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tv   [untitled]    February 3, 2012 7:18pm-7:48pm EST

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i don't know about that though it's about it depends would you be willing to change your behavior like say walking to any destination that's under two miles instead of driving like what i'm doing today is a yes yeah yeah absolutely absolutely it's a best idea i've heard so far but it's good what about showering for under a minute. i'm always skin anyway pretty much broke saw lots of the electric off. the saves money because the postal is the clock on the market. so would you be willing to change your personal behavior to reduce energy consumption i've tried but i think the government has to mandate that everybody is going to live high off the hog yet isn't it strange when everyone agrees it's a problem but they don't want to do anything about it everybody agrees they've turned it into a political problem do you think most people are willing to change their daily behavior even though they believe it's a radical and selfish you know they don't really care about the planet until until
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it affects them personally unfortunately as the world we live in and what if we're going to take. i don't know what it's going to take i think it's good to educate kids when they're young to recycle and reuse that's the key with everything right get them when they go you know. whether or not you're willing to change your energy consumption habits now the bottom line is you might just have to in the future if global warming continues to progress. there is a celebration of sorts that's been happening all day today in reaction to the latest jobs numbers the unemployment rate has dropped to eight point three percent this was an end big usually positive and it shows that the job market is definitively gaining traction about the servant sniffing a part of the jobs report this morning not just the headline number when you dig down into the details every part of it is strong. now on one hand you know we
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should tell you every category did exceed expectations and i will break it down for you here's all the numbers the unemployment rate again down to eight point three percent down from eight point five percent the month before this is the fifth straight month the rate has been on the decline now two hundred forty three thousand new nonfarm payroll jobs were created in january fifty thousand of those were in manufacturing but there is a whole lot more to the story and since everyone else is throwing a party we wanted to still make sure that other side of the story was out there that this country is still about six million jobs from before the recession and for those who aren't finding a jobs a job that things grow more difficult every month not less and take a look at this chart. this is put together by pew trusts and shows that those who are employed they've been jobless for quite a long time the shaded area on the bottom shows the percentage of the labor force that's been unemployed for less than five weeks the numbers grow with those who have been unemployed longest
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a huge spike last year in two thousand and eleven for those who have been unemployed for more than a year now to give us a more round perspective on these numbers i spoke earlier to the business insiders own joe weisenthal he discussed how even though the numbers are dropping the high population of the unemployed people in the united states does remain at a stalemate. well i think there's a couple of things going on one is that regardless of today's day. there's just the fact that demand for jobs hasn't been good the recovery has been mediocre by the standards of most recessions it's nothing like of you see jobs recovery still so you're just going to get on fortunately a lot of people who been a long time and still we're not seeing the numbers going to go but on the other hand look we have to start somewhere i mean we have seen this a lot today you know the number today was pretty unequivocal certainly better than we expected and there are all these big long term problems you don't solve them
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overnight but you do see more months like that isn't it better than expected news well of course and let me put some else out there this is just another illustration of these layoffs themself we wanted to take a look at permanent versus temporary if you take a look at this chart about blue line these are people who have been permanently laid off forty nine percent compared with those temporary layoffs down there for the past year at just nine percent so just kind of some important things to show there that these are other factors structural problems in our economy another important factor factor to mention is unemployment among sixteen to nineteen year olds these are you know the youth unemployment these are kids who you know maybe they want to save to buy a car or some clothes they'd be working in lower wage jobs anyways that number is stuck at twenty three percent joe talk about this what you've been researching in terms of this factor and why it doesn't seem to be changing. yes i mean that's one
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of the interesting things that also makes of this recovery sort of unique is that we're seeing some changes in labor force participation one issue is that people are retiring fascinate used to because their retirements in the accounts and been decimated and so on and so the older generation is that actually holding on to their jobs longer and then you know sort of crew has a ripple effect and that means job openings that would come to other people are no longer happening so this kind of you know what happens in one demographic affects another but clearly we're seeing some pretty big changes and then there's just an overall effect participation rate is shrinking more the wall fewer people as a percentage of the total population are working so we're seeing a lot of changes in the complex neal and i know you have been writing about these jobs numbers all day and one of the things you wrote about was how these jobs numbers that might affect president obama's reelection chances. talk
