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tv   [untitled]    February 5, 2012 8:30pm-9:00pm EST

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in broadcasting live direct from our studios in central moscow. russia and china blocked the western backed un resolution on syria with moscow slamming the text for an unbalanced approach and denial of dialogue between the government and opposition conflicting accounts that over two hundred people have been killed in the city of the government denies the reports while the opposition claims it's the worst since the start of the calm. in egypt at least a dozen people are killed. the authorities failure to prevent seventy four deaths
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at a soccer match on wednesday sparks country wide protests clashes between security forces and protesters in cairo have been raging for four days with. bullets to keep demonstrators from entering the interior ministry building. subzero temperatures hundreds of thousands rally in both pro government demonstrations in next month's presidential election. next hour our special report on the u.s. russia relations and how it's being affected by america's controversial missile defense system in europe. the most vital national security interests of the united states would be most effectively realize not true hostility to russia a true cooperation with it. i think russia and
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the united states can reach a settlement of the establishment of a global missile defense system. this plan research is in jeopardy even the new strategic arms reduction treaty between moscow and washington has been unable to help. at a time of warmer bilateral relations nato's top brass decided to deploy a missile defense system aimed at protecting europe but they were setting up too close to russia's borders and most go didn't view it as a friendly gesture. we want to defend the whole europe not just some european countries with one or european allies and friends to join in on missile defense strategy. in the event of this issue asian with a european missile defense system becoming unfavorable to russia we reserve the right to take no further steps in the need for it is all momentary and. the kremlin
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has repeatedly demanded that nato guarantees that the european missile defense shield would pose no threat to russia's strategic interests sofa the west has refused to cooperate with moscow on the issue. intercontinental ballistic missiles are transported through snowbound russian forests under the cover of darkness. shrouded in secrecy the people in need to perform training drills and test the hardware on the roof. suddenly the convoy comes to a halt there's a forest street blocking the. crossing it's quite
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a challenge for the drivers of motor vehicles weighing many tons. as specially considering the heads. of heavy launches safely reach the opposite bank with the most hazardous huddle behind it the convoy is on the move again. as the convoy forges ahead to its destination they leave the forest and pass through villages the sound of powerful engines thundering past is becoming a common occurrence lately for local people. we need such missiles to defend russia. we would be crushed if we didn't have them. that's all there is to it.
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when you hear them rumbling past you get a sense of great might there is no dealt we will be able to defend our country. without an agreement with the united states on missile defense and in the face of potential military threats russia was compelled to think of countermeasures. the country has declared in the past that it may withdraw from the strategic arms reduction treaty and said it will introduce measures to counter the missile defense . we will go ahead with the deployment of our missile defense system it is obvious that this presupposes deployment of its components in poland in romania or a station in turkey obviously this will also until the establishment of
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a base in spain for american ships equipped with the system. it is obvious that the missile defense system will be targeted at the russian federation rather than some mythical middle eastern countries possessing virtual missiles. at least fifteen countries around the world have been involved with the nato missile defense shield . their radar stations in denmark and britain which is also host to interceptor missiles. canada two is going to join the project and functions will be given to be agency responsible for north america's space defense. japan has decided to assist the nato missile defense shield its taking part in the manufacture of a just interceptor missiles. japan is going to build a forward based radar station on its territory. a similar radar station has already
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been built in turkey. the czech republic rumania hungry are ready to allow nato as missile defense complexes to be placed on their territory. if there were many go forward based american military presence which means the deployment of bases in post is so. republics notably. element of global domination as a powerful. military base. russia has taken adequate measures to such actions but. its activities to its own territory.
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to protect russia's space. station is classified. special. water supply ventilation system.
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to be controlled by russia's president who is also commander in chief of the armed forces. some time ago russia suggested to the united states that they jointly control space over the middle east using a similar radio transmitter stationed in azerbaijan if nato is top brass agreed to cooperate they would receive reports of any unauthorized iranian missile launches that washington would see as a threat to america. and has developed milicic missiles capable of hitting targets in the middle east in eastern europe this poses a threat to u.s. interests in the region. i don't agree with the u.s.
