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tv   [untitled]    February 1, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EST

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diplomatic deadlock says. syria has moscow's proposed u.n. resolution calling on president assad to step down. you're watching live pictures right here from a london courtroom as wiki leaks founder julian. pealing against his extradition to sweden. insulting many jewish families across america.
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a very warm welcome to you from all of us here at r.t. moscow. the u.n. security council has agreed it wants to avoid military intervention in syria but differences remain over the way ahead the u.s. as well as its european and arab allies one president assad gone from power for its part of russia says that he shouldn't be used as a platform for excessive interference in syrian affairs. that's the latest from new york. the united states france britain could talk are. all those countries supporting this draft resolution said that there would be no military intervention imposed in syria if the draft resolution was adopted but the most important thing to note is that those spearheading the push for this draft resolution are also calling for a ceasefire in syria and also calling for
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a national dialogue between the government and opposition groups these steps these calls are calls that have been made by russia for the last few months russia has indicated on tuesday that it will veto a draft resolution on syria in which the attacks calls for imposes any regime change and leaves a rhetorical door open for military intervention similar to what the world saw transpire in libya this unity council cannot prescribe a radio disappears for the outcome of domestic political purposes it's not in the charter we don't want the security council to call him to fall into the habit because once you start as difficult to stop then you will start telling what king needs to do you know what prime minister needs to step down this is really not the business of the security council moscow has proposed its own draft resolution on syria which calls for both parties participating in the violence to come to the
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negotiating negotiating table and take part in a dialogue this is an invitation that russia recently made to representatives of the syrian government and opposition groups earlier this week to try to get them to come to moscow and participate in talks with the russian has taken a positive position in the draft resolution most cooper proves demands an immediate end to the violence and other positive points. is the call for the government and the opposition to sit down for talks we all want a political solution to the crisis in syria in the coming days the security council will be working to try to come to a consensus on the text of a resolution on syria but if the tax remains as it's been presented calling for president bashar al assad to step down and leaving the door open for military intervention this is something that russia firmly will be opposed to obviously
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we're in a fortnight of ever porting what the west has made a habit of using the u.n. to legalize as a means of regime change in other countries but this according to a peace activist jacob. that's the whole idea of these resolutions that they're no matter how tightly they are constructed they will always be construed to do whatever the u.s. government the british government want to do but one thing's for certain this is a problem for the syrian people to resolve not for the u.s. government the british government the united nations this is a problem for the syrian people so obviously that the main thrust of u.s. foreign policy is regime change we've seen that time and time again it begins with sanctions it goes into embargoes blockade but ultimately the quest is to remove a recalcitrant dictatorship install a u.s. regime even if it happens to be a dictatorship so this is another classic example of where the u.s.
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is but in india other people's affairs when it really has no business doing so. and i coming up later this hour here on c it's going to be people available and as guests on cross-talk at this time debating the hurdles in the way of breaking the deadlock of the ongoing syrian crisis. to hold negotiations between all of the different parties and as we know the syrian national council you know one of the main opposition blocs has essentially rejected that offer possibly with some foreign encourage went behind them because one of the stipulations that they made one of the preconditions for the talks was that assad should resign so they wanted an old calm all of. the outcome of a process as a preliminary condition and so the possibility of negotiations is very unlikely and
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from my point of view it's starting to resemble a bit what was happening in libya where the opposition consistently refused to engage in any sort of peaceful negotiations. and we as always i welcome your input here and say you can share your thoughts on the situation in syria just by going to our website dot com you could right now take part in our latest poll this bring up this our number. not to change from last hour forty four percent now saying it will end with a russia china veto over a third thinks the u.n. is simply being used by the west to further its aims in syria less than a quarter believe it will finish with a continued u.s. effort to overthrow the assad regime and just one percent thinks there will be an agreement on the motion i do have head over to our website at r.t. dot com cost you vote while you're there you take a moment to check out what else we have for you on line for example. in full swing
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american laws that with russian weapons. u.s. police will soon be using guns provided by the makes kalashnikovs. also the final verdict on why russia has a martian mission to probe the phobos grow and. get all the details about. a traditional welcome for russia's foreign minister these groups that are arriving in fiji this video and many others are just a click away on our. you tube channel. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. a giant corporations rule the day.
