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tv   [untitled]    January 30, 2012 6:48pm-7:18pm EST

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cruise ship that crashed into the rocks in tuscany killing seventeen people the gap and took off in a lifeboat and is now being charged with multiple counts of manslaughter this is a really tragic incident which brings us back to what priebus said which is that obama is america's a little skit it just makes perfect sense right seventy people die in a foreign country in the arms he comes up with a nice little joke to link president obama to it a chance to call obama a coward you just have to take it now you could tell how pleased he was with the line that was saying he just couldn't stop himself from chuckling chuckling while explaining it but i guess the death of seventeen people is only tragic and not political fodder when it happens in the us otherwise it's a political attack just waiting to happen now i'm the last one to say that priebus should be censored or reprimanded for his comments i just think it's dumb to go on national t.v. comparing the president to the captain of a cruise ship that is being charged with manslaughter is just plain stupid so just gives you some insight into how these people operate shamelessly and without care or tact that's why rents priebus the chairman of r. and c.
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is tonight to a time when. ok guys it's time for happy hour and joining me this evening is our chief producer jenny churchill and our t. correspondent christy herself. ladies thank you for joining me. ok let's start with this is an ad that we played before here on the show and this key just came from a you tube user who i think is a user name had the wrong paul in it and so some people are saying a fan created it and it was it was fear mongering about jon huntsman because all my god he speaks another language.
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well that's all right. all right so this is what's happening now and i find this to be kind of odd and seeming to be a little out of character for the ron paul campaign because they're basically filing a complaint in court they're saying that the use of his name infringed his trademark and defamed him by improperly implying that he was behind it whereas i don't think anybody thought it was behind it people thought it was just some random guy on you tube who was a ron paul supporter but you don't control your supporters and so they're actually trying to figure out who this youtube user is and get the ad pulled seems very strange to me that ron paul would want to get the government involved in anything especially a speech matter or trying to find something out it seems very interesting but who knows maybe the huntsman campaign called and wanted to get behind it it's not that offensive i kind of really doubt that he would do something like this on huntsman's pressure i think i have to believe that he really truly thinks that this person was trying to represent this ad as by him and that he feels like he has the right to
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sue i mean i think for him it would have to be a scenario where he thought you're you know tarnishing my name i have the right to know who this is and to go after them legally. it is strange don't you know that are so many people on facebook and twitter you know people that love ron paul love ron paul and i feel like there's so many people that have you know some aspects of ron paul in their names that are in there is of course the i just love that it's ok so here we are going after one you tube user where you know we don't know where so much of the money comes from when it goes to super pacs or you know some of these other organizations after citizens united and all these ads come out but there's one you tube user and we have to go after him and get him anyway just. to me now to talk about something that's happening in india take a look at this news clip. controversial proposal that would require drug testing for people on welfare is getting even more people upset today that's right lines
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e-mail the bill's main proponent says he would be ok if executives of companies getting tax breaks are tested as well. now not only that but so this republican lawmaker the legislation also now has taken it off because a democrat out of the piece of legislation you know a provision to it that would have said fine if federal law makers also have to get drug tested legally you can't do that thanks to a case in the courts and so supposedly the republicans as it is not necessarily against the idea he just has to fix the legal language you're. not against it i find it so interesting that these lawmakers are always so gung ho about you know drug testing poor people basically but when it comes to the biggest welfare recipients the legislators no no please don't try to test us i mean i think i think it's true and there's all this mumbo jumbo about having to change the wording and oh you know all reintroduced this on monday so the wording is just right. it's very
