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tv   [untitled]    February 1, 2012 3:48am-4:18am EST

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meeting between the club's president and the president of start is stand which will decide the long term spending plans for the club but there has managed the side for eleven years winning two russian prime elite titles. founding when they were there wasn't much transfer activity among the big clubs on what was a busy night of premier league action league leaders manchester city up against everton their losing one nil allowing manchester united to join them at the top of the table after that so you know when i don't get old trafford tottenham meanwhile stated after a three one win over we're going to fourth place chelsea grabbed a point against one easy while liverpool are in the top five after their three north brushing of struggling wolves well on wednesday arsenal could retain fifth spot with a win away at bolton newcastle are on the same number of points as the gun is in trouble to blackburn who could climb might of the relegation zone tonight villa entertain q.p.r. sunderland could link the canaries into the template picture and west brom travel
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to full of the russian public could bank is day before the court accused after completing his transfer from the guard yesterday. but i was just catch up on the main news in the transfer market man city have taken on roma midfielder david bizzaro on learning till the end of this season and have center left back wayne bridge on loan to sunderland while everton striker luis the heart has been flown back to the remaining games under the double strength to q.p.r. they've bought bobby zamora from poland for just over six million dollars in last year's strike it will see say is also want to see q.p.r. the former liverpool and sunderland man back in the premier league after three years he has signed a two and a half year deal but over in spain the copa del rey has reached the semi final stage with a headache build back taking a two one lead in their first leg against miranda's on tuesday while tonight barcelona travel to valencia for the start of their cattle and i seven points behind rearming trade in the great billy title putting more pressure on passing pep
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guardiola he wants to get back to winning ways but he knows it will be tough against valencia. the barrier is a strong you know the. person is a huge this. will be to reach into the to war will be the exception. now over to cycling where russia's top team could to share have got a significant reinforcement and have set their eyes on the most prestigious titles for the upcoming season or the daniel has more. all of the glue on the greatest roots of the most prestigious cycling learns since two thousand and nine when they were launched gattuso had been deployed over a shop in this poor sixty live trees and over two hundred boardrooms that's what the team have achieved so far nevertheless ahead of their fourth season aiming to take it to the next level there is
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a clearly given by the sponsors we saw first the olympics the world championships but the sport as well as gifts that the targets you cannot make a team with this quality and say the tour de france doesn't interest me but we have the olympics focusing on it and there are only all for us olympics but this is one of the most goals here on the other hand it's my my aim and it's my work. work also for the russian cycling for the young riders so you must understand this is approach as a whole project fulfilling those kinds of tasks takes elite riders and headed to see people close to their roster here comes the first one of the most feared sprinters in the business three time world champion. i'm very happy to be part of this team first of all cut to show represent such a huge country in russia was at the international cycling arena and it's
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a big honor for me this team is very strong and has huge potential to improve meaning a great deal of opportunity for me to claim more wins in my professional career yaki meanwhile that uses biggest cities sunny in his main show is the only one of the team to have placed an overall victory at the world's three major events the thirty four year old russian proved to be the best at the giro d'italia in two thousand and nine and twice at the building market which i think. it's a pretty horrible time. this is. one of the best russian either so i think it's it's logical so. i think for me oh also it gives more moral some more power and a more ambition a smaller more mature way should form for next season with how we're left to build before the summer olympics in london russia looks like the team and cyclists. their
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interests the combination tour and the olympic games. but. it's going to tional because. anyway if you're finished touring in good shape you're going right i think the game's in the same level if you feel a little renault. and maybe i'm a level i don't know if you're going to improve in two weeks or in but i think you're will have enough level to complete the olympics going in with a level that you should look to have everything to make this year one of the most if not the most successful bull rush the cycling but i don't know my feet. me marcus expand cycling team stan are have announced their new line up for the season that includes promising young cyclists alongside their season leader alexander knock off his back foot after breaking a leg during last year's tour de france but says this will probably be his last season and he will bow out to be nude pics. action now from the n.b.a.
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where the boston celtics have beaten the cleveland cavaliers ninety three points to ninety seven storing a bit of pride against the side which beat them two days earlier paul pierce the main man for boston with twenty points and he helped them head off a late challenge from cleveland driving into the basket to give his side an eleven point lead in the final quarter there and they needed it to them kwan's jamison and then kinnear vying cutting the deficit to two in the dying minutes but boston made sure of the way thanks to kevin garnett and the game's biggest bucket the visitors holding out for the ninety three ninety six. now the clock ticking down to sunday's super bowl the new england patriots and new york giants have held their annual press day and reveal key factors which could determine who will be crowned champions the media days pretty much like a circus atmosphere with players and coaches fielding hundreds of questions from
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hundreds of journalists the giants defeated the patriots in the super bowl final of two thousand and eight and despite winning ten straight games coming into the final the patriots know they'll have to be flawless against a very strong giants' defense and that has put even more pressure on new england star man tom brady i'm going to make sure i don't throw any interceptions and make sure i try to play really well. they're good team i mean i think that's that's why they're here they force you into a lot of mistakes. but we can't go out there and make mistakes and expect to win we've got to go out there and play a very clean game. so that brings us to the end of the sport's point to last.
