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tv   [untitled]    February 1, 2012 1:48pm-2:18pm EST

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you can too it's one of the great things about living in america is that you have the freedom to believe whatever you want and nobody has the right to tell you otherwise the government is meant to respect all religions it's on the topic of history here let's also take a little moment to remind you that our country is also founded on the principles of separation of church and state you get it the government can impede on religions you can't pick and choose so you just keep them completely separate now sadly there's ideals and danger with the outcry from religious groups over birth control distribution women were pretty reproductive rights in general not to mention gay marriage but i don't think that newt's respect my religion but i won't respect yours comment would play out very well if he did become the commander in chief christianity is most popular religion in the united states that doesn't mean it's the only one and some people are actually fond of that whole freedom of religion thing so for new to claim that christianity is getting the shaft i mean come on it's just laughable when the war on religion is trying to keep statues of the ten amendments content commandments out of state courthouses i think it is pretty clear
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the pendulum has swung reading far in the christianity direction now and for newt making an attack on president obama for respecting all religions was just ludicrous only in the g.o.p. just being an open minded individual i mean that you're doing something wrong so for wanting christianity to be respected more than other religions practiced in the united states despite the fact that it goes completely against the constitution g.o.p. presidential candidate newt gingrich is tonight's top time winner. our guys it's time for a happy hour and joining me tonight is lauren lyster host of the capital account here on r.t.e. and comedian lafayette right. hey guys thanks for joining we would love to have welcome to the show but. we're going to start this evening off with reminding us ourselves what it's like when obama likes to sing
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a song. the was. loose was now let's compare that with what happens when mitt romney tries to sing a song. oh beautiful for spacious skies for. i mean. there are ads i just don't get any better or worse i guess i got to give it a bit of press about obama going to his black and over for the next turn. around but i'll hear both mom was impressed me he's just saying like. they're not being oppressed bussau some even flow. saying it just like you know this recited the lyrics from life or do life again the thing with the south al green was cheating well whatever i want to see mitt romney does and al green that yeah you
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know ok yeah bring it on guys. i think i should have a little what together i think it should be if they end up debating there should be like a like now isn't jay z. kind of thing like i don't know myself and they can bring bill clinton out to play the saxophone will be great that will work for you or like me you know you'll be back at the answers yet none of the hate works not to pick a word you get on my back. and oh yeah i think we have a flat or making this happen. and that will really not even bring the intelligence level of the debate down all that much more and now we know something and having a battle speaking the debates we know that newt gingrich kind of has like his move at this point is basically just attacking the journalists or the moderators that are trying to lead it. just one of my colleagues who've done a terrific job of answering an absurd question. first of all chris that i took seriously broach injunction to put it sort of the talking points and i wish you
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would put aside the gotcha questions and i'm frankly not interested in your effort to get republicans fighting each other. just such a. good bit about this so is new thing is that he's saying that if he becomes the nominee he doesn't want journalists moderating the debates anymore he didn't say he wants to do it instead he just said i don't want journalists moderating the debates anymore because he doesn't need to have a second obama person in the debate well you know i think that it can't get much worse and this would just help the u.s. get lowered a few more rungs on the journalistic freedom that went from twenty to forty seven and now you know be just perfect if newt gingrich said you know no reporter is moderating the debates and then we can just drop even further what would you want a journalist journalist like you know like a drone but it's like arguing with your girlfriend in the beauty shop you know you know going to win that kind of thing you know i mean if anything you know should be moderators people have to use the why because i believe that only people who are like completely know you know what i mean because they go to. the you know you go
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so you got to take it out and they all have those like thirty second responses and stuff though i mean it's ridiculous i mean i. really want to moderate the debate instead and i we give really an exaggerated a lot to do with plenty of hell on this show too because they often don't do a very good job brian williams for example john king for example and offer you know ask stupid questions but how much lower can we go yeah exactly come on it was i was in a debate yeah. i have to go to the bathroom and we will do the same job and it all work out well yeah ok talk about i would start of the show it is basically talking about the fact that we got some disclosures today about how much super pacs are spending which is kind of an insane amount of super pac spending on ads going up sixteen hundred. percent since the same time since two thousand and eight but what it's also let us know is that there are some people and every now and then individuals that can basically just support entire campaign and
