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tv   [untitled]    February 1, 2012 8:00am-8:30am EST

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un resolution. should be. the fate of wiki leaks founder. and the un atomic watchdog. nuclear program.
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some experts calculate the company of one hundred but is that. coming to you live from moscow city center. welcome to the program russia is standing at the u.n. security council on its opposition to any military intervention in syria differences do remain though among members over how to deal with the conflict washington the e.u. and some arab states one assad to step down but moscow says the u.n. shouldn't be used as a platform to interfere in syria's affairs. reports from new york.
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the united states france britain could talk are and all all those countries supporting this draft resolution said that there would be no military intervention imposed in syria if the draft resolution was adopted but the most important thing to note is that those spearheading the push for this draft resolution are also calling for a ceasefire in in syria and also calling for a national dialogue between the government and opposition groups these steps these calls are calls that have been made by russia for the past few months russia has indicated on tuesday that it will veto a draft resolution on syria in which the tax calls for imposes any regime change and leaves a rhetorical door open for military intervention similar to what the world saw transpire in libya this unity council cannot prescribe
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a radio recipes for the outcome of domestic political purposes it's not in the charter we don't want the security council to call them to fall into the habit because once you start it is difficult to stop then you will start telling what needs to do you know what prime minister needs to step down this is really not the business of the security council moscow has proposed its own draft resolution on syria which calls for both parties participating in the violence to come to the negotiating negotiating table and take part in a dialogue this is an invitation that russia recently made to representatives of the syrian government and opposition groups earlier this week to try to get them to come to moscow and participate in talks. russia has taken a positive position in the draft resolution most cooper proves demands an immediate end to the violence and other positive points. is the call for the government and
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the opposition to sit down for talks we all want a political solution to the crisis in syria in the coming days the security council will be working to try to come to a consensus on the text of a resolution on syria but if the tax remains as it's been presented calling for president bashar al assad to step down and leaving the door open for military intervention this is something that russia firmly will be opposed to. marina portnoy reporting there from new york well in the meantime a peace activist jacob horn says that western states have made a habit of using the u.n. to legalize it's a regime change in other countries that's the whole idea of these resolutions that they're considered no matter how tightly they are constructed they will always be construed to do whatever the u.s. government the british government want to do but one thing's for certain this is
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a problem for the syrian people to resolve not for the u.s. government the british government the united nations this is a problem for the syrian people so obviously that the main thrust of u.s. foreign policy is regime change we've seen them time and time again it begins with sanctions it goes into embargoes blockade but ultimately the quest is to remove a recalcitrant dictatorship install a u.s. regime even if it happens to be a dictatorship so this is another classic example of where the u.s. is but in india other people's affairs when it really has no business doing so. and the indian ambassador to the u.n. says that if the security council continues with this one sided approach to syria a solution will remain a very long way off. as long as the council is in a position to address a recommendation to both sides in a conflict i think you could get agreement but if the council wants to address its
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recommendation to one side that is the government and is not willing to encourage the opposition to come to the negotiating table then you've got a council recommendation which clearly is not acceptable to some members what we need to do on syria clearly is to realize that the situation there is spiraling out of control that one rivaling of the situation in syria will have very serious consequences for the other countries in the region and that unlike libya the consequences would be far higher i'm not suggesting that what happened in libya is not see this enough of that and what's going to be one of the difficulties that we're having is that the security council expedience in respect of resolutions nine hundred seventy and seventy three on libya. vitiated the atmosphere in terms of the approach to words how to deal with the situation in syria. and you can see the full
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interview with the indian ambassador to the united nations next hour just here on. the world's top whistleblower is taking his long legal battle to stay in the u.k. now after the country's supreme court julian assange is wanted in sweden on allegations of sexual assault taking him back to august two thousand and ten which he denies that wiki leaks founder insists the case is politically motivated and in response to his website publishing secret u.s. cables on the wars in afghanistan and iraq artie's laura smith is at the high court in london. the building that you see behind me the supreme court could literally be last chance saloon for julian our son's at least in this country this is a two day hearing which began this morning is expected to carry on until the end of thursday in which he will present his case to the supreme court to try and have