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it is good to have you with us today here on a c britain's supremum court is hearing an appeal by wiki leaks founder julian assange. extradition to sweden allegations of sexual assault dating back to august two thousand and ten denies any wrongdoing and says the claims are politically motivated that's course live now to london and told all he's a lawyer smith for more on this laura hello to you so what are we expecting from today and could this be the last chance for songs to fight his extradition. well indeed the building that you see behind me the supremes could literally be last chance saloon stones at least in this country this is achieved a hearing which began this morning is expected to carry on until the end of the day in which he will present his case to see priem courts to try and have this request
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for his next extradition rescission days if he does fail here he can then take his case the european courts if human rights. in stroudsburg but that is not a given and certainly this is the supremes court in this country say this is his last chance for this legal wrangling here in britain which has been going on for more than a year now a soldier arrived this morning looking fairly relaxed it has to be stats that he stopped on his way into court to shake hands with a couple of his supporters who were here some has been here apparently since five o'clock this morning to show you their support for us stars and that he headed into court without saying anything to the assembled media which he's taken to doing in the last month at the he will be presenting his case in front of seven judges and they will be looking at a key question which is whether the european arrest warrant that was issued for him by the swedish prosecutor is valid can the swedish prosecutor in fact issue a european arrest warrant and this could in fact call into question the entire
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system of european arrest warrants and under which of course we know that people could be extradited within europe having little or no evidence presented against them now of course this case is all relating to sexual assault charges that took place in august two thousand and ten while a soldier was in stockholm it's alleged that he raped one woman and sexually molested uncoerced another assault has always said that that sex was consensual and he's also always said that it was police and if these charges are in fact all these allegations are politically motivated he was of course instrumental in wiki leaks publishing our diplomatic cables which embarrassed several governments and several international companies as well we are not expecting the outcome of this case to be announced in the next couple of days as the plane cool has said that it could take them some weeks to come to a judgment that could mean anything between the two and and ten weeks as far as we know but we also know that one of the things that science has been truly worried
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about through this entire proceeding is that once in sweden he could be extradited to straight from that to america. i might tell my colleague tom barton has been you don't pay him to look at the relationship between sweden and the united states but this is his report with more on lance. the face that launched a thousand leaks julian a son does exposure of tens of thousands of secret documents has embarrassed governments the world over but the wiki leaks phenomenon is no longer his most pressing concern swedish authorities want to question a songe over allegations of sexual assault dating back to august two thousand and ten prosecutors have been criticized by a son just supporters and international civil libertarians with allegations of a cumbersome contradictory and slow legal process huge arguments have also broken out over the nature of some of sweden's laws on sexual offenses such as those
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a son faces it's going to be a closed course and leading up to the trial is going to be held. while the cheap prosecutor asked for him to be held in solitary confinement it's just. so there are so many bizarre aspects to the why in which the amount of matter is being conducted up till now. from our perspective i just can't see how he would get a fair trial others have gone beyond legal arguments saying the storm raised by our son is through wiki leaks has made him a target for political interference across the atlantic u.s. authorities enraged at having their secret documents exposed may seek to have a son extradited there to stand trial but surely sweden's famed neutrality would stop such a thing i would disagree as whether it in its country sit in a very clear cut. proximity and
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collaboration even in military operations. such campaigns initiated by nature you have for instance the so it's presence in afghanistan you have a clear cut it brought nato policy on it by those who didn't and that is not a tragedy with some u.s. politicians branding a sand a cyber terrorist and calling for the death penalty it could get a lot worse for the wiki leaks founder the problem is not that we have too much wiki leaks we have too little. i think with people agree with for who is a national public polls indicate that very large majorities applaud and support the efforts of wiki leaks the why do worry is that with or without julian asuncion governments around the world with something to hide will now launch
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full scale assaults on internet freedom in order to keep their secrets secret but for now the focus is on the man not his website killing our son just connections with sweden have raised many questions about what really happened in august two thousand and ten but now with a son just future as uncertain as ever questions are being leveled at sweden's legal system and its relationship with the united states which could prove crucial to the fate of the world's most notorious whistleblower dumbarton r.t. stockholm sweden. i know you can watch a live transmission of julia saunders extradition hearing online just log on to our daughter called well i do stay with us sir just ahead for you this hour it's going to be a campaign full of controversy. and