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so it turns out that jon huntsman and the super pac that supported him which was call the i forgot it's called destiny thank you basically his daddy girl but. that's just pathetic so i'm on seventy first of all the money in the in the super pac was from dad you just can't be any more of a people where money better things just like the way the world we learn an elementary school remember foamers was yeah and the kids in the class with the rich parents their parents. they were sure you know. the thing and their kids like me would just steal from them and. that's how that works goes all right well he's going to steal the dad's money now i want to see. you know i think that's a really good example you grow up at the same thing and never changes but now you get over it if you are going to billionaire parents that try to buy you the presidency haven't even daddy couldn't succeed in buying in the presidency or even
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a spot this far well because there are other reasons for that because i think jon huntsman is just to say it in ways with the devil republican party but this takes him down a few notches. come on he's a ansible and he's a total whose daddy has to fund his election oh ok ok well it's like all that far yes some supporters let's talk you know is that his daughters. sorry. lord i have a lot of opinions on this. story want to do jay leno do yes or talk about me why not so last night i didn't even know the jay leno has this thing called coulda woulda should show and he decided basically it's like happy hour like we play clips and we talk about it as the exact same thing as a free play a clip of reading a story of american comedians talk about it. our next story very painful take a look this iranian guy twenty one year old funny really great idea to have
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a tattoo on his penis. and the story goes under there you guys that are kind of out of us but of course we got to go i cried when we're talking about peanuts tattoos yeah well come on is jay leno that's crazy it's amazing and it's kind of cute you were setting up happy hour and then they made their own happy hour with it i think i have a better rivalry i agree however that our jokes about the iranian penis than they did. you don't go back and watch i'm serious when i was on your bed with iranian penis had you joke around your penis i mean apparently to get a boner from here you had a part of it yeah they should just money this is so that we would have wrecked out this fall should they called it the would. the spokes people can be like omar. from the black people move the womb. ok whatever it would daisy that would you know if they can rap and they can sell the yeah if they want to go to the bathroom yeah. it's all about the would get to get
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a rabbit out of the word of thanks so much for joining me tonight that's it for tonight's show thanks for tuning in and make sure to come back tomorrow dylan ratigan host of the dylan ratigan show on m s n b c is going to be here to talk about his new book review bastards any time don't forget to become a fan of the one show on facebook you can follow us on twitter if there's anything ever missed you can find it youtube dot com slash the on the shelf and coming up next to me.
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well. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered.
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moscow says it won't back a weapons in bargo in damascus because the guns would still find their way to armed opposition groups which some u.n. members refuse even to acknowledge. a diplomatic battle at the u. when over a resolution on syria calling for president assad to step down russia says no to regime change and pushes for talks instead all the details from new york just ahead in the program. u.k.'s high court considers the fate of the killings founder julian assange shoes wanted in sweden on allegations of sexual assault. always maintained this case is politically motivated it's great it's fair that it's just
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sweden to america more coming up. israel's campaign insults jews based in the u.s. already feeling alienated by their spiritual home policies our top stories this hour. international news and comment live from moscow this is r.t. russia will not agree to an embargo on weapons to syria moscow says doing so would not prevent the continued arming of opposition groups in the country there's deadlock at the u.n. security council where russia is refusing to back any military intervention or resolution that could aggravate the conflict well for more on this we can talk to auntie's and start chatting up who is in new york to explain moscow's position on this. well russia says it won't
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accept even a hint of an embargo on arms embargo when it comes to syria and its reasoning for this is pretty simple it says firstly that the weapons and arms are that russia provides to syria cannot be used against demonstrators thus don't influence anything that goes on inside syria when it comes to this conflict now secondly russia says that it is only following its legal obligations its following its international contracts with syria and it's not breaching any international laws at all and most importantly it says that the lessons of libya need to be large because when an arms embargo was put in place on libya what ended up happening was government forces were embargoed but the opposition groups continued to receive openly arms from abroad and this is something that they don't want to see in syria and russia says it's time for the west to stop pretending like armed groups don't exist over there. because i was it would seem logical if there is
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a conflict let's not supply arms where we saw what happened in libya in an imperfect world this would have meant the following no weapons with the government the opposition fighters could get them from anywhere that's what that would mean especially now our security council colleagues refuse even to admit the presence of armed groups and they will not condemn them or acknowledge they are being supplied with weapons cache then we say ok we'll break all our contracts alone relations with syria but they will start supplying even move to opposition groups and that's just what they did in libya. so honest as it is any sign of a break now in the deadlock over a u.n. resolution for syria. there's no sign of a break in deadlock just yet the arab and western backed regime change resolution calls for the. syrian president to step down if this does not happen within fifteen