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that request for his extra extradition rescind days if he does spell here he can then take his case the european court of human rights in stroudsburg but that is not given this legal wranglings been going on for more than a year now a soldier arrived this morning looking fairly relaxed it has to be stats that he stopped on his way into court to shake hands with a couple of his supporters who were here some had been here apparently since five o'clock this morning just showing their support for a thousand that he headed into court but without saying anything to the assembled media which he's taken to doing in the last months he is presenting his case in front of seven judges and they will be looking at a key question which is whether the european arrest warrant that was issued for him by the swedish prosecutor is valid can the swedish prosecutor in fact issue a european arrest warrant and this could in fact call into question the entire system of european arrest warrants that under which of course we know that people could be extradited within europe having little or no evidence presented against
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them now of course this case is all relating to sexual assault charges that took place in august two thousand and ten while a soldier was in store and we are not expecting the outcome of this case to be announced in the next couple of days she plain cool has that that it could take them some weeks to come to a judgment that could mean anything pertaining to to win and ten weeks as far as we know but we also know that one of the things that science has been truly worried about through this entire proceeding is that once in sweden he could be extradited straight from that to america and my to my colleague tom boston has been to stop to look at the relationship between sweden. and the united states is the face that launched a thousand leaks julian a sundries exposure of tens of thousands of secret documents has embarrassed governments the world over but the wiki leaks phenomenon is no longer his most pressing concern suis all thora teams want to question
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a songe over allegations of sexual assault dating back to august two thousand and ten prosecutors have been criticized by a son just supporters and international civil libertarians with allegations of a cumbersome contradictory and slow legal process huge arguments have also broken out over the nature of some of sweden's laws on sexual offenses such as those are some faces it's going to be close to course and leading up to the trial is going to be held. while the cheap prosecutor asked for him to be held in solitary confinement it's just. so there are so many bizarre aspects to the wiring which the management has been conducted up till now. from our perspective i just can't see how he would get a fair trial others have gone beyond legal arguments saying that the storm raised by our son's through wiki leaks has made him a target for political interference across the atlantic u.s.
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authorities enraged at having their secret documents exposed may seek to have a son extradited there to stand trial but surely sweden's famed neutrality would stop such a thing but i would disagree as whether it in is an outright country sit in at a very clear cut. proximity and collaboration even in military operations with such campaigns initiated by nato you haven't been there so its presence in that is that you have a clear cut. it brought nato policy want to participate in that it's not tried it with some u.s. politicians branding a son a cyber terrorist and calling for the death penalty it could get a lot worse for the wiki leaks founder the problem is not that we have too much
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wiki leaks too little. i think we'll see people agree with for. the national public the polls indicate that very large majorities applaud and support the efforts of wiki leaks the why do worry is that with or without julian asuncion governments around the world with something to hide will now launch full scale assaults on internet freedom in order to keep their secrets secret but for now the focus is on the man not his website cheering us on just connections with sweden have raised many questions about what really happened in august two thousand and ten but now with the sun just future as uncertain as ever questions are being leveled at sweden's legal system and its relationship with the united states which could prove crucial to the fate of the world's most notorious whistleblower tom watson r.t.
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stockholm sweden. well it's good to have you with us this is r.t. live from moscow and just in a few minutes here coming your way in the program israel employs a controversial tactic to lure american jews back to the motherland but critics say it needs to fix the problems that drove them away in their personal lives and. also a new gold fever china racists are by record breaking amounts of the precious metal exposing the trouble that the u.s. dollar finds itself in. the u. hands a nuclear watchdog says it's planning to visit a ron again in the near future following a three day trip to the country in the. finale does believe that iran is committed to progress over its nuclear program however u.s. intelligence officials believe iran is trying to be more open only because it's feeling the bite of new sanctions and despite admitting the country is not building a nuclear weapon at the moment they likened iran to al qaeda saying it could launch
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terrorist attacks on u.s. soil but former cia analyst ray mcgovern believes people have been misled into thinking that iran poses a danger. if you look at the polls seventy percent of the american people believe that iran already has a nuclear weapon that's exactly the same percentage of people in two thousand and two who were persuaded by what i call the phone in corporate media to believe that saddam hussein was working on a nuclear weapon it's bizarre what do the defense ministers of america and israel say they say all the readings working on a nuclear weapon know if the arrhenius were working on a nuclear weapon they would have to kick out he wouldn't specters he would know that and they don't want that at all they are not working on a nuclear weapon they have not yet decided to do so so the facts are the offense
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ministers both intelligence agencies and say the way they say it is they have not yet decided to nuclear weapons well that means to me simple english means they're not working on a nuclear weapon going to war if on a contrived synthetic if you have to take five steps back and say what is this whole about this is about a nuclear capability right now it was about regime change. you're watching not to forget oh we've also got the world covered for you on our website here's what online you right now would r.t. dot com i believe the nato report accuses pakistan's intelligence of assisting and protecting the afghan taliban. those details. over there. for you. just for making a joke. the story of. terrorists. is
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. the official. video.
