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tv   [untitled]    February 7, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm EST

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foreign minister ministry of foreign affairs and the bad news for him was who. desires peace needs to fool. and i thought that was very telling. of the psyche that. exists behind his political. and i thought i could not. minister with this kind of statement is it a statement supported by the majority of israelis i think we israelis yes we. we grew up on. you that. we need to be on alert. to any more most israelis live a life that is quite bad and you can cut it out of the environment and the us and europe western europe and you will find the israelis
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quite. easy integrating into society into requirements in place and so on so it's not. the regiment it's society of my childhood. it's at any given point in time but it is true that israelis are not naive and they believe that we can survive here in the middle east. only if we ready to fight when you resigned. the staff of the foreign ministry explaining the resignation what was the reaction and what is the general mood like among israeli public servants concerning the policies that will have to differ and i have no illusions some of us. frustrated by my letter. because it is outside of. it you just drop out because you don't. like the message the messenger has no view over the message that
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it is because of conduct and it's quite legitimate to think in that way how many messengers agree with the message and how many don't in the foreign ministry in my view the large majority don't care they are professionals and whatever message comes for them to deliver they will do. there is. a solid minority ministry that is politically motivated to promote. israel. and in it's. a rather. hawkish. position government. is. pursuing. i think we do also have the lefties left overs from the past. but i think the minority don't last overseas posting was as ambassador
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to south africa what it's all experience in south africa teaching as far as the situation in israel is concerned. i think that israel is. in a danger zone to slide by default. into. manifestations of apartheid if we don't take care. and i'm afraid we don't take care and there's growing discontent in the united states as far as israeli policies on iran and palestine how deep is the west between the united states and israel or is it merely a lovers' quarrel i'm surprised to realize how deep the american care for israel is when it comes to the conversation the political conversation in the us. i also can see. the aftermath of the war in iraq and enough guns.
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and the american fatigue of the middle east. could work badly for the image. in the us and the political discourse in the us and in the context of american interests god forbid that the us will be more reluctant to reach out for israel because our predicament. is the result of a policy pursued by this government in a way that i think is tragically wrong. that we lean to the american congress a single source of strength in our diplomatic fabric and that is. very dangerous following on from what to saying israel has become increasingly
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isolated on the international stage what should this country steps be to bring in the self isolation in my view this government. very explicitly. made a statement to the effect that. stepped out. intentionally . of the land for peace and of occupation the key to. a settlement in the middle east. and into a new paradigm. that stipulates ownership of. exclusive ownership of israel. over the entirety of the land of israel which comprises in the eyes of palestinians palestine. is a dead end i think it is immoral morally and practice. really it's not sustainable
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and that is the reason why i left government i thought i could not that kind of off message banking movie united nations chief has called on israel to end its occupation of palestine mourning that it won't leave it to another israeli palestinian conflict but is the israeli government is willing to listen. on the west bank and the gaza strip. it likes. and. things are changing fast on the ground in favor of entrenching israeli presence in palestinian areas i don't think really jerusalem pays much attention too much attention to what the secretary general of the u.n. you say who can involve a lie on in the region considering that in the aftermath of the arab spring the middle east has become more radicalized i don't think israel is looking for i think
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israel is looking for. partners. of convenience. one is jordan who survive ability in the way in the form we know it through the kingdom. so we entertain. a lot of common interests. consumed by its own revolution and as long as it doesn't pose a threat to us i think israel is taking a very careful distance and turkey. a catastrophic foreign policy towards one of the emerging powers in the mediterranean as far as syria goes what is the best outcome for israel and why does the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu want everything changed in syria if that would mean could mean another islamic state on the border. i think israel came in
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a have an impact on the outcome of any regime change that is underway anyway. so to ignore the fact that there is a regime change in the making in syria would be. unacceptable but at the same time we need to be very careful not to expedite it is there any way that you could support and i would pick. something that qatar has called for and what would such an invasion mean for the region i can hardly see the arab world in. one force that is prepared to walk into syria physically and intervene there i don't see it happening how much of a threat to regional security it is very obvious that iran is pursuing a position as a regional power. to serve interests that go beyond the immediate borders of
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iran it is primarily defensive primarily its response to. iran to protect itself that is one level the other domestic political discourse in israel the right wing always. profited from. nervous public mood on new defense issues and i think a lot about what a lot of what is said about the wrong actually serves political ends and i'm. very angry about that i think it should be stopped. it once do you think you could attack israel i don't think so could israel attack iran i don't know but common sense. is critically dependent on international legitimacy. respond response to
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strike on iran. and i think. it's a preemptive strike on iraq and. thank you very much for joining us here on our team. to.
