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tv   [untitled]    February 4, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EST

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with just a month left untold russia's presidential vote tens of thousands are demonstrating free elections and political change on the streets of the capital. is of course called the. revolution this is something people. live in peace. the u.n. is expected to vote on a draft resolution on syria but russia warns of a scandal if the text is put on the table in its current form kremlin says it
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leaves too many loopholes for military intervention. last protests against the police and military government escalate across egypt several people killed and hundreds injured. while news on the very latest developments this is r.t. . in exactly a month from now russians will head to the polls to vote for their next president this saturday in moscow tens of thousands are demonstrating to demand their elections while others are rallying in support of the current leadership. cross live now to well two gatherings taking place in the russian capital we hope to join our correspondents there very soon that will come back. in the meantime the
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u.n. security council is to meet later on saturday with a vote expected on a draft resolution on syria but moscow is warning it will use its veto power if the text is brought to the table in its current form. draft has been softened russia's request dropping demands for regime change and fresh sanctions but it's true it contains elements that crimean considers poles but i'm acceptable for an intervention comes amid reports from syria of a new crackdown in the city of homes with hundreds of aging dead that's because claims the killings were carried out by terrorists seeking to influence the u.n. road report noire has more now from new york. russia china and many other countries have vocalized the fact that the security council should not be used as a tool to impose regime change in any country around the world in this case in particular to syria it should be the security council should be new moving towards
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coming to our peaceful solution where both parties see in part in the conflict should come together at the table russia has its main concerns in the aftermath of what took place in libya it is now a point to see repeated circumstances in syria in the meantime there have been reports from opposition groups in syria that roughly two hundred people have been killed in renewed violence in the city of homs according to the syrian observatory for human rights the army is shelling the city now fresh ashes in other cities throughout syria how also been reported clearly this violent conflict is garnering attention from all parts of the world as the international community continues to find a way to to reach some type of consensus on how to garner and lead to a peaceful solution in syria. well the top story now tens of thousands are rallying for fair elections ahead of russia's presidential vote next
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month while others are going to show their support for the current leadership these are live pictures from the heart of the russian capital people have gathered there with banners and flags to express their views to the police one hundred thousand people have gone to moscow exactly a month before russians head to the polls to vote for their next president. and in fact we can go to both of our correspondents on this we have our current. life. in the square now so it's extremely cold there obviously presumably that's had some kind of an effect on the crowd numbers but it still looks like many people have turned out. well kerry you know what it is really cold out here reports all of twenty three thousand people coming out on bolotnaya square this is the third sanctioned march that has happened protests the first march that has happened to
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call for a fair and free elections after the december parliamentary elections of last year now as you can see behind me a lot of people have gathered and it's pretty fairly fair to say that it's quite calm you can see a lot of people here at this march across the city center called mating in the actual rally at all of my square where i am right now and that is where the first elections took place back in december of course these temperatures not really allowing too many people to come out and protest so we'll have to wait and see how many will actually continue to show up in the next few hours and of course again this temperature really cutting down the agenda to just about an hour or so. to take agrees who's at the victory park what's happening where you are. i think what have suffered for our loss of need to. make this place
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a lot down so knowing douse the fire so now they're pretty cool message sent me a lot of revelation a demo to live in and say hey i've gotten laid there and that's because they can't see all ridged there but that's a reference to be hard for a minute to place in the ukraine it's two thousand and five which led to a presidential frerotte something they don't want to see his daughters in attendance hate day as many have experience in russia of the hardships of revolution of the soviet sees as a result but it's not something they want to hear it may say something quite a large gathering as we said the crowd itself hasn't been very remote who's that a mainstay of the noise coming from the podium we've got. some of ours in a tent that's why this shows the government.
