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tv   [untitled]    February 8, 2012 3:18am-3:48am EST

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is pursuing. a position as a regional power but it is primarily the fancy primarily. the response to. your run to pick that sort. on the brink of bankruptcy greece has already missed three deadlines this week to present a draft dad deal to parliament with hopes that it may finally do so today however getting approval may be difficult more than ten thousand greeks around the parliament on tuesday clashing with police while protesting the latest reforms mannie see their livelihoods and the country being sold out with a little benefit for them parliamentary opposition is also strong with deputies wary of more cuts and tax hikes expected to accompany the deal greece has until march to secure financing or face in the fault but according to investment adviser patrick young the hopes of
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a positive outcome are fading fast. this is truly finally the brink we are on the cusp of the great eurostar and of the troika of the group of people the world by the european union people they're all at the point where they know there is total exasperate in the rest of the world as to why they should be paying for a greek economy a greek state that is totally completely and utterly by corrupt has been completely and utterly mismanaged for decades and ultimately tragically the greek people themselves are going to end up suffering as they already are the problem is it all went wrong because a group of rather well rather than the scary kind of dream in pyaar i didn't vigilance so that there could be one single europe and they rushed to compress everybody into a single currency and ultimately none of the countries were actually remotely compatible economically in order to make that giant leap about where it's going wrong and this is a tragedy for europe and the european union. now let's take
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a look at some other stories from around the world fifteen people have been pulled out alive from the collapse of medicine factory in the war as rescue workers continue fifty six are still believed to be trapped under rubble with the death toll now at twenty one the three story building collapsed monday after several gas cylinder explosions the factory which local authorities have been trying to shut down was set up was set up illegally in a residential area of lahore. large parts of eastern australia remain in the group of floods as waters have started reaching peak levels thousands of people have been forced from their homes and it's feared up to ten percent of the country's cotton crops have been damaged a strictly a being the world's third biggest supplier queensland state premiers says people won't be able to move back to the area until water levels drop sewage systems are restored. now for most of you were the recent severe weather conditions
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mean some transport disruption at worst but in ukraine the consequences are far more serious contraries ensuring its harshest winter in recent history with over one hundred lives lost to the cold in the last week alone. he has more. when the thermometer hit minus twenty seven degrees celsius last week got very frightened homeless and with a child to care for she feared they would both freeze to death until she found a public eating center in a key of park look at the. schools were closed because of the trees and i had no way to take my daughter i was scared at first went to train station to get home but we were kicked out things got we found this heated tent but there were many ukrainians who were not so lucky at least one hundred thirty five people are reported to have died because of freeze related injuries within only a week several thousand were hospitalized and have been on high alert upgrading the
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weather conditions to natural disaster status. the situation is serious but it is controllable the emergency ministry has set up thirty two hundred heating centers nationwide homeless and pensioners that come here in ten days more than ninety five thousand people turned. this storm siberian cycle on hit many countries on the continent reaching as far as italy of course with such extreme conditions ukraine is not the only country to experience casualties but why so many dead experts say the reason for that lies not in the climate but rather in key of social and economic policies with more and more homeless people on the streets the majority of the deaths were in eastern ukraine the region with the highest unemployment rate. the government hasn't created
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any jobs has no social programs and doesn't replenished the state but more and more people are finding themselves in the streets that's where there are so many dead because of the freeze heating centers help will save some people's lives but they won't solve the issue of deepening poverty such as if there are moments that would not scare anybody. in this part of the world however meteorologists say what they expect at least minus thirty degrees centigrade over the coming weekend they already serious situation may be even more difficult with at least eighty five thousand homeless people roaming the streets of ukrainian cities. reporting from kiev in ukraine. while a breeze is up to date here on r.t. time to see what's happening in the world of business here is carrying mail account . thank you marina hello and welcome to business here in r.t. russia's outstanding domestic debts grew in two thousand and eleven at the fastest rate in fifteen years the money the state owes to the population has tripled over