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interesting when this kind of stuff comes up i think it does as you say bring up the discussion of wanting to target these poor people i want to know who's going to pay for the multiple amount dozens if not more of drug testers who would have to come and you know be employed by these statewide offices to drug test the thousands of people who would be required to where where that money come from and it ends up losing the state money we've done the story before because in florida they instituted the exact same thing and shockingly they found out that oh my gosh most of these people are actually on drugs and so now we just spent all this money drug testing them and it's really just a horrible horrible policy but i kind of like at least that some people are trying to stick it to them and say a final drug test you to annul a drug. all the corporate executives that all get huge tax breaks and. serious government money going. to happen listen to this story so a british tourist. had a little fun tweeting some stuff and so his tweet said what i'm set free this week
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for a quick gossip slash before i go and destroy america another tweet said three weeks today we're totally in l.a. pissing people off on hollywood boulevard and diggin marilyn monroe and so what happens is that basically this guy when he arrived got held he told him there was a misunderstanding so that the marilyn monroe reference was a family guy riff and also that the official or the term destroy is just british slang for going out to party and yet because of this he was still held on suspicion of planning to commit crimes and they had their passports confiscated i don't think just your you just are it is slang not. destroyed tonight i think it's definitely taking it too far when you talk about tweets and facebook and that's the problem with the dames that we're living in is you know on one hand we've got all these people who are afraid for our country needing to look out for terrorists on the other hand. this is america we have all these social media outlets and you can say
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we're going on i think we have to say though i'm really glad this happened because the last thing we need in hollywood is another drunk person stumbling down the streets i mean i think we need to keep the british drunks away and i think what was supposed to happen happened here you know sorry you have your vacation so now this is really. you know this is just going to shows maybe some people are going to make jokes was going to be all slang involving others have no idea and so confiscating your passport to save you're going to commit crimes i mean another another was really rage at the white house it goes to show just how close all of our twitter accounts are probably being followed to unmonitored point good point i'm sure they like. the tennessee tea party wants to change some of their history books take a look. it's mainly the issue of slavery that has some tea party members asking for changes i sat down with a local activist who tells me it's not so much what's being in the tax but what's been left out and how that could affect your kids. future and future generations of
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americans. are if you want to know if they're so concerned about being left out as if they're not really sure they like the way that slavery was or trade they think that slavery was seen as too negative and that kids are going to grow up and be taught in history that slavery was a bad thing and they don't realize how much it contributed to the south's economy at the time yet because i think the worst thing that you could ever think was that you know if there weren't slaves the economy wouldn't have existed and actually we don't have to even look at history books we can look at alabama right now when you get all the illegal immigrants all of the economy collapses. i mean the bottom line is the slaves that did build this country in so many ways and we can say that and we can mention it but we should never mention it in a positive light as of. slavery you know really you know the slavery yeah because they don't want the kids to look back at the founding fathers and think oh my gosh they had slaves they were terrible people i mean i don't think kids are able to make realistic thoughts on these things i would leave the other lies to you that
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they were afraid that they were going to think negatively of the founder of the family because i was still it's basic it was a big ball i mean that's something that is worth talking about when it comes to the founding fathers as the for all of their principles of freedom and all their wonderful ideals that they were all slave owners alone i know you're getting ready to go to the next story but we actually switch stories because today we have to cover the biggest story of the day the biggest story of the day your birthday. too late. for them to tell everybody. everything all right thanks guys. happy birthday. everybody good lady that's it for tonight thanks for tuning in make sure to come back tomorrow to read a community which took a stand against so but now they're trying to take a stab at writing their own legislation to talk to reddit co-founder alexis ohanian about the free internet act in the meantime don't forget to become
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a fan of the let me show you follow us on facebook twitter and on you tube this is the if you think it's odd you do what you've got com slash the i want to show and coming up next is the new. a soulless substance. cannot touch like a well trained army. villages in ruins. for thailand where time stands still. all becomes a scene of nothingness. the mysterious sons of russia. are teaching.