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. find out why a series of ads paid for by the israeli government has left millions of american jews feeling insulted now let's turn to katie katie hello to you we understand you have some big news from the realm of business today. that is right today is the most anticipated i.p.o. listing in the last decade is expected and it is indeed. a plan to sell a twelve percent stake of up to ten dollars but the question is is it the race is probably talking about this in the business but it's in and about ten minutes time . and specters from the un's nuclear watchdog say that iran seems committed to all nuclear issues at stake when it comes after a three day visit by the i.a.e.a. which tehran's called constructive experts have been attempting to verify the peaceful nature of iran's atomic program the west has recently stepped up its
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economic sanctions against the islamic republic suspecting it of developing nuclear weapons washington's intelligence chief has warned of an increasing likelihood that iran could attack america or its allies the u.s. is meantime are beefing up its military presence in the persian gulf by sending a third aircraft carrier to the region former cia analyst ray mcgovern says people have been misled into thinking iran is a clear and present danger. if you look at the polls seventy percent of the american people believe that iran already has a nuclear weapon that's exactly the same. percentage of people in two thousand and two who were persuaded by what i call the fawning corporate media to believe that saddam hussein was working on a nuclear weapon it's bizarre what did the defense ministers of america and israel saying they say the readings working on a nuclear weapon know if the arrhenius were working on a nuclear weapon they would have to kick out he would inspectors he would know that
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and they don't want that at all they are not working on nuclear weapon they have not yet decided to do so so the facts are the offense ministers both intelligence agency the way they say it is they have not yet decided to do no nuclear weapon will that means to me simple english means they're not working on a nuclear weapon going to war if on a contrived synthetically if you have to take five steps back and say what is this whole about this is about a nuclear capability right now it was about it's about regime change. you want you know it's a lot from moscow now china is the world's fifth largest holder of gold and it seems to be in the market for just a bit more it's believed beijing snapped up around five hundred tons of gold in two thousand and eleven that is double what it brought in two thousand and ten lists
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say that china is looking for investment safe havens of the weakness of the us don't. china has the largest foreign exchange holding off any country in the world one trillion u.s. dollars most of them in u.s. dollar for several years now chinese economy is one thing the government to diversify is holding for the change china's economy is about one third of that of the u.s. and china has about nine percent economic growth why the u.s. has about one point nine percent so it is cool to diversify some with the foreign exchange holdings into something not a u.s. dollar goal but of course together with. china would need to have a say in. the global financial situation right now. based on minute by europeans and the world. and china has reverted to say
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in global financial matters and i think that it will have to change expression lead the u.s. and europe in such dire finance so straight. now twenty minutes past the hour here in moscow this is our get to the r.t. world of a for you some other global news in brief pakistani fighter jets have bombed the two militant positions along the afghan border the attacks killed thirty one suspected insurgents in the tribal areas of design and. this comes just a week after soldiers in militants clashed on a mountaintop included killing over sixty biased on the military has launched a series of offensives against militants in tribal regions over the past few years . dozens of people were injured in clashes outside egypt's parliament in cairo where protesters have gathered to demand an end to military rule they were
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stopped from reaching the doors of the building by the supporters of the muslim brotherhood which holds the majority of seats tensions are high between islamist supporters and protesters who accuse the movement of siding with the military and betraying the revolution that toppled former president hosni mubarak one year ago. a bomb targeting an iraqi politicians convoy has injured five people in baghdad the convoy carrying m.p. case was travelling in the amine area of the city when the blast occurred this comes just one month after he was kicked out of the secular iraqi bloc for refusing to boycott the parliament shoddier was not wounded in the blast. at least sixty people have died in eastern europe after a deep freeze than blizzard swept the region the drop in temperatures has prompted several countries to deploy the army and set up emergency shelters the highest death toll is in ukraine where forty three people died after temperatures hit minus
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thirty three forecasters say the subzero conditions are expected to last at least until friday. before we do the business with katie for an hour to campaign in the us a paid for by the israeli government as i'm good many jewish americans throughout the country and the commercials were designed to encourage israeli jews to return to their roots suggesting that america's jewish culture has weakened but as artie's paula reports of the ads seem to have done more harm than good the big comments could be the family featured in an advertisement recently pulled from american t.v. goal israeli married to an american jewish woman but it was saying is that man has been shouldn't have married me but the emotional response was just kind of ouch. this is one of three ads sponsored by the israeli government and aid across the united states that evoked more than just an ouch from american jews when who is