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use. the fittest so. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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question on the dot com. breaking news this hour syria's opposition signals it welcomes russia's mediating efforts to try bring them in the government to the negotiating table this after president assad assured russia's foreign minister of readiness to. talked to all political sides and promised a new constitution will soon go to a vote of. greeks back on the streets of athens protesting against massive new job cuts demonstrators clashed with police we used tear gas to disperse the crowds this is the country's coalition government struggles to agree on more austerity measures to appease easy you creditors and get second bailout cash. and iran slamming new u.s. sanctions targeting terrans controversial nuclear program calling them part of psychological warfare barack obama earlier ordered fresh penalties including freezing iranian assets and stopping transactions with the country's central bank. next with the
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sports news stay with us. hello welcome to the cheers evening sports round up and here are the top stories one man and his country john terry wants to carry on playing for england despite being stripped of his captain's armband by the f.a. . while simply the best tennis star and i joke of it is named the laureus sportsman of the year or barcelona get the team award. testing times williams become the last four we don't want to team to wield a new car out of the garridge a pre-season preparations get underway in spain. first for paul and john terry will not retire from international football despite losing england captaincy as according to reports the football association stripped the chelsea center half of the armband on friday there's only one year old is due to stand trial in july after
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allegations he racially abused q.p.r. defender anton ferdinand it's the second time terry has lost the captaincy following allegations in twenty ten of an affair with an england team mates ex-girlfriend terry gave everything as he continues playing for his country well meanwhile the football manager kenny dalglish has again vented his anger over the eight game ban given to me suarez the striker returned to the side for monday night's goal a store with tottenham after being found guilty of making racist remarks to manchester united's patrice evra we are going to start received rapturous applause from the alan field faithful when he came on as a substitute but don't count after sixty six minutes but he couldn't break the deadlock as pro-science missed chances. between the two of the boys think he's going to do something. with henri to get him but. we don't think you there will be no we're going to go. forward to working with.
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well that mill will result leave spurs a third in the table five points behind manchester united and seven adrift of leaders manchester city and seven clear of chelsea while liverpool who are also hunting a top four spot if they sevens four points off a champions league place. elsewhere cyclist and the schleck to excess to be awarded the twenty ten tour de france title after alberto contador was stripped of the yellow jersey for failing a drugs test during the race schleck who comes from luxembourg had finished second but now looks set to benefit from contador is guilty verdict the spaniard had tested positive for the bounce substance clenbuterol claim in his failed test was due to eating contaminated meat the twenty nine year old will also now receive twenty eleven get out italia title and remain barred from the sport until august after receiving a bank dated two year ban the case has taken months to resolve after various appeals has something slighting chiefs have criticised. and in the meantime tennis while the one novak djokovic has added yet another accolade to his collection as he
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was named the world sportsman of the year at the laureus award ceremony in london. then the djokovic. well the twenty four year also appeared was in imperious form last year lifting three grand slam trophies and enjoying a forty one match winning streak plus two from the previous season last month dr which clinched the australian open title to become the first man to be in three majors. well meanwhile penney and long distance runner b.b. and chad are you two was named sports woman of the year after winning the five thousand and ten thousand meters at last year's world championships in south korea . but also lived out were named the team of the year that gaudio side won their domestic football league for the third time in a row and the champions league for a third time in six years the president found yourself except a new world. leading on to form a one now and two timer. champion sebastian vettel says it will be harder than ever
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to try to retain the world title this season his red bull team have unveiled their new car the r b eight which uses the step or lowered nose design the team hopes the new vehicle will and then a third straight constructors title but that'll things any design advantage they'll gain over their rivals will be less effective than in previous years as the teams prepare for the start of the first race in melbourne on march the eighteenth. you know the last two years we had two big things taken away the double diffusers plus for this year the system around the blown exhaust so you know we're missing that and therefore it's i think difficult to really create a difference as we see obviously we hope that you know our cars better than all the others but it will be difficult and i think because we'll be fairly similar as in the gaps will be even closer than they have been well meanwhile williams were the last team to pull the colors off their new kill the u.k. based outfit have reunited with engine supply ran over twenty twelve the team
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marked its thirty fifth year in the high octane sport williams are nine time constructors champions and will be relying on a new driver bruno center as well as passed on maldonado this season eleven out of the twelve f one teams and nine heth in spain for pre-season testing. to k h r i sakena answer that my moscow have claimed their first win in a row with a five three victory at home to lucy where to go within six points of a discard in the western conference follow the number we're cruising in this one right from the beginning of the news copy to have putting them in front after fifteen minutes and that was shortly followed by a strike from putting things in bulk up to make it to know before pocket i've grabbed his brace and many were thinking it was gave over at this point and those that once almost certainly were in the home side scored a fourth at the start of the second period however maxine in that poll which put on back to see where they might seem clear enough skin he did for two months deny us.
