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tv   [untitled]    February 6, 2012 9:18am-9:48am EST

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from this deadlock. well you know our out to be soap lucidly said that our politicians continue to give us increases dosages of a little medicine they'll continue our faith experiment two years now we are living through i hear a lot of austerity measures over there are only a measure of the put all of the burden to the poorest the weakest members of our society and our debt you stayed off beat it used is get inflated so i don't have any hope to these new measures it is the same as if we continue to put money into our debt or store credit goes into the in our economy leave them the leave they need to even more or stare decisis i want somebody is going to have to give in what do you think it's going to be. well i don't have many hopes from the from the existing political system but this political system is completely discredited
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in the view of the good people just to give you a number there are three members of the political party that they are now for been very sound to govern. had at the last their legs more than eighty percent of their votes and that is that polish give them to him now less than forty percent of their stand that there is a complete lack of lives in the media to the political governing majority and that on the other hand they could have people. fed up they do not we do not want to get. to this continuous sacrifices sacrifices without any kind of cope i was speaking of not continuing president sarkozy is urging greece's political leaders to agree to reform saying the crisis must be solved once and for all but is that realistic i mean this proposition of once and for all we need to find a solution. well now greece is
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a go to for experiment for all european union this is not an exceptional case they're just trying to impose to us or stay with the measures let the salaries the dismantlement of the protective legislation for the workers that they are going to try to impose to other peoples starting from the people in the cars of the south first port of gold which in a similar crisis like us then to other counties so the next step will be the fields of art of first lots of because. the measures that they can for out of people they want to sell out mainly concerned enterprises out of basic infrastructure this most of the sort of they are crucial to us actually they are nothing but a scheme to give up our public infrastructure infrastructure public property to foreigners at especially big german enterprises all right professor of
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constitutional law george cottle gallo's thank you very much for being with us live on the line from athens. the russians make up nearly thirty percent of latino population on a referendum as being how to officially recognize their native language in the baltic state latvia's laws prevent the official use of any other language than land in this policy is prevented russian speakers finding work and resulted in the closure of several russian schools over the last decade artie's alexy or says he explains why the vote could be a step towards restoring basic political rights. no this professor from a lot to me wants everyone in his country to have equal rights that's why he had no second thoughts when the initiative of a referendum to make russian the country's second state language came out. of the cannon to accept the policy of true true to my friends from the russian minority those who also voted for independence in one thousand nine to one we were shoulder
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to shoulder by. being treated like garbage. for the jobs here that's why i signed for the referendum ethnic russians make up a third of luckiest population the idea of holding this referendum came up to what they describe as discrimination had reached a critical point if. nationalists initiated their own referendum to close russian schools in latvia they failed but it was a worryin coup that's why we gather signatures for a language referendum to legally protect ourselves after we did the ruling nationalists when hysterical trying to jeopardize the votes in the minority points to a recent statement by the country's president told us at the referendum means voting against blood to be. as collating state level discrimination the nationalist camp denounces all such accusations however they believe their vote carries a threat to the country's sovereignty and are sending
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a stern warning move. we allow these people to live in our territory after the collapse of the u.s.s.r. we said you can live here under certain conditions but if they're trying to alter the foundations of our state then we will have to be tougher and make new laws. and some lothians have already started to act this lawyer told us you had numerous reports of people being blackmailed from taking part in the bolting those who would not talk on camera afraid of sanctions but. some are already scared to go voting their employer. they should he see a stamp in the past byrd and they took part in a language with a random then he would immediately fire them like this russians hold back the referendum will help brussels notice their distress call and have a hard talk with the. russian may become largely a second state language only if at least seven hundred fifty thousand people vote for it organizers of the referendum say realistically there will be only half of
