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go in damascus because. group's. members refuse to acknowledge. a diplomatic. resolution on syria calling for president assad to step down. and. all the details from new york just ahead of the program. in sweden on allegations of sexual assault. case. it's great. to look.
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at the u.n. atomic watchdog indicates tehran is ready to cooperate on the issues over its nuclear program and plans to make another trip to iran next month stories. one from moscow this is international news and comment russia will not agree to an embargo on weapons to syria moscow says that doing so would not prevent the continued arming of opposition groups in the country. at the u.n. security council where russia is refusing to back any military intervention or resolution that could aggravate the conflict. has the latest now from new york. russia says it won't accept even a hint of an embargo on arms embargo when it comes to syria and its reasoning for this is pretty simple it says firstly that the weapons an arms for that russia
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provides to syria cannot be used against demonstrators thus don't influence anything that goes on inside syria and when it comes to this conflict now secondly russia says that it is only following its legal obligations its following its international contracts with syria and it's not breaching any international laws at all and most importantly it says that the lessons of libya need to be large because when an arms embargo was put in place on libya what ended up happening was government forces were embargoed but the opposition groups continued to receive openly arms from abroad and this is something that they don't want to see in syria and russia says it's time for the west to stop pretending like armed groups don't exist over there. it would seem logical that if there is a conflict let's not supply arms and we saw what happened in libya in an imperfect world this would have meant the following no weapons with a government position point just to get them from anyone that's what that would mean especially now our security council colleagues refuse even to admit the
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presence of groups they will not condemn them. being supplied with weapons and we say. contracts longstanding relations with syria that they will start supplying even more to the position groups they did in libya so there's no sign of a break in deadlock just yet the arab and western backed regime change resolution calls for the. syrian president to step down if this does not happen within fifteen days further measures could take place and russia says no thanks we've seen this similar scenario in libya and this particular case moscow says what's important is for talks for syria to exercise its sovereignty for the opposition and the government to sit down together moscow has offered russia as the central. stage for these negotiations but it's important to say that russia still believes that a consensus can be found within the united nations security council it says that broad resolutions that are dangerous should not be put on the table that can split
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the council and really aggravate any sort of conflict and it continues to call for the importance of arab observers to remain working on the ground john glaser from antiwar dot com has told me a little earlier that he believes the main concern about the wording of the resolution is that it leaves room for military intervention which could result in yet another disaster for the region. the language of this resolution doesn't explicitly call for military intervention but it certainly leaves it open. again that would be a terrible terrible mistake. not to mention the fact that it's not the business of the u.s. or the u.n. security council to go around implementing regime change that's not what they should be doing all sides should and support for all sides and encourage dialogue and an end to violence possibly some factions would like an intervention from the
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west although not all factions i've heard many syrian opposition groups explicitly say they don't want western intervention however it should also be noted that they feel this momentum potentially because of the help that they're already receiving from places like turkey in lebanon on the u.s. has an interest in intervening in syria the same way it did in libya especially because they have an interest in perhaps replacing assad with a more sunni oriented pro western their ships as we've seen with western interventions particularly u.s. led interventions they turn into all sorts of extra violence that we cannot be contained and all sorts of unintended consequences that that should just be immediate game changer for any intervention. the world's top whistle blower has taken his long legal battle to stay in the u.k. to the country supremes courts where he's appealing extradition to sweden during his songes one to one on occasions of sexual assault dating back to august two
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thousand and ten which he denies that we can be one hundred says the case is politically motivated or smith reports now from outside the high court in london. as often happens on the first day of these hearings you only hear one side of the story and what's happened today is that judy and i saw as his team has given that evidence they've all keyed that point his lawyer diana raised seems to be quite convincing in front of the seven judges they would have not think she just a bit of hubris the proceedings except you know it's easy for a change and sheet with talking mainly about judicial authority when in the swedish prosecutor had the judicial authority to issue the european arrest warrants under which i thought his extradition has been requested she said does this person pursue this prosecutor have it as somebody who is party to the case essentially has a vested interest in the case and her argument was that the swedish prosecutor come to me impartial and independent and say that goes against the fundamental principle
