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tv   [untitled]    February 7, 2012 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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exists behind his political. way and i thought i could not. minister with this kind of statement is a statement supported by the majority of israelis i think we israelis yes we. we grew up on. you that. we need to be on alert. to any more most israelis live a life that is quite bad and you can cut it out of the environment he planted in the u.s. or in europe western europe and you will find the israelis quite. easily integrating into society into requirements in place and so on so it's not. the regimented society of my childhood. all the time it's at any given point in time but it is true that israelis are not naive and they believe
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that we can survive here in the middle east. only if we ready to fight when you are resigned to the same time message to all the staff of the foreign ministry explaining the resignation what was the reaction and what is the general mood like among israeli public servants concerning the policies that will have to the friend i have no illusions some of us were frustrated by my letter. because. it is outside of the code of conduct that you just drop out because you don't like the message the messenger has no view over the message that is the code of conduct and it's quite legitimate to think in that way how many messengers agree with the message and how many don't in the foreign ministry in my view. majority don't care. they are
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professionals and whatever message comes for them to believe that they will do. is. a solid minority ministry that is politically motivated to promote. israel. in its. rather. hawkish. position it's just government it is is pursuing. i think we do also have the lefties left overs from the past. but i think they are a minority your last overseas posting was as ambassador to south africa what's your experience in south africa she seems as far as the christian nation is all is concerned. i think that israel is. in a danger zone to slide. by default. in too.
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many frustrations of apartheid if we don't take it. and i'm afraid we don't take it and there's going to contain in the united states as far as israeli policy on iran and palestine goes how deep is the rest between the united states and israel or is it merely a lovers' quarrel i'm surprised to realize how deep the americans care for israel is when it comes to the conversation the political conversation in the us. i also can see how. the aftermath of the war in iraq and enough to understand. and the american fatigue of the middle east. could work badly for the image is present in the u.s. and to put it. good discourse in the u.s.
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. in the context of american interests god forbid that the us will be more reluctant. to reach out for israel because our predicament now is a good result of a policy pursued by this current government in a way that i think is tragically wrong. that we lean to the american congress a single source of strength in our diplomatic fabric and that is. very dangerous what's going on for much of playing is all has become increasingly isolated on the international stage of what should the country's first steps to bring it out of the isolation in my view this government. very explicitly. made a statement to the fake that. step.
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intentionally. of the paradigm of land for peace and occupation is the key to. a settlement in the middle east. and into a new paradigm. that stipulates the ownership of israel exclusively ownership. over the entirety of the land of israel which comprises in the eyes of palestinians palestine paradigm is a dead end i think it is immoral morally and practically it's not sustainable and that is the reason why i left government i thought i could not say that kind of off message thank you mean the united nations change has caught on it's also end of occupation of palestine morning that is worthy of the ten other israeli palestinian conflict. but if the israeli government is willing to let israel does on the west
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bank and the gaza strip whatever it likes. and. things are changing fast on the ground in favor of entrenching israeli presence in palestinian areas i don't think really jerusalem pays much attention too much attention to what the secretary general of the u.n. is saying who can is all the lion in the region considering that in the aftermath of the arab spring the middle east has become more radicalized i don't think israel is looking for allies i think israel is looking for. partners. of convenience. one is jordan. who survivability in the way in the form we know it is a house in my kingdom. so we entertain. a
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lot of common interests egypt is consumed by its own revolution and as long as it doesn't pose a threat to us i think israel is taking a very careful distance and turkey. it cut a straw figure foreign policy towards one of the emerging powers being limited to renewed that's why syria goes what is the best outcome for israel and why did the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu wants everything change in syria if that would mean i could mean another islamic state on the border i don't think israel came there. have an impact on the outcome of any regime change that is underway anyway. so to ignore the fact that there is a regime change in the making in syria would be.
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acceptable but it's the same time we need to be very careful not to expedite it is there any way that it will cut the cord and i would break the military invasion of crimea qatar headquarters for what was such an invasion mean for israel and for the region i can hardly see the arab world rigid minting around one force that is prepared to walk into syria physically and intervene then i don't see it happening how much of a prayer is around to regional security it is very obvious that iran is pursuing its position as a regional power. to serve interests that go beyond immediate borders of iran it is tried merely defensive primarily it responds to the desire of iran to protect itself let is one level the other is said the domestic political discourse in israel is the right wing always.
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profited from a nervous public move on you defense issues and i think a lot about what is a lot of what is said about your runs actually serves political aims and i'm very angry about that i think it should be stopped it one day thank you ma'am can we need to talk about i do think that should israel attacking iran i don't know but common sense say that israel is critically critically dependent on international legitimacy. respond the response of strike on iran will be illegitimate a preemptive strike will not and i think is where the voided any cause a preemptive a preemptive strike on iraq and that's what
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a lot of iraq thank you very much for joining us here on our.