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the last three years in two thousand and eleven domestic debt rose forty two percent or one hundred forty billion dollars that's on top of a forty percent advance the year before despite the rally the government plans to continue increasing its debt burden and it has plenty of room to do so russia's debt to g.d.p. ratio is around ten percent and one of the lowest i want to develop countries. russian firms us flushing out record amounts on advertising despite the crisis and prices for billboards commercials and t.v. campaigns are expected to grow as a russian economy continues to strengthen are these capable being we have the details. they say a picture is worth a thousand words then you're likely to see a lot more like this one lasted close right up in twenty twelve and that's because advertisement is selling big as a russian not to make your eyes out this is a site advertised that according to some of the you know market intelligence the
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company pulled out a lot of punches that was done by the roughs an advertisement that is likely to enjoy the biggest expansion and that followed by follow merging market pays china india and brazil and also those big voting activities going on these big children including the cramming pop and champions in batches to train the s k a mustang and brown madrid these are likely to attract big the mudsill spending bills like the one all modern presidential election would like to see that homicide life . on television you know i just write them say benefit from a presidential election which is about three eight week and these people these politicians love to the right to each other across the page and why is not that different story for europe of course when times are tough enough the advertisement
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that these cops serve and it's too late to start say are likely to be hiding it down this season and that we as a whole the shark i leave that but it comes out of line up lies and this is set to go down with friends he smiled but the internet to look up twenty percent of will be just that day. as i look at the markets now exchange rates first the euro is flat against the dollar ministers are keeping an eye on the greek debt talks they would enable the country to receive its next along months of rescue funds here in russia the rubble has advanced against the dollar to its highest level in five months on the back of strong low price. here's. for the second day after an industry report showed that crude stockpiles in the united states. is over ninety nine percent. and bouncing ninety five cents on brant is trading at one hundred sixty eight sixteen and a half dollars per barrel. asian stocks are moving higher i would sentiment helped
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by progress towards a greek debt deal and another boost has come from corporate results to yodel stocks rallied almost four percent after the car maker reported a fall in quarterly profit but raised a full year earnings target other japanese automakers followed the surge over seven percent and honda added two and a half percent. markets in europe open higher following games in the us in the u.s. and asia investors bet that greek parties will soon reach a deal or bail package and that will help avoid a chaotic solvent debt default and here in moscow markets are trading higher with energy majors lifting the indices on those high oil prices. is up over one and a half percent the mark six is gaining one and a quarter of a percent and now let's have a look at some individual shot most of them isaac's point is gold is almost five percent in the black in the red so lower on profit taking after surging will more
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than fifty percent investors bet its long list and pound will make a buyout offer. to retailers seven consonant is in the red as well after saying it will buy back shares for the discount to the market price and russia's largest oil company roll snap is bucking the trend and it's up over one percent itself. the russian government wants to make its cool enough satellite navigation system a big hit at any cost almost twelve billion dollars could be spent on russia's answer to the u.s. g.p.s. system by twenty twenty the program had been approved by the space agency and the economics ministry and is now awaiting the government's approval around ten. dollars will be spent to support and develop the cost system around thirty one to go on our side allies are in orbit right now and russia plans to increase the number to thirty six and just eight years. that's all after this hour but stay with us for headline news coming up but after that's.