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of law that's been in place ever since you know existed basically i thought himself notes during the hearing he listened very attentively and then he left at the end of the day looking fairly relaxed if building the you see behind me to see if we can go is basically just chop suey julian i saw it as far as his british legal fight has is saying it's been going on for the fall than a year as we know he's gone up through the courts most recently at the high court he's finally got this to prevent colds he may have if it doesn't go his way he may have recourse to take this year pinnacles human rights but that by no means. of course this this is all about the fact that he's wanted for questioning in sweden for sexual assault allegation he has always maintained that this is a case that is politically motivated in connection with his work for wiki leaks when of course he released an enormous number of files that were very embarrassing
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for several governments and many international businesses he's made to fear really is that he could be extradited from here to sweden and then straight to the united . state that my colleague tom potter has been in sweden has taken a look at what the relationship between sweden and the united states is the face that launched a thousand leaks julian a son does exposure of tens of thousands of secret documents has embarrassed governments the world over but the wiki leaks phenomenon is no longer his most pressing concern swedes or thirties want to question a songe over allegations of sexual assault dating back to august two thousand and ten prosecutors have been criticized by a son just supporters and international civil libertarians with allegations of a cumbersome contradictory and slow legal process huge arguments have also broken
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out over the nature of some of sweden's laws on sexual offenses such as those of some faces it's going to be close to course and leading up to the trial is going to be held. while the chief prosecutor asked for him to be held in solitary confinement it's just bizarre so there are so many bizarre aspects to the one which the management has been conducted up till now. from our perspective i just can't see how he would get a fair trial others have gone beyond legal arguments saying the storm raised branson's through wiki leaks has made him a target for political interference across the atlantic u.s. authorities enraged at having their secret documents exposed may seek to have a son extradited there to stand trial but surely sweden's famed neutrality would stop such a thing i would take me as whether straight in and out of country sit in
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a very clear cut. proximity and collaboration even. in military operations with such campaigns initiated by nato you have for instance the serious presence in afghanistan you have a clear cut it brought nato policy on the part of sweden and that is not the tragedy with some u.s. politicians branding a son a cyber terrorist and calling for the death penalty it could get a lot worse for the wiki leaks founder the problem is not that we have too much wiki leaks we have too little. i think wealthy people agree with the fact. the national public opinion polls indicate that very large majorities applaud and support the efforts of wiki leaks the why do worry is that with or without
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julian asuncion governments around the world with something to hide will now launch a full scale assaults on internet freedom in order to keep their secrets secret but for now the focus is on the man not his website killing our son just connections with sweden have raised many questions about what really happened in august two thousand and ten but now with a son just future as uncertain as ever questions are being leveled at sweden's legal system and its relationship with the united states which could prove crucial to the fate of the world's most notorious whistleblower dumbarton r.t. stockholm sweden. coming up next hour nazi in the next few minutes israel employs a controversial tactic to the american base judy back to the motherland but critics say it needs to fix the problems that drove them away first. so that still to come first iran is committed to resolving the issues over its nuclear program says a u.n.
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delegation after a three day visit to the country you know an atomic watchdog the international atomic energy agency plans to return this month it follows claims by u.s. intelligence officials that iran is as dangerous as al qaeda and is planning terror attacks on u.s. soil investigative journalist robert perry told me earlier that he thinks regardless of iran's intentions the west will seek to use any u.n. motion to impose regime change there's been almost a consensus not just in the united states in the intelligence community but even in some degree in israel that the iranians have not made the decision to move ahead to build a nuclear weapon obviously there's belief that they are developing expertise that can be used in the future for such a decision if they were to make one so. if iran is sincere about its lack of interest in a nuclear weapon and if the west is willing to show some more flexibility in terms of how they're willing to negotiate on this i think there could be some resolution