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came here to support russia to support only still actions i wanted to have a bright future and i want to is to choose that future or sounds. like i don't know who exactly gather to vote in a square but i think it's perfectly fine that they did it's democracy and they are the opposition. now because both very soon i'm come here it's not a war visually there was a really really good guys in the mine never write your vote the last of those in attendance same survey showing some more primaries a lot of maybe your name is name gone we did. some law among you down here has been waiting on the back car buyers just never the full due or actions but not a geisha is the moment that you saw the road and i see the slump among your cousin opposed to swallow. so you have. said.
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the result well so. many others never see the glory so what we're seeing right now this. minute me to marry someone. yes a lot of noise there where you are. about to you karen what about the opposition who all of the most prominent figures and all they did at the rallies was you know. well as you can see behind me a lot of flags here you do have the nationalists you have the all book up party and also expected to show and actually expected to speak is a goody goody of linsky who was once the a yeah look at a leader opposition party he has since koinange at the moment is no longer allowed to run for the presidential candidacy because of the fact that a star twenty six percent of his signature is of the chew million meted were allegedly a prod or falsified so he is expected to come out and speak today also expected to
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show his face his mea culpa and independent candidate who is also trying to run for presidency in march. and karen is the go ready to meet the demands people are making there and what's been the kremlin reaction to all of this. in terms of response by the government are there actually have been some moves prime minister putin did up promise to install web cameras those are a very very expensive equipment that has actually been installed in polling booths and stations where people can log on and actually view what's going on in these a poll groups out in the fact he has also promised just wash his media time he has been widely. criticized as being viewed in the media too much so he will still continue to write his articles the third one was set to come out on
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monday but for the moment he will not be participating in any of those televised debates not to mention also how. independent. the lecturer's will be monitoring the march fourth presidential election so as to not have the same outcome again. thank you our team is currently. covering the race for us in russia live here in r.t. thank you. closely following the developments in russia online the very latest updates head to our twitter feed. pictures from the protests . also get the background on the presidential candidates and analysis of the moscow rallies here's what else you can find right now on our web site. hacktivist group anonymous. thinks about the reporting online.
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also just a click away america's first lady gives everyone a. bit during an appearance from a talk show and watch the video at all if you don't come. here with r.t. well still ahead this hour the debate over copyright again piracy treaty designed to protect intellectual property as you pins in revolt why they say it violates their basic rights. plus the usual traction why robots with human qualities are unlocking the hearts of men looking for love in the program.
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egypt police used tear gas and fired shots at protests people trying to storm the interior ministry building for two days seven people have been confirmed dead as violence eclipse cairo and several other cities rest to a spot where more than seventy four ball fans don't hate him after match crashed through days ago testers accuse the police failed to prevent the tragedy thousands of demonstrators in tahrir rose so calling on the real village to council to. middle east analyst flyers says egyptians are furious that one of us to it wasn't that generals are still in place. the main recipient of criticism now in egypt is the military council because it is really have powers and they are demanding the door will be transferred quickly either to a government or to an elected president and the military council is still very hesitant and i link this to something that happened
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a couple weeks ago when the military council ordered security forces to go and shut down democracy agencies both education n.g.o.s and international n.g.o.s u.s. based n.g.o.s all of that indicates that the military council is very hasn't been in transferring power to democracy forces they want to deal with a force which most likely will be the muslim brotherhood there is something very odd about the fact that egypt brought down in a precarious leader and yet some of its agencies are acting as if the other again regime is going to iraq what is happening right now is that large segments of civil society specifically the youth of egypt who began their of all and that report was taken away by other political parties including the muslim brotherhood and the sort of as those youth are angry at the government because they want the military council to transfer power to them or actually to their representatives and they fear their egypt is moving towards another of their of their and regime well we'd like to know what you. think about that disappearance in egypt they were asking why
