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tv   [untitled]    February 6, 2012 7:30am-8:00am EST

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the line from moscow our top stories the e.u. seeking to impose tougher economic sanctions on syria's government after failing to boost pressure on president i'll slip through a u.n. draft resolution that was blocked by russia and china. russia's foreign minister calls western reaction to the double veto indecent and hysterical ahead of his trip to damascus aimed at finding a political solution to the ongoing plight. told so ensuring greater political involvement for the people through the internet prime minister putin lays out his
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plans to upgrade russian democracy a day after mass protests and anti government rallies swept the country. plus the russian black sea and minorities hopes for their language to be officially recognized in the post soviet baltic state are marred by reports of intimidation being used to dissuade people from taking part in an upcoming referendum. now in the midst of sky high tensions between the west and tehran we've talked to the former chief of the israeli intelligence service about his take on the ongoing confrontation. we have mistaken for him had levy before we hade off the israeli intelligence agency the more side mr halevi thank you very much for joining us here on our team a nuclear. war with iraq is there with that option yes there is a third option the third option is
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a non-nuclear iran with. an agreement an understanding with the iranians that they will not become nuclear. and that they will be reintroduced into the family of nations in which they have been virtually expelled in recent months. under terms which will also take into account some of their interests and some of. us how possible is this option i think is very possible because i think the international pressure which is being building up in recent months is beginning to have serious effects inside iran on the economics on the moral side. and i think that the basic interest of the people in charge in iran. is to maintain the position to maintain power do you think you run poses an existential threat to israel or any other state in the region. i am on record. repeatedly
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saying that i don't think there is such a thing as the existential threat to israel because i think israel is strong enough to protect it so to take care of itself and i think that ultimately it's not in the power of iran to destroy the state of israel someone who does these weighty leadership insist on presenting iran as this big danger i believe that the leadership believes that in order to arouse international public opinion in order to mount pressure upon the iranians it's necessary to impress upon the world at large public opinion the national public opinion this is. serious international threats and i believe that in this context probably the leadership here believes that using the word existence will rings a bell which also brings you back to days gone by in the twentieth century. a rise of nazi germany the world war two and of course the holocaust and the.
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apparitions these. pictures these experiences recalled in order to impress upon the world that maximum pressure should be mounted on the run does israel have a nuclear weapon. i don't know and if i knew i did think this would be the opportunity for me to say something positive and definitive on that but i think that there is in the world an assumption there is in the world a feeling that israel has something up its sleeve and i think that this is something which is important in the present situation because it is part of the name of the game now is deterrence and i think it's very important to deter iran and if you run believes that israel has certain capabilities where it has it or not i think this is a. positive card in the hands of israel what would be better if israel and the value both had nuclear weapons only for me if i had. ever been asked that question before and i think it's a theoretical question. what you're alluding to is in the end is that has the time
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for israel to. change its policy of what we call the opaque. methods of presenting what we have or not and i don't think that this time has arrived for the reason i've given before as far as the mossad is concerned would you define it's coming to mission me as preventing war or weakening iran in the case of what has happened i think that. it is the mission of the mossad to do everything in. its capabilities to. make a. threat which has been posed to israel dormant what capabilities does the mossad have when it comes to iran where here again i don't think that it would be useful for me to a whole list of capabilities i think leaves the capabilities which every intelligence organization and i think it's important to say that we have been
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involved in what we call a clandestine war for quite some time with iran and what's interesting about this war is of course that both sides have more or less preferred that the details of this war the details of various events be not exposed to the public when you talk about can this kind of war killing of ukrainian scientists be accidents the ring implants computer viruses is this what you're referring to i'm referring to all range of activity is i will not confirm anything which you have just now mentioned but i was serving that there is a long range of activities that are being carried being carried on for a very very long time over a very long period of time and i think that the activity is registered on the other side very very significantly and i will not say anything more than that if war was to break out on whose side were to keep on the one hand it is a nato member but it's also at odds with israel turkey would not like
