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welcome to the. rush a close up on our. culture is that some of our get closer to the last thirty or so musical we're trying to see search of terminations and sovereignty this is what many scots say they want realistic is an independent scotland would appeal for. talking back to headlines for back to basics the e.u. pressure economic punishment syrian regime after reading to push through a polarizing u.n. resolution. mobile technology to support political activism from mr putin goes online to improve russian democracy. when the change in latvia is the country's russian minority. political battle in the long struggle basic
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rights. now in the wake of suggestions that military action against iran is a great possibility we speak to the former israeli intelligence for an insider's view interview is up next. with me i had mistaken for him how gave me before we hade israeli intelligence agency the most side mr halevi thank you very much for joining us here on our team a nuclear. war with iran is there with that option yes there is a third option the third option is a non-nuclear iran with. an agreement an understanding with the iranians that they will not become nuclear. and that they will be reintroduced into the family of nations in which they have been virtually expelled in recent months. under terms which will also take into account some of their interests and some of the. how
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possible is this option i think is very possible because i think the international pressure which is being building up in recent months is beginning to have serious effects inside the room on the economic side on the moral side the moros side and i think the basic interest of the people in charge in iran put it that way is to maintain the position to maintain power do you think iran poses an existential threat to israel or any other state in the region. i am on record as repeatedly saying that i don't think there is such a thing as an existential threat to israel because i think israel is strong enough to protect it so to take care of itself and i think that ultimately it's not in the power of iran to destroy the state of israel someone who does these way to leadership insist on presenting the ran as this big danger i believe that the
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leadership believes that in order to arouse international public opinion in order to mount pressure upon the iranians it's necessary to impress upon the world that public opinion the national public opinion this is. serious international threats and i believe that in this context probably the leadership here believes that using the word existence will rings a bell which also brings you back to days gone by in the twentieth century. a rise of nazi germany the world war two and of course the holocaust and. these apparitions these. pictures these experiences recalled in order to impress upon the world that maximum pressure should be mounted on the run does israel have a nuclear weapon. i don't know and if i knew i don't think this would be the opportunity for me to say something positive and definitive on that but i think
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that there is in the world an assumption there is in the world a feeling israel has something up its sleeve and i think that this is something which is important in the present situation because it is part of the name of the game now is deterrence and i think it's a very important to deter iran and if you run believes that israel has certain capabilities where it has it or not i think this is a. positive card in the hands of israel what would be if israel and iran and both had nuclear weapons only for me if i had. i've been asked that question before and i think it's a theoretical question. what you're alluding to is in the end is that has the time come for israel to. change its policy of what we call the opaque. methods of presenting what we have or not and i don't think that this time has arrived for the reason i've given before as the most scientists concerned would
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you define if coming to a mission as preventing war or weakening iran in the case that does happen i think that. it is the mission of the mossad to do everything in. its capabilities to. make a. threat which has been posed to israel dormant what capabilities does the mossad have when it comes to iran but here again i don't think that it would be useful for me to hold lists of capabilities i think leaves the capabilities which every intelligence organization has i think it's important to say that we have been involved in what we call a clandestine war for quite some time with iran and what's interesting about this war is of course that both sides have more or less preferred that the details of this war the details of various events be not exposed to the public when you talk about can just kind of war killing everybody and scientists be accidents in the
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ring implants computer viruses is this what you're referring to i'm referring to a whole range of activities i will not confirm anything which you have just now i mentioned but i was serving that there is a long range of activities that have been carried being carried on for a very very long time over a very long period of time and i think that the activities on the other side very very significantly and i will not say anything more than that if the war was to break out on whose side were to keep on the one hand it is a nato member but it's also at odds with israel turkey would not like a nuclear iran on its borders and i don't think that turkey in the end would lend its capabilities or preventing capabilities to either side my guess is that in a situation like this. turkey would take a neutral position what is your mission when you
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a head of them aside wants to promote ties between israel and just plain states so how did you come to policy on what many say is israel's self isolation particularly with regard to its former allies egypt and turkey. in a different light than you have just. mentioned if i would look at the situation israel is in today compared to what it was in before the peace process began in one nine hundred seventy seven seventy eight when egypt launched its initiatives towards israel i think the two situations are not comparable we lived for thirty years from forty eight to seventy seven seventy eight in the situation of isolation we're not isolated today in the region we have our differences we have more than just differences we have bones of contention with some of the countries like with turkey we have gone through a very difficult time and this was egypt is concerned egypt is also going through a very difficult time and i don't think that it's in the interest of egypt to