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the country is still in turmoil following last year's resolution log on to our website r.t. dot com to take part in our help so far. off of you believe it's because the allies of ousted leader hosni mubarak are still in power most of. the interest of radicals to maintain a seventeen percent are saying that the main reason behind instability is continuing unemployment and social problems and the minority suggests the revolution creates its own down to r.t. dot com to cast your vote. syria has also been brought up in germany as russian and nato officials put their minds together in munich their annual security conference is in full swing moscow and the u.s. led looking for common ground on dividing issues and deeper cooperation on common interests when i get the details now from hugo was that for us to go and made
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a name for itself there is a stage where countries in alliances push their security agendas so what are we seeing come out of the conference this. well this is quite a major conference just to remind you this is the conference during which russia and the united states exchanged the ratification documents on the new strategic arms reduction treaty exactly a year ago a milestone historical event which happened right here in munich there's a lot of discussion going on and again just on saturday we heard the statements made by the secretary general of nato the u.s. defense secretary. russia's foreign minister as well. talked about the need to change the approach. in the situation which is currently developing with international relations he says that it's going through radical. at the moment with asia gaining more influence and rising china of course
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and traditional leaders and most powerful players in the west beginning to lose their influence and says that the world is currently in a unique chance to build a new whole new structure of security which will be based on the foreign minister calls them regional segments for example like of ghana stand in the countries around that the middle east the caucasus and so on and all of the segments will be blinded by international. rules and. international war specifically you when the un charter now also the foreign minister has called for more cooperation between regional organizations for example like nato and the c.i.s. based. organization for security and cooperation
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and so on so a lot of issues are on the table here and of course the relations with nato and russia. as well also focused on the situation in russia itself the transformation that is going through the modernization process of the economy in the industry and the political sphere as well and stressed once again that this is russia's into a matter. this is not a target for any foreign influence and also the foreign minister mentioned syria once again as well saying that russia stands against any foreign military intervention into the country sees the crisis there as its internal matter which has to be resolved by the syrian people yes you mentioned relations there between russia and nato and of course they've been trying to leave that cold war differences in the past but how is that coming alone and what's the current state of relations would you say. well this is quite
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a rocky relationship it's going through its ups and downs always and actually. the foreign minister of russia that if we take the united states for example in russia that he sees them as branches of the european civilization the eastern branch being russian the western branch being the united states and the relationship between russia and nato kind of makes the rules for this relationship in the main matters and one of the biggest stumbling points remains. for the anti missile defense system in europe now this discussion is still underway it's actually deadlock and there are different opinions coming from various sides. of parties in europe stand for unilateral. defense system which would include russia and the european union nato and the
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united states washington says that it's ready to cooperate but it has to have a tough stance always going to its defense while the foreign minister says that this is russia's foreign minister says this issue through etan's the positive relationship between these two branches the eastern and the western branch of the european civilization like they said russia and the united states but of course there are many great examples of positive cooperation between russia and the northern north atlantic treaty organization for example cooperation in afghanistan and with transit problems for nato in pakistan russia is playing a major wall in the operation there giving its air corridor or through its airspace and there's also of course a great example of. cooperation between washington and moscow being the new strategic arms reduction treaty with the two biggest nuclear arms holders now
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reducing their arsenals because of that cooperation. from the annual security complex in munich thank you. protests have been raging across europe against last week's signing of a new copyright treaty which enforces intellectual property though on the internet opponents say the international actor document in forces censorship is a violation of human rights artie's at home barton reports now more demonstrations are expected over the weekend the streets may be snowy but here in sweden the heat is being turned up in that most modern of political debates surrounding internet freedom protests have been called here in the capital as part of a wider reaction in europe and the u.s. against laws perceived to infringe on the public's access to the internet but target this time actor the anti counterfeiting trade agreement signed by countries
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around the world the people behind the law point out that it's important to try and protect the copyright of the people who make music to make video and distribute it around the world if you say well everything should be free well perhaps no one will write any books produced music or fields etc. it would disappear but less because it's not profitable anymore those against it say it's a wolf in sheep's clothing a way for governments to control their access to the internet and that it was held in secret but it was designed to be very punitive to those found breaching copyright rules the next generation has grown up with the ability to say anything to anybody else on the planet today ideas that are for themselves to have a freedom of speech never before imagined we don't need to ask anybody permission
