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tv   [untitled]    February 9, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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two rivals find the same name and the original group was hijacked by opposition activists to posting military deaths to alongside civilian want us both sides claim they're the official observatory this is the original site in arabic with an english version on facebook and this is the fake site launched in the center and mostly in english several foreign news outlets have assume they are one and the same thing quoting the fake cites casualty figures the consequence a very different perspective of the crisis the original cites latest figures showed just over five thousand one hundred civilian deaths against almost two thousand military casualties the rival site claims well over six and a half thousand civilians have been killed and barely six hundred troops a difference many claim suggests this is a lot more than just a numbers game i don't think even the people using these figures are have any objectivity really they have an agenda
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a clear agenda is the just the fire by any means possible that assad regime is a brutal massacring regime and it needs to fall a soon as possible and we can see the united nations security council when that human rights strategy for regime change doesn't work how annoyed western governments are how got arab league monitor the original observatory strictly opposes military intervention the man who hijacked it's name disagrees. used to translate at the real observatory he was fired after falsely claiming to be an official spokesman and using a live interview to call for a no fly zone since then he's launched a smear campaign against the original group claiming they're the impostors as are we and his figures have been quoted by the b.b.c. c.n.n. and a.b.c. australia the other groups say they tried to pass some political of the is censored by calling for not lies are for international intervention and we made the. i sit
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on the server tree for human rights. original organization is that we are i guess an interventional we are i guess of no fly zone all we need is to stop the bloodshed in that is going on in syria as always and is group refused to speak on camera stating i cannot waste my time talking about this is the moment whilst people are dying in homes there are my priority right now he did refer us to another opposition group based in london and they too refused to comment on the ownership of the observatory but they did confirm that reporting military deaths was not in their interest it's not our position to report the casualties of. government troops the b.b.c. and the guardian had to withdraw material after falsely quoting as always the human rights observatory the un stopped counting the death toll claiming it's too difficult to keep track of but its human rights chief also said five thousand civilian deaths should be enough to provoke international action the real
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observatory still documents the deaths civilian or otherwise but it may be too late for the numbers to matter either bennett r.t. london. and israeli website reports that british and qatari special forces are already in syria assessing the rebels and risk a middle east expert says if the claims prove to be true it won't help bring peace to the region. but this will probably mean more escalation on the ground some more covert military operations and on the political level we've also heard that some arab league countries all the arab league in very little is intending on the officially recognizing the syrians are just all council leader syrian political opposition body so i think this is something which is widely expected and of course really i see that more violence will be in the making however we also do hear that the russians for example are providing the most assistance is possible they can to
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the syrians to deal with this issue now don't forget that the russian side has cautioned time and again of the rise of islamic fundamentalists so the presence of islamic fundamentalists inside syria those who oppose a syrian regime and syria has also spoken on of them as well the son of a sudden the members of al qaida in the syrian ambassador to lebanon made it very clear one week ago when he said that most of the weapons and most of even filtration most of the smuggling is coming in from the level and unfortunately as the escalation from us as opponents into his all inclusive i think that we're going to discover more and more smuggling and more and more of a negative role from some lebanese in the syrian issue on a very small middle east expert talking to us from beirut that. moving on now a year is a member states have refused to give their immediate backing to a second bailout for greece and this despite athens brokering a multi-party last minute deal on a steady measures demanded by credit is the blogs finance ministers say they will
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only be able to decide on the one hundred thirty billion euro rescue plan next week but the freshest parity plans have already triggered a general strike greens last time the country was down to the outcry over public sector cuts let's divide it riot and draw down the government and top it all with challenge the think tank british troops in london found the need to you might in fact ruin the greek economy. greece is in severe economic difficulties and it's failed to meet many of the targets that the eurozone and the i.m.f. has set it for what it has to do in terms of to be able to reform its finances to be able to pay back some of the debts that it so that has been largely caused by issues to do with the euro itself and the problem that the euro creates and how it makes the greek economy competitive from it so basically greece cannot survive while it is in the euro and the more austerity measures which are being forced upon
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it will just hurt the greek economy even further wages have been cut thirty percent on average in greece pensions are being kept people are finding it very hard to survive because of the result of the austerity measures in the problems caused by the euro. really the whole what they're doing at the moment is just throwing more money at the problem and really putting back the. greece will have to deform will have to leave the euro and they're throwing good money after bad really any further buyouts of greece will only just temporarily july. reckoning which is a default and of course exiting the euro so they're calling me can become competitive. i've been president hamid karzai has strongly condemned a nato airstrike that killed eight children in the north east of the country this comes as un figures reveal that a second a record number of civilians were killed in twenty eleven the vast majority by
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a roadside bombs the u.s. announced that it may bring an early end to combat operations in afghanistan and more than one hundred thousand of civilians have died since the two thousand and one invasion and just kind of the situation when i joined live by investigative journalist historian gareth porter mr porter thank you so much indeed for time so president karzai has launched an investigation into the nato bombings but incidents like this seem to keep happening so can we expect more than just condemnation from the have got to stand president this time. no i don't think anything's changed and this is a story that of course is just about as regular as you know washing your clothes every week or two this is this is the price that afghanistan pays for having foreign troops on its soil troops which carry out operations that are based on at best imperfect intelligence and it worse simply lack of
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fundamental knowledge of of local situations and mistakes that are that are often made. which really result in innocent people being killed completely unnecessarily and i would simply make one observation about the. the civilian casualty problem in afghanistan you mentioned the united nations report on the problem of civilian casualties in two thousand and eleven. and mentioned that. that many most of the casualties are attributed to the taliban and most of them from i e d's which explode on the on the roads i would simply point out that the united nations is not doing a responsible job of tracking civilian casualties that are the result of night raids by u.s. special operations forces they have basically taken the position that they cannot
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question what's going on in the program because they can't get any information about it but i did a story a few months ago which showed that based on the official figures that the u.s. itself has put out the u.s. command u.s. nato command in kabul about fifteen hundred people were killed civilians were killed in two thousand and ten