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that the result will be then deemed unconstitutional but may still become a major talking point. r.t. reporting from riga in latvia. this is next here on r t with danielle. to the business program here on the russia's gazprom has acknowledged that it temporarily reduced supplies to european customers at the end of last week deliveries to some countries were cut by ten percent this is due to high demand in russia caused by unusually cold weather the energy giant says it's now made up the shortfall in supply to europe and is pushing production to the maximum last week of just. twenty five percent it was in a position to meet hundred percent of the inquiries but. it was another job that you weren't going to pursue it was the previous twenty plus fifty percent
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normal i just repeated well. gas prices in europe have shot up to their highest level since two thousand and six but alexander medvedev says the market is an illusion as there is no extra gas in the system. sport market demonstrated that actually it is a real sport look at this in the us to look at this for a reason. it's a lot of speculation to the sport prices this is the price of a long term contract on leverage and continue to grow but that is. just. so it's only a marginal. b.p. . let's check the markets on the exchange rates the dollars just join the euro in the red against the euro's continuing to shed against the greenback this hour as well from the oil markets the price of brant and light sweet continuing to slip
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a key meeting of greek leaders on the new bailout has just been postponed to tomorrow investors fear failure to do a deal with confidence and cut demand for crude european shares meanwhile have recovered a little but they remain down for the day concerns over the greek economy is the main drag on the indices. russia is following europe into the red with declining or prices a drag the my six has slipped into negative ground in the last few hours and moves on the my six gazprom has slipped into the red but precious metal producers are on the rise the price of poly metal reached an all time high earlier today versus all cashing those gains at the moment gold is the best performer this hour extending last week's draw is. posting have to gain more than eleven percent this hours after gaining a whopping thirty five percent on friday with the company's capitalization reaching almost nine billion dollars this mention a number of factors among them
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a possible merger of policy called and its russian wyvil polymaths or also the company is expected to buy back four percent of its stocks from minority shareholders. now the current period of profound economic change has some talking about a new world order who will be the winners and losers marcus troyer the head of a brazil based think tank the center for business diplomacy offers his verdict but we're in the midst of a transition phase what are the elements in this transition phase that i think will shape the world. very straight very strong state owned enterprises from brazil russia india china a renewed innovative capacity in the us in knowledge intensive sectors they will create new facebook's new google's new microsoft and that is going to be good for parts of the american economy it will also widen the gap between the nose and the know not just the haves and the have nots and i think we're going to also see a time of sacrifice in europe europe is going to have to have. those of dynamism
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being inserted into its economy otherwise it's going to be stalled for a number of years. sort of business in about fifty five minutes with more on the theory.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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book. live from moscow our top stories the e.u. is seeking to impose tougher economic sanctions on syria's government after failing to boost pressure on president also the u.n. draft resolution that was blocked by russia and china. and russia's foreign minister calls western reaction to the double veto indecent and hysterical ahead of his trip to damascus and to finding a political solution to the ongoing crisis. also enduring ensuring greater political involvement for the people through the internet prime minister putin lays
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out his plans to upgrade russian democracy a day after massive pro and anti-government rallies sweep the country. plus the russian latvian minorities hopes for their language to be officially recognized in the post soviet baltic states are marred by reports of intimidation being used to dissuade people from taking part in upcoming referendum. now in the midst of sky high tensions between the west and tehran we talk to the former chief of the israeli intelligence service about his take on the ongoing confrontation. when you have mistaken for him heavy before we hade our intelligence agency the more side mr halevi thank you very much for joining us here on our team a nuclear iran with iran is there with that option yes there is
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a third option and the third option is a non-nuclear iran with. an agreement an understanding with the iranians that they will not become nuclear. and that they will be reintroduced into the family of nations from which they have been virtually expelled in the recent months. under terms which will also take into account some of their interests and some of it is how possible is this option i think is very possible because i think the international pressure which has been building up in recent months is beginning to have serious effects. on the economics on the moral side. and i think that the basic interest of the people in charge in iran. is to maintain the position to maintain power do you think you will poses an existential threat to israel and the other state in the region. i am on record.
