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tv   [untitled]    February 3, 2012 3:18pm-3:48pm EST

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everybody. hello and welcome to the show in this week's program we're exploring the popular subject of hobbies in the russian capital from board games so extreme
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sports the cold weather doesn't put anybody here but why the mosque well that's because i'm here. in the center of moscow where this group. also known as well. is a party game that was created in the u.s.s.r. by jimmy in one nine hundred eighty six as a kind of. game. in moscow and various pubs restaurants and even. ex-pats to enjoy the game. although quite complicated the rules are cut down to this play is. one of two roles mafia members who know each other and general tells people as an elimination game he continues until all of the mafia has been eliminated until the mafia outnumber the townspeople yesterday. killed more. me
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i'm sorry. but it's a great idea and team building exercise it's really gets the crowd going it also represents the cultural and hobby seed in moscow well thank you actually are here in this nice place first of all to play mafia and to enjoy or to buy the most important thing in the purpose of being here is to cool our language skills and in the same time to have some nice dinners it's a unique many other people. chess russia has many connections with as ever these dozens of players become world champions maybe some of the children. named after the world champion to compensate a few champions to their whole break into a profession for most it's allegedly activity when some sort of diversion from the
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daily stress is necessary. many hobbies all sport related and popular activities such as football will always have a place but the less recognize sports such as killing both finding a home people's homes too and whether we pursue them alone or in groups indoor outdoor hobbies always tell you something about you that you will. put anybody to work curling is a fascinating game it's entertaining and also addictive it's great for team building too we have many office people here who come to play in big groups. like. moving on and it's widely understood in the medical community that stress can be destructive crofts and other presents a disease help you let go of stress as focus on something you enjoy and this next often is an intriguing addition to the world of hobbies locos and foreigners can enjoy. the beginning of two thousand and seven a group of moscow and. yes created
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a club to cultivate and strong. practitioners. someone who practices candor and the grading system of skill equivocation is called it's growing in popularity around the world and the russian capital is no exception. canada is a part of spiritual and physical enhancement with the means of a sword it's a powerful social and cultural phenomenon in japan and russia it's existed for twenty two years as always i've been asked if i would like to take part in a class so it's on with the clothing and components and finally the helmets all the men as it's called and given a short lesson in technique and the principles behind the fighting a movement and well let's try it. past. that
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kind of training is quite noisy in comparison to some of the martial arts or sports this is because kentucky use a shout to express their fighting spirit when striking is sure to shine as it's called is meant to represent japanese swords and is made up of four bamboo slats held together by leather fittings wants to experience yet again i live to tell the tale. for the most time consuming fast times in the twenty first century video gaming some parents might not be happy about that many young says spend a lot of time in front of the screen of the play stations computers is a huge industry now there is six additional denies around the world to showcase the best examples like the economy expo in moscow held annually in two thousand and six .
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cleansing things is one of the most common hobbies some keep their collections in cupboards others prefer to share them with all others interested question and the prairie and retro complex and infuse us by the increase of those names acquired his first interest b.m.w. then for a decade ago the students decided to start a collection this go as you say be it an international retro cause group considered like somebody decided to open a museum which now has hundreds of one to one just. to a toy store now and to me i'm meeting children's world is a popular chain in russia for the millions film of trainspotting stamp collecting a model making. up being replaced by technology but while some kids turn their noses up at traditional games are still many who love old fashioned post cards.
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jigsaw puzzles black drafts chess or dozens of hobbies and games on sale here and of course even though our children's toys are in the center of highlights the world wide appeal. and throw in the cold and dark winter months such indoor activities for all ages. in the sense of no. such hobbies are good for you in many ways jigsaws arts and craft puzzles plastic model kits and so on are said to hans your creativity help you think more clearly and sharpen your focus based we demoed is a big band the eiffel tower and the global circular quay picasa tracing and entertained for hours in the high tech world of today there's clearly still a market for such bodies and must go beyond. jigsaw puzzles on not just for children some are so complicated that even grownups can manage them like for example they said once here consisted of thousands of pieces and then. a great
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family holy and fun well like to deal with them all together. a final location is the olympic sports complex that he was built for the nine hundred eighty summer olympics where most of the swimming diving and water polo competitions. come here to meet a group of stupid divers regular sessions on how the inside this room is full and that six meters deep it's a great place to train and build up underwater confidence and skills there are several diving clubs in moscow it's a passionate hobby for many russians who travel around the world exploring their historic sites. which question this home is a great part of my life i guess are time to work my brain is overloaded with information and i feel like i need some sort of release which i gets when i come here don't even to pull and spend time with fellow divers. used in that i thought
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living in a busy capital such as musk i meant the holidays abroad are the only chance to enjoy the what to wild well that's not the case so it's on with the wetsuit and gear and into the. sea creatures or not so this is still great fun although you don't have the views of coral and fish swimming pool is an ideal place to concentrate on managing the equipment steady breathing and to make sure your knowledge of safety is refresh and here you can see several advanced scuba divers playing a game of underwater rugby take that's for a unique past time. hobbies provides an opportunity to release your stress and recharge your batteries as an ideal facility for person expression from collecting soviet stamps to scuba diving they are important outlets and a great form of escapism. in extreme seasons of musk. summers
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and cold winters this is he brings a whole range of fascinating hobbies and as the city evolves some muscovites travel more victims he's enjoyed only become more individual and specialized maybe next time they'll add a shock to the swimming pool well what i've experienced that was great fun but unfortunately that's not how many have left on this week's program my hobbies impost time skiing and rushing tom so i'll see you again it's the same time next you can zoom in for me and the rest of the crew from the elephant ski school city i'm here. for now. old means of protection can be used. when global supremacy deserts
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take. between two thousand and five and two thousand and nine the u.s. has spent fifteen billion dollars in the price to pay for the entire program that we are dealing with right now here in two thousand and eleven is another hundred fifty billion dollars that's larger than many country's entire military budgets twenty off things becomes the best form of defense. but i'm defining it as we strive for friday off by a groom to be on there's no we thank you so you get to among the trees if you want to have sex go and have sex.