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to present new ideas and. all of a sudden corporations want to take that away because it inconveniences them and millions of young people are rising up in anger at the formation of pirate parties not just here in sweden but elsewhere in europe is evidence of how high the status of those internet freedom come pain is has risen and there's politics not just in the european parliament but also on the streets internet freedom campaigners are urging people to put their views across before the european parliament votes on this in june to try and stop the legislation before it's made whether it's done in parliaments and in political boardrooms or on the street few expect this to be a calm debate. finding true love is never easy for those who've given up on ever beating their perfect partner they can only settle for
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a robot fans of synthetic sweethearts a ring that season robots become commonplace sooner than we might think that if you can report. when toys for boys become more than toys originally when i first got her i call her my synthetic girlfriend but it's actually progress to the point where it's like you know she's my wife thirty seven year old dave cat from detroit says he has been in a relationship with his sex doll for more than ten years and it's in it or in her that he found his better half slackers has not even worth getting out of bed at this point these days they've cats bond with a dog seems like a joke to many but according to british artificial intelligence researcher dr david levy in a few decades romance between humans and robots will be a common thing i'm completely convinced that within about forty years people will be fully in love with robots and even marrying them and this could be the great
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grandmother of the future perfect robot mate meet roxy america's first sex robot it talks and senses touch what are you wearing. well you know what. you. want. artificial intelligence engineer doug hines believes that he created the perfect alternative for those who for different reasons can't or are too busy or too lazy to connect with human beings we created like a bridge that gap between you know going in be going out with someone else you know just meeting someone in a bar or what have you just randomly maybe picking up a social disease instead of doing when you could have the sex robot that would be
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your companion not only listen to you talk to you interact with you public opinion about sex robots now is well mostly. giggles. that's what it's for robotic sex when wait a minute isn't that marriage i mean i would not be the saddest christmas gift ever i thought you could use this i. seems to be very serious about his creation the japanese are even more serious about robots in. every new model there looks more lifelike. the surge of interest in robots lawyers are starting to look into legal implications of the possibility that these sex robots can break up marriages psychologists in the meantime warn robots could transform human notions of love and sexuality forever and we're going to ask people on the street what they think about the prospect of having
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a relationship with a robot. no never that's just wrong and stupid. human woman you know can you imagine a relationship without kitchen fied. oh no one talking back to you. yeah but there's never do. you go for a robot definitely in the future if it was allowed. but while most of us feel that the possibility of having an affair with a robot is something in the very distant future for some it's already reality i'm going to check out reporting from washington our team there you have it. in brief for you at this hour. iran supremely that has issued a warning about retaliating against the west sanctions that include an increase in threats the speech came as a response to the statement u.s.
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defense secretary panetta said these were it was like. months the u.s. and e.u. have imposed a number of financial and oil sanctions against iran. its disputed nuclear program which they suspect could be used to work with. thirty seven people have been killed in south sudan during a shootout the peace meeting gunmen in trucks arrived and began shooting indiscriminately after a fight broke out at the gathering rating was designed to bring an end to recent riots or stoning and livestock hundreds have been killed in recent weeks as a result of the disputes. and europe's worst cold snap in decades is now clear in the lines of hundred sixty five people one hundred have died in ukraine alone many from frostbite and hypothermia extreme temperatures even cause the black sea to freeze on the coast of roumania inches in the event areas have been cut off with trucks on able to transport supplies heavy snowfall has led to the closure of schools and airports across europe. and back to our top
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story now tens of thousands are rallying for fair elections ahead of russia's presidential vote next month while others are gathering to show their support for the current leadership of live pictures now from the heart of the russian capital where people have gathered with banners and flags to express their political views coming to the least one hundred thousand people have turned out to moscow and so it's exactly a month now the whole russian is head to the polls to vote for the next president of france can't you know pictures of the russians as they unfold it will have to alter the dot com. that are being today's headlines in just a few minutes.
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