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markets why not scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our. these images may look like a war zone a welcome to battlefield oakland where scenes like this the played out time and time again. where is the law or at least the freedom to assemble. and well oakland protesters stand up to police occupy d.c. numbers are getting a jolt of reality this time with an eviction notice while the national park service tells occupiers to get out these protesters say you can't evict an idea will bring you the latest. and one day away from the florida primary conservative critics are
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demanding ron paul step out of the race with so many youth voters joining his stride it's much easier said than done so are these critics splitting hairs are or splitting the party all together. you know the saying it's going to hell in a handbasket well that might not be too far from the truth for the eurozone. and while the euro crisis may be at the top of the agenda for world leaders not much is changing. it is monday january thirtieth seven pm in washington d.c. accuse me and christine for sound you are watching our t.v. well to begin with tonight it is one of the longest occupations in the occupy wall street movement the one right here in washington d.c. since late september protesters have been camping out in the fierce and square and freedom plaza and how for the most part been unbothered by police here the parks
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are patrolled by the national park police who notified protesters that beginning today at noon they start enforcing a law that's been in place all along and no camping law was well has the story. so we are here at macpherson square where protesters have been occupying the park since october they were out the demonstration about one hundred tents have been pitched here but today park police say they have to go the national park service has repeatedly slapped these notices on tents here macpherson square informing protesters that they can no longer camp out here that means they have to get rid of sleeping bags and any other material which allows them to live here protesters are responding by painting that symbol on the notice which demonstrates the fact that they do not agree with this mandate. the deadline noon today there are tens can stay about their doors must remain open proving no one is living in it you know it's warns protesters that violate the rule are subject to arrest and it's
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basically a symbol of opposition. to you know what everything that this movement is opposing right now and so i think the tents are really important part of what you buy but police presence was sparse with no reported arrests they stand mostly on the sidelines refusing to answer questions from the media or with what but occupiers made their message loud and clear they are not giving up the fight here as you can see protesters have erected a massive shadow over the statue here at macpherson park it's all in demonstration to the anticipated a vixen by park oh yes this is our tents of dreams we want to be able to sleep here so we can dream of a better world where everyone has access to health care education housing and where the rich from corporations and banks no longer have control over political system the federal government and the political leaders and wall street were all tone
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deaf they could not hear this so the occupy movement has offered them a hearing aid and they're getting our message loud and clear now the purpose of this was to unite. in this space so if you want to roast one of us you have to rest all of us or none of us used everybody will get it right. i believe so. and that was our own lives while also some major activity over the weekend in oakland california where more than four hundred people were arrested apparently the largest mass arrest in oakland's history according to police there i think it's important to note that occupy oakland seems to use very different methods than the other occupy movements around the country in fact occupy oakland's general assembly actually rejected the policy of peaceful nonviolence they chose instead to use a quote diversity of tactics and we've put together some pictures for you from over the weekend.
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on the activities there protesters use force to try to take over an abandoned community center they hope to turn into headquarters protesters also stormed city hall apparently breaking into a building using a crowbar to get through the emergency door oakland mayor jean quan says protesters trashed much of the building vandalized several areas and caused massive damage inside you may have seen this picture as well this is a picture of protesters in oakland burning a flag on the front steps when response to those arrests occupy movements around the country marched to show their support for occupy oakland arrestees earlier i spoke to rob wall occupy d.c. protester and r t correspondent ramona lindo in los angeles rob started off by describing the scene for me there haven't been any arrests that we're aware of today. we're inter putting what the park service is doing is that they're trying to do a very very soft slow piecemeal of action when they would like to do is to get us out