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government belief that this is a serious problem. and is doing is they're using very simple relit and nothing simple about rockets but the using very early generation rocket technology the only rockets they could build that could reach the united states would be enormous in size and not be mobile. this city would have to be launched from fixed locations where the united states and russia join the united states could monitor these these missiles many in the united states dislike the views of field. he maintains that the european missile defense system is ineffective the scientist estimates that it has no chance of protect to be united states from a rainy and missiles instead it creates problems for russia if russia believes the fence is not needed but it doesn't pose if you're radical threat to russia
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my guess is that the russian government will say ok if you want to spend your national treasure this will help you so it solves the political problem it provides much more people build a fence with the united states currently built and incidentally will so much cheap . the professor believes that the purpose of nato europe is to track the movements of russian strategic weapons and to monitor russia's new military technology. the real target could be russia but certainly it makes the people of europe less safe it draws them in in fact as a geo strategic pawn by great powers as they maneuver and use the missile defense shield not as a way to defend your not as a way to defend anybody in fact but to provide a first strike a potential capability against the adversary.
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this is how we are going to train ourselves in order to be ready for any situation . these people crossing a field of kelp have serious worries about the global situation. they feel that as long as nuclear weapons exist they need to know how to protect themselves. if there's a survive in the face of a real threat they need to have everything necessary close at hand. the coach tells them that a compass and a mobile phone and likely to help. the problem is that we can only get our bearings by looking at tree branches there are
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more branches on the side where they are exposed to sunlight that side points to the south. the people involved in a survival experiment will have to cover several kilometers in full gear their training mission is to reach an abandoned military base where they can hide from the harmful effects of radiation. but i define that as a threat or for the idea. that there's no way around to see that film on sirius if you want to have sex go and have sex.
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force the. pursuit.
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of. alexandra sites for the family live in a military camp that is off limits to the public. though i do you go and you going on yourself keep going. alexander serves in a secret unit manning miss sons when he's off duty always makes a point of spending time with his wife and children. he's well aware of the standoff between nato and russia. it makes him apprehensive about what kind of future awaits his son. was there was a program of course my wife and i often talk about the future. we would like to see a bright future without crises. and. we want everybody to live in peace and we want everything to be just fine.
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the i.c.b.m. so accompanied by combat. today we have a. very difficult conditions for a thrust forward i do hope everything will pass off without any incidents. trucks carrying nuclear. going to. the snowy forest provides good. together. according to a ghost in russia. they need to be ready for action at any moment. come on major. unit is ready. for the aggregate for. full haste. the intercontinental ballistic missile known as
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the s s twenty five to. twenty. two meters in diameter and weighs about forty five tons of fuel. despite its impressive propulsion the russian missile still hits targets with absolute precision. is making sure that the missile launches always. moving military home. this is a highly accurate weapon is a range of up to ten thousand kilometers and lands within not more than two hundred metres from targets. you certainly realize that for the purposes of a nuclear strike this means a direct hit. the . missile defense system is not directed against it this would be the wrong move as the matter consumes the defense of need two countries.
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russia feels compelled to take countermeasures because the united states has refused to give legal guarantees demonstrating that the deployment of the american missile defense system in europe is not directed against russia. nato countries are in no mood to respect the deployment of their military installations to europe. new american military bases may soon be set up in kazakhstan go to go to administer tajikistan. about i see a boy once russia has been encircled by a military base there is a new geo political reality will emerge we need to take this reality into account already today but and take measures to control potential threats to our security. meanwhile the view that the missile defense shield is too expensive is gaining increasing currency inside the united states itself it provides financial backing
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to the armed forces moreover the project is making millions of dollars from nato some contractors in various countries. between two thousand and five and two thousand and nine the us has spent fifty billion dollars and the price paid for the entire program that we are dealing with right now here in two thousand and eleven is another hundred fifty billion dollars that's larger than many country's entire military budgets. some of the funding for the missile defense system in europe is being put to use in poland and north the small village of rijeka is home to a high security installation. the base used to be manned by polish air force pilots soviet made fun to still serve as a reminder of the fact that poland was once a member of the warsaw pact an organization formed off to world war two by the u.s. as in response to nato. the old will planes will be scrapped by the u.s.