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dimitri with the business but now china has been taken over by gold fever it's believed the beijing alright of the world's fifth largest holder of gold snapped up around five hundred tonnes of the precious metal in two thousand and eleven that's double what it brought in two thousand and ten and it could be in the market for just a bit more investment manager francis luna believes beijing is wise to step away from the weakening dollar. china has the largest foreign exchange holding off any country and there were. new as follows most of their us dollar and for several years now chinese see how limits wanting to be government to diversify is holding foreign exchange china's economy is. that of the us and now all of china has about nine percent economic growth why the us
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about one point nine percent is so is good to diversify some of the foreign exchange holdings into something not a u.s. dollar goal but of course together with. china we would need to have a say in the global financial situation right now. by your peers in the world. and china has reverted to say in global financial matters and i think that we'll have to change exposure to lead the u.s. and europe in such dire financial straits if you want china to participate fully in the global financial system i really need to bring china into d.c. to organizations. nearly twenty minutes past the hour here in moscow to check out the r.t. world update and was talk with pakistan where gunmen have attacked
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a paramilitary checkpoint in southwestern pakistan it's killed eleven soldiers and wounded a dozen the troops did return fire but it's unclear whether via tuckers suffered any casualties shortly after pakistani fighter jets bombed the hideouts of militants along the afghan border killing up to thirty one suspected insurgents. two people have been killed and five more injured in senegal's capital during an opposition rally police there used to gas to disperse. a crowd gathered to protest a court ruling allowing the nation's elderly leader to run for a third term the constitution was revised soon after he was elected in two thousand and two impose the limit for the president argues that since he was already in office when it took effect it should not apply to help. mitt romney is in pole position to be the republican nominee for president after claiming a landslide victory in the primary election in florida official results show him
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taking forty six percent of the vote compared to his main rival newt gingrich with thirty two the former massachusetts governor has been the front runner to take on barack obama for most of the campaign but did suffer a setback in south carolina last month when she claimed a women. seventy nine people have died and hundreds been hospitalized across the eastern europe after severe cold and blizzards swept the region the drop in temperature also caused power outages and blocked traffic the worst hit was ukraine where forty three people most of them homeless died after temperatures hit minus thirty degrees celsius weather forecasters say the deep freeze is expected to last into friday at least. the united states is home to the second largest jewish community in the world and many american jews feeling increasingly alienated from their spiritual home in israel thanks in no
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small part to ad campaigns funded by the israeli government and saudis explains the big could be the family featured in an advertisement recently pulled from american t.v. go israeli. and american jewish woman but it was saying is that my husband shouldn't have married me but the emotional response was just. this is one of three ads sponsored by the israeli government and eight across the united states that evoked more than just an ouch from american jews when who is really grandparents ask what festival it is the american granddaughter happily answers christmas instead of the jewish festival of honey the implied suggestion was that jewish identity has been diluted in america and that angered many jews who live there and all the. support you can at the loads of points to. this us and so for them. shows
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a toddler calling daddy daddy to his unhappiness really expected father who finally wakes up only when he son switches to hebrew american jews felt insulted by the suggestion that israeli jewish identity was more pure than american jewish identity but i think that that's really what bothers me about the ads is that they came from a place of almost fear mongering you know they were almost kind of trying to scare people who are living here israelis who are living here the ads were designed to encourage its radius living in the united states to come home but critics complained they smacked of arrogance ignorance and cultural disrespect for america instead of giving positive reasons for expects to return to israel they failed to address why many had left in the first place i think a lot of american jews look to going on in israel was developing in the parliament particular and they feel extremely ill you needed from that and they say to themselves this is not the israel that we fell in love with this is not israel that we want to defend american jewry has always been more liberal than israeli society