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of there without there being any kind of scene that will sort of show the violence that's being used against protesters all over the country i mean d.c. park police they're now they're under the federal government they deal with protesters all the time and so they're not it's unlikely that they're going to come down as hard as people in new yorkers oakland and what they're i think trying to do is do one by one arrests of individual protesters they can't catch sleeping give them stay away orders and then you know make the protest slowly wind down. we put up that large tent today to sort of show that we're doing a collective resistance that try to avoid the possibility of a slow bleed now this was supposed to go into effect starting at noon today most people are usually awake by noon an experience where at least when i'm there you anticipating that this could really get a little more ugly or a little more confrontational with police this evening it depends on what they do tonight. i think the idea is for as many people as possible the people who want to
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stay and hold the park to sort of stick together protect each other's backs make sure that there aren't individual arrests that the police can't just take particular people they can't profile and pick out the people who they decide are like homeless or real protesters we want to avoid any kind of distinction that's going to be based on racial and economic profiling so we want to just make sure that there's a degree of solidarity and people stick together what happens tonight is up to the national park service. let me go to you about what we saw i know you're in los angeles but you've been covering sort of the occupy movement up and down california so first of all there were four hundred arrests the largest mass arrest in the city's history and it's important to note that occupy oakland seems very different and uses different methods then the other occupy movements around the country in fact occupy oakland's general assembly actually rejected the policy of peaceful nonviolence choosing instead to quote diversity of tactics now well known i want to get your take from what you understand what were the goals of this weekend in
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oakland. there's records in occupy oakland is definitely different from many of the other movements nationwide this weekend specifically the occupy oakland movement was trying to sort of speak re occupy an empty building which has been bacon in the city of oakland for several years according to the now it appears that the police were ready for them they were able to or surround the building and that's sort of when things got a little bit confrontational we saw pictures of rocks being thrown small canisters being thrown so definitely there are a lot of there are some elements in occupy oakland which have said that they are willing to resist the police by any means necessary so definitely as a whole occupy oakland many of the people who i talked to today definitely did not say that they condoned any sort of violence or vandalism but at the same time
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occupy oakland says that if they were to decry violent resistance they would be decrying the protesters in egypt and they would also be ignoring some of the abuses that the oakland police has against the people over the past several years. rob talk to me about d.c. in particular and what is sort of being discussed right now in terms of how this move if police do get a little more strict about it how it affects the strategy of the d.c. movement d.c. of course as we know has been one of the longest standing occupations in all of this i mean i don't want to get to the for one thing. i'm not privy to everything that's being discussed as next steps the way that it's going to proceed from now on i think you're going to see a lot of sort of smaller groups planning longer campaigns with a particular actions that are to be branded with the sort of messaging of occupy. and assuming we lose the camp you know we will still take some collective actions
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but i think there also just be a sort of mushrooming of lots of different limited limited patients but i think what you've seen in what has happened in oakland and in other cities isn't a typical that you know after losing a park people try to move on take an abandoned building and use that as a staging ground for a sort of spring campaign let me just ask you about i guess what could be seen as a sort of housekeeping matters and that is i'm sure you've seen this over the last couple weeks and maybe a month or so there's been a lot more attention paid to the garbage in the rats that have been building nasty macpherson square and freedom plaza. i know that the first time that in new york they threaten to kick the protesters out of the park to protest and you know what we're going to clean the park ourselves so i'm wondering you know has there been any talk about i mean if this is just about housekeeping and keeping the park clean has there been any discussion about simply just doing that cleaning up taking the tents down sweeping up and then we setting up. well it's obviously not about that i
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mean there have been points at which we got complaints in the health department and we cleaned up the park at this point they're talking about the camping be and not about a health issue the pressure to do this is coming from darrell. ethically questionable hard core right wing this morning health hostile to the protest it's like i wouldn't take seriously the pretense that it's about. you know hygiene issues. bloomberg in new york use the pretense of hygiene to try to clear out the park and when that didn't work they just went in anyway but there's been plenty of you know lawmakers here in washington that have been hostile as you say toward the protests why now why is this happening right now for the national park police to enforce i honestly don't know why some managed to call a hearing last week in which he grilled them about it i think a few people have been trying in congress have been trying to build pressure on the park service to get rid of us for a while and i assume that it's just building up to this point which they're kind of