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the closest jeanne has been to the whole bar of scripture where the country's little world starts its way across the ocean. now our chief goes to the area. was named after lenin good looking to a different character to represent itself. for local businesses are striving to
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build the aviation capital of russia. the four by fours are made and can be turned stood to the limit. welcome to the union of creature. russia close up on our cheek. welcome back you're watching our t. here's a look at top stories while moscow goes all in to bring the sides of the syrian are rest to gather for peace talks there are fears with harsh rhetoric continue to pile deliberately on the siri. this may not be an option. the rift between the e.u. and the u.k. grows into a chasm after the european court of human rights orders the release of osama bin laden's right hand man in europe. and a washington stop military official will head to cairo to try and span criminal charges against american ngo members as egypt's military leaders crack down on the
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western activists who helped them power last year. while today we sit down with. a former senior israeli diplomat to discuss in-depth his country's foreign policy and war he thinks it will lead. where have his radio. who recently resigned from the government on grounds of principle he said he could no longer serve in a government whose policies he did not agree with ambassador thank you very much for joining us who have not seen you resigned after more than thirty years of service. to greet the stuff of the foreign minister ministry of foreign and the banner for him was who. desires peace needs to be
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careful rule. and i thought that was very telling. of the psyche that. exists behind his political. weight and i thought i could not. minister with this kind of statement is a statement supported by the majority of israelis i think we israelis we. we grew up with. you that. we need to be on alert. to any more most israelis live a life that is quite bad and you can cut it out of the environment and planted it in the u.s. or in europe western europe and you will find the israelis quite. easily integrating into society into requirements in place and so on so
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it's not. the regimented society of my childhood. at any given point in time but it is true that israelis are not naive and they believe that we can. survive here in the middle east. only if we are ready to fight for it and when you resigned we sent a message to all the staff of the foreign ministry explaining away that nation what will save the action and what is the general mood like among israeli public servants concerning the policies that i have to defend i have no illusions some of us were frustrated by my letter. because it is outside of the code of conduct that you just drop out because you don't like the message the messenger has no view over the message that is the code of conduct and it's quite legitimate to think in that way how many missions don't agree with the
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message and how many don't in the foreign ministry in my view. the large majority don't care they are professionals and whatever message comes for them to believe that they will do. there is. a solid minority ministry that is politically motivated to promote. israel. in its. a rather. hawkish. position it's just government it is is issuing. i think we do also have the lefties leftovers from the past but i think the minority your last overseas hoping was as ambassador to south africa what is your experience in south africa teaching as far as
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a christian nation is all is concerned. i think that israel is. in a danger zone to slide. by default. into. many frustrations of apartheid if we don't take it and i'm afraid we don't take it and there's going to contain in the united states as far as israeli policies on iran and palestine does how tight is a rift between the united states and israel or is it maybe another quote i'm surprised to realize how deep the americans care for israel is when it comes to the conversation the political conversation in the us. i also can see how. the aftermath of the war in iraq and in afghanistan. and the american city of the middle east. could work badly
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for the image is present in the u.s. in the political discourse in the us. in the context of american interests god forbid that the u.s. will be more reluctant. to reach out for israel because our predicament now is like a result of a policy pursued by this kind of government in a way that i think is tragically wrong. that we lean to the american congress a single source of strength in our diplomatic fabric and that is a very dangerous one on too much of playing is all has become increasingly isolated on the international stage what should the country's first steps to bring it out of
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isolation in my view this government. very explicitly. made a statement to the fake that. stepped out. intentionally. of that. paradigm of land for peace and of occupation is the key to. a settlement in the middle east. and into a new paradigm. that stipulates the ownership of israel exclusive ownership of. over the entirety of the land of israel which comprises in the in the eyes of palestinians palestine that paradigm is a dead end i think it is immoral morally and practically it's not sustainable and that is the reason why i left government i thought i could not that kind of.