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repeatedly saying that i don't think there is such a thing as the existential threat to israel because i think israel is strong enough to protect it so to take care of itself and i think that ultimately it's not in the power of iran to destroy the state of israel so why does these weighty leadership insist on presenting the ran as this big danger i believe that the leadership believes that in order to arouse international public opinion in order to mount pressure upon the iranians it's necessary to impress upon the world at large and public opinion that the national public opinion. this is a serious international threat and i believe that in this context probably the leadership here believes that using the word existence will rings a bell which also brings you back to days gone by in the twentieth century. a rise of nazi germany the world war two and of course the holocaust and.
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these apparitions these. pictures these experiences recalled in order to impress upon the world that maximum pressure should be mounted on iran does israel have a nuclear weapon. i don't know and if i knew i don't think this would be the opportunity for me to say something positive and definitive on that but i think that there is in the world an assumption there is in the world a feeling that israel has something up its sleeve and i think that this is something which is important in the present situation because a part of the name of the game now is deterrence and i think it's very important to deter iran and if you run believes that israel has certain capabilities where it has it or not i think this is a. positive card in the hands of israel what would be better if israel and demanded both had nuclear weapons only from your head. i've been asked that question before
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and i think it's a theoretical question. what you're alluding to is in the end is that has the time for israel to. change its policy of what we call the opaque. methods of presenting what we have or not and i don't think that this time has arrived at the reason i've given before as far as the mossad is concerned would you define if coming to mission me as preventing war or weakening iran in the case that does happen i think that. it is the mission of the mossad to do everything in. its capabilities. to make a. threat which has been posed to israel dormant what capabilities does the mossad have when it comes to iran where here again i don't think that it would be useful for me to a whole list of capabilities i think needs the capabilities which every intelligence organization. i think it's important to say that we have been involved
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in what we call a clandestine war for quite some time with iran and what's interesting about this war is of course that both sides have more or less preferred that the details of this war the details of various events be not exposed to the public when you talk about can this time of war be killing everybody and scientists accidents at the ring implants computer viruses is this what you're referring to i'm referring to all range of activity is i will not confirm anything which you have just now mentioned but i was serving that there is a long range of activities that have been carried been carried on for a very very long time over a very long period of time and i think that the activities of registered on the other side very very significantly and i will not say anything more than that if war was to break out on whose side were to keep on the one hand it is a nato member but it's also at odds with israel turkey would not like
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a nuclear iran on its borders and i don't think that turkey in the end would lend. capabilities or preventing capabilities to either so my guess is that in a situation like this. turkey would take a neutral position when it will missions we knew we had of them aside was to promote ties between israel and lifting the states so how would you see the current policy of what many say is israel's isolation particularly with regard to its former allies egypt and turkey. look upon this in a different light than you have just. mentioned if i would look at the situation israel is in today compared to what it was in before the peace process began in one nine hundred seventy seven seventy eight when egypt launched its initiatives towards israel i think the two situations are not comparable we lived for thirty
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years from forty eight to seventy seven seventy eight in the situation of isolation we are not isolated today in the region we have our differences we have more than just differences we have bones of contention with some of the countries like with turkey we have gone through a very difficult time and this was egypt is concerned egypt is also going through a very difficult time and i don't think that it's in the interest of egypt to abrogate the israeli egyptian peace treaty egypt does not need a war now on its northern borders since you retired from the side you have been weighing in if a genuine interest among some the reins and some israelis to promote peace i have many iranians in international fora not had private relations or private contacts with the rainy and there are many iranians the way i see it who would like the present confrontation between israel and iran to gradually end and
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create a new situation the likes of which we had in from forty eight to seventy eight because iran and israel basically do not have bones of contention we know there are issues territorial issues between ourselves we don't have other kinds of issues which we know we have ideological issues between ourselves and i think it would be wrong for iran to enable ideology to be the main driver of its policies and the calls of serious drawbacks which it has been suffering as a result of putting ideological ideology. on the front burner what are some of the discussions and some of the questions that always at these informal meetings you have the radios who say look israel has no right to exist israel should disappear israel is not a natural entity in the middle east and then you have these same irradiance coming the saying we believe that israel has a nuclear capability israel should sign the n.p.t.
