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tv   [untitled]    February 4, 2012 5:18am-5:48am EST

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relations would you say. well this is quite a rocky relationship it's going through its ups and downs always and actually. the foreign minister of russia that if we take the united states for example in russia that he sees them as branches of the european civilization the eastern branch being russian the western branch being the united states and the relationship between russia and nato kind of makes the rules for the relationship in the main matters and one of the biggest stumbling points remains the u.s. is planned for the anti missile defense system in europe and now this discussion is still underway it's actually a deadlock and there are different opinions coming from various sides. of parties in europe stand for unilateral. missile defense system which would
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include russia and the european union nato and the united states washington says that it's ready to cooperate but it has to have a tough stance always going to its defense while the foreign minister says that this is russia's foreign minister says this issue through etan's the positive relations between these two branches the eastern and the western branch of the european civilization like they said russia and the united states but of course there are many great examples of positive cooperation between russia and the northern north atlantic treaty organization for example cooperation in afghanistan and with transit problems for nato in pakistan russia is playing a major wall in the operation there giving its air corridor or through its airspace and there is also of course a great example of. cooperation between washington and moscow being the new strategic arms reduction treaty with the two biggest nuclear arms who is now
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reducing their arsenals because of that cooperation. from the annual security conference in munich. protests have been raging across europe against last week's signing of a new copyright treaty which imposes intellectual property though on the internet opponents say the international actor document in forces censorship is a violation of human rights as artie's tom barton reports now more demonstrations are expected over the weekend. the streets may be snowy but here in sweden the heat is being turned up in that most modern of political debates surrounding internet freedom protests have been called here in the capital as part of a wider reaction in europe and the u.s. against laws perceived to infringe on the public's access to the internet but target this time actor the anti counterfeiting trade agreement signed by countries
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around the world the people behind the law point out that it's important to try and protect the copyright of the people who make music to make video and distribute it around the world if you say well everything should be free world perhaps no one will write any books or produce music or fields etc. it would disappear but much less because it's not often those against it say it's a wolf in sheep's clothing a way for governments to control their access to the internet and that it was held in secret but it was designed to be very punitive to those found breaching copyright rules the next generation has grown up with the ability to say anything to anybody else on the planet today ideas battle it out for themselves to have a freedom of speech never before imagined we don't need to ask anybody's permission
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to present new ideas. all of a sudden corporations want to take that away because it inconveniences them and millions of young people are rising up in anger at the formation of pirate parties not just here in sweden but elsewhere in europe is evidence of how high the status of those internet freedom campaigners has risen and there's politics not just in the european parliament but also on the streets internet freedom campaigners are urging people to put their views across before the european parliament votes on this in june to try and stop the legislation before it's made but whether it's done in parliaments and in political boardrooms or on the street few expect this to be a calm debate. finding true love is never easy but for those who've given up on
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ever beating their perfect partner they can only settle for a robot fans of synthetic sweethearts say romances and robots become commonplace sooner than we might think that if you can reports. when toys for boys become more than toys originally when i first got her i call her my synthetic girlfriend but it's actually progressed to the point where it's like you know she's my wife thirty seven year old they've kept from detroit says he's been in a relationship with his sex doll for more than ten years and it's in it or in her that he found his better half slackers it was not even worth getting out of bed at this point these days they've cats bond with a dog seems like a joke to many but according to british artificial intelligence researcher dr david levy in a few decades romance between humans and robots will be a common thing i'm completely convinced that within about forty years people will
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be falling in love with robots and even marrying them and this could be the great grandmother of the future perfect robot mate meet roxie america's first sex robot it talks and senses touch what are you wearing. you know what. you. want. artificial intelligence engineer doug hines believes that he created the perfect alternative for those who for different reasons can't or are too busy or too lazy to connect with human beings we created like a bridge that gap between you know going in maybe going out with someone else you know just meeting someone in a bar or what have you and just randomly maybe picking up a social disease instead of doing when you could have the sex robot that would be
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your companion not only listen to you talk to you interact with you public opinion about sex robots now is well mostly. giggles. that's what it's for robotic sex when i wait a minute isn't that marriage i mean i would not be the saddest christmas if i thought you could use this i. seems to be very serious about his creation the japanese are even more serious about robots and. every new model there looks more lifelike. the surge of interest in robots warriors are starting to look into legal implications of the possibility that these sex robots can break up marriages psychologists in the meantime warn robots could transform human notions of love and sexuality forever and we're going to ask people on the street what they
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think about the prospect of having a relationship with a robot. no never done wrong and stupid. human woman you know can you imagine a relationship without kitchen fied. oh it out no one talking back to you. yeah but there's never do. you go for a robot definitely in the future if it was allowed. but while most of us feel that the possibility of having an affair with a robot is something in the very distant future for some it's already reality i'm going to check out reporting from washington r.t. they have it. in brief for you at this hour. iran supremely that has issued a warning about retaliating against the west over sanctions that include an increase in threats the speech came as a response to the statement u.s.