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a little bit about how you say that his record of the way better than you know the month before he took office go into a little bit of detail about that. well yeah i mean again sure we'd all like the economy to be better and to create more jobs but one that i would say there are two things one is that if we keep having one like he's going through november then it's going to make it very hard for anyone to claim and he hasn't done a good job even if unemployment is still an element which it probably will be by the time election is long and people feel the direction is right why are people going to want to. change why are people going to want to change but i mean the question joe is that these numbers are going in a positive direction but the fact is nothing seems to have changed in terms of the structure of the system in terms of some of the problems that got us into the deep recession in the first place that is not changing so i mean it's hard to say that
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don't you think it's just as possible for the next month to see a fluctuation in the other direction it is possible and that's the thing about you know if you go back and look at recessions they do have a tendency to come out of nowhere things will be fine and then you get a couple of weeks of bad data for whatever reason and then things turn down but it's also important to remember that for the most part though a couple things for the most part growth is the norm of the economy recessions tend to be rare and then there's the only thing i think about two thousand and eleven think about all the different kinds of us so there was the european crisis it was earlier in the year the nuclear crisis there was a tie floods later in the year that was the oil spike due to the arab spring and the economy came out of it pretty impressively so think about what two thousand live and let them look like without all these sort of bizarre interruptions. if sage goes twelve you know looking a lot quieter in europe you know you don't want to knock and you know really know
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what the future's going to hold but in no way are you so true testament to the resilience of the u.s. economy right now and with all the shots against it oh i didn't even mention this our debt ceiling and the confidence sharpened in the summer when you think of all the shots the u.s. economy has taken in the last twelve months i actually think this is something pretty impressive and that was joe weisenthal deputy editor at the business insider . and for so many people this has been a tough economy and you often hear stories about people getting creative to try to earn some extra money on the side well it turns out more and more people are turning to whips and chains that's right can anyone say dominate tricks whether it's a full time job or just a little spanking on the side in some cases people are actually making three hundred dollars an hour artie's on a stasia churkin to take a harder look at how some women are whipping their way into wealth. when using devices most would allow anywhere near as their naked parts of the ocean
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. to with being virgins. you can. to humiliation on vacuum beds. welcome. to b.d.s. i get really turned on to be somebody a practice enjoyed by some of the rich and powerful looking to be punished for their bad deeds in a six year way despite what some may think the d.s.m. is not just a set of kinky games professionals have recently been discovering that economic and social realities taking place in the us get reflected in what clients ask for behind closed doors the economy is kind of you know giving them some tough times and they still want someone there with them into shape but maybe with the more of a softer hand every time there is another rebook or guantanamo outbreak we get calls for people who want to be interrogated now we're getting
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requests for corporal punishment kane's rods punishment is called for and they're all the same people are now coming in asking to be caned wall street bankers you know no actual sex is performed we are legally constrained from doing anything sexual and we always tell people if you don't like that write your congressman. dungeon such as this one how long. hands can be cuffed by the side of the head people who come in here with a great deal facial piercings we can tie them up by their face practices not talked about in public i don't know in my lifetime of b.d.s. i'm as ever going to become so accepted that a corporate banker can go into his office and be like well schedule my session with my dominatrix today at three seventy and have it be ok this means getting new clients can be tricky most men don't like to let their friends know that they're seeing someone who's spanking them. sessions at several hundred dollars
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a pop have taken a nosedive in a tough economy b.d.'s i'm particularly tends to be something that someone treats themself to like a fine meal like a show a piece of art something that's very important to a life that is a luxury and so when new money becomes tight luxuries are the first thing to go making it tough for some professionals to keep making good money it's usually not consistent work one week you might do really well the next week could be dead b.d.'s some pros see their business is better for the long haul unlike adult films or stripping i commute on egypt for twenty years you can't you know it's very difficult to be a prince or for players and in a roller coaster economy what more than a long lasting career can one ask for and those who took an hour or two new york all right well that is going to do it for now but for more on the stories we covered go to our team dot com slash usa we also post our interviews at our segments on our you tube page that internet addresses you tube dot com slash r t
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america and you can follow me on twitter at christine for i'll see you back here and a half hour. me is eve. to.