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a nuclear iran on its borders and i don't think that turkey in the end would lend its capabilities or preventing capabilities to either side my guess is in a situation like this. turkey would take a neutral position what if your mission is when you a head of them aside wants to promote ties between israel and less friendly states so how would you see the current policy of what many say is israel's self isolation particularly with regard to its former allies egypt and turkey. in a different light than you have just. mentioned if i would look at the situation israel is in today compared to what it was in before the peace process began in one nine hundred seventy seven seventy eight when egypt launched its initiatives towards israel i think the two situations are not comparable we lived for thirty
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years from forty eight to seventy seven seventy eight in the situation of isolation we are not isolated today in the region we have our differences we have more than just differences we have bones of contention with some of the countries like with turkey we have gone through a very difficult time and this was egypt is concerned egypt is also going through a very difficult time and i don't think that it's in the interest of egypt to abrogate the israeli egyptian peace treaty egypt does not need a war now on its northern borders since you retired from the side you have with the reagans a genuine interest among sonny wayans and from israelis to promote peace i have many rainier's in international fora not had private relations or private contacts with the rainy and there are many iranians the way i see who would like the present confrontation between israel and iran to gradually end and create
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a new situation the likes of which we had in from forty eight to seventy eight because iran and israel basically do not have bones of contention we know there are issues territorial issues between ourselves we don't have other kinds of issues between ourselves we have ideological issues between ourselves and i think it would be wrong for iran to enable ideology to be the main driver of its policies and the calls of serious drawbacks which has been suffering as a result of putting ideological ideology on the front. and while some of the discussions and some of the questions that all raised at these informal meetings you have the radios who say look israel has no right to exist israel should disappear israel is not a natural entity in the middle east and then you have these same irradiance come in the saying we believe israel has a nuclear capability israel should sign the n.p.t.
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the improved ration treaty just as we have and should reveal what it has. called into the role of nations only nations and countries can be members of the n.p.t. so you kind of on the one hand demand that israel should sign the n.p.t. on the other hand deny israel's right to exist and i've said to them that i believe that this is something which is unacceptable a second point has been israel has insisted on its be recognized as a jewish state. and they have said to me look we didn't say that france in its title doesn't say the christian state of the christian state of britain or the catholic state of germany and so forth and i've said to them that why do you say islamic republic of iran if you raise the word islamic we will raise the word jewish and they say no that's different why is it different this is the kind of. discussion we have had to put it that way sometimes very very. heated discussion in
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your opinion would it be good or bad for israel if assad regime force. let me first say that israel has no way of influencing the results of present. events in syria i believe that our side is going to fall and i think that ultimately assad will fall in a way which will cause a lot of bloodshed. and i think that this bloodshed will have enormous effects on the history of syria and maybe of neighboring countries as well hamas is very likely to have a new soon how will this play into israeli palestinian reconciliation efforts. first of all i'm not sure how most will have a new leader. certainly i don't think that has been the most extreme of the leaders of the hamas he's also on record as saying that he's willing temporarily to accept a palestinian state in temporary borders which is something which moves in its
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significance through a first step in recognizing the fact that the state of israel is here to state my view is that i know this is not the view which is shared by the government of israel the moment ultimately we will have to deal with the actors the way they are and i think the potential of finding ways and means of dealing with them in a way which will not insure the basic interests of israel i find thank you very much for joining us here on our team thank you. for you. know we. see you tomorrow.
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the closer she has been to the whole bar of screen. where the country's little world starts its way across the ocean. now archie goes to the area. dr len in good looking to a different character to represent itself. for local businesses are striving to build the aviation capital of russia. the four by fours are made mention returns to it to the limit. welcome to the creature of. russia close up. view.