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when that faction is winning out but i can't speculate too much about that bureaucratic process ultimately they're just in force in the law that's been technically in effect for a while so it's not even that much of a change in policy it's just they've decided to kind of come down little bit harder and we'll see about that back to back to oakland is certainly an interesting place and i think it's important to talk a little bit about the history back in the one nine hundred sixty s. and seventy's activism in oakland always has taken on a little bit more violent tone there's of course the founding of the black panther party and later more militant antiwar protests there the only person critically injured in the occupy movement by police was in oakland that was if you remember iraq war veteran scott olsen ramone talk to me about some of the black bloc tactics that we've seen used in oakland and why you think oakland is so different than the rest of the country. well that's right this weekend we saw some of those black bloc members they were all wearing their holding shields they had helmets on in many of
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these protests are being blamed for causing most of the vandalism and in some cases their everything called provocative wars but definitely oakland has a long history of progressive movements that are very militant as you mentioned the black panther party and over the last several years we have seen several other protests protests movements calling for radical change calling for the end of the war we saw a heavy police crackdown during the iraq war process back in two thousand and three but many of these very left wing very radical leaning activists they say that they are just responding to the heavy handed tactics that the police of oakland have responded with over the past several years i mean the police department there has a very long history of corruption and in fact in a few weeks could could come under federal stewardship because of all the corruption and civil rights abuses which have been documented over several years so
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in many instances this very radical and very progressive movement in the bay area is in response to what they believe is a long history of oppression of the most impoverished communities there in that city some really good point the right to promote and i want to mention to our viewers something really interesting that just happened a group reporters without borders has put out a list of the standing places around the world in which reporters are treated most fairly and least fairly and because of the occupy movement this is really interesting the united states actually went down twenty seven places we have those numbers right here this is the press freedom index again the u.s. is now let's see as we scroll down the u.s. is now number forty seven so that is a huge leap down i think a lot of perspective to show that right here. there's something else i want to talk about too this is a picture that's circulating around the. entry and this happened in oakland also over the weekend a girl taken to the hospital a young woman apparently beaten in the kidney by an officer we have
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a picture of the girl's name is amanda chapel and it's hard to see her but she's there laying out on the stretcher from what we understand from reports say that she is actually pregnant we're not quite sure of her condition yet but really an important look to see what's going on and then again back here in d.c. i want to play a video that you may have seen from yesterday while the park police was putting up flyers in mcpherson square talking about the ban that was going to go into effect today apparently one of the protesters there started taking those flyers down and we want to show you a little bit about what happened next. hour right there this protester actually tasered by police falls on the ground sounds to me like he is in pretty excruciating pain and then of course getting arrested by police there once again that was sunday in macpherson square we can leave the video
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up and rob just let me ask you i know that you weren't there yesterday but but what are people saying about what transpired there i mean it's it's a pretty clear example of egregious police brutality the d.c. police have been sued a lot about their handling of protesters and so we haven't seen much of this kind of conduct but we always knew there were risks american police have been using increasingly violent tactics over a sweep of at least a decade to just exert control over everyone you know suspects petty criminals and protesters and this is i mean this is a horrifying thing to see the man in the video is a friend of mine and. there's not much to say beyond say as a friend of yours of you heard i know he's supposed to be arraigned and he was arraigned he's out now he's going to stay away from the park and in fact that's exactly what we're trying to prevent is that sort of picking one person off brutalizing them we want to show it matures and that we're going to stand together against that kind of thing. and that was occupy d.c.
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protester ron wall as well as r.t. correspondent ramon the lindo who is in los angeles still ahead here on our team in the republican primaries it's a race to the finish but just as soon as ron paul is getting a comfortable pace some critics are trying to trip up his campaign so could this split in the g.o.p. hadas a major roadblock on the road to the white house that's. what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to break through it's already been made who can you trust no one who is your view with a global mission a region where we had a state controlled capitalism it's called sessions when nobody dares to ask we do our t. question more.


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