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question on the dot com. the most vital national security interests of the united states would be most effectively realized not through hostility to rush through cooperation with it. my senior russia and the united states can reach a settlement of the subdisciplines of a global missile defense system on. this planet research is in jeopardy even the new strategic arms reduction treaty between mosco and washington has been unable to help. as a time of warm up bilateral relations news whose top. brass decided to deploy a missile defense system aimed at protecting europe but they were setting up too close to russia's borders and moscow didn't view it as
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a friendly gesture. we want to defend the whole europe not just some european countries we want to european allies and friends to join our missile defense strategy. lucina in the event of this issue asian with a european missile defense system becoming unfavorable to russia we reserve the right to take no further steps in the nuclear disarmament area. the kremlin has repeatedly demanded that nato guarantees that the european missile defense shield would pose no threat to russia's strategic interests so far the west has refused to cooperate with moscow on the issue.
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intercontinental ballistic missiles are transported through snowbound russian forests under the cover of darkness. the movements are shrouded in secrecy the people in charge need to perform training drills and test the hardware on the roof . suddenly the convoy comes to a halt there's a forest stream blocking the path. crossing it's quite a challenge for the drivers of motor vehicles weighing many tons. as specially considering that they're carrying nuclear warheads. engine is make sure that the heavy launches safely reach the opposite bank with the most hazardous hurdle behind it the convoy is on the move again. as the convoy forges ahead to its destination they leave the forest and pass
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through villages the sound of powerful engines thundering past is becoming a common occurrence lately for local people. low carb or we need such missiles to defend russia we were good we would be crushed if we didn't have them. but that's all there is to it. working when you hear them rumbling past you get a sense of great might there is no dealt we will be able to defend our country. without an agreement with the united states on missile defense and in the face of potential military threats russia was compelled to think of countermeasures. the country has declared in the past that it may withdrawal from the strategic arms
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reduction treaty and said it will introduce measures to counter the missile defense shield. we will go ahead with the deployment of our missile defense system it is obvious that this presupposes deployment of its components in poland in romania in a radar station in turkey obviously this will also until these their mission of the basis be for american ships equipped with the ag system. it is obvious that the missile defense system will be targeted at the russian federation rather than some mythical middle eastern countries possessing virtual missiles. at least fifteen countries around the world have been involved with the nato missile defense shield . their radar stations in denmark and britain which is also host to interceptor missiles in. canada too is going to join the project anti missile functions will be
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given to norad b. agency responsible for north america's air and outer space defense. japan has decided to assist the nato missile defense shield it's taking part in the manufacture of a just into septa missiles. japan is going to build a forward based radar station on its territory. a similar radar station has already been built in turkey. the czech republic rumania hungry and poland are ready to allow nato as missile defense complexes to be placed on their territory. that it that would make a forward based american military presence which means the deployment of bases in post is so. republics notably in central asia is an element of u.s. domination as a powerful ramified infrastructure any military base has the capacity to deploy units of agents supplying electronic intelligence. russia has taken adequate
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measures to counter such actions but i'm like nato it confines its activities to its own territory a radar station is being put on combat duty in the kaliningrad region russia's westernmost. systems are being deployed in the country's west and. they can hit any target within a radius of up to five hundred kilometers. what is most important is that the russian ballistic missiles are being gradually equipped with new warheads capable of overcoming nato's missile defense system. this lift carries people down to a secret radar station in european russia it's tucked away deep underground in a few minutes time major will be on duty to protect russia's space.