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to each. party's top story has been taking to impose tougher economic sanctions on syria and governments after failing to rosa pressure on president obama three new and draft resolution that was blocked by russia and china. and russia's foreign minister calls western reaction to the double mido indecent and fair call ahead of his trip to damascus finding a political solution to the ongoing crisis. also ensuring greater political involvement for the people to be internet prime minister putin lays out his plans to upgrade russian democracy a day after mass protests the anti-government rallies swept the country. plus the
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russian live fans minorities hopes for their language to be officially recognized in the post soviet baltic states are marred by reports of intimidation being used to dissuade people from taking part in an upcoming referendum. kates here now with the latest sports. i'll expose updates monday on the last headlines. the new york giants once again produce a late comeback to break nearing the end with the super bowl twenty one seventeen indianapolis. and we'll see alberto contador stripped of his tour de france title and picks up a two year ban for failed drugs test. on track to russia's olympic champion and they said no we forced the biggest leap of the year the countries are fleets
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shine in moscow. but just the new york johns all the winners of super bowl forty six off the quarterback eli manning led his side to a dramatic twenty one seventeen victory of the new england patriots in indianapolis just as it did four years ago when the giants ruins new england's perfect season in the arizona well this time around the johns with a fast out of the blocks lucas oil stadium manning combining with victor cruz and nine mil of lead however new england responded and had their noses in front of half time thanks to a field goal and a touchdown on the tom brady danny woodhead. and the momentum stayed for the patriots afternoon to mission stretching that leads to seventy nine and i'm going to find the ball to aaron hernandez for not a touchdown. there's still time for a fight back a pedophile goes broke the giants to within two points seventeen fifteen. of them to believe the light drive firstly marion manning includes a thirty eight yard pass for man in the decisive moment. patriots run rob
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sure school would like to get the ball back before the clock runs but the gamble didn't pay off one last boston brady failed to find a man who walked down the street. and a twenty. i want some to try for the giants and once again right all right for breaking the coach wants. to this isn't about you know one person this is about a whole team come together get this win just the proud of our guys proud of the proud the team the way we fought all year never never got discouraged kept the faith kept our confidence in this fall to varia i think everybody was just disappointed it's. you know this is not a. you know you win as a team you lose it and you lose as a team and certainly wasn't one play is a reason why we lost today so you know everybody feels like we could know more. rice said after the game i'll keep coming to this game and keep trying i'd rather
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come this game and lose and not get here so hopefully we will be back at some point we had a great year we just didn't make enough place today. cycling now and alberto contador has been stripped of his twenty tentative france title and hundred a two year ban after a prolonged investigation into his positive test for before missing drug the twenty nine year old spaniard failed a test for clenbuterol or reached his ceiling his third lead to a crown in twenty ten officially only has two of those titles also missed like his most famous race this year as well as lose the jitters italia title he claimed last year prior to the decision by the court of arbitration for sport contador had pleaded not guilty saying he never took drugs but blamed contaminated meat for the failed test result. and is now in russia will play serbia in the semifinals of the fed cup after a three two win over spain after taking a to believe on saturday russia completed the job on sunday and spain did haul the deficit world number thirty three ninety's look at all that lost in straight sets
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to thomas what is nevada six love six three but that's over finished spain off with a three set win over serbia so let espinosa victory set up a home semifinal tie in april against serbia belgium three two over still again insurgency so with a shocker that will be available. for meanwhile the czechs are the defending champions and beat germany for want to reach the other seventy five after leading to no from saturday while the number two picked up there to seal the victory. in a set down to beat sabine lisicki the czechs will next play italy after they beat ukraine three two. for how much she might have missed the chance to move level on points with the gators announced the city after staging a remarkable three goal fight back to draw three straight chelsea in the premier league jonny evans own goal have got the blues one of the breaks but all the drama fade in the second half goals from. chelsea with three goals to the good after fifteen minutes but to wayne rooney penalties and the like that and i just had
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a completely astonishing comeback draw in these united training six feet by two points while the blues and only appointed head of newcastle he went back up to face with a two well whenever aston villa chelsea manager and david as palace was disappointed by the refereeing. if you go one first all is over obviously penalty and there's nothing to say about it the second one is very dubious. i don't even know if i would there's the correct angle to make a decision maybe the lions will give it i'm not sure. but but it's. very very unlucky for him to give a penalty like that. not sure if he's going to give anything in the first half but there is no there is a wrong decision. well meanwhile the game this monday night sees liverpool has something with luis suarez returning after serving an eight game ban after being found racially found guilty i should say of racially abusing not united's patrice evra want to win if it's all they asserted he would take it within two points of
