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tv   [untitled]    February 3, 2012 7:48pm-8:18pm EST

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this would be the wrong move as the matter consumes the defense of need two countries. russia feels compelled to take countermeasures because the united states has refused to give legal guarantees demonstrating that the deployment of the american missile defense system in europe is not directed against russia. nato countries are in no mood to respect the deployment of their military installations to europe. new american military bases may soon be set up in kazakhstan go to stun turkmenistan and tajikistan. about i see a boy once russia has been encircled by a military base there is a new geo political reality will emerge we need to take this reality into account already today but and to take measures to control potential threats to our security is a. meanwhile the view that the missile defense shield is too expensive
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is getting increasing currency inside the united states itself it provides financial backing to the armed forces moreover the project is making millions of dollars from nato subcontractors in various countries. between two thousand and five and two thousand and nine the us has spent fifteen billion dollars and the price paid for the entire program that we are dealing with right now here in two thousand and eleven is another hundred fifty billion dollars that's larger than many country's entire military budgets. some of the funding for the missile defense system in europe is being put to use in poland some north the small village of rijeka is home to a high security installation. the base used to be manned by polish air force pilots soviet made fun to still serve as a reminder of the fact that. and was once
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a member of the warsaw pact an organization formed after world war two by the u.s.s.r. in response to nato. the old warplanes will be scrapped by the u.s. troops who arrive here shortly they'll be bringing missiles with them. local residents have already been told that they won't be getting any compensation for having the new arsenal placed so close to their homes. and out on us we are not overjoyed at the prospect of these weapons being deployed a few hundred metres from our homes. on the market you've got the missiles will pose a threat to the local population of over one thousand people. elisabetta demand sca a schoolteacher came to reject a book from warsaw a long time ago she knows only too well what the villages think about the military installation. then use the force and as opposed to this most of the people even here are farmers. and they both course there were very war it's an absolute hearing
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use of any sound deployment for the time being though the base and we. approach ways. but even first graders in the village of logic of a are aware of the military base. but the schoolchildren don't fully understand the threat so that teaches bring them up to date in the classroom. window good morning you found three steak you see it's. a spot on them and today we start with a history lesson. elisabetta demands go teaches her pupils about military conflicts she insists the people should never forget history's lessons if future conflict is to be avoided. the military base in regular is in full view of the school as the teacher tells her pupils about world war two they visualize the base as
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a symbol of the past the present and the future. if the german troops once used the territory just outside of school. later polish pilots served here. no doubt you know that an american military base is going to be set up here. and there is going to be in you and tree in the history books because of it americans. as doni and sculptor to come and transform the legacy of past wars into works of art on the shores of the gulf of finland has found hundreds of sea mines made during world war two and the cold war the artist uses them to make remarkable objects this mine for example will become a fireplace. i think it will make
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a nice fireplace. the sea mines picked up by come in can no longer sink ships the artist so-called military style doesn't mean his succumbs to fashion instead it's an attempt to create works of art using something that was it originally intended for destruction and murder. you don't see it these are you know you can make anything you like from these oval shaped mine it's you know you can rig sculptures out of them you can even make a race car. coming knows from news bulletins that missile defense components will soon be installed close to his country. he says nato missiles can easily be turned into beautiful sculptures. any writer with the amount of effort
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spent on making such weapons would be much better spent funding the arts. the people involved in this experiment testing their capacity for survival in a nuclear aftermath have finally reached their destination and abandoned military bunker now they need to take a breather and warm up near a camp fire. the coach knows that this kind of training is useful in any case it helps participants to strengthen their skills and prepares them for any emergency in their regular daily lives. but. it's great that there is a growing number of people who want to learn survival skills even if nothing catastrophic happens they now have a different psychological attitude. this will prepare them for other small
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emergencies but. those who have gone through survival training school a fully aware of the fact that the location of their exercise is fully protected. offices at the radar station including major. control the entire outer space so the european russia. the other space control center has given instructions to tracking artificial earth satellites and when you. pull models that operate shuttle information is fed to the delta. space control center. of the first saw going to quiet classification artificial it says lloyd dismissed fourteen fifty as m of three hundred thirty three. the stuff makes no secret of the fact that the russian radar transmitter sees european air space in great detail. on the station's unique radar tracks even submarine launched missiles in the barrens and white sees the sea
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of a hot hand around the north pole. up through the theme of our system is being expanded in response to the expansion of the european missile defense shield him a bit of the there with the aim is to match the measures being taken in europe that the new stations are being commissioned here to respond to nato as activities. thrown at them. we will buy new means limited or alter our plans for the deployment of missile defense components in europe. russia has not closed the door it will continue a dialogue with the united states and nato on the missile defense system it is ready for practical cooperation in the sphere.