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days further measures could take place and russia says no thanks we've seen this similar scenario in libya in this particular case moscow says what's important is for talks for syria to exercise its sovereignty for the opposition and the government to sit down together moscow has offered russia as the center stage for these negotiations but it's important to say that russia still believes that a consensus can be found within the united nations security council it says that broad resolutions that are dangerous should not be put on the table that can split the council and really aggravate any sort of conflict and it continues to call for the importance of arab observers to remain working on the ground. to check and i thank you very much indeed reporting from new york well for more on this i can now talk to john grayson he's an assistant editor of antiwar dot com joining me now from washington is against an arms embargo in syria drawing
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parallels to what happened in libya where the west all and the opposition fronts admitted doing so quite openly despite a u.n. embargo do you agree with russia's stance. well i agree with that partially but if we're if we were accurate here russia's position is not all you know sunshine and lollipops they are arming and paying the assad regime which is committing terrible atrocities and there are sort of their aim in this is not out of concern for the syrian people they want to push back against western imperialism and they also want to maintain their puppet dictator assad because it affords them a lot of influence in the region but russia is concerned is it not over the humanitarian crisis it wants both parties to cool to get together despite the pressure otherwise from the west and the u.s.
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maybe i mean saying that russia has humanitarian concerns is really no different than saying the u.s. has humanitarian concerns what's what matters is what the interests are and i think that the u.s. yes has an interest in intervening in syria the same way it did in libya especially because they have an interest in perhaps replacing assad with a more sunni oriented pro western to their ship. and that should be condemned outright obviously would lead to all kinds of horrors an unintended consequences and a protracted war but russia like i say is funding the assad government even as it commits atrocities against the syrian people and their opposition to intervention is more about pushing back on the western imperialism in the region and again making sure they have a stake right in the middle east where there are serious but that is
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a fair point when they say that western states a fall into the habit of using the u.n. as a tool for regime change that is a point there isn't it. yes absolutely and that is what they're doing i mean the language of this resolution doesn't explicitly call for military intervention but it certainly leaves it open. again that that would be a terrible terrible mistake. not to mention the fact that it's not the business of the u.s. or the u.n. security council to go around implementing regime change that's not what they should be doing all sides should support for all sides and encourage dialogue and an end to violence why won't the opposition except any help in terms of the negotiation offer from moscow is it because of that pressure from western countries saying that they shouldn't enter into negotiations or is it because they're pretty close to their goal is we've seen them on the outskirts of damascus at the moment almost achieving what they want to achieve and that is the fall of
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a sad. yet could be a number of things i mean they they don't want to negotiate with someone that they don't trust and that they've seen has been murdering many civilians in the streets but also yet maybe they see some momentum behind them and possibly some factions would like an intervention from the west although not all factions of many syrian opposition groups explicitly say they don't want western intervention however it should also be noted that they feel this momentum potentially because of the help that they're already receiving from places like turkey and lebanon on and although it can't be confirmed yet it is possible that the u.s. has lend support to the opposition just very very to see how that very briefly john your antiwar dot com you're the editor of that there is that argument that the bond it's going to continue unless you don't have that foreign intervention is not a good argument just very briefly. it's
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a terrible argument because as we've seen with western interventions particularly u.s. led interventions they turn into all sorts of extra violence that we cannot be contained in all sorts of unintended consequences that should just be immediate game changer for any intervention which is an editor at antiwar dot com joining us live there in washington thank you for your thoughts and your time. the world's top whistleblower is taking his long legal battle to stay in the u.k. to the country's supreme court where he's appealing extradition to sweden julian assange is wanted on allegations of sexual assault dating back to august two thousand and ten which he denies that we can leaks founder insists the case is politically motivated artie's laura smith reports from outside the high court in london. as often happens on the first day of these hearings you only hear one side of the story and what's happened today is that today in a sound his team has given that evidence they have that point his lawyer diana ross
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seems to be quite convincing in front of the seven judges they were sort of not take she just a bit of hubris the proceedings which i don't know if this is preceding and she talking mainly about judicial authority when in the swedish prosecutor had the judicial authority to issue the paragraphs words under which. extradition has been requested she said does this person pursue this prosecutor have it as somebody who is party to the case essentially who has a vested interest in the case and her argument was that the swedish prosecutor come to me impartial and independent to say that goes against the fundamental principle of no there's been in place ever since new existed basically associate himself steering the hearing he listened very attentively and then he left at the end of the day looking fairly relaxed in the building the you see behind me to see if we can go it is basically just chop julian assange as far as his british legal body has is that he's been going on all of the new year as we know he's going up through