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if to. the. from los angeles to chicago to birmingham twenty trauma centers have closed since two thousand severe problem is not enough inpatient beds not enough urgency department beds and not enough nurses commandoes that to take care of all the people who are the only real health care system that we have in the city of los angeles is the los angeles fire department in fact when i started my venture is a firefighter i didn't want to tear your ass so i started out going to just do fire fighting it's about eighty two percent of what we do the far the problem is medical i've got a rescue couple weeks ago waited four hours for it i've waited sometimes three hours but i wouldn't say it's a francis in lynnwood for four hours and fifty minutes standing against a wall of patients and we have a federal law that mandates that if you can't turn no one away who seeks care in an emergency room.
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we have the most expensive health care system in the world and it's probably valued the least. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. which brightened if you move the song from phones to these.
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stunts on t.v. don't come. breathing life into hopes for a peaceful solution to the syrian crisis as russia's delegation to the country sees signs of both sides are ready for dialogue. the rift between the e.u. and the u.k. grows into a chasm after the european court of human rights order and the release of a solemn bin laden's right hand man in europe. to washington stop military official hands to cairo to trying to spam criminal charges against american engineer members as egypt's military leaders crack down on the western activists to help them to power a last year. so we have lines here in our sports next with anger. hello
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good morning welcome to the sport and these are the headlines fighting conviction cyclists alberto contador considers appealing against his two year ban after calling it a terrible injustice last race against time russian olympic medal hope the martyred him sharply faces a frantic legal battle in her bid to compete at the london days. and the party goes on super bowl champions the new york giants wrap up more glory during a spectacular victory parade in manhattan. first disgraced cyclist alberto contador says he hasn't ruled out appealing against his team banned for failing a drugs test the spaniard was stripped of his twenty ten tour de france title after testing positive for the performance enhancing drug clenbuterol he held a news conference at his home town of pinto just outside madrid and said he had no intention of quitting cycling and also ality completely disagreed with the court about the sport which rejected his claims the muscle building steroid was in his
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system as a result of the team contaminated meat. or masking. though i try hard i cannot understand that bernie imposed during the past months i've been trying to do my best to prove my innocence even. five hours answering questions like you can plead criminal i also want to and everybody knows i will continue cycling i will continue practicing in a clean way and i've done it all my entire life though i don't feel my best i think in the future at least will make me tougher. despite the positive test and banned his cycling team saxo bank are standing by him contador is able to compete again in august after his two year ban was backdated although that still means he'll miss this year's year italia tour of france and the lympics. as a team to support a battle. because we want to do good things that is correct that's why we have
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supported him in this case all the way until now and we still do when we look at the ruling today we see no reason not to support him to do a long time but of course. we have to sit down together. and talk about the future as. i wish that he wants to continue we could see i can only say that my intention will be to same however contador has little sympathy from the world anti-doping agency its president jiang far has branded contador a cheat and says the court ruling with the clip was a clear message that sent a warning to cyclists. the simple fact is that anyone who has a preview of the substance in this system. is h. it. it's as simple as that the argument then comes as to what was the method what
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was the nature of how that prohibited substance got into the system. cheat a fake to play the moment you got that substance in there and that analysis is disclosed and tested as it was for a comprehensive way by. another major legal battle is naming this time to help medal hopeful than arthur being shot a represent russia at this summer's london olympics the pentathlete was born in the way nia but is attained a russian passport although her native country has now banned her from competing michael clutch of as the story. just a week off to turn in twenty four and with multiple world cup wins under her belt do not are you shy to should be a shoo in for the fast approaching london games or so you would think because for these modern pentathlon to second the increase are now a huge doubt in beijing in two thousand and eight she competed for leaf janja but has since married a russian and was granted
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a russian passport and though do not has been cleared to fly the russian flag at other major events she needed the formality of permission from the leaf in an olympic committee to go to london but her request was denied. but i think the sports officials and some patriots are against me but a lot of ordinary people still support me he could say we feel a new split in two over this a lot of people have been leaving the country to earn money elsewhere and some may think they've come to russia to rolling cash which is not the case donato went on to say she was on the verge of tears and her mother cried twice at last month's meeting in leaf yeah near the sports summit has threatened her entire career and she described it as a circus while the reporter at the time culture a traitor she knows the chances are slim that she'll be given the go ahead to compete in london but she's focusing on other tournament's and if lead should first of all think of quality training and preparing for events if i don't make the