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really grandparents ask what festival it is the american granddaughter happily on says christmas instead of the jewish festival of hunker the implied suggestion was that jewish identity has been diluted in america and that angered many jews who live there that means. support you cannot get loads of points or two. missiles and so for them. shows a toddler calling daddy daddy to his napping is really expected father who finally wakes up only when he son switches to hebrew american jews felt insulted by the suggestion that israeli jewish identity was more pure than american jewish identity i think that that's really what bothered me about the ads is that they came from a place of almost fear mongering you know they were almost kind of trying to scare people who are living here israelis are living here the ads were designed to encourage israelis living in the united states to come home but critics complained they smacked of arrogance ignorance and cultural disrespect for america instead of
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giving positive reasons for expects to return to israel they failed to address why many had left in the first place i think a lot of american jews look too going on israel was developing in the parliament particular in the field stream really needed from that and they say to themselves this is not the israel that we fell in love with this is not israel that we want to defend american jewry has always been more liberal than israeli society they traditionally voted democrat and often open to a list off the docks practice of judaism then the israeli counterparts for years a rift has been growing between the two much of it based on the aggressive policies of tel aviv towards gaza and the occupation these really palestinian conflict still shows no signs of compromise and consecutive israeli governments have been unable or unwilling to reach agreement with the palestinians. even many american jews feeling more and more alienated from israel does some of what's going on in the israeli public sphere troubled some north american jews troubled them very very
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greatly i have no question but that's the case since the late one nine hundred sixty s. israel has built hundreds of thousands of homes here in the whispering more than half a million people now live in settlements tell of a nonstop was issuing tenders for thaws and more homes to be built across the green line evoking anger and condemnation from the international community. as many as a million one in eight israelis live outside the country in the last five years the number of people who choose to leave the holy land has outpaced those wanting to come and live in israel and although the ads are no longer on the air the reasons that they provoke such a backlash in the first place are far from resolved policy r t television or more headlines with the wrong research in about six minutes but for now it's kirti. thanks very welcome to the business program here in r.t. is all set to be the most hyped i.p.o.
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in years facebook is expected to file the paperwork for its public listing in new york as soon as today the social network will reportedly sell a ten percent stake to raise up to ten billion dollars this will be a record for a technology company but as with other high profile internet. cost the head of market research in our capital says this one looks overvalued. this is a valuation probably based on future cash flow whereas we are no more inclined to talk about the present because for definitely facebook is not delivering this much money right now so. maybe a self-delusion or might might be deliberate exaggeration of market while you are but it's definitely worth march march but less than that amount. and a further effort to crack down on corruption at president medvedev has ratified the
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o.e.c.d. convention against bribing foreign officials in business transactions this is also a key step in russia's accession to the paris based organization for economic cooperation and development according to a study by transparency international russian business men among the world's greatest brive give us second only to china. crisis two point zero and the beginning of the end of the financial world as we know it this is how a new report by saxo bank sees the future the firm has under a reputation for having some of the industry's top analysts marina culture of takes a look what's in store for the financial world and twenty twelve. since the sovereign debt crisis is one of solvency not liquidity and the leaders have failed to address that we can expect to see a systemic collapse and this will involve a liquidity freeze across the board and a sudden drop of at least twenty five percent or europe's i could markets. the
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growth outlook for europe is obviously going to have so let's move on to a teacher more disappointment there as china is expected to face challenges in rebalancing its economy but better news for us where economic growth is expected to be better than anywhere else. interest rates will go up and budgets will come down the public sector will have to face the harsh reality of wage costs and shrinking overnights. all of the above could be good news for the save haven currencies the us dollar the japanese again the norwegian krohn but a bad year for the euro the swiss franc and the chinese yuan the experts outside the bank believe it's only a matter of time before the perfect financial storm hits and they do offer a warm consolation that it may force the authorities in to take in the right action for a long term solution. ok thanks marina let's have
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a look at the markets that europe it opens up in the back and it's still firmly in the black now you can see that that feeds our one on just under one and a half percent on its axis just and that down some reports the european central bank could help reduce greece's debt by returning again greek government bonds it originally punches at a discount that it's not region that moscow the markets have bounced back from a loss in the r.t.s. is just a fraction into positive territory bottom my sex is enjoying gains of nearly one and a half the sads let's move on to the generates the euro is gaining against the dollar and there were. revolt is love against cell phones that they hear and believe us tight says as with gangs all across the board. i caved and that's all for now more business in fifty five minutes stay with me i have market news small business news to come on.
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a soulless substance. in a touch like a well trained army. villages in ruins. for a thailand for time stands still.


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