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troops who arrive here shortly they'll be bringing missiles with them. local residents have already been told that they won't be getting any compensation for having the new arsenal placed so close to their homes. and we're not overjoyed at the prospect of these weapons being deployed a few hundred metres from our homes. you've got the missiles will pose a threat to the local population of over one thousand people. elisabetta demand sca a schoolteacher came to reject a book from warsaw a long time ago she knows only too well what the villages think about the military installation. that. most of the people. even here are farmers. and of course there were very war it's an absolute hearing news of deployment for
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the time being though the basin we. ways. but even first graders in the village of logic of a are aware of the military base . but the schoolchildren don't fully understand the threat so that teaches bring them up to date in the classroom. good morning you found please take your seats. today we start with a history lesson of. elisabetta demand sca teaches her pupils about military conflicts she insists the people should never forget history's lessons if you check conflict is to be avoided. the military base in regular is in full view of the school as the teacher tells her pupils about world war two they visualize the base as a symbol of the past the present and the future. is the sh'ma of german
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troops once use the territory just outside of school and later polish pilots served here. no doubt you know that an american military base is going to be set up here. that and there is going to be in you and tree in the history books because of it. to come and transforms the legacy of past wars into works of art on the shores of the gulf of finland has found hundreds of sea mines made during world war two and the cold war the artist uses them to make remarkable objects this mine for example will become a fireplace. i think it will make a nice fireplace. the seaman's picked up by
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common sink ships the artist's so-called military style doesn't mean he's succumbs to fashion instead it's an attempt to create works of art using something that was originally intended for destruction and murder. you can make anything you like from these shaped minds. you can make sculptures out of them you can even make. those from news bulletins that missile defense components will soon be installed close to his country. he says. easily be turned into beautiful sculptures. the amount of effort spent on making such weapons would be much better spent funding the arts.
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the people involved in this experiment testing their capacity for survival and the nuclear aftermath of finally reached their destination and abandoned military banka . they need to take a breather and warm up near a camp fire. the coach knows that this kind of training is useful in any case. as opposed to strengthen their skills and prepares them for any emergency in their regular daily lives. but. it's great that there is a growing number of people who want to learn survival skills even if nothing catastrophic happens they now have a different psychological attitude. this will prepare them for other small emergencies but. those who have gone through survival training school
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a fully aware of the fact that the location of their exercise is fully protected. offices at the radar station including major. control the entire space over a year. p.n. russia. the outer space control center has given instructions to track an artificial earth satellite image you. all monitored operational information is fed to the outer space control center. of the first saw going to quiet classification artificial it says lloyd dismissed fourteen fifty as m of three hundred thirty three. the stuff makes no secret of the fact that the russian radar transmitter sees european air space in great detail. on the station's unique radar tracks even submarine launched missiles in the barren sunlight sees the sea of a hot sky and around the north pole. up to the theme of
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our system is being expanded in response to the expansion of the european missile defense shield image of the so that the with the aim is to match the measures being taken in europe that the new stations are being commissioned here to respond to nato is activities. that. we will buy new means limited or bolter or plans for the deployment of missile defense components in europe. russia has not closed the deal it will continue until it with the united states and nato on the missile defense system it is ready for practical cooperation in the sphere.
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culture is the same of g. i can tell you what i do know about already one of them was all worth tell the difference in search of national determination and sovereignty this is what many scots say they want how realistic is an independent scotland would it be of.
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the close up team has been to the hub. where the country's mineral wealth starts its way across the ocean. now our team goes to the area. looking to a different character to represent. for local businesses are striving to build the aviation capital of russia. and for the four by fours are made and can be tested to the limit. welcome to the. russia close up on our.


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