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abrogate the israeli egyptian peace treaty egypt does not need a war now on its northern borders since you retired from the side you have. if a genuine interest among sunny weigh ins and some israelis to promote peace i have many rainier's in international fora not had private relations or private contacts with the rain there are many iranians the way i see it who would like the present confrontation between israel and iran to gradually end and create a new situation the likes of which we had from forty eight to seventy eight because iran and israel basically do not have bones of contention we know there are issues territorial issues between ourselves we don't have other kinds of issues between ourselves we have ideological issues between ourselves and i think it would be
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wrong for iran to enable ideology to be the main driver of its policies and the calls of serious drawbacks which has been suffering as a result of putting ideological ideology on the front. and while some of the discussions and some of the questions that all raised at these informal meetings you have the radios who say look israel has no right to exist israel should disappear israel is not a natural entity in the middle east and then you have the same iranians come in the saying we believe israel has a nuclear capability israel should sign the n.p.t. the emperor of ration treaty just as we have and should reveal what it has. called into the role of nations only nations and countries can be members of the n.p.t. so you kind of on the one hand demand israel should sign the n.p.t. on the other hand deny israel's right to exist and i've said to them that i believe that this is something which is unacceptable
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a second point has been israel has insisted on its be recognized as a jewish state. and they have said to me look we don't say that france in its title doesn't say the christian state of the christian state of britain or the catholic state of germany and so forth and i've said to them that why do you say the islamic republic of iran if you raise the word islamic we will raise the word jewish and they say no that's different why is it different this is the kind of. discussion we have had to put it that way sometimes very very. heated discussion in your opinion would it be good or bad for israel if assad regime force. let me first say that israel has no way of influencing the results of present. events in syria i believe that assad is going to fall. and i think that ultimately our side will
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fall in a way which will cause a lot of bloodshed. and i think that this bloodshed will have enormous effects on the history of syria and maybe of neighboring countries as well hamas is very likely to have a duty to soon how will this play into israeli palestinian reconciliation efforts. first of all i'm not sure how most will have a new leader. certainly i don't think the show has been the most extreme of the leaders of the hamas he's also on record as saying that he's willing temporarily to accept a palestinian state in temporary borders which is something which moves in its significance to a first step in recognizing the fact that the state of israel is here to stay my view is that i know this is not the view which is shared by the government of israel a moment ultimately we will have to deal with the way they are and i think the potential of finding ways and means of dealing with them in
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a way which will not insure the basic interests of israel i find highly of me thank you very much for joining us here on our team thank you. for. your money. if you want to have sex go and have sex.
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the e.q. . to zero so the banks are. to. exit. thanks. for.
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the so. to the phone. the closer she has been to the hub. where the country's middle starts its way across the ocean. now archie goes to the area. to represent. the local businesses are striving to build the aviation capital of russia. for the four by fours are made. to the limit. welcome to the streets of. russia.
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the basics. of. the present syrian regime to push through. modern technology to support political activism prime minister putin goes online newspaper russian democracy. the wind of change in poor countries russian minority rights upcoming referendum i could see them all to run with. russians to secure the political rights. in fifteen minutes time. this force with.
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force and they used. the new. twenty one. seventeen win over the new england patriots. plus net gain maria sharapova and. help russia beat spain's reach the fed cup semifinal. and twice is nice body skull for larry craig his second catalyze this title finishing player of the chase. but first new york giants a super bowl champions a late rally giving them a dramatic twenty one seventeen victory over the new england patriots in indianapolis it is the second time in four years the giants have beaten the patriots in the final and again they went down to the wire bradshaw combining with quarterback eli manning for a six yard touchdown with just over
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a minute remaining to give the giants twenty one seventeen the patriots actually live to score believing it would give them enough time for winning to ride with their quarterback tom brady couldn't find that crucial past the new york giants the super bowl crown. now in tennis russia have booked their place in the semifinals of the fed cup after a three one victory over spain and will play serbia and the last four after taking it in their late on saturday eighteen russian were able to complete the job on sunday spain did half the deficit when world number thirty three ninety to try were lost in straight sets to carswell this navarro six love six three long to. finish by an off the three sets when i was sylvia solis knows that that says that the home semifinal tie against belgium three to four there is a certainty i will wear the sharapova will be available.