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defense secretary panetta said these were was like it's a form of ongoing months the u.s. and e.u. have imposed a number of financial and oil sanctions against. iran over its disputed nuclear program which they suspect could be used to work with. thirty seven people have been killed in south sudan during a shootout the peace meeting gunmen in trucks arrived and began shooting indiscriminately after a fight broke out at the gathering rating was designed to bring an end to recent riots or stoning and livestock hundreds have been killed in recent weeks as a result of disputes. europe's worst cold snap in decades is now claimed the lives of one hundred sixty five people one hundred have died in ukraine alone many from frostbite and hypothermia extreme temperatures even cause the black sea to freeze on the coast of roumania ridges in the vent areas have been cut off with trucks on able to transport supplies heavy snowfall has led
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to the closure of schools and airports across europe. and back to our top story now tens of thousands are rallying for fair elections ahead of russia's presidential vote next month while others are gathering to show their support for the current leadership of live pictures now from the heart of the russian capital where people have gathered with banners and flags to express their political views into the police sack more than one hundred thousand people have turned out to moscow and so it's exactly a month now the whole russian is head to the polls to vote for the next president of mexico you know it was on the rise as the only people had to alter you dot com. without being today's headlines in just a few minutes. for
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now at the headlines with just a month left until russia's presidential vote rallies both for and against the country's leadership and to swing in moscow long enough and talent where tens of thousands are turned down the kremlin is trying to ensure that the upcoming election is fair and transparent calling for more observers from installing might well have been planning stations. the u.n. is expected to vote on a rock for solution on syria but russia is warning of a scandal if the text is put on the table in its current form the kremlin says it
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leaves too many loopholes for military intervention in syria hundreds of reported being killed by government troops but the mascot's blames terrorists who are trying to sway the u.n. when. violent protests against the police and the military government escalating current across egypt several people killed and hundreds injured and it's traitors are using the police of negligence which are canceled to step down. but next our special report on the reset in u.s. russia relations and how it's being affected by america's controversial missile defense system in europe. the most vital national security interests of the united states would be most effectively realized not through hostility to russia matou cooperation with it. i see russia and the united states can we just settlement of the establishment of
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a global missile defense system about. this plan research is in jeopardy even the new strategic arms reduction treaty between moscow and washington has been unable to help oh. at a time of warmer bilateral relations needs whose top brass decided to deploy a missile defense system aimed at protecting europe but they were setting up too close to russia's borders and moscow didn't view it as a friendly gesture. we want to defend the whole europe not just some european countries we want to european allies and friends to join our missile defense strategy. lucina in the event of the situation with a european missile defense system becoming unfavorable to russia we reserve the right to take no further steps in the nuclear disarmament area. the kremlin has repeatedly demanded that nato guarantees that the european missile defense shield
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would pose no threat to russia's strategic interests sofa the west has refused to cooperate with must go on the issue. intercontinental ballistic missiles are transported through snowbound russian forests under the cover of darkness. the movements are shrouded in secrecy the people in charge need to perform training drills and test the hardware on the roof . suddenly the convoy comes to a halt there's a forest stream blocking the path. crossing it's quite a challenge for the drivers of motor vehicles weighing many tons. as specially
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considering of a carrying nuclear warheads. engine is make sure that the heavy launches safely reach the opposite bank with the most hazardous hurdle behind it the convoy is on the move again. as the convoy forges ahead to its destination they leave the forest and pass through villages the sound of powerful engines thundering past is becoming a common occurrence lately for local people. low carb or we need such missiles to defend russia we were good we would be crushed if we didn't have them. but that's all there is to it.
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working when you hear them rumbling past you get a sense of great might there is no dealt we will be able to defend our country. without an agreement with the united states on missile defense and in the face of potential military threats russia was compelled to think of countermeasures. the country has declared in the past that it may withdrawal from the strategic arms reduction treaty and said it will introduce measures to counter the missile defense shield. we will go ahead with the deployment of our missile defense system it is obvious that this presupposes deployment of its components in poland in romania in a radar station in turkey obviously this will also until these their mission of the bases be for american ships equipped with the ag system.
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it is obvious that the missile defense system will be targeted at the russian federation rather than some mythical middle eastern countries possessing a virtual missiles. at least fifteen countries around the world have been involved with the nato missile defense shield. their radar stations in denmark and britain which is also host to interceptor missiles in. canada too is going to join the project anti missile functions will be given to norad the agency responsible for north america's air and outer space defense. japan has decided to assist the nato missile defense shield it's taking part in the manufacture of a just into septa missiles. japan is going to build a forward based radar station on its territory. a similar radar station has already been built in turkey. the czech republic roumania hungary and poland are ready to
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allow nato as missile defense complexes to be placed on their territory. that it that would make a forward based american military presence which means the deployment of bases in post is so. republics notably in central asia is an element of u.s. global domination as a powerful ramified infrastructure any military base has the capacity to deploy units of agents supplying electronic intelligence. russia has taken adequate measures to counter such actions but i'm like nato it confines its activities to its own territory a radar station is being put on combat duty in the kaliningrad region russia's westernmost. tactical missile systems are being deployed in the country's west and . they can hit any target within a radius of up to five hundred kilometers. what is most important is that the
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russian ballistic missiles are being gradually equipped with new warheads capable of overcoming nato's missile defense system. this lift carries people down to a secret radar station in european russia it's tucked away deep underground in a few minutes time major will be on duty to protect russia's space. to get everything about the station is classified the equipment behind these doors is the responsibility of special officers the station itself can operate autonomously it has its own power source and water supply and a ventilation system and.