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many people in the west do want regime change in iran they would like to see the removal of this islamic republic there's been a lot of propaganda in the west against iran but i do think that there's this there is an opportunity here for. for rand to make to achieve some openings but that may not be enough to satisfy many of its critics who would like to see real change in government. to some other news from around the world now in this hour as world seventy three thirteen killed more than a thousand injured in egypt when fans stormed the pitch following a match in the top league players and supporters were caught up in clashes with sore stones and bottles thrown some of the dead were security officers and there are reports of knife wounds the two teams involved have a long history of rivalry and violence has been common in recent years. to nigeria now where the secret service there has reportedly arrested the spokesman
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for the militant islamist group boko haram officials say the man known as was captured after his phone are being tracked his arrest comes as violence by the group continues in nigeria with least one hundred eighty killed last month. rather militia groups of being involved in the gun battle in the center of libya's capital tripoli witnesses report heavy and light weapons exchanging car in the city road along the coast has been blocked and smoke was seen rising from the scene of fighting allies who fought together to oust moammar gadhafi last year in a battle for influence in. two people have been killed and five more injured in senegal's capital during opposition running police there used to gas to disperse a crowd gathered to protest against a courtroom in the nation's elderly leader to run for a third term the constitution was revised soon after he was elected in two thousand impose a two term limit for president argues that since he was already in office when it took effect it shouldn't apply to. the united states is home to the second
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largest jewish community in the world and many american jews feel increasingly alienated from their spiritual home in israel thanks in no small part to add to campaigns funded by the israeli government. the beckerman is could be the family featured in an advertisement recently pulled from american t.v. girl is israeli married to do an american jewish woman it was saying is that larry has been shown to have married me but the emotional response was just out. this is one of three ads sponsored by the israeli government and aid across the united states that evoked more than just an alj from american jews one who is really grandparents ask what festival it is the american granddaughter happily on says christmas instead of the jewish festival of honey the implied suggestion was that jewish identity has been diluted in america and that angered many jews who live
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there. or. support you cannot a lot sort of point to. this us and so for them. shows a toddler calling deadly deadly to his napping is really expected father who finally wakes up only when he son switches to hebrew american jews felt insulted by the suggestion that israeli jewish identity was more pure than american jewish identity i think that that's really what bothered me about the ads is that they came from a place of almost fear mongering you know they were almost kind of trying to scare people who are living here israelis who are living here the ads were designed to encourage israelis living in the united states to come home but critics complained they smacked of arrogance ignorance and cultural disrespect for america instead of giving positive reasons for expects to return to israel they failed to address why many had left in the first place i think a lot of american jews look to what's going on in israel what's developing in the
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parliament particular in the field is truly alienated from that and they say to themselves this is not the israel that we fell in love with this is not israel that we want to defend american jewry has always been more liberal than israeli society they traditionally voted democrat and often open to a list off the docks practice of judaism then the israeli counterparts for years are. rift has been growing between the two much of it based on the aggressive policies of tel aviv towards gaza and the occupation these radio palestinian conflict still shows no signs of compromise and consecutive israeli governments have been unable or unwilling to reach agreement with the palestinians even many american jews feeling more and more alienated from israel does some of what's going on in the israeli public sphere troubled some north american jews troubled them very very greatly i have no question but that's the case since the late one nine hundred sixty s. israel has built hundreds of thousands of homes here in the west bank more than half a million people now live in settlements television was issuing tenders four thousand
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more homes to be built across the green line evoking anger and condemnation from the international community. as many as a million twenty eight israelis living outside the country in the last five years the number of people who choose to be for holy land has outpaced those wanting to come and live in israel and although the ads are no longer on air the reasons that they provoked such a backlash in the first place are far from resolved r t tel aviv. they forget we've also got the world covered on our website here's what's online right now presidential candidate vladimir putin says a runoff in the upcoming election is possible but believes it could destabilize the nation's political situation. he's preparing for the poll of dot com also online for. imprisonment and deportation from america just for making a joke on twitter read the story of a company's tweets or been treated like a terrorist by u.s. authorities.
