifteen billion dollars to thirty billion dollars so iran can use barter trade in such a circumstances ok and you know some countries a european countries are concerned that this oil embargo well will hurt them and a lot of countries in the e.u. say that they can't afford to have this so i mean it's almost this could be a double edged sword. i mean that they're trying to impose sanctions on iran but this could kind of backfire and that's actually true i mean three country three
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major european countries that tree major consumer of iranian european unions are italy spain and greece which already are facing a huge economy crisis. spanish off the shoals they mentioned they have talked to the refineries which is the main refinery of iranian crude oil in spain and they have agreed to support the sanctions but they mentioned you're going to accept to. stop buying iranian crude oil in case they have a substitute oil and it's it's not so easy to change the flow of crude oil from one supplier to consumers to another supplier because simply do refinery operation and also the trade of refined productions needs time to adjust itself also if you look at the. if you look at to substitute and the options for i'll turn to alternative alternate iranian crude oil for this market. saudi arabia in libya
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believe in crude oil light and sweet or as iranian crude oil which refines in these refineries is sour and heavy so really in saudi arabia to cover iran and who go in these market if saudi arabia is going to cover iranian oil or not that's an other issue and saudi arabia would always love to keep certain amount of spare capacity in case of an emergency in future now iran is threatening as a result of these sanctions if the sanctions do happen they are threatening to shut down the strait of hormuz this critical waterway where huge portion of the world's oil supply passes through last night in the presidential debate i don't know if you'd send it to and then but republic republican presidential candidate ron paul argued that that iran really doesn't want to shut down this waterway because they need it to it's not it's not in their best interest to do so. that's true actually
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playing this threat is it's it's real but not likely to happen sometime soon if we exactly look into what iranian officials said they said the closure of her missis trade is the last card that iran is going to play and that's not going to be due to it is not going to be when the european union is going to implement their sanctions because as i mentioned earlier sixty percent of iran's ongoing goes to asian markets and iran can substitute its customers but in the case my understanding from does the statement is that iranian were trying to set their red lines to the whole word and saying that in any under any circumstances that you are wrong cannot sell any drop of oil to to the whole world let's imagine there is a universal embargo against iran or there's a high limitation for any single drop of iranian oil to be exported from that
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country you're going to close to strait of hormuz because they're not going to lose anything and at that point they're they cannot sell anything through this passage so you're saying it's not simply just the sanctions that are going to compel iraq to shut down this waterway it would take a lot more than that. yes that's i believe that. a sanction imposed by one country or a group of countries not going to cause a closure of a strait by iranian but could happen if. the whole ward. i mean there is a universal sanction against iran and iran cannot sell and a drop of oil so leslie just want to ask you know that the european union have come onboard and is joining the u.s. in imposing these sanctions or what effect it what does that really achieve that that's really good question because we should see that the coalition against iranian oil for whole one is going to last and for how how far it is going to go.