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the space recently at the high court he suddenly got fifty priem codes he may have if he doesn't get his way here he may have recourse to take this year pinnacles of human rights but that by no means a given post this this is all about the fact that he's wanted for questioning in sweden yuva sexual assault allegation he has always maintained that this is a case that is politically motivated in connection with his work for wiki leaks when of course he released an enormous number of files that were very embarrassing for several governments and many international businesses his major fear really is that he could be extradited from here to sweden and then straight to the night. state that my colleague tom barton has been in sweden and has taken a look at what the relationship between sweden and the united states is in the face that launched a thousand leaks julian
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a son does exposure of tens of thousands of secret documents has embarrassed governments the world over but the wiki leaks phenomenon is no longer his most pressing concern the swedish authorities want to question a songe over allegations of sexual assault dating back to august two thousand and ten prosecutors have been criticized by a son just supporters and international civil libertarians with allegations of a cumbersome contradictory and slow legal process huge arguments have also broken out over the nature of some of sweden's laws on sexual offenses such as those are some faces it's going to be a closed course and leading up to the trial is going to be held. while the prosecutor asked for him to be held in solitary confinement if he is just as so there are so many bizarre aspects of the why in which the matter is being conducted up till now. from our perspective i just can't see how he would get
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a fair trial others have gone beyond legal arguments saying that the storm raised by our sons through wiki leaks has made him a target for political interference across the atlantic u.s. or thora te's enraged at having their secret documents exposed may seek to have a son extradited there to stand trial but surely sweden's famed neutrality would stop such a thing but i would disagree that's whether it in this country sit in a very clear cut. proximity and collaboration even. in military operations with such campaigns initiated by nato you have for instance the city's presence in afghanistan you have a clear cut it brought nato policy on it by those who didn't and that it's not
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a tragedy with some u.s. politicians branding a son a cyber terrorist and calling for the death penalty it could get a lot worse for the wiki leaks founder the problem is not that we have too much wiki leaks too little. i think with people ok with. who is a national public opinion polls indicate that very large majorities applaud and support the efforts of wiki leaks the why do worry is that with or without julian a son governments around the world with something to hide will now launch full scale assaults on internet freedom in order to keep their secrets secret but for now the focus is on the man not his website killing our son just connections with sweden have raised many questions about what really happened in august two thousand and ten but now with a son and his future as uncertain as ever questions are being leveled at sweden's
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legal system and its relationship with the united states which could prove crucial to the fate of the world's most notorious whistleblower dumbarton r.t. stockholm sweden. coming up here on r t in the next few minutes israel employs a virtual town to lure american jews back to the motherland but critics say it needs to fix the problems that drove them away first. but first dozens of people were injured in clashes outside egypt parliament in car on choose day where protesters gathered to demand an end to military rule it was stopped from reaching the doors of the building by supporters of the muslim brotherhood which holds the majority of seats dr youssef saddam editor in chief of the christian would turn a newspaper in egypt has told me that he thinks incidents like this show the future of the country is still unclear we are on the road map to the transition. yet christians and moderate muslims are
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concerned about how the coming months reveal because as we all know according to constitutional amendments that took place last march a joint committee will be formed from both floors in the parliament shura council and the people's assembly and this committee will be assigned to write a new constitution. bearing in mind the. majority of christians and moderate muslims are like skeptical about who will be represented in this committee and what will be the criteria of the coming constitution. continuously reveals demonstrations sit ins and revolution going into. similar squares in our major
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cities. and we're staying in egypt for a world update this hour where a football match has turned deadly at least forty people were killed in the city of fourteen when fans stormed the pitch following a match in the top league players and supporters were caught up in clashes with sore stones and bottles thrown some of the dead were security officers the two teams involved have a long history of rivalry and violence has been common in recent years. also in a world of rival militia groups have been involved in a gun battle in the center of dubious capital tripoli this is a report heavy and light weapons exchanging fire in the city road along the coast has been blocked and smoke was seen rising from the scene of the fighting former allies were fought and fought together to altoona gadhafi last year and now engaged in the battle for influence in libya. government.


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