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tv   [untitled]    February 4, 2012 5:48am-6:18am EST

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ensure that the missile launches how cool weighs in working order moving military hardware the job is always fraught with danger. with a couple if this is a highly accurate weapon it has a range of up to ten thousand kilometers and lands within not more than two hundred metres from targets. you certainly realize that for the purposes of a nuclear strike this means a direct hit. the united states cannot give russia a legal guarantee that the missile defense system is not directed against it this would be the wrong move as the matter consumes the defense of need two countries. russia feels compelled to take countermeasures because the united states has refused to give legal guarantees demonstrating that the deployment of the american missile defense system in europe is not directed against russia. nato countries are in no mood to respect the deployment of their military installations
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to europe. new american military bases may soon be set up in kazakhstan go to just turkmenistan and tajikistan. about i see a boy once russia has been encircled by military bases a new geopolitical reality will emerge we need to take this reality into account already today but and take measures to control potential threats to our security is a. meanwhile the view that the missile defense shield is too expensive is getting increasing currency inside the united states itself it provides financial backing to the armed forces moreover the project is making millions of dollars from nato subcontractors in various countries. between two thousand and five and two thousand and nine the us has spent fifteen billion dollars and the price paid for. the entire program that we are dealing with right
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now here in two thousand and eleven is another hundred and fifty billion dollars that's larger than many country's entire military budgets. some of the funding for the missile defense system in europe is being put to use in poland north the small village of rijeka is home to a high security installation. the base used to be manned by polish air force pilots soviet made fun to still serve as a reminder of the fact that poland was once a member of the warsaw pact an organization formed off to world war two by the us as in response to nato. the old will planes will be scrapped by the us troops who arrive here shortly they'll be bringing missiles with the. local residents have already been told that they won't be getting any compensation for having the new arsenal placed so close to their homes. and we are not overjoyed at
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the prospect of these weapons being deployed a few hundred metres from our homes on them or you've got the missiles will pose a threat to the local population of over one thousand people. elizabeth a demand sca a schoolteacher came to reject over from warsaw a long time ago she knows only too well what the villages think about the military installation. that is the most noise about it is most of the people even here are farmers. and they of course they were very war it's an absolute hearing use of me cell deployment for the time being though the basin we. ways. but even first graders in the village of rhetoric over are aware of the military base. but the schoolchildren don't fully understand the threat so
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their teachers bring them up to date in the classroom. good morning you found please take your seats. that's gotten them and today we start with a history lesson. elisabetta demands go teaches her pupils about military conflicts she insists the people should never forget history's lessons your future conflict is to be avoided. the military base in regular is in full view of the school as the teacher tells her pupils about world war two they visualize the base as a symbol of the past the present and the future. is the german troops once used the territory just outside of school. later polish pilots served here but then no doubt you know that an american military base is going to be set up here. that there is going to be in you and three in the history books
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because of it. is tony and sculpt to come and transforms the legacy of past wars into works of art on the shores of the gulf of finland has found hundreds of sea mines made during world war two and the cold war the artist uses them to make remarkable objects this mine for example will become a fireplace. i think it will make a nice fireplace. the sea mines picked up by come in can no longer sink ships the artist so-called military style doesn't mean he's succumbs to fashion instead it's an attempt to create works of art using something that was originally intended for destruction and murder. you don't see these going you can make anything you like from these oval shaped mine it's you
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know you can make sculptures out of them you can even make a race car. coming in those from news bulletins that missile defense components will soon be installed close to his country. he says nato missiles can easily be turned into beautiful sculptures. the amount of effort spent on making such weapons would be much better spent funding the arts. the people involved in this experiment testing their capacity for survival and the nuclear aftermath have finally reached their destination an abandoned military bunker now they need to take a breather and warm up near
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a camp fire. the coach knows that this kind of training is useful in any case it helps participants to strengthen their skills and prepares them for any emergency in their regular daily lives. but. it's great that there is a growing number of people who want to learn survival skills even if nothing catastrophic happens they now have a different psychological attitude. this will prepare them for other small emergencies but. those have gone through survival training school a fully aware of the fact that the location of their exercise is fully protected. offices at the radar station including major. control the entire outer space over a european russia. space control center has given instructions to
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tracking artificial earth satellites when you. pull monitored operational information is fed to the delta. space control center. i'm not first so i got a quiet classification artificial it says lloyd dismissed fourteen fifty as a month three hundred thirty three. the stuff makes no secret of the fact that the russian radar transmitter sees european air space in great detail. on the station's unique radar tracks even submarine launched missiles in the barrens and white sees the sea of a hot sky and around the north pole. up to the theme of our system is being expanded in response to the expansion of the european missile defense shield him up of the the with the aim is to match the measures being taken in europe that the new stations are being commissioned here to respond to nato as
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activities. thrown at them. we will buy new means limited or alter our plans for the deployment of missile defense components in europe. russia has not closed the deal it will continue a dialogue with the united states and nato on the missile defense system it is ready for practical cooperation in the sphere.