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they traditionally voted democrat and often open to a list off the docks practice of judaism then the israeli counterparts for years a rift has been growing between the two much of it based on the aggressive policies of tel aviv towards gaza and the occupation these really palestinian conflict still shows no signs of compromise and consecutive israeli governments have been unable or unwilling to reach agreement with the palestinians. even many american jews feeling more and more alienated from israel does some of what's going on in the israeli public sphere troubled some north american jews troubled them very very greatly i have no question but that's the case since the late one nine hundred sixty s. israel has built hundreds of thousands of homes here in the west bank more than half a million people now live in settlements television was issuing tenders four thousand more homes to be built across the green line evoking anger and condemnation from the international community. as many as a million twenty eight israelis live outside the country in the last five years the
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number of people who choose to leave the holy land has outpaced those wanting to come and live in israel and although the ads are no longer on air the reasons that they provoked such a backlash in the first place are far from resolved r.t. television. or a part of the business the military joins us next. and i would welcome to business out in a further effort to crack down on corruption president at it has ratified the o.e.c.d. convention against bribing foreign officials in business transactions this is also a key step in russia's access to the paris based organization for economic cooperation and development or cd together details of this move i'm joined in the studio by a business that has a neck pool so nick a new move what difference will it make what it means is the russian companies that give bribes to public officials abroad will be liable for prosecution in russia now
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russia has got a problem with corruption we all know that the problem is not the number of statutes on the law books the problem has always been the application of laws if these are implemented it won't make much of a difference to companies operating in the u.s. and in europe because corruption is not that big a problem that when you look at regions like africa or other regions where corruption is endemic then clearly it's going to be more difficult to get contracts if companies are not allowed to use every meth the disposal what happens if people all called well if you look at some of the other countries the they've imposed on companies for offering bribes they've been quite substantial. bens for instance five hundred eighty five million dollars for giving twelve million dollars in fines so the two the rules have been sort of quite strictly applied elsewhere but where they are here is remains to be seen but that means more restrictions for russian
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companies do you think there is point still in joining o.e.c.d. in that case will joining the o.e.c.d. is the next natural step after joining the w t o and the kremlin says it would like to get it done this year at the o.e.c.d. it's function really is a talking shop it comes up with the best policy for trade legal regulation. if russia employs recommendations this helps transparency the rule of law becomes more firm and this is all good for the business climate which is here mission for this government right nick thank you very much nick paul of business at the. let's now turn over to the markets and we start with europe where the footsie and the dax will still on the rise that's on reports the european central bank or the figures could help reduce the greece's debt by returning gains on greek government bonds that is regionally purchased at a discount. here in moscow the markets bounced back from early losses and are looking pretty positive for your tears up more than one percent so is the my sex
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segment of what's moving the my six gas margaret gazprom is high it's now a profit rose over forty one percent in the first nine months of last year and predicts full year profits will be up twenty five percent oil pipeline operator transnet is gaining as well as preferred shares are up point nine percent the company plans to invest thirteen billion dollars into infrastructure twenty twenty and after as is bucking the trend is down more than two percent after reporting its russian sales fall twenty one percent during. the year is gaining versus the dollars in the currency has strengthened five percent versus the dollar since reaching a seventeen month low on the jenufa team cutting the euro's decline to about four percent since mario draghi took control of the e.c.b. on the first of november the russian ruble is. versus the greenback and the year.
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it's all said to be the most hyped i.p.o. in years facebook is expected to file the paperwork for its public listing in new york as soon as today the social network will reportedly sell a ten percent stake to raise up to ten billion dollars this will be a record for a technology company but as with other high profile internet firms with the minute i got scared of market research had not capital says this one looks over at. this is a valuation probably based on future cash flow where us we're now more inclined to talk about the present because for definitely facebook is no delivery of this much money at all right now so it might be a self delusion or might might be deliberate exaggeration of market while you know but it's a facebook is definitely worth much much less than that amount. had lines are next on outside with laurie to stay with us.
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so let's substance. in a touch like a well trained on the. villages in ruins. for thailand where time stands still.


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