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wealthy british scientists are. not on trial for. news.
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world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to hope for a shelter today. first part of that. i'm not sure pretty. well that's one thing the f.b.i. got right thanks to the hacktivist group anonymous this very private conversation was made public and the f.b.i. is not the only one who should be worried will explain. the other one rate has dropped to eight point three percent this was a big usually positive the jobs numbers for january show that the u.s. is moving in a positive direction but we're not out of the woods yet we'll sift through the statistics the economy is kind of you know given them some tough times and they still want someone to work them into shape and if the past year has proved anything
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it's that the u.s. economy sure knows how to take a beating meanwhile another industry is whipping people into shape even those not the bankers who caused the recession in the first place we'll take it to the underground world to dominate drugs. and good evening it's friday february third eight pm in washington d.c. my name's christine and you're watching our team. let's begin this evening with the latest from the hacktivist group anonymous it is friday after all which means the group is out with a new chapter in their program the name of which i can't say on air other than to call it f f b i friday you may remember two fridays ago we told you about the groups waged attacks on web sites for the department of justice the f.b.i. universal music group the motion picture association of america and more now that
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was in response to the file sharing site mega upload being taken down by federal agents but now the group is at it again for a short time today the web site for the department of homeland security d.h.s.s. was down another target earlier today the web site for puckett and for raj the attorneys that represented sergeant frank rule would eric in his recent trial now would a week you may remember admitted to leading marines into two civilian homes in head defect in iraq back in two thousand and five which resulted in the killings of twenty four civilians including women and children and here's a glimpse at what it looked like it was a black page with read type in which they wrote why they targeted this page they say they just wanted to bring attention to this case adding can you believe this scumbag had his charges reduced to involuntary manslaughter and got away with only one pay cut. now it goes on to compare what's happening with alleged wiki leaks or bradley manning who faces life imprisonment for sharing classified documents now
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another really interesting thing also happened turns out it's not his web site apparently anonymous has also been able to record some pretty high profile telephone conversations including one between the f.b.i. and scotland yard about an investigation into them anonymous. prosecution. without defense knowledge. ok how much time do you think it's reasonable that they'll be on. which is. what we're going to. see and the f.b.i. has confirmed that call saying it was illegally obtained and meant only for the
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years of law enforcement but as we know and i'm as doesn't care who things are intended for now i talked about the implications of this recorded f.b.i. phone call with barrett brown a little earlier he's the founder of project and also our source into some of the inner workings of anonymous. well you know obviously you look. at the metropolitan route from the u.k. because it's in the letter mentions that. acknowledged quote cock. points altogether and i've only heard the southern border that is more but. they. they discuss a lot about the back more goes on the background in terms of their investigation how they perceive what they look at what their strategies are and that's going to be very useful for a number of parties not all of the. let's talk about what we just found out about a few minutes ago before we came on air the department of homeland security website
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is down talk a little bit about this why you think this might be the latest target for the group anonymous well to be. born in a log for a while have them know they're looking in the mirror for some reason about a month ago based on. theirs and there's obviously that there obviously have been you know one of our one of the targets on our own for a while now there's nothing recent that i know of that one of them. saw and they're not off cyrus a little while ago that a couple of people have been been very intent on bringing you down today and it's just sort of the icing on the cake on this front it looks like i've just gotten word that that web site is sort of back up and down intermittent but i was down there for a few minutes at least let's talk about this other latest hack at the attorneys who represented marine sergeant frank wuterich why do you think they chose this case in