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washington knows only too well that russia can easily control the entire space of eastern europe this is one of the instruments the military installation protects the moscow region from attack by ballistic missiles it's thought to be controlled by russia's president who is also commander in chief of the armed forces. some time ago russia suggested to the united states that they jointly control delta space over the middle east he was in a similar radar transmitter stationed in azerbaijan if nato is top brass agreed to cooperate they would receive reports of any unauthorized iranian missile launches that washington would see as a threat to america. or in his developed milicic missiles capable of hitting targets in a little east in eastern europe this poses a threat to u.s. interests in the region. i don't agree with the u.s.
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government belief that this is a serious problem with iran is doing is they're using very simple relevent nothing simple about rockets but the using very early generation rocket technology the only rockets they could build that could reach the united states would be enormous in size and not be mobile as say they would have to be launched from fixed locations where the united states and russia if russia joined the united states could monitor these these missiles many in the united states dislike the views of theodore postol he maintains that the european missile defense system is ineffective the scientist estimates that it has no chance of protecting the united states from a rainy and missiles instead it creates problems for russia if russia believes is the fence is not needed but it doesn't pose a theoretical threat to russia. my guess is that the russian government will say ok
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if you want to spend your national treasure this will help you so it solves the political problem and it provides a much more capable defense that with the united states currently built into them they will so much cheap. the professor believes that the purpose of nato is raid on with europe is to track the movements of russian strategic weapons and to monitor russia's new military technologies. the real target could be russia but certainly it makes the people of europe less safe it draws them in in fact as a geo strategic pawn by great powers as they maneuver and use the missile defense shield not as a way to defend your not as a way to defend anybody in fact but to provide a first strike potential capability against the adversary.
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this is how we are going to train ourselves in order to be ready for any situation . these people crossing a field of kelp have serious worries about the global situation. they feel that as long as nuclear weapons exist they need to know how to protect themselves. if there's a survive in the face of a real threat they need to have everything necessary close at hand. the coach tells them that a compass and a mobile phone unlikely to help. the problem is that we can only get our bearings by looking at tree branches there are more branches on the side where they are exposed to see. sunlight outside points to
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the south. the people involved in a survival experiment will have to cover several kilometers in full gear their training mission is to reach an abandoned military base where they can hide from the harmful effects of radiation.
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but i define it as a strike or throw you off but i do want to tell ya there's elam no we're going to see the film on screen yeah if you want to have sex go and have sex. from los angeles to chicago to birmingham twenty trauma centers have closed since two thousand severe problem is not enough inpatient beds not enough urgency department beds and not enough nurses commandoes that to take care of all the people who are here the only real health care system that we have in the city of los angeles is the los angeles fire department in fact when i started my venture is
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a firefighter i didn't want to tear your ass so i started out going to just do fire fighting it's about eighty two percent of what we do the fire department is medical but they had a rescue couple weeks ago waited four hours for i've waited sometimes three hours and i was it's a same francis and we went for four hours and fifty minutes standing against a wall with a patient and we have a federal law that mandates that you can't turn no one away who seeks care in an emergency room. we have the most expensive health care system in the world and it's probably valued the least. alexandra sites for the family live in a military camp that is off limits to the public. know if you go if you go. on
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yourself keep going well for good. alexander was in a secret unit manning missiles when he's. always makes a point of spending time with his wife and children. he's well aware of the standoff between nato and russia. it makes him apprehensive about what kind of future awaits his son. was the most approving of course my wife and i often talk about the future. we would like to see a bright future without crises. and. we want everybody to live in peace and we want everything to be just fine. the i.c.b.m.'s are accompanied by combat escort the world today we have eyes covered ground very difficult conditions for a thrust forward to kill the i do hope everything will pass off without any
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incidents. trucks carrying nuclear warheads lined up in a quiet glade the snowy forest provides good kemah flash for them together these mobile missile launches a cold and had to go to the russian army lingo they need to be ready for action at any moment. right dress. attention. come on major section chief says all reporting unit is ready to go. fully in. the aggregate for. four haste. the intercontinental ballistic missile known as the s.s. twenty five to make this move a twenty one meters long it's almost two meters in diameter and weighs about forty five tons of fuel which despite its impressive propulsion the russian missile still hits targets with absolute precision mage's on its if joe is made.


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