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match. now it's a goals and what a difference a week makes as american calls stanley has won his first title on the p.g.a. tour after coming from eight shots down on the final day of the phoenix i've been a result of well this time wall street stanleys throw away a stray strong lead on the final hole of the farmers insurance open and it didn't look like he'd be in contention this time round in the desert spence eleven here start of the day six clear of the field eight ahead of stanley. but that lead evaporated with a run of bogeys leaving spencer distraught are stanley was thinking the bird is his fifth of the ranch drawing human level on the leaderboard after a nice chip after the rough. and managed to keep his cool on the greens for a two shot victory delighted at is changing fortune in the space of just seven days . you know that's golf i think you know you need to accept the fact that you're going to be ups and downs and you just can't get too high can't get to love but you
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know understand profits so much from support from so many people people i don't even know and it's really helped me kind of you know put it behind me and move on and. you know it's going. well meanwhile scotland's paul lawrie is celebrating after winning the cuts on masters for the second time in his career jason day and he's handsome kept the pressure up on a. great story this long putts to bat in the third straight he would finish for back in a tie for second with while lawrie but in a must a full performance concern fifteen round for the tournament puts him back into the walls top fifty the first time since two thousand and three. it's a confidence versus a play nicely for a while you finish second the rest of. the season the top turn so if you come here and you just keep going you know it's somebody just going is. and finally there have been mixed fortunes for russia as an impact champions at the russian winter as
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that six meeting here in moscow a side. walk all the can this going to felt unwell pulled out of her race with just me just to go for the first time in her career for michael has more. though the russian winter tournaments carries no one in the qualification points it still manages to attract the world's top flight it talents year after year and that's jump straight are selected winners where olympic champion and recorded the best sleep in the world this season in the high jump clearing two metres and thirty six centimeters while european champion alexander sure stopped finished in second place after failing to overcome the two metre thirty two centimeter mark. if i had not set the bar if i had stopped to thirty six then naturally i would not have any more to vacation to keep trying maybe two thirty four would have. been enough for me that i could have stopped there but i went on i will keep trying to jump of the two
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forty one one. olympic champion a uti borsak off he was only six hundred of a second short of the national record finishing second to the continent's broader i jump shots of poland who crossed the line in one minute fifteen point six seconds third place in that event went to another russian sip on boy stuff you have nothing before bumping into the canyon athlete i was actually hoping for a world record you know at this competition has not been training very hard and i feel that i'm ready but you saw what happened a couple of european enjoy a long jump champion geriatrician that became a triple russian winter winner after improving her season's best by one centimeter every cording six meters eighty six centimeters at the tournaments and moscow in the big four by one hundred relay champion alexandra de dory but surprised the fans and probably herself soon after posting a personal best as well as the world's third best time of fifty one minutes and forty six seconds of the change but i'm very happy today and i did not even dream
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about achieving such a result this is my first cycle contact trace in full in germany test and i believe i chased the right tactics in the monisha hold on to the lead closer to the finish line i'm one despite the fact that my opinion vanya stumbled into his nine fado minutes in that sector u.k.'s dwain chambers who's hoping the lifetime ban for doping offenses by the british olympic association will soon be lifted showed that he's insult shape after finishing just zero point zero one seconds behind the american winner josh mormon to no commitments in those famous nothing trolls but every so many feel for those women and i stood up to movies you know to me what it goes to what if. it doesn't work for its use and most of those on the way in the summer start to think about the things in our schools if. there were no surprises in the men's five. thousand meter race walk with an addict championed by lady borson topping the old russian podium. while in the women's section of this
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discipline russia's top favorites for gold in london and he's going to have to pull one out of the race with just one hundred metres left to the finish line allowing twenty two year olds could just get out to calling for a surprise for him on call through r t moscow. wessels sports news laura got into last time so you. will see the. science technology innovation all the list of elements from around russia we've got the future covered.
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