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diplomatic deadlock russia says no to regime change in syria as moscow slams a proposed u.n. resolution calling on president assad to step down. the wanted man of wiki leaks founder julian assange do you add britain supreme court shortly to appeal against his extradition to sweden. an israeli ad campaign in the u.s. backfires behind a virgin when insulting many jewish families across america. who
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are trying to live from moscow one pm in the russian capital a marina joshie the u.n. security council has agreed it wants to avoid military intervention in syria but differences remain over the way it had the u.s. as well as its european and arab allies one president assad out of power for its bar of russia says the u.n. shouldn't be used as a platform for excessive interference in syrian affairs very important i has the latest from new york. the united states france britain could talk are and all those countries supporting this draft resolution said that there would be no military intervention imposed in syria if the draft resolution was adopted but the most important thing to note is that those spearheading the push for this draft resolution are also calling for a ceasefire in syria and also calling for a national dialogue between the government and opposition groups these steps these
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calls are calls that have been made by russia for the last few months to get russia has taken a positive position in the draft resolution most cooper who's demands an immediate end to the violence another positive point is the call for the government and the opposition to sit down for two hours really want a political solution to the crisis in syria my brusha has indicated on tuesday that it will veto a draft resolution on syria in which the attacks calls for or imposes any regime change and leaves a rhetorical door open for military intervention similar to what the world saw transpire in libya now russian ambassador to the united nations vitaly churkin did address the security council indicating that russia is clearly committed to finding a peaceful solution to the ongoing conflict in syria but it is a solution that has to involve the syrian people not
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a solution that is imposed by outside forces take a listen to what he had to say this unity council cannot prescribe radio recipes for. domestic political purposes it's not in the charter we don't want the security council to call him to fall into the habit because once you start as difficult to stop then you will start telling what king need stories. you know what prime minister needs to step down this is really not the business of the security council moscow has proposed its own draft resolution on syria which calls for both parties participating in the violence to come to the negotiating seat negotiating table and take part in a dialogue this is an invitation that russia recently made to representatives of the syrian government and opposition groups earlier this week to try to get them to come to moscow and participate in talks in the coming days the security council
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will be working to try to come to a consensus on the text of a resolution on syria but if the tanks remains as it's been presented calling for president bashar al assad to step down and leaving the door open for military intervention this is something that russia firmly will be opposed to going aboard now reporting there from new york now the west has made a habit of using the u.n. to legalize its aims of regime change in other countries so sassed peace activists jacob hornberger that's the whole idea of these resolutions that they're no matter how tightly they are constructed they will always be construed to do whatever the u.s. government the british government want to do so one thing's for certain this is a problem for the syrian people to resolve not for the u.s. government the british government the united nations this is a problem for the syrian people so obviously that the main thrust of u.s. foreign policy is regime change we've seen them time and time again you can begin
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to sanctions those into embargoes blockades but ultimately the quest is to remove a recalcitrant dictatorship install a u.s. regime even if it happens to be a dictatorship so this is another classic example of where the u.s. is but in india other people's affairs when it really has no business doing so. coming up later in the program here on our team peter lavelle and his guest from cross-talk debate the hurdles in the way of breaking the deadlock of this year you crisis. offered to host negotiations between all of the different parties and as we know the syrian national council you know one of the main opposition blocs has essentially rejected that offer possibly with some foreign encouragement behind them because one of the stipulations that they made one of the preconditions for the talks was that. should
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resign so they wanted an old come the day goes the outcome of a process as a preliminary condition and so the possibility of negotiations is very unlikely and from my point of view it's starting to resemble a bit what was happening in libya where the opposition consistently refused to engage in any sort of peaceful negotiation and. i think you share your thoughts on the situation in syria so log on to r.t. dot com to take part in our latest poll so far this hour forty six percent say what and whether you russia china veto over a third think you want to simply be used by the west to further its aims in syria now less than a quarter believes it will finish with a continued u.s. effort to overthrow the yasid regime i just want her sand thinks there will be agreement on the motion taken down to our website to cast your vote and while
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you're there check out what else we have for you on line. and force the american laws with russian weapons us police to be using guns provided by the firm that makes kalashnikovs. also the final verdict is out on why russia's martian mission for robot was through and failed to get all the details on our. dot com. found a pal that could prevent a but find out why some medical experts believe it could also pure epidemic. now the u.k. supreme court is expected to consider an appeal by the we can expound or join us
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and against his extradition to sweden over allegations of sexual assault in august twenty tan the future of the world famous whistleblower is as unclear as average with questions being raised over sweden's legal system and its ties with the united states are based on barton has a detail. in the face that launched a thousand leaks julian a son does exposure of tens of thousands of secret documents has embarrassed governments the world over but the wiki leaks phenomenon is no longer his most pressing concern the swedish authorities want to question a songe over allegations of sexual assault dating back to august two thousand and ten prosecutors have been criticized by a son just supporters and international civil libertarians with allegations of a cumbersome contradictory and simone legal process huge arguments have also broken out over the nature of some of sweden's laws on sexual offenses such as those of