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particular certainly there are a lot of things that people find fault and especially with with his sentence not even getting any time behind bars but why do you think anonymous would focus on this case stacey and just as the man and not the many others. and this is the big lot of them there are a number of reasons why no anonymous basically any american who cares about justice would be mr person involved who prompted this massacre of twenty four people got off extraordinary lightly at the same time broke i mean it's still facing god knows what after having been psychologically tortured for months contrary to american ideals so you know there's a month ago i guess the sentence was handed down and in the meantime this this law firm has a history that i won't go into right now but they have a history of. behavior and so couple the e-mails the key people responsible some very sick people sponsible have already gone through all the. points and. from what
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i understand. the part of the firm joking about the marines who were noting on on that afghan soldiers that's just a slice a small slice of the e-mails which in this base. consist of about two and a half years of exchanges so since as usual surgeons will soon be put out so that anyone can search and he would that once and come up with an e-mail that you were there's going to be a lot of trouble for this firm in the next few weeks and it's really interesting to you from what i understand i mean the amount of e-mails as you say two and a half years worth of e-mails that anonymous now has their hands on not only talks about some you know things that many people would see as inappropriate at these attorneys have been discussing it also shows a lot about who's been giving money to who and certainly when you follow that money that can lead you in some interesting places i guess it to me hey i've got hundreds
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it's not just me this law firm that gets hit on this they're going to be a lot of other parties that by the end of this are going to tarnish possibly more who will know more about that. yeah and again you know this is sort of becoming the norm i mean we've had you want to share it. you know every other we care. it seems to me that anonymous does what anonymous wants and but it stands to reason that as more of these attacks take place the more resources you know the f.b.i. and the government will sort of devote to try to take down anonymous and what do you think i mean what's going to be able to stop them or or is there anything that could happen that would make anonymous stop on their own but this was anonymous all of them all these are processes that water the system and a process of balls very quickly a system does not a system is situated system is broken more. ball changed its own whim they can't so they're always sort of steps behind you know if
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they make some arrests which they often do and of course through as we go we have people who are. in san diego and they've all. not guilty in that situation and so. ya know i did not realize that when even the rings we had lots of cuomo mortars. they were expecting to be able to. turn these guys to scare them didn't realize that within two days of the original raids and january two thousand and ten we would have some of the top borders in the nation there and started buying them so it's things like that that ensure that no matter what happens. we're going to be burning out any time any time soon right certainly something very interesting that we here at our to keep our eyes on all day long you should see our web department they all kind of are into this making sure they don't miss anything and they were the ones who notified us about the department of homeland security and who knows within the next few hours we might have more news we do appreciate your insight founder of project pm there at ground zero. well in
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just a little more than a week many egyptians will be celebrating the one year anniversary of the day their longtime leader president hosni mubarak stepped down after quite a bit of pressure and of course weeks of protests in the streets but despite this event that so many called a victory for democracy democracy clashes continue and tensions remain high. violence continuing on the streets of cairo and just in the last day or so three people have been killed another four hundred injured this comes of course after wednesday's deadly post football match clashes in which seventy four people were killed after the game in a stampede and many of those protesters that were there they blame police for not stepping in sooner and many people in egypt are also continually frustrated not only by the violence but by the fact that so many egyptians still live under these
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quote emergency laws these include bans on public assembly indefinite detention without charge and prosecution with no appeal are to correspondent maria for notion that takes us a gives us a look at what things have been like in egypt over this last year around a thousand killed at least six thousand injured and even more still missing egypt's people have played five times to leave you country but despite all the sacrifices the shadow of the old regime still lose launch during mubarak thirty years of mubarak's rule the estimated number of people try them under military tribunals where one to two thousand now you know within about ten months or eleven months we have twelve thousand which is of course a humongous number for a country ruled by the military the supreme council of the armed forces or scaf that's no surprise but surprisingly enough those discomforted over from who'd previously run the country are not themselves before military tribunals. for.