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to get everything about the station is classified the equipment behind these doors is the responsibility of special officers the station itself can operate autonomously it has its own power source and water supply and a ventilation system in. washington knows only too well that russia can easily control the entire space of eastern europe. is one of the instruments the military installation protects the moscow region from attack by ballistic missiles it's thought to be controlled by russia's president who is also commander in chief of the armed forces. some time ago russia suggested to the united states that they jointly control the outer space over the middle east he was in a similar radar transmitter stationed in azerbaijan if nato is top brass agreed to
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cooperate they would receive reports of any unauthorized iranian missile launches that washington would see as a threat to america. britain has developed milicic missiles capable of hitting targets in a little east in eastern europe this poses a threat to u.s. interests in the region. i don't agree with the u.s. government belief that this is a serious problem with iran is doing is they're using very simple relevant nothing simple about rockets but the using very early generation rocket technology the only rockets they could build that could reach united states would be enormous in size and not be mobile as say they would have to be launched from fixed locations where the united states and russia if russia join the united
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states could monitor these these missiles many in the united states and just like the views of theodore postol he maintains that the european missile defense system is ineffective the scientist estimates that it has no chance of protecting the united states from a rainy and missiles instead it creates problems for russia if russia believes is the fence is not needed but it doesn't pose a theoretical threat to russia. my guess is that the russian government will say ok if you want to spend your national treasure this will help you so it solves the political problem and it provides a much more capable defense than with the united states currently built in goods are also much cheaper. the professor believes that the purpose of nato is radar in europe is to track the movements of russian strategic weapons and to monitor russia's new military technologies. the real target could be russia
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but certainly it makes the people of europe less safe it draws them in in fact as a geo strategic pawn by great powers as they maneuver and use the missile defense shield not as a way to defend your not as a way to defend anybody in fact but to provide a first strike potential capability against the adversary. this is how we are going to train ourselves in order to be ready for any situation . these people crossing a field of smith have serious worries about the global situation. they feel that as long as nuclear weapons exist they need to know how to protect
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themselves. if there's a survive in the face of a real threat they need to have everything necessary close at hand. the coach tells them that a compass and a mobile phone unlikely to help. the problem is that we can only get our bearings by looking at tree branches there are more branches on the side where they are exposed to see. some light outside points to the south. the people involved in a survival experiment will have to cover several kilometers in full gear their training mission is to reach an abandoned military base where they can hide from the harmful effects of radiation. if.
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well good. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future are covered.
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with. alexandra's family live in a military camp that is off limits to the public. keep going keep going. keep going. alexander was in a secret unit manning missiles when he's. always makes a point of spending time with his wife and children. he's well aware of the standoff between nato and russia. it makes him apprehensive about what kind of future awaits his sons. of course my wife and i often talk about the future. we would like to see a bright future without crises. and over do we want everybody to live in peace and
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we want everything to be just fine. the i.c.b.m. so accompanied by a come back to school the world today we have eyes covered ground very difficult conditions for a thrust forward to kill i do hope everything will pass off without any incidents. trucks carrying nuclear warheads lined up in a quiet glade the snowy forest provides good kemah flash for them together these mobile missile launches a cold and i go to the russian army lingo they need to be ready for action at any moment. right dress. attention. come on major section chief says all reporting unit is ready. fully.
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prepared the aggregate for. for haste. the intercontinental ballistic missile known as the s.s. twenty five to make this move a twenty one meters long it's almost two meters in diameter and weighs about forty five tons of fuel. despite its impressive propulsion the russian missile still hits targets with absolute precision mage's on its if job is making sure that the missile launches always in working order moving military hardware the job he's always fraught with danger. with this is a highly accurate weapon it has a range of up to ten thousand kilometers and lands within not more than two hundred metres from targets. you certainly realize that for the purposes of a nuclear strike this means a direct hit. the united states cannot give russian legal guarantees that the missile defense system is not directed against it.


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