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guess. we're done so laughter for the presidential elections here in russia tens of thousands have come out onto the streets calling for fair and free elections and to change on the streets in the capital of moscow. that's the dog running taking place in the area of moscow demonstrating is a tool to look at all the books and the whole revolution and this is something that people say could lead to the television on. the un is expected to vote on a trough the first new snow on syria russia warns of
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a scandal if it takes is put on the table that's calling for them and says it leaves too many loopholes for military intervention. plus a bot of the protests against the police on the military government escalates across egypt several people killed and hundreds injured. costing lives from the heart of the russian capital this is r.t. welcome to the program. more than one hundred thousand people have braved freezing temperatures in moscow to develop their elections but others were rallying in support of the current leadership becomes exactly a month before russia's presidential vote to speak to parliament last year but so close now to current or. square where the opposition has gathered the current six train the cold there presuming that's had some kind of effect on crowd numbers
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. well despite the better a bone chilling cold temperatures here on bolotnaya square reports of some twenty thousand people have come out and this is actually the third sanctioned approach that has occurred since the december fourth parliamentary elections except the only difference being the best one was a marching protests where protesters took out onto the city center streets and marched all the way to below their square where i am currently standing now the government does not approve of these protests they do want the people to voice their opinions however they have deployed some nine thousand believe the police officers here on square and throughout the city center to just make sure that it isn't back to peaceful protests and it actually has been it's been very quiet we've seen a number of flags but again these temperatures will have to poorest that agenda of
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the actual protest you're on bolotnaya square down to just an hour because it is really so cold what about the opposition the men who are the most prominent figures and although the rally is far as you know. well there is in fact a lot of opposition you have the nationalists you have the leftists there are calls for a sort of czar a style leader however there isn't really one leader leading this protest movement towards fair and free elections you do have me called procrit of who was here today have all of my a square although he did not speak he was not going to speak as well as going to go to you. but yeah vilinsky excuse me who was the head of the party he was set to make a speech although he did not with a man you have amidst of speculations and also his current bid of for a presidency where he wanted to run for president but was shot down because
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something like twenty six percent of his signature is of the two million needed for that presidential run were does being falsified so he was supposed to be are going to go to you did not speak however and you do have also alex in the violent a very a popular amongst the bloggers and very activist a very well known activist and not so well known however for his nationalist movement his claim that russia is for russians so to speak or us stop feeding the call to says but for the moment those are the amana leaders here a bullet missed where he did have again. showing his face and you can see who did not speak. and we can see some of those protesters are behind you is the government ready to meet the demoing what's been the kremlin reaction to all this. what in terms of what's been done since the december fourth parliamentary elections
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actually a lot you know prime minister putin has promised to put webcams in polling stations and he's followed through on that the website has been launched it is ready and you can check it out where you will. seeing those alive feeds not to mention the fact the independent league of electors who will be heading out to the polling stations when the party when the presidential elections happen in march to assure that these same sort of fraud in the ballot box stuffing won't take place again you have that legal status not to mention the prime minister putin who has been criticized for showing his face a little too much in the media he has promised just flashes air time and not participate in any of those public presidential debates however he will continue to keep on writing his articles the third one which is set to be out sometime next week now aside from that you do have president made today dave who had his state of the union address and data put together
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a sort of long list of reforms that have presented to the by february some point during february and approved they will be in place for the presidential elections in march now those reforms being the presidential signature is currently you need two million signatures in order to run for president and they would like that number dropped down to about three hundred thousand not to mention the fact that the governors are currently appointed by the president if these are foreigners you take place they will somehow be elected although how that election will take place it's not quite clear yet you also have the fact political parties at the moment you need about ten thousand signatures for a political party to join forces and if these reforms you take place and then the green light will go ahead for only five hundred signatures needed and therefore a seeing more political parties in the masses so those are the reforms at the