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some places it's going to be a closed course. and leading up to the trial is going to be held. well the chief prosecutor asked for him to be held in solitary confinement it's just bizarre so there are so many bizarre aspects to the why in which the amount of matter is being conducted up till now. from our perspective i just can't see how he would get a fair trial others have gone beyond legal arguments saying that the storm raised by our sons through wiki leaks has made him a target for political interference across the atlantic u.s. or thora te's enraged at having their secret documents exposed may seek to have a son extradited there to stand trial but surely sweden's famed neutrality would stop such a thing but i would disagree that's whether straight in and out of country sit in that's a very clear cut. proximity and cooperation
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even. in military operations with such campaigns initiated by nato you have for instance. so it's presence in afghanistan you have a clear cut it brought nato policy on it by the student and that it's not a tragedy with some u.s. politicians branding a sound a cyber terrorist and calling for the death penalty it could get a lot worse for the wiki leaks founder the problem is not that we have too much wiki leaks we have too little. i think wealthy people agree with. who is a national public opinion polls indicate that very large majorities applaud and support the efforts of wiki leaks the why do worry is that with or without julian asuncion governments around the world with something to hide will now launch
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full scale assaults on internet freedom in order to keep their secrets secret but for now the focus is on the man not his website killing our son just connections with sweden have raised many questions about what really happened in august two thousand and ten but now with a son just future as uncertain as ever questions are being leveled at sweden's legal system and its relationship with the united states which could prove crucial to the fate of the world's most notorious whistleblower dumbarton r.t. stockholm sweden. so how for you this hour here in our campaign full of controversy . i doubt why series of ads paid for by the israeli government have left millions of american jews feeling insulted and coming up in our business program. today the
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most anticipated i.p.o. listing in the last decade is expected facebook they plan to sell a twelve percent stake of up to one hundred billion dollars bob is that over all races join me in ten minutes time with more details in the business but a seven. touch like a well trained army. villages in ruins. for thailand where time stands still. becomes a scene of nothing. the mysterious sons of russia.
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welcome back you're watching our teen our inspectors from the un's nuclear watchdog say juran is committed to. resolving all nuclear issues the statement comes after a three day visit by the i.e. a which to iran's cold constructive experts have been attempting to verify the peaceful nature of iran's atomic program the west has recently stepped up economic sanctions against the islamic state suspecting it of developing nuclear weapons washington's intelligence chief has warned of an increasing likelihood that iran could attack america or its allies the u.s.
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is beefing up its military presence in the persian gulf by sending a third aircraft carrier to the region former cia analyst ray mcgovern says people have been misled into thinking of iran is a clear and present danger. if you look at the polls seventy percent of the american people believe that he run already has a nuclear weapon that's exactly the same percentage of people in two thousand and two who were persuaded by what i call reforming corporate media to believe that saddam hussein was working on nuclear weapons it's bizarre what do the defense ministers of america and israel say they say the readings working on nuclear weapons know if the marines were working on a nuclear weapon they would have to kick you at spector's he would know that and they don't want that at all they are not working on a nuclear weapon they have not yet decided to do so so the facts or the truth of finance ministers both intelligence agency the way they say it is they have not yet
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decided to you know nuclear weapons well that means to me simple english means they're not worth you know nuclear weapons going to war i mean if. contrived if you have to take five steps back and say what is this whole about this is about a nuclear capability but it was about regime change. now china is the world's fifth largest holder of gold and seems to be in the market for more it's believe beijing snapped up around five hundred tons of gold in two thousand and eleven that's double what it bought in twenty tannin analysts say china is looking for investment safe havens due to the weakness of the us dollar. china has the largest foreign exchange holding off any country in the world one tree menu as follows. and for several years now chinese economists for one
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thing the government to diversify is holding up for the china's economy. that they you and all china has about nine. why do you about one point nine percent so it is good to diversify somewhat to foreign exchange holdings to do something not us all of these like gold but of course together with. china would need to have a say in the global financial. know. europe is in the world. and china has to see in global financial matters and i think that we will have to change exposure. in europe such diaphragm and so. now some of these in brief for you this hour pakistani
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fire jats have bombed two militant positions along the afghan border the attacks killed thirty one suspected insurgents in the tribal areas of or exile and karama this comes just one week after soldiers and militants clashed at a mountaintop in caracas killing over sixty people the pakistani military has launched a series of a fanciful against militants in the tribal regions in the past few years. dozens of people were injured in clashes outside egypt's parliament in cairo where protesters have gathered to demand an answer to military rule they were stopped from reaching the doors of the building by supporters of the muslim brotherhood which holds the majority of seats tensions are high between islamised reporters and protesters who accuse the movement of siding with the military and betraying the revolution that toppled former president hosni mubarak one year ago. at least ten people are missing after a cargo ship capsized off the coast of turkey the commodious registered vessel.


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