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suspected killers. to be tried in civil court system. they're ordinary people i mean. medical records this is. and this is in the. hasty with no proper investigation usually with no lawyer and behind closed doors and with no right of appeal human rights activists complain military trials provide no justice and violate human rights you know you have a nineteen year old getting a twenty five year old son to your centers because he had a box of molotov cocktails and people who are found guilty of killing somebody by brutally beating him up and torturing him until he died these are getting seven years in jail so i mean is there obviously there's something wrong with this picture
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a lot of these people are trying for absolutely no reason i mean some would just just being in the wrong place at the wrong time is enough to get you in trouble that's exactly what a man says is his case september the time these really embassy in cairo the place. the young screenplay writer was present at clashes between the army and demonstrators and began helping lingard arrested he was brought to military barracks after summary trial which lasted just twenty minutes he was taken straight to prison to serve almost four months for terrorism he says the military dishes out a very rough justice. in the emerging a seventy two year old who's been in the army for at least two years it must be hard for him to take off his uniform and this large start and this was the only way they know how to deal with problems. for several days what father did know her son's whereabouts who were the mongooses when his sister came to me and said i have
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to talk to you i knew it was about him hoping for the best i prepared myself for the worst. a month after ahmed was released he now faces yet another trial from the same incident at these really embassy. they go is to intimidate people the message is clear if you go to toria you'll be arrested and it makes us even stronger how is it they don't understand that mad is no working on a book he wants to title you must shut up he explains if people didn't give up after being bitten and humiliated they'll never give up until their voices are heard and. the citadel in cairo egypt a medieval symbol of power and strength it was fortified centuries ago to protect the region from his enemies at that time crusades and persuaders today egypt's rulers are doing the same striving to defend themselves and to keep power with
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thousands in jails and dozens killed the concern here is that they may have been working too hard or if an ocean r.t. cairo. for the next few months really until november when we're hearing the ins announce all the details about where each candidate stands on all the big issues people running for president now these are issues that range from war to politics to everything there's one that gets a little bit less play but no doubt has become political over the years and that is the environment and more specifically global warming so laurie harvin us with the resident donna decided to ask people what they think of of global warming and also what they sacrifice to try to curb its effects. today legislators are introducing more and more bills to help curb the effects of global warming what are you willing to do to help out this week let's talk about
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that do you agree that global warming is the real problem. a real real problem i think you the people need to think more about this would you be willing to heat your house with a fireplace instead of using electric heat you know you'd be willing to do that absolutely so why is she doing that now not now would you be willing to not blow dry your hair anymore not that i'd be willing to them would you be willing to dry your clothes on the line and never use a drag machine i don't know about that. and it depends would you be willing to change your behavior like say i walk into any destination that's under two miles instead of driving like what i'm doing today yes yeah yeah absolutely absolutely this idea of heard so far but it's good what about showering for under a minute. i'm always. pretty much broke saw your coffee not that there was money on the current opposed to lose the clock on the
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market. so would you be willing to change your personal behavior to reduce energy consumption of troy by having to cover. it has to mandate that everybody's just going to live high off the hog yeah isn't it strange when everyone agrees it's a problem but they don't want to do anything about it everybody agrees that turn it into a political problem do you think most people are willing to change their daily behavior even the label evil to grab nicole and selfish you know they don't really care about the planet until until it affects them personally unfortunately the world we live in and what it's going to take. i don't know what it says hey i think it's good to educate kids when they're young to recycle and reuse that's the key with everything right get them when they go. whether or not you're willing to change your energy consumption habits now the bottom line is you might just have to in the future if global warming continues to progress.


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