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moment that are currently proposed to the do much to the russian government have not yet been approved but we'll have to wait and see what will go on with that ok out his character actually reporting from. well another rally this time in support of the kremlin has been taking place in moscow's victory park people there are critical of the protests gatherings and one of the dangers of a ukrainian style orange revolution happening in russia one of the organizers of that program in a rally has been arrested as numbers have exceeded the agreed maximum amount artie's jake agrees is there. i think lawyers have. a lot of meat. they just make them ok now knowing that out. now they're pretty cool that fish take me a lot of revelation a demo to live in a game i found like there are such a thing called the sea all ridge there but that's a reference to be hard for
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a minute to place in ukraine it's two thousand and five which led to a presidential rerun something they don't want to see head those in attendance heads a very have experience in russia of the hardships of the revolution of the soviet knowing things as a result but it's not something they want to hear of me saying but if i came here to support russia to support only still actions i wanted to have a bright future and i want to is to choose that future or sounds. like i don't know who exactly gather to vote in a square but i think it's perfectly fine that they did it it's democracy and they are the opposition. who have come here it's not visually there was a really really good guys in my mind never right should love us and others in the tennis team say showing some prime minister vladimir putin. even
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knowing there is some law among the law he has been waiting for the but the buyers never the full do world actions been allegations. rhode island see the slump at the moment and you just look poses like pushing about fifteen percent. margin holding something like this result no. any of it covers a lot of coding so what we're saying right now i think the most interesting area someone. taken from. reporting that closely following that pre-election developments in russia online latest updates head to our twitter feed watch the pictures from the protests tarty dot com you can also get the background on the presidential candidates and analysis from moscow right. here's what else you can find on our website right now. notorious hacktivist group
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anonymous has gone down to one thinks about the leaks they've already recorded online like listening to water said that's also right. and also online america's first lady gives everyone an impromptu lesson and keep fit during an appearance on top. of the video at r.t. dot com. the u.n. security council is to meet later on saturday with a vote expected on the draft resolution on syria but moscow says the text needs changing and it will use its veto power if the draft is brought to the table in its current form russia's foreign minister stressed it makes too few demands of the armed opposition and could prejudge the outcome of
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a national dialogue in syria craft also contains elements that the kremlin said is loopholes are possible for intervention but it comes amid reports from syria a new crackdown in the city of homs hundreds of digital dead massacres claims the killings were carried out by terrorists seeking to influence men wrote in a point none has more now from new york. russia china and many other countries have vocalize the fact that the security council should not be used as a tool to impose regime change in any country around the world in this case in particular to syria it should be the security council should be new moving towards coming to our peaceful solution where both parties in part in a conflict should come together at the table russia has its mean concerns in the aftermath of what took place in libya it is not going to see repeated circumstances in syria in the meantime there have been reports from opposition groups in syria there are roughly two hundred people have been killed in renewed violence in the
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city of homs according to the syrian observatory for human rights the army is shelling the city now fresh ashes in other cities throughout syria however also been reported clearly this violent conflict is garnering attention from all parts of the world as the international community continues to find a way to reach some type of consensus on how to garner lead to a peaceful solution in syria. marty very important there reporting from new york and you can keep up with the latest on the u.n. vote on syria at our twitter feed that's r.t. underscore com. well we're joined in the studio now by correspondent sara firth these are just returned from syria and give us a firsthand accounts of what's been going on there thank you for joining us here so now according to unconfirmed reports from the city of homs hundreds of people were killed last night by the authorities but damascus is blaming terrorists for this