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the nonproliferation treaty just as we have i should reveal what it has. called into the role of nations only nations and countries can be members of the n.p.t. so you cannot on the one hand demand that israel should sign the n.p.t. on the other hand deny israel's right to exist and i've said to them that i believe that this is something which is unacceptable a second point has been israel has insisted on its be recognized as a jewish state. and they have said to me look we don't say that france in its title doesn't say the christian state or france or the christian state of britain or the catholic state of germany and so forth and i've said to them that why do you say the islamic republic of iran if you raise the word islamic we will raise the word jewish and they say no that's different why is it different this is the kind of. discussion we have had to put it that way sometimes very very. heated discussion in
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your opinion would it be good or bad for israel if assad regime force. let me first say that israel has no way of influencing the results of the present. events in syria i believe that assad is going to fall and i think that ultimately assad will fall in a way which will cause a lot of purchase. and i think that this blood should would have enormous effects on the history of syria and maybe of neighboring countries as well i must it is very likely to have a new tune how will this play into israeli palestinian reconciliation efforts if at all one person i'm not sure how much will have a new leader. certainly i don't think the national has been the most extreme of the leaders of the hamas he's also on record as saying that he's a temporarily to accept a palestinian state in temporary borders which is something which moves in its
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significance to a first step in recognizing the fact that the state of israel is here to stay my view is and i know this is not the view which is shared by the government of israel at the moment the ultimately we will have to deal with the actors the way they are and i think the potential of finding ways and means of dealing with them in a way which will not insure the basic interests of israel i find highly of me thank you very much for joining us here on our team thank you.
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from los angeles to chicago to birmingham twenty trauma centers have closed since two thousand severe problem is not enough inpatient beds not on the third emergency department beds and not enough nurses to man goes there to take care of all the people who are here the only real health care system that we have in the city of los angeles is the los angeles fire department in fact when i started my venture is a firefighter i didn't want to be a mass and i started out running just do firefighting it's about eighty two percent
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of what we do the florida problem is medical but they had a rescue couple weeks ago waited four hours for bit i've waited sometimes three hours but i was it's a same francis and we went for four hours and fifty minutes standing against a wall of patients and we have a federal law that mandates that if you can't turn no one away who seeks care in an emergency room. we have the most expensive health care system in the world and it's probably valued the least.
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party's top stories the e.u. seeking to impose tougher economic sanctions on syria's government downturn belling to boost pressure on president also through a u.n. draft resolution that was blocked by russia and china. and russia's foreign minister called western reaction to the double veto indecent and hysterical ahead of his trip to damascus aimed at finding a political solution to the ongoing crisis. also ensuring greater political involvement for the people through the internet prime minister putin lays out his plans to upgrade russian democracy a day after a massive pro and anti-government rallies sweep the cart swept the country. but the
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russian mafia minorities hopes for their language to be officially recognized in the post soviet baltic state are marred by reports of intimidation being used to dissuade people from taking part in an upcoming referendum. now it's time for sports here in r t with kate. well welcome to the sport and here at the top stories. deja vu the new york giants produce a late comeback once again to break new england and win the super bowl twenty one seventeen. while guilty alberto contador is stripped of his tour de france title and picks up a two year ban for failing a drugs test. on the track russia's olympic high jump champion embrace a lot of records the biggest leap of the year as the country's athletes shine in
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moscow. says the new york giants are the winners of super bowl forty six of the quarterback eli manning let his side to a dramatic twenty one seventeen victory over the new england patriots in indianapolis just as he did four years ago when the giants were in new england's perfect season well this time around the giants were the foster out of the blocks at the lucas oil stadium for manning combining with victor cruz a nine millimeter. however new england responded and had their noses in front at half time thanks to a field goal and a touchdown after tom brady fed danny woodhead and the mental state of the patriots after the intermission stretching their lead to seventy nine when brady fired the booty baron on this for another touchdown but there was still time for a fight back a pair of field goals brought the giants to within two points seventeen fifteen made them took the lead in the light drive first the running of the court a thirty eight yard pass from manning.


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