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twelve thirty am in moscow these iraqi headlines volleys of tear gas have been launched into crowds of protesters in egypt people rally there for the third day with reports of at least four killed this is live video you're looking at of tahrir square in cairo protests against the military rulers broke out after wednesday's football violence left seventy four dead. moscow says it cannot support a new draft resolution on syria at the u.n. although the text had been softened to overcome some of russia's objections the kremlin said it still fell short of addressing their main concerns. and all polling
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stations across russia will have their own digital observer as web cameras are installed by order of the prime minister the move was introduced by vladimir putin as a step toward stopping electoral fraud heading into next month's presidential vote . up next our special report on the reset in u.s. russia relations and how it's been affected by the u.s. controversial missile defense shield for europe stay with us. the most vital national security interests of the united states would be most effectively realized not through hostility to russia but through cooperation with it. my senior russia and the united states can we just settlement of the establishment of a global missile defense system while. this plan research is in jeopardy even the new strategic arms reduction treaty between moscow and washington has been unable
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to help. at a time of warmer bilateral relations nato's top brass decided to deploy a missile defense system aimed at protecting europe but they were setting up too close to russia's borders and most go didn't view it as a friendly gesture. we want to defend the whole europe not just some european countries we want to european allies and friends to join on missile defense strategy. to jeannie with the event of the situation with a european missile defense system becoming unfavorable to russia we reserve the right to take no further steps in the nuclear disarmament area. the kremlin has repeatedly demanded that nato guarantees that the european missile defense shield would pose no threat to russia's strategic interests sofa the west has refused to cooperate with moscow on the issue.
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intercontinental ballistic missiles are transported through snowbound russian forests under the cover of darkness. the movements are shrouded in secrecy the people in charge need to perform training drills and test the hardware on the roof . suddenly the convoy comes to a halt there's a forest stream blocking the path. crossing it's quite a challenge for the drivers of motor vehicles weighing many tons. as specially considering of a carrying nuclear warheads. engine
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is make sure that the heavy launches safely reach the opposite bank with the most hazardous hurdle behind it the convoy is on the move again. as the convoy forges ahead to its destination they leave the forest and pass through villages the sound of powerful engines thundering past is becoming a common occurrence lately for local people. we need such missiles to defend russia we were good we would be crushed if we didn't have them. that's all there is to it. working when you hear them rumbling past you get
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a sense of great might there is no dealt we will be able to defend our country. without an agreement with the united states on missile defense and in the face of potential military threats russia was compelled to think of countermeasures. the country has declared in the past that it may withdrawal from the strategic arms reduction treaty and said it will introduce measures to counter the missile defense shield. we will go ahead with the deployment of our missile defense system it is obvious that this presupposes deployment of its components in poland in romania in a radar station in turkey obviously this will also until these their mission of the basis be for american ships equipped with the ag system. it is obvious that the missile defense system will be targeted at the russian federation rather than some mythical middle eastern countries possessing virtual
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missiles. at least fifteen countries around the world have been involved with the nato missile defense shield . their radar stations in denmark and britain which is also host to interceptor missiles. canada two is going to join the project anti missile functions will be given to norad b. agency responsible for north america's air and outer space defense. japan has decided to assist the nato missile defense shield its taking part in the manufacture of a just interceptor missiles. japan is going to build a forward based radar station on its territory. a similar radar station has already been built in turkey. the czech republic rumania hungry and poland are ready to allow nato as missile defense complexes to be placed on their territory. but if that were america forward based american military presence which means the
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deployment of bases in post is so. republics notably in central asia is an element of u.s. global domination as a powerful ramified infrastructure any military base has the capacity to deploy units of agents supplying electronic intelligence. russia has taken adequate measures to counter such actions but i'm like nato it confines its activities to its own territory a radar station is being put on combat duty in the kaliningrad region russia's western most part. tactical missile systems are being deployed in the country's west and. they can hit any target within a radius of up to five hundred kilometers. what is most important is that the russian ballistic missiles are being gradually equipped with new warheads capable of overcoming nato's missile defense system.