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what's really happening what you could see well i mean it's extremely hard to sort of brace and verify these reports i think like anyone i was following the sort of twitter updates in trying to get in touch with people on the ground there yesterday when these reports were coming through from homs i mean just devastating reports. and you know the numbers are sort of everywhere very very high numbers reported to have been killed and it sounded like there's certainly a very very heavy crackdown happening there in homs but of course you know even when we are there in the country. it's extremely hard to really get to the bottom of what's happening to get to these areas to see it with your own two eyes and to be able to verify that information and so certainly i mean i've been speaking to people again today that we were in contact with in some of these areas and most of the phones are out of reception at the moment there's sort of reports of electricity being down in many of these areas and in the center of damascus the people that we were working with the saying that you know at the moment they're
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waiting for information to be so it's exceptionally hard to sort of gauge exactly what's going on at the moment it is that difficult then to see all these places to find out what's actually going on so what about this arab league observer mission then they've been going to certain areas but what are they managed to see all do then there has been a waste of time you know one of the benefits of the arab league observers mission being there was that it did give an opportunity certainly for the media to access some of these various hotspots areas. to travel to cells that have been very very dangerous and they'd sort of become no go areas so the big sort of open the doors a little bit and allowed a bit more of an information flow to get out from these places certainly that was one of the benefits but you know right from the beginning these guys really had the odds stacked against them. you know over a week sort of following them around they today from the beginning where they set off from the hotel and you know they they really they were doing their best with what they had but these are people who were necessarily trained for this sort of
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work they were ill equipped i mean they really didn't have much on them sort of the basics a camera and a pen and paper and so they really met with the same obstacles that a lot of the journalists who were following the met that they you know they found it very hard as well to sort of understand what exactly was happening and what they were seeing the syrian regime says it's really fighting a foreign funded insurgency from what you could see there was really truth. of course you know we we came across ourselves the armed groups the free syrian army the armed terrorists whatever you want to call them they exist there are groups of them there they say that they're protecting the civilians in these different towns and villages we spend a lot of time with the free syrian army a lot of them some of them were army defectors he returned the locals to these areas returned to protect their families some of them with civilians who sort of got hold of arms and joined that group as well it's really hard to say no in syria
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at the moment there's a very strong narrative that's come out and it's part of what makes it so hard to figure out what's going on you don't envy the security council at the moment the decision that they're going to have to make because you simply even when you are there find it very difficult you know what i know is what i saw with my own two eyes and it's very easy to believe what you're being told doesn't exist until you see it and say you know we saw but we also saw tanks security force tanks around the tons of villages despite that being part of the peace plan for them to be removed we saw bullet holes we sure saw heavy artillery marks in the buildings and you know there are these armed groups but there are also a huge number of people civilians families children who are in these areas are trying to protest who are coming out of the protests are very scared about the risks are taking doing that and feel that they're being denied their rights to voice their political views for talking about those civilians and how much support does president hold among those be. again i mean the situation in the country right
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now very divided it's very concerning to see those divisions the sort of every level of this conflict that exists you have areas where it's very strongly providian you have areas where it's very strongly anti we've obviously seen the pockets moving closer towards the center of resistance in these different towns and villages certainly very divided very divisive situation i mean it's hard to get a gauge of what's happening and you know it's very sad to see the failure to a large extent of the arab league mission because right now you don't have anything anyone working to try and bridge these gaps that are just widening every single day and these people feel very alone i mean we can cooperate of verify the reports are coming through from places like homs that you know you can see and hear from a lot of these people in the videos that are coming through they really feel that they're out there on their own at the moment and so right now the situation stands the features not looking great that doesn't.


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