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swiftly restored to their three goal difference considering the topic of finding the net this time severe did it rally late on to make it five three that started stage tonight extending the winning run to five games. boxing now and colombian welterweights ignacio mendoza failed to show up for the official weigh in had a wednesday spent with russian alex thirty have here in moscow the fight is part of the inaugural real boxing t.v. event bringing together famous fighters from around the world twenty eight year old south american mendoza who has a record of searching three victories from his forty one points wasn't present as his flight had been delayed twenty nine yards out like that they have has one pool of his fifteen bats looking at six in the process and weighed in at sixty three kilograms overall four fights will take place during the event including a cruiserweight ban which he rushes to get to the last whose thirty three wins and just one defeat could be a handful for jamaican opponent which of course. i give my lot of respect to lose
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the fight with because i never know known about him he chose to fight me and so i give my hold out of respect not a fighter turn me down. you know he chose the five it's like your mother was bringing disorder just put my. next step to the level of gun crime in crime in another and this is the next step do it some kids into step with to stop all those that didn't go over to to get. and finally brotherly love may prevent the catch co heavyweight boxing champion from fighting each other but that wasn't an option for mixed martial arts king shot the yarmulke the russian came up against his brother in a sum by a tournament last weekend although the path to find a to find solution for the neon explains. him in a special sound but lost it is still remediating this is not a pleasure but the russian has been the greatest ambassador of the sport he came from for years the last weekend was a real trip to the us amber of mixed martial arts came back to the competition he
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had won six times before the russian somewhat championships in front of a home crowd in moscow this is a five year old was going for his seventh domestic title for you personally but i need to have a rest now head of a few more fights i'll have tonight if i'd like to thank my opponent it was good to get back to the met for a competitive fight and i want to thank gawd. awful but it was. in the most anticipated part of the event was simply inevitable in the final of the heavyweight class the other place his younger brother four time russian gent down but it summed up the men would also earn big respect in the global enemy arena some might have been looking to see a rumble. i. was. far more left with just a seven second masuk less. yes many expected an exciting fight at the two
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brothers had never fought against each other before but they came out and produced an elegant finale for the competition as the younger brother gave it into the elder one in a very dignified way. but he was. never there then saw no echo of tough action and here is the proof.
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well hearts full of courage is often the competitive edge when it comes to martial arts and let's close with a solid example of that the super lightweight final. despite being exhausted by flu and high temperature and having already won the title three times before leiber godin of holds on to them to recruit through its domestic crown thanks a lot of it was a home event for me as i came from the famous some was seventy training school based here in moscow so i felt great responsibility i had to win so long ago rabbits were the party must go. have that's the sport for the saving ice and
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so forth. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are all day.
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it is clear that efforts to end violence must be accompanied by a dialogue between all political forces syria's president confirmed that he is ready for such work breaking news this hour syria's opposition signals it welcomes russia's mediating efforts in trying to bring them and the government to the negotiating table this after president assad assured russia's foreign minister of his readiness to talk to all political sides and promised syria's new constitution will soon go to a vote. and as russia steps up diplomatic efforts to solve the crisis in syria major european and gulf states recall there in bassett is from damascus. and greek standoff clashes on the streets of athens as protesters voice anger at massive new job cuts while coalition members struggled to agree more austerity measures to
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secure a vital second bailout. plus a discovery that could reveal previously unknown lifeforms russian scientists drilled deep into subglacial lake in the coldest place on earth or the significance of the rare finding but our correspondent in antarctica. nine pm in moscow i matter as a good to have you with us here on r t our top story this hour both the syrian government and opposition leaders say they would welcome russian mediating talks between them this was the reaction after russia's foreign minister held negotiations with president bashar al assad in damascus after that meeting sergei lavrov said moscow will continue its efforts to settle a crisis in the middle eastern country diplomatically or he has more from damascus . going to kind of act for it on our side and this is the result of.


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