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the problem will sharapova is not her desire to play but the fact that she is participating in a lot of tournaments held in the states and if she has to fly back to europe for a fed cup match sure have trouble acclimating three to five days i wish the fed cup will be scheduled the week before a grand slam tournament and not one week afterwards when coups that saw the loss of momentum in today's match in the second set i also believe there was due to the physical strain she said to go through due to scheduling. well the czech salvi defending champion team beat germany for one to reach the other semifinal after leading to you know from south africa very diverse sealed a victory after coming from a set down to beat sabina see the czechs will now play italy in the last state after they won again she craning is looking forward to helping her country bid for a place in the final. yeah i mean i guess i always like to. make her into and i mean i'm not saying only have
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a team here i mean. now in football you know i should have failed to move level on points for the league leaders manchester city that is after a quite remarkable three three draw with chelsea at stamford bridge they came three goals down to a point jonny evans own goal put chelsea won their lot at the break but all the drama came in the second half goal from. louise and then chelsea with three goals to wayne rooney penalties and having. completed an astonishing comeback the draw leaves united trailing city by two points while chelsea and i were only a point ahead of newcastle who were fifth after it see one win over aston villa their blues boss andre fuming about the second penalty. if you go one first. there's nothing to say about it the second one is very very dubious. is the correct angle to make
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a decision maybe the linesman give it i'm not sure. but it's. very very unlucky for him to give a penalty like that. but you refuse compensating for anything in the first half but that is the there is a wrong decision. now a happy man the sporting is american goal for stanley he has won his first title on the p.g.a. tour after coming from eight shots down on the final day of the phoenix open in arizona this time last week karl threw away a big lead at the farmers insurance open it didn't look like he would be in contention in the desert this time either starting the day eight shots back behind even nightly dispensed in the vain here he was six clear in the field but that lead evaporated with a run of bogeys spends distraught with that shot into the water while carl was sinking birdies his fifth of the rand drawing him level with the vein at the top of the leaderboard a nice chip out of the rough air. and he managed to keep his cool for
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a too short picturing. so. delighted at his change and fourteen over the space of seven days. i you know that's got. units of the back we're going to be ups and downs and you just can't it's too hard. you know understand profits so much support from so many people people i don't even know going to really help me kind of you know put it behind me and move on and. you know it's going to. now scotland's poor larry meanwhile is celebrating after winning the catarrh masses for the second time in his career jason day and hansen kept the pressure on larry in an event which was reduced to fifty four holes due to strong winds de showing great skill with a long birdie putt at the third destroying would finish for back in a tie for second with hansen well larry put in a massive all performance in performance finishing on fifteen under for the
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tournament now puts him back in the world's top fifty for the first time since two thousand and three. it's a confidence boost. for a while you are finished second. to start the season but to talk to and so you come here and you just keep going you know it's somewhat of. the court of arbitration for sport will deliver its verdict later on monday in the case of cyclist alberto contador the spaniard tested positive for a banned anabolic steroids during the twenty to ten tour de france he maintains his innocence saying the substance got into his system through eating contaminated meat if found guilty he could face a two year ban and be stripped of his twenty ten tour de france picture and his twenty eleven jury to tally a title on the eve of the verdict though he looked relaxed as he took part in the new york challenge. to boxing now and the number moscow now in a three way tie at the top of the group in the world series boxing the this after
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they crushed the los angeles matadors five nil in a one sided affair in moscow watching it with michael chang. the world series of boxing is regarded as the sport's most prestigious team competition with fighters sparring it out with out head guards all vests and with professional stars scoring a match consist of five outs and the team with the most wins wins the match russian side in a moscow have fared well so far winning five of seven matches however with still three matches to go there was the small matter of facing the los angeles matadors a team they beat on the controversial circumstances in l.a. last year but coming off a four one win over group leaders in milan know the matadors arrive knowing a win would secure them the final playoff spot but after much happening in pathan from the american side their guile was surprisingly absent in the ring dinamo moscow bantamweight and volumes of breezing past opponent even figure and while
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adlon abdul rashid of demolished his counterpart in the light weight category. i was counting on a fight being a short one but i had no idea i wouldn't it was a knockout he presented me with an opportunity and i took it but it's good that it ended quickly because i already have another fight coming up in two weeks time. the matadors hopes of the bigger books is taking something from the match were also soon dashed both the middleweight and light heavyweight categories were largely one sided affairs with los angeles barely causing alexander ivanoff or edward shift any problems but if three of the full fights in the run up to the heavyweight bout were decided by technical knock outs the night's final clash had to be put to the judges who unanimously voted in favor of the numbers maxine banyan. in the world that loves boxes to five fashionably and still retain eligibility that some of the books he still thinks would eventually become olympic champions.
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gathered by boxes from the team last year made the olympic team but unfortunately this time around there's no possibility but we'll be supporting those who did make it and will try it again next year although the deny must go books england was only founded in twenty eleven the did not see asian is the oldest sports entity in the country and runs over seventy different sport disciplines which have in turn helped russia with numerous medals in recent olympic games so with that kind of history the odds are on with that the trend will continue but for now the deny that it is will surely settle for being crowned world series books the champs mark of genco moscow. after russia's dominance in the ring to russia's dominance on the ice starting with the bob say where they finish first and second in the form on world toll world cup tour event in canada the crew led by alexander duke of managing a time of one minute forty two point four six seconds to place their opponents in
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the fall man event russia's other team captain by alexander because yanno off came home second fourteen hundredth of a second behind when this canada finished. i mean while on the slaves there was similar success to involve koch brothers in the family circle and seven. of the freestyle world cup jewel moguls while his brother andre finish the surrogate battling mikhail kingstree for gold at the red hot canadian was gunning for a left its seventh straight win but the young adult brother. and his brother never recovered stg a first ever world cup. tie family. that brings us the end of the sport for a man of the top headline that the new york giants said the super bowl champions after beating the patriots said we've got more on that in a couple of ass time. well
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. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the huge earth covered.
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