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message thank you move the united nations chain has caught on is often end of occupation of palestine morning that is warmly to another israeli palestinian conflict but if the israeli government is willing to let israel does it on the west bank and the gaza strip whatever it likes. and. things are changing fast on the ground in favor of entrenching israeli presence in palestinian areas i don't think really jerusalem pays much attention too much attention to what to the secretary-general of the un is saying who can is all the lion in the region considering that in the aftermath of the arab spring the middle east has become more radicalized i don't think israel is looking for allies i think israel is looking for. partners. of convenience. one is jordan. who's survivability in the way in the
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form we know it is a house in my kingdom. so we entertain. a lot of common interests egypt is. consumed by its own revolution and as long as it doesn't pose a threat to us i think israel is taking a very careful distance and turkey. to cut a straw figure foreign policy towards one of the emerging powers in the middle drain you that's why syria goes what is the best outcome for israel and why does the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu wants everything to change in syria if that would mean also i could mean another islamic state on the border i don't think israel came there. to have an impact on the outcome of any regime change that is underway anyway. so to ignore the fact that there is
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a regime change in the making in syria would be. unacceptable but at the same time we need to be very careful not to expedite it if there are any way that it will cut the cord and i would break military invasion of crimea qatar headquarters and what would such an invasion mean for israel and for the region i can hardly see the arab world regimin doing around one force that is prepared to walk into syria physically and intervene then i don't see it happening how much of a play is on to regional security it is very obvious that iran is pursuing its position as a regional power. to serve interests that go beyond immediate borders of iran it is primarily defense is primarily it
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responds to the desire of iran to protect itself let is one level the other is there the domestic political discourse in israel with the right wing always. profited from. public move on you defense issues and i think. a lot of what is wrong actually serves political ends and i'm. very angry about this i think it should be stopped. at once do you think your man could attack israel i don't think you could israel attack iran i don't know but common sense. is critically dependent on international legitimacy. respond responsive dry on iran would be legitimate.
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and i think. any course. a preemptive strike on iraq and. thank you very much for joining us here are not seen. as.
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just so. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harkin welcomes a big picture. from los angeles to chicago to birmingham twenty trauma centers have closed since two thousand severe problem is not enough inpatient beds not enough earth emergency department beds and not enough nurses to man goes there to take care of all the people who are here the only real health care system that we have in the city of los angeles is the los angeles fire department in fact when i started my venture is
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a firefighter i didn't want to turn it around so i started out i want to just do firefighting it's about eighty two percent of what we do the florida problem is medical i've had a rescue couple weeks ago waited four hours for bit i've waited sometimes three hours but i wouldn't say same francis in lynnwood for four hours and fifty minutes standing against a wall with patients and we have a federal law that mandates that you can't turn no one away who seeks care in an emergency room. we have the most expensive health care system in the world and it's probably valued the least. is he.
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polar approach to syrian dilemma washington stepping up its rhetoric for regime change in syria glorying moscow's attempts to bring both and the opposition together to peace talks. the rift between the e.u. and the u.k. grows into a kassam after the repeal import of human rights or worse the release of osama bin laden's right hand man you were. washington's top military official or had to fire zero to trying to span criminal charges against american angio members as egypt's military leaders grad down on the western activists who helped them to power a last year. thus we have lines here in our sports next with andrew. hello
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there good to have you company and let's start with a pick look at our headlines fighting his conviction cyclist alberto contador calls his two year ban a terrible injustice and considers and the pale. while russian olympic medal hopes are not a room shy to faces a frantic legal battle to compete at the london games. being elephants we look at how the ivory coast are preparing to live up to that they were in the semifinals of the africa cup of nations. but first disgraced cyclist alberto contador says he hasn't ruled out appealing against his two year ban for failing a drugs test the spaniard was stripped of his twenty ten tour de france title after testing positive for the performance enhancing drug clenbuterol he held
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a news conference at his home town of pinto just outside madrid and told reporters he had no intention of quitting cycling whilst also reiterating he failed a drug test as a result of eating contaminated meat an explanation rejected by the court of arbitration for sport. or masking. though i try hard i cannot understand the ban imposed during the past months i have been trying to do my burns to prove my innocence even dandelion five hours answering questions like you can plead criminal i also want to. do you know i will continue cycling i will continue practicing in a green way and i've done it all my entire life though i don't feel my best i think in the future at least will make me tough for him. while his cycling team saxo bank are standing by him contador is able to compete against.


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