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this lift carries people down to a secret radar station in european russia it's tucked away deep underground in a few minutes time major will be on duty to protect russia's outer space. to get everything about the station is classified the equipment behind these doors is the responsibility of special officers the station itself can operate autonomously it has its own power source and water supply and a ventilation system in. washington knows only too well that russia can easily control the entire space of eastern europe this radio is one of the instruments the military installation
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protects the moscow region from attack by ballistic missiles it's thought to be controlled by russia's president who is also commander in chief of the armed forces . some time ago russia suggested to the united states that they jointly control to space over the middle east he was in a similar radio transmitter station did as about. if nato is top brass agreed to cooperate they would receive reports of any unauthorized iranian missile launches that washington would see as a threat to america. or in his developed milicic missiles capable of hitting targets in the little beast in eastern europe this poses a threat to u.s. interests in the region. i don't agree with the u.s. government belief that this is a serious problem with iran is doing is they're using very simple relevent nothing simple about rockets but the using very early generation rocket
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technology the only rockets they could build that could reach the united states would be enormous in size and not be mobile this city would have to be launched from fixed locations where the united states and russia if russia joined the united states could monitor these these missiles many in the united states dislike the views of thehotel postal he maintains that the european missile defense system is ineffective the scientist estimates that it has no chance of protecting the united states from a rainy and missiles instead it creates problems for russia if russia believes the fence is not needed but it doesn't pose a theoretical threat to russia. my guess is that the russian government will say ok if you want to spend your national treasure this will help you so it solves the political problem and it provides
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a much more capable defense there with the united states currently building in goods are also much cheaper. the professor believes that the purpose of nato is radar in europe is to track the movements of russian strategic weapons and to monitor russia's new military technologies. the real target could be russia but certainly it makes the people of europe less safe it draws them in in fact as a geo strategic pawn by great powers as they maneuver and use the missile defense shield not as a way to defend your not as a way to defend anybody in fact but to provide a first strike potential capability against the adversary. this is how we are going to train ourselves in order to be ready for any situation . these people crossing
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a field of kelp have serious worries about the global situation. they feel that as long as nuclear weapons exist they need to know how to protect themselves. if there's a survive in the face of a real threat they need to have everything necessary close at hand. the coach tells them that a compass and a mobile phone and likely to help. the problem is that we can only get our bearings by looking at tree branches there are more branches on the side where they are exposed to see. some light outside points to the south. and. the people involved in a survival experiment will have to cover several kilometers in full gear their training
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mission is to reach an abandoned military base where they can hide from the harmful effects of radiation. from los angeles to chicago to birmingham twenty trauma centers have closed since two thousand severe problem is not enough inpatient beds not on the third emergency department beds and not enough nurses to man those that to take care of all the
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people who are the only real health care system that we have in the city of los angeles is the los angeles fire department in fact when i started my venture is a firefighter i didn't want to be a mask i started out going to just do fire fighting it's about eighty two percent of what we do the florida problem is medical i've had a rescue couple weeks ago waited four hours for a bit i've waited sometimes three hours but i was it's a same francis and living with her for hours and fifty minutes standing against a wall with a patient and we have a federal law that mandates that you can't turn no one away who seeks care in an emergency room. we have the most expensive health care system in the world and it's probably valued the least.
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alexandra sites for the family live in a military. that is off limits to the public. keep going keep going. keep going. alexander. manning missiles
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when he's. always makes a point of spending time with his wife and children. he's well aware of the standoff between nato and russia. it makes him apprehensive about what kind of future awaits his sons. of course my wife and i often talk about the future. we would like to see a bright future without crises. and. we want everybody to live in peace and we want everything to be just fine. the i.c.b.m. so accompanied by a combat escort the world today we have always covered ground very difficult conditions for a thrust forward to the i do hope everything will pass off without any incidents. trucks carrying nuclear warheads lined up in a quiet glade the snowy forest provides good kemah flags for them together these
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mobile missile launches according to a ghost in russian on the lingo they need to be ready for action at any moment. right dress. attention. come on major. reporting unit is ready to go. fully in. the aggregate. for haste. the intercontinental ballistic missile known as the s s twenty five tomato has been over twenty one meters long it's almost two meters in diameter and weighs about forty five tons of. despite its impressive propulsion so the russian missiles still hits targets with absolute precision mage's on its of job is making sure that the missile launches how cool weighs in working order moving military hardware the germans.


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