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china has been taken over by gold fever it's believed beijing already the world's fifth largest holder of gold five hundred tons of the precious metal in two thousand and eleven was double what it bought in two thousand and ten and it could be in the market for more investment manager francis long believes that beijing is wise to step away from the weakening dollar. china has the largest foreign exchange holding of any country in the world about one trillion u.s. dollars and most of their u.s. dollar for several years now chinese limits for one thing the government to diversify is holding of foreign exchange china's economy is still about one third of that of the us of all china has about nine percent economic growth
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why the u.s. has about one point nine percent so it is good to diversify some with the foreign exchange holdings into something not a u.s. dollar basis like gold but of course together with that china would need to have a say in. the global for and then show where is it right now. based on minute by your peers and the world bank. accounts and china has reverted to say in global financial matters and i think that it will have to change expression the u.s. and europe in such dire financial straits if you want china to participate fully in the global financial system i think you really need to bring china into d.c. to organizations. so that brings up to date for the moment it's coming up to twenty
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one minutes past the hour with a look at our main news stories about nine minutes from now in the meantime we talked to the indian ambassador to the united nations about what he thinks the international community needs to do to resolve the crisis in syria that's a special interview next week. i'd like to begin with syria because that seems to be
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a great point of contention within the u.n. security council that the last and only time the council reached any type of consensus on the conflict in syria was nearly six months ago it was under your presidency of the security council a presidential statement was issued in august why has it been so hard since then for fifteen members to agree on does some kind of solution the only or creation on which the security council was entirely on the same page insofar as developments in syria are concerned was on third august two thousand and eleven under the indian presidency when the council accepted adopted. that statement is a fairly strong statement it calls on the government in damascus to walk back from the use of force against its own civilians it equally sends a message to the opposition to stop. the armed insurrection had to enter into
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dialogue with the government and extols both sides to you know negotiate and go down the path of reform after the unanimous passage of this b.r.s. deal on third august another attempt was made this time exactly two months later the council is faced with the situation where two permanent members of the security council co-sponsored the resolution two others vetoed it russia china russia and china and the fifth a member in the light of some aggressive public speaking in the open chamber the united states walked out now the reason the council has not been on the same page is because i think as long as the council is in a position to address a recommendation to both sides in a conflict i think you would get agreement but if the council wants to address its recommendation to one side that is the government and is not willing to encourage
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the opposition to come to the negotiating table then you've got a council recommendation which clearly is not acceptable to some members what we need to do on syria clearly is to realize that the situation there is spiraling out of control that syria is a sweetener this case that unraveling of the situation in syria will have very serious consequences for the other countries in the region. that unlike libya. the consequences would be far higher i'm not suggesting that what happened in libya is not serious enough but talking of libya i would still be one of the difficulties that we are having insofar as the situation in syria is concerned is that the security council's expedience in respect of resolutions nine hundred seventy and seventy three on libya. vitiate to the atmosphere in terms of the approach to words how to deal with the situation in syria it is reported
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that in the coming days the security council will be possibly voting on a resolution drafted by western countries on syria calling in part for the for the assad government to surrender its powers given the dynamic of the security council right now the positions being taken by the numbers do you think this resolution will be adopted if the proposition were to be advanced that somebody should overpower. in other words a. regime change proposition i think some members of the council including my own delegation would have a lot of difficulty with that they thought i'd like to see how that is scotched if for instance the call is for political dialogue between the government and the opposition that's something we could support if the demand is for. you know of joining violence reform and negotiations we can support that if as
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a result of those negotiations there's a political formula which is that which results in power sharing this thing that's an entirely different matter but this is something for the people of syria to determine i mean as a matter of principle i have a lot of difficulty with people advocating that reordering of societies as my prime minister put it in his statement to the general assembly in september the reordering of society. from outside using military force that's something i have serious objection to russia has proposed a draft resolution on syria when i was quite we were quite comfortable with the russian draft resolution we thought it was a good basis for seeking consensus in the council but i think some of our friends from the western countries had some difficulties with it because it did not contain because of our punitive measures that they were seeking i think the russian resolution is still around it's not been put on that it's not been put in blue but it's still very much on the table i want to ask you about libya because that was
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the first time the u.n. security council used the responsibility to protect doctrine it was invoked how come the security council does not feel that the united nations has a responsibility to protect those in syria is it because of what transpired in libya insofar as the implementation of nine hundred seventy three is concerned it uses words all means necessary now all means necessary is a order for military action but there's a more even more serious issue. resolution one hundred seventy three specific. embargo but that resolution was interpreted as some people say well it means you can carry out military operations against gadhafi but arms embargo does not prevent you from. now i find that situation unacceptable yes the libyan experience will continue to guide people now whether that should or should not be
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that is depends on how what kind of resolution the council is faced with. a soulless substance. a touch like a well trained on. villages in ruins. thailand where time stands still. all becomes a sea of nothing. the mysterious sounds of russia. it's technology innovation all the developments from around russia we've gone to
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the future. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you you think. and then you glimpse something else. and realized everything is. welcome to the big picture.


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