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olympics after all i'll have other important events to get ready for the european and world championships and all small matters. so potentially a massive blow for russia who counted on the room shouted to deliver in the british capital they plan to appeal at both the court of arbitration for sport and the international olympic committee but no one is under any illusions have a medal hopes to remain. the knot that is our leader and will compete in other events this year but her mission won't undermine the russian squad because measures have been taken to regroup it's not a happy situation but we still hope for podium places in london. is already setting her sights on the real games in twenty sixteen well russia also have a strong message contingent including athens and beijing champion and dreamy safe to cheer on in london. r t now let's switch to football where i think bilbao
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have reached the final of the copper del rey after an emphatic six two win over miranda's their second leg win last night meaning they go through a three on aggregate ending there and this is a fairytale run the thirty spanish side have beaten top flight sized. and racing santander there in the final bill that will face either barcelona of the n.c.a. who play their second leg tonight barcelona have home advantage after drawing one one at valencia in the first game and are boosted by the return of under his iniesta and pedro rodrigue as you have taken part in training this week fighting for titles on the forefront and their manager says his players are up to the challenge. and what we have the chance of playing in the fourth final of the season i think the players are aware of this is a challenge sport gives you these new opportunities have been able to repeat some to make this after achieving so much in the past we've already pleaded difficult corded phone first leg of the semifinal. i bringing them blackpool have booked
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a fifth round f.a. cup tie with premier league side everton after beating sheffield wednesday three nil blackpool currently on an eight game unbeaten run are also four from the championship is they push for promotion back into the premier league also last night their millwall beat southampton three to set up behind tie with bolton next. but this evening there's another f.a. cup replay between middlesbrough and sunderland this one at the riverside stadium after both sides three one one just. focusing now on colombian welterweight international mendoza failed to show up for the official weigh in the head of wednesday's bat with russian be. here in moscow the fight is part of the inaugural real boxing t.v. event bringing together famous fighters from around the world twenty eight year old south american who has a record of thirty three the trees from his forty one fights wasn't present as his flight had been delayed while twenty nine year old dave who has won all of his
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fifteen banks knocking at six in the process wide in sixty three kilograms overall for fights will take place during the event including a cruiserweight battle between russia's just thirty three wins and just one defeat could be a handful the jamaican opponent richard cole. i give him a lot of respect to support me because i never know much about him you choose to fight me so i give my whole lot of respect to fighters turned me down. you know he chose the five it's like your mother was pretty disorder just put my. next step to deliver. and this is the next step towards some kids and a step with the stuff i've got to go to get to my next. now a fine leaving new york giants are still lapping up their super bowl triumph thousands of fans lined the streets of manhattan to cheer the side that beat new england patriots and sunday around a million fans a thrill to send that to welcome home the harris confetti was fifty three vs the
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same close to the vince lombardi trophy from the glittering bloom white flags quarterback eli manning and other teammates to both coach tom coughlin and market bloomberg is they made their way through the rules after this they were on it at the city hall before traveling to new jersey for a rally at the met life stadium where manning thank fans for their massive supposed . we got a bunch of guys bunch of players coaches the organization that stood behind those that never head out their fans and never question us start work they're still curious on broadway three here in the playoffs in new york here it's always been in our players to green bay to say a protest go to win a super bowl thank you. and that brings us to the end of the sport for more than a couple of us. issues
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that so much of. which are. on it will be facebook's initial public offering is being called a very big deal and many hope i feel one with being tired tech sector but is the.
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the flamingly. from the owner of.
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the few. breathing life into hopes for a peaceful solution to the syrian crisis as russia's delegation to the country sees signs of both sides are ready to anger the dialogue. the rift between the e.u. and the u.k. grows into a kassam after you were pm court of human rights order in the release of osama bin laden's right hand man you were a. lot of washington's top military official heads to high road to try and suspend criminal charges against american ngo members as egypt's military leaders to crack down on the western activists will help them to power less here. in business the russian firms splash out record amounts on advertising despite the crisis prizes the billboards and t.v. commercials are expected to grow details coming to you in a business full of that. it
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is not i am in the russian capital you're watching our marina joshie welcome to the program both the syrian regime and the opposition have signaled that the solution to the bloody unrest may lie at the negotiating table rather than the battlefield that's after russia's foreign minister met with president assad in damascus the leader told the delegation that he is ready to implement reforms while the opposition says moscow should provide a road map for dialogue going off explains russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov when the end of the foreign intelligence service new met with president assad and with syrian political elite and according to the foreign minister president says that he is ready for dialogue with the opposition with russia being the media you know this stephen was me do.


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