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japan and south korea you order security. dependency and united states and they are challenging to make a balance between stopping by and stop buying their oil from iran or satisfying us and. securing their. security i suspect. a coalition especially among iranians customers in. last for long or it could be very much successful well certainly the world is watching as tension continues to escalate in the region sara thanks for coming on the show that was author and independent consultant dr sarah schori. well what if i told you that president obama had a program in which the u.s. was able to monitor iran and its nuclear activities from the moon well first off i would be lying because the moon and no one does that at least we know of only
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a moon but lots of people would believe it and do believe just about anything they hear us with the resident did a little experiment in time square new york and here is what you found. in the case of iran's nuclear capabilities people are quick to make judgments based on what they hear in the media but are they actually listening to what's being said this week let's talk about that do you agree with president obama's initiative to monitor iran's nuclear program from the moon. yes. i think it's important to know what's going on or do you know why well just because of the threat to the world what is the threat specifically. or sixty. we can talk what's his initiative but to monitor iran's nuclear program from the base on the most yeah yeah i think that's crazy it's just crazy to monitor it from
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the moon or what they're doing whatever you believe do you agree with his program bob moon. you're putting me on you don't believe that from the moon. maybe from a satellite but i think you're putting me on would you be surprised to know that a lot of people just say blindly that they agree with the program from the moon oh that wouldn't surprise me at all that people not human there are lemmings well for things i like to jump off cliffs doesn't the media have a responsibility to guide the lemmings down a better path no lemmings should have their mind of their own and they should be educated i mean people are watching t.v. radio internet so it's if you know even if you're looking for some going of disease you know you find so many interpretations so which one is right on this difficult yet people say i cite an internet so i believe it's absolutely true so it's very
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hard to find the right source most people just don't have the time don't have the inclination come people that they get into if you ever try to have a meaningful discussion with someone about politics i try every day it's pretty pretty bad to be honest you never going to know anyway even if they did put something up that you wouldn't know anyway so. we don't know if it is a year's overstress or not so yeah but do you think common sense takes over a little bit oh yes ok we don't know because that's deep space but our moon you think we would know. tonight they're going to look up there to see if it has fought anything or might come so it seems like some people are listening to what's being said and are thinking for themselves let's just hope they can catch the much more subtle inaccuracy as they're bombarded with by the media every day. well from the death of long time leaders to new governments despite revolutions in
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the region peace in the middle east is far from becoming a reality and libya fighting continues despite the death of longtime leader moammar gadhafi now the head of libya's national transitional council warns that the country is on the brink of a civil war i just said some light on the country's unrest i spoke to policy director for just foreign policy robert naiman i asked him to give me his take on the possible civil war brewing in libya. this is not unknown and disobey. the western military intervention in one war that the. there was a significant danger pushing the country into so who are. unfortunately no the western media has largely looked away now that the objective of regime change or regime toppling. of regime change is not clear that there's
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a new regime but regime toppling the media western media is the way but the. but the result isn't particularly pretty and i think it's particularly we're looking at no there is a debate over. how to handle or what to do with respect to the situation in syria with again these frantic calls for some kind of western military intervention. or with the thing that the patient and try to make some kind of diplomatic political process work you know you know that's not perfect either it's not immediately going to solve the problem though you know several different examples in the region to look at look at the example of yemen where there was an asian diplomatic crisis which was not pretty did not solve the problem right away but at the end of the day there was a deal and there isn't
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a civil war in yemen today so this is some thing that ought to be contemplated when we see a good call for western or international military intervention now amid all that said robert i mean what you say libya is better off today than it was before. anytime you have a big complicated change involving a lot of people you are better off through clearly some libyans are probably very happy as a result other they've been looting people. around you even worse for the president to see people and then guys you saying you know we wanted to go and no we're going to leave libya because this is a disaster we have no hope for the future so i think a lot of people that you know again according to western breadboards a lot of people that were focused on talking could not see or not i'm not so happy
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with the result not for the mention the people and the support of the libyan government clearly they're not happy so you have a lot of one happy people. presumably those people would not say that they're better off. but you know i also want to turn to the jets which has seen its own kind of revolution after the first free election the muslim brotherhood is now in power so the country is officially run by islamicize month of less than vision the democratic future for the country i mean is a is this what they had in mind. first of all the muslim brotherhood is not in power the muslim brotherhood was the top vote getter won a plurality of those parliamentary elections and just added a candidate elected as overwhelmingly actually as speaker of parliament but the military is in power in egypt as it was before and there's
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a long struggle. between the democratically elected parliament and the owner would like the military government. to this what the west and i would think a lot of people understood that the. dictatorship in egypt wasn't popular here and that the muslim brotherhood was the political force in the country most likely to benefit from a transition to democracy and then of course speaks to a longstanding contradiction in western rhetoric and policy saying that we are for democracy so long as we get the result that we want i think it's a positive sign so far the united states is being relatively sanguine about the fact that the muslim brotherhood one of the iranian election was something that president obama promised was shooting us apart and saying no we're.


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