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tv   [untitled]    February 4, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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russia and china vetoed the u.n. security council resolution on syria in a vote in new york. says the document does not reflect the situation in syria and. to both sides all the details just ahead. more than two hundred thousand brave russia's bitter subzero cold to ensure their views on national politics are heard. we see people out on the streets demanding free elections. go to join me for more than a few moments. fighting between police and protesters keeps up in egypt with twelve dead and hundreds more injured in the latest crackdown.
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one am in moscow. good to have you with us here on r.t. our top story russia and china have vetoed the latest u.n. security council resolution on syria moscow says it's because the draft didn't reflect the real situation in damascus and was sending unbalanced signals to all sides in the conflict are. more. in a matter of just five minutes after the meeting began russia and china both wielded their veto powers not supporting this draft resolution that was written up by the arab league european countries while the draft resolution was supported by thirteen members of the security council russia was asking for some amendments according to russian foreign minister sergei lavrov those amendments were not excessive and mr
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are a lot of said that russia was urging the west to accommodate moscow's concerns to reach a compromise on this draft resolution china during the meeting that supported russia's amendments and said for the council to approach a vote knowing there was a divide it did not help maintain the unity or the authority of the security council russian foreign minister sergei lavrov said that moscow does not support using the security council as a tool to intervene on a sovereign country experiencing an internal conflict he believes that could create chaos in international affairs so as we see there was two vetoes on this resolution it did not go through and it's because russia believes that as the draft resolution was presented it had a lot of imbalances in it when it comes to the current circumstance in syria
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russian envoy to the united nations vitaly churkin did go into detail about those imbalances but what work in the security council has not yet reached its conclusion of the draft resolution put to the vote does not adequately reflect the real situation in syria and. the co-sponsors of the resolution and would take into account the syrian opposition that must distance itself from extremist groups committing violent. states your ability to use their influence to prevent such. taken into account that along with was drawing the syrian forces from the cities should be a means to its. own state institutions. nor has the being schooled for affording moral flexibility to get into. league states to increase the chances of a successful political process the russian delegation was forced to vote against this draft resolution we seriously regret this outcome of a. minister is scheduled to visit damascus on tuesday to meet with syrian
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president bashar al assad this is a move. to hopefully reach some type of peaceful approach or solution to the conflict still in syria the arab league is also addressed the media at the security council at the stakeout saying that they are extremely disappointed. but they will continue trying to work with the security council with the united nations to try to reach some type of consensus now u.s. president barack obama did also issue a statement of his own before the meeting began. that you know the united states is on the side of the syrian people that are opposing the syrian president and his government and he said quote the assad regime the time has come for the assad regime to change clearly the united states is pushing for regime change this is
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a sticking point this is something that russia does not support so we'll see what takes place in the days and weeks to come but as of now the draft text proposed by the europeans by the arab league vetoed by russia and china. the security council failing to pass a resolution on syria we go live to international affairs commentator rick rose off from the group stop. so with a new resolution. what do you think is the next step. this could cut both ways so what i fear is we maybe see a replication of what happened in one thousand nine hundred ninety when the united states and its nato allies launched a seventy eight day bombing campaign against yugoslavia having failed to enlist chinese and russian support for un resolution against that and hear the slavia i'm hoping of course that the resolute stance states on the principled stand taking the taken by russia and china against a resolution that we have to remember was sponsored by morocco and co-sponsored by a very interesting group of people they include the nato quater the united states
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britain france and germany along with portugal include all six members of the gulf cooperation council that is the monarchies and camera and the persian gulf they include the other two monarchies in the or world morocco and jordan who last may apply to join the gulf cooperation council and turkey this is and i might add libya we can hardly talk to other governments in the condition of a lawless anarchy that of planes in a country but the regime of libya was one of the co-sponsors this is not a representative group of nations of course in the united nations or the world it's a very select lying that is largely the same group that the comparable resolution one thousand and seventy three against libya last year which resulted as we know at a seven month bombing campaign against the nation. forwarding i think their national can you name will now play in resolving the crisis after the white vote. well the true international community that is under ninety four members of the united nations and including most particularly the berths nations brazil russia
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india china south africa and other countries have to take a much more pronounced role of this it's just as the arab league has effectively been hijacked by the eighth year of monarchies are just months from so too has the united nations than any of the very name of the international community been appropriated by the united states and its nato allies and now it's you know its allies in the arab world. so they want to be not only in the international community should in fact the man no military solutions to internal crises we should keep in mind for example that the so-called free syrian army is operating with complete impunity inside turkey a nato member so with the collaboration of the turkish government presumably with out of other nato nations of the gulf cooperation council members of which are all of the nato partners and so on and no armed uprising of the sort occurring and syria could have occurred if it was in libya an earlier kossovo of yugoslavia or thirteen years ago without the understanding by those in gauging recent armed
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uprising that they would be supported by forces outside. russia says the current draft included measures against the assad regime but not against armed opposition groups working in the country tina fey western countries fall short of condemning both sides in the conflict. i've read the draft and in fact the first two parts of it are explicitly explicitly targeted against the government of the mouse because only in the third is there a rather nebulous statement about all sides would refrain from violence but it was so overwhelmingly overwhelmingly target of against the government and not against armed opposition groups operating together you know from outside the country where armed groups to be invading the third tour of the united states for example from mexico or canada i can assure you that washington's response would not be limited to a domestic one. moscow says western states so far and have a habit of using the new one as i told to bring about regime change i think that's a fair accusation. unfortunately it's completely accurate accusation and you know
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especially after the failure to obtain a un resolution for the invasion of iraq in two thousand and three the us and its western allies will have to fear is if you will and they use other organizations like the league of arab states which as i mentioned is effectively controlled by the gulf war jordan and morocco and ever use them as the fronts you know to request military intervention as in the in the case of libya last year and certainly not who was it in terms of the end of the ground it was direct work of modern syria you know i'm hoping again the russians chinese this is from the resolution the worst would have been proper authority to the absolutely count on the import of the introduction in the introduction of a later resolution to enforce a no fly zone with all that entails which as you say cruise missiles in the us and other nato warships in the mediterranean landed inside syria and something on the order of the twenty six thousand euro sorties conducted by the maid over libya last
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year. all right rick rose off from the group stop nato thanks for your time. well into one hundred thousand people have taken to the streets of moscow st petersburg and other cities to voice their political views ahead of the march fourth presidential vote in a russia artie's peter all for has more. well saturday was a day of demonstrations here in the russian capital we saw a march and a rally by opposition supporters a large group of them meeting in the center of the city and marching here to block my a square which block my has really become the central focus point for opposition protesters here in moscow this is the second time that opposition protesters have taken to pull last night a square far fewer this time than last but of course the the weather a big deciding factor in cripplingly mode temperatures here in the russian capital
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in fact the organizers of the protest here shortened the events that were going to be happening just to make it more comfortable for people who had come out in the cold minus twenty times on saturday here in moscow. so they came out to to voice their opinions you know better than if you were forced to look in here because i'm tired of the government which doesn't do well promises my needs and wants this to carry on for you if you. change their elections and normal life you know it was because your mind wanted to come here and shoot now talk about some of those groups that we've seen come here they really come from all across the russian political strong we've seen far right groups far left groups and everybody in between. all coming out coming here to pull off my square to demonstrate we didn't hear as well because. the presidential candidate the
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independent presidential candidate he's drawn a lot of support from some of the groups that have come here to protest he said he would attend but he wouldn't give a speech this wasn't the only demonstration there was taking place on saturday there's also being gatherings of people who are in favor of the government pro-government forces and. who campaigning saying that they want a revolution in russia using the example of the orange revolution in ukraine in the chaos which country found itself in saying that they don't need not in russia they were stability and not a revolution saying that russia should cut its times of instability and they didn't want to turn to the dog days of the ninety's now the good news for everybody concerned is just how peacefully everything is being carried off on saturday the opposition on the pro-government protests going off relatively without
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a hitch however one of the pro putin rallies we did see the leader of that rally taken into custody by police this is because the sanction dryly and it was sanctioned to have a certain amount of people the amount of people for exceeded that we saw a lot of police in cities they did say say protesters must remain within the law they did do that and everything going off very peacefully is such a day becomes the day of demonstrations. in his insights on the protests. i think the dark horse was too late in coming so we are seeing more or less usual suspects and even even if we take seriously brought her up i mean he's a he's a smart man and he's a rich man but. he's falls. in the category of goodies in the law does russia reach and successful we are not
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in america we are in russia and this basically a social democratic country with putin has in store these social policy it would give support to so many people that's why so many people who together today to support him i think that what is happening today is that there are so many people calling people fair elections my hope is that they will get the fair elections but i think that there may be disappointed again because in parallel actions there is a fair chance that we can move. in egypt at least twelve people have been killed in street battles with riot police more than two thousand have been injured in violence following the death of seventy four people in football related violence wednesday demonstrators are demanding the military council step down police launched tear gas from armored vehicles and protesters to keep control of the situation in response to the protests presidential elections could now we move forward from june a civilian council advise in the military leadership said nominations should start
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being accepted at the end of the month dr ohm omar sure from the institute of arab and islamic studies at exit or university says egyptians just want an accountable civilian leadership. the supreme council of the armed forces has mismanaged the transitional process to a large degree the expectations on the egyptian streets where rising again they call that they will be transferred all power from military to civilian elected civilian in six months and therefore once you have elected civilian rule. they investments will come life the economic life will be back to normal there would be a total restructuring of the security services that acted in a very aggressive and brutal way and put off to a do it in the mubarak era and all these expectations to the the economy to enhance the better economy the dignity the freedom the bread the slogans of that evolution were not to be accomplished by a youth off the bit of aleutian and many on the streets of egypt that believe the
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traditional. videos of the traditional media which is what the political forces that's why that is at the protest last friday and on the in your city of that evolution wanted a president now an elected president now so that they can hold him accountable if you feel to the store back the egyptian economy and if you feed into the form of the security services from those punny more a click away at our two dot com here's what's online for you right now notorious hacktivists anonymous to find out what the f.b.i. really thinks of them and get their own back by leaking the audio recording online listen to what they said at all website. and rush over the moon as it unveils its space ambitions the ins and twenty other stories that are to dot com. iran says it will definitely stop oil exports to certain european countries the islamic republic's oil minister says they have yet to make
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a decision on cutting supplies to other states in response to the use oil embargo that was set to come into force in july chris bambery from the international socialist group says there's also plenty of other reasons tehran would try to retaliate. but i think the listening to what's the rhetoric from london paris and washington understands that that rhetoric is being hyped up all the time we've ods claims this week the u.s. defense secretary that those who is in the arena in terror attacks inside the united states although it. he also said there was no evidence they could use the evidence for that today elsewhere in tel aviv i read a supposedly respectful commentator saying the arenas had missiles which he could file it could hit the united states of america that claim is just simply posterous but we are seeing a ratcheting up of the right and tyranny and rhetoric in the west at the same tallying there really is must be very very nervous about the american build up inside the gulf inside the persian gulf if you look at the map of iran it is
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surrounded by american military bases incidentally bases which are also in that russia and china so i think in some ways the pressure must be on inside the rand to think we should be going to retaliate in force. campaigners for online freedom are on force in sweden to protest against a new copyright treaty signed by governments across europe the anti counterfeit trade agreement has yet to be ratified by the european parliament that's what activists want to prevent the same the new law wouldn't danger free speech and net privacy artie's tom barton has more from stockholm. this is the front line in the most modern of political battles over internet freedom these crowds have gathered in central stockholm in sweden the original home of the pirate parties that have sprung up all over europe and beyond here it's a protest against the anti counterfeiting trade agreements it all revolves around unseen piracy laws that are trying to be pushed through in many countries this
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agreement tries to standardize the enforcement of those laws in the e.u. and in america and further around the world these people say it's not an innocent agreement it's not simple it's assault on the internet freedom and it's a way for governments to monitor them and to stop them having a free exchange of information all the internet and we heard earlier from people on both sides of the argument about how different views are here on this issue if you say well everything should be free well perhaps no one will write any books produced music or films etc anyway it would disappear but and much less because it's not often that. the next generation has grown up with the ability to say anything to anybody else on the planet today d.s. battle it out for themselves to have a freedom of speech never before imagined we don't need to ask anybody's permission
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to present new ideas and. all of a sudden corporations want to take that away because it inconveniences them and millions of young people are rising up in anger the success of the growth of pirate parties both here in sweden and elsewhere around the world is evidence of how high the status of internet freedom has risen on the signing of the act of agreement a few days ago huge protests broke out in poland they were so obvious and so angry that the government there has suspended its acts or agreement that they want the same to happen here although the debates are going to go on until june when the e.u. parliament votes on this internet freedom urging people to get their view across before. this debate is going to go on it's not finished yet and it seems it's going to be anything but calm. turning now to some other stories making headlines across
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the globe police in washington d.c. of clamp down on the ikea pie camp in the center of the city arresting at least four people several tents and personal belongings were cleared away in the raid that activists say was an eviction the washington cap is one of the last remaining offshoots of the occupy movement that started in new york last september rallying against corporate greed. more than three thousand afghans were killed twenty eleven making last year the deadliest on record for the country civilians according to a un report most of the casualties were caused by militants fourteen percent by international and local troops meanwhile nato is prepping to pull out by two thousand and fourteen leaving afghan security forces to take charge of fighting the insurgency. europe's week long cold snap has now claimed two hundred twenty lives as countries struggle with record low temperatures ukraine hit the hardest as more than one hundred died with temperatures plummeting to minus thirty centigrade most of the victims homeless people heavy snowfalls also cause widespread transport
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care. and power outages. finally in this news block a clash of cultures in kyrgyzstan where the moderate indigenous practice of islam is threatened to be supplanted by more radical alternatives there are fears for the effect on the everyday life in the central asian republic a land prone to instability after two revolutions in the last five years alone are these are sort of like oh has more. all. kneeling down but standing tall tens of thousands of man praying at the country's central square just underneath the lenin monument even in this bastard years the communist ideology couldn't bring to the streets as many people as a slum does nowadays. the fist of sacrifice is one of the most important rights for all muslims. prayer can't mask an almost theological lifestyle differences that exist among various branches of this one here in kurdistan over the past they told
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this country has become a testing ground for islamic missionaries of all kinds so who have a less than common with each other than they do with christians or jews who just people converted to islam in the seventeenth century but they were never designed us about it mixed with germany's and pneumatic customs the good news version of islam has long been more of a moral code then a religious doctrine that helped shape a society where women are just as sacked if ambitious as men and when religiosity went hand in hand with good education but that is starting to change. after the collapse of the soviet union kurdistan has seen a very fast growth of. some of it is the message driven education corruption trust of authority all of that is supporting people towards religion but much of it is also driven from abroad like pakistan your saudi arabia kuwait
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a very generous when it comes to building mosques here. islam is on the rise across all of central asia but only in kurdistan have there the regions adopted an open door policy but. the these are followers of the to believe. a group of islamic missionaries originated from pakistan. its members have come up in many terrorism investigations and as a result the group was labeled extremist by many european governments in kyrgyzstan that community is growing fast. people heart of fun happen. to be in accordance with his wishes and by teaching of us with. genders are becoming increasingly separated in public women and not left out in fact they are at the forefront of these lawmakers surgeons in kurdistan. all
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the more than half of students in this islamic academy and females and their number has tripled in the past few years. when they graduate still get educated woman arabic studies and sharia law there's a lot of interest in this area and if they decide to work it shouldn't be difficult finding a job for him missionaries are not only spreading the word but greasing their palms to. this man who claims to be a healer raf from yemen he sees three to four patients every day and for most reimbursement claims to clear their ailments with the help of prayer. and. these changes encourage a society has many opponents some of them claim that saudi or pakistani versions of islam corrupt the country's traditional values built islam wouldn't you called it when first islamic missionaries arrived here for the centuries ago they were
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respectful of our customs that's why in kyrgyzstan has been very much in degraded with our indigenous culture the version that's being pushed on nowadays with his jobs and restrictions is not only foreign to us it's aggressive the countries authorities are not oblivious to the ongoing islamisation and sussan just are even trying to harness said here could be sounds top officials are praying along. side the crowds they claim fool religious freedom is the best strategy against radicalization. the results of the arab spring have shown that six of the governments a crushing on digital pressure of political islam muslims are enormous human resource the one who knows how to manage this force in the streets. and for kyrgyzstan thing two revolutions in five years there's hardly anything more pressing than finding an antidote against old how breaking lose again come by car see. you back after a short break with
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a recap of our top stories stay with us. from los angeles to chicago to birmingham twenty trauma centers have closed since two thousand superdome is not enough in-patient beds not enough urgency department beds and not enough nurses commandoes that to take care of all the people who are here
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not the only real health care system that we have in the city of los angeles is the los angeles fire department in fact when i started my venture is a firefighter i didn't want to do your mass and i started out going to just do fire fighting it's about eighty two percent of what we do the far the problem is medical but they had to rescue a couple weeks and waited for hours for a bit i waited sometimes three hours but i was it's a same francis and when. what for four hours and fifty minutes standing against a wall of creation and we have a federal law that mandates that if you can't turn no one away who seeks care and emergency room. we have the most expensive health care system in the world and it's probably valued the least.
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move. to. the closest she has been to the bar of screeching for the country's middle starts its way across the ocean. and. now our chief goes to the area. dr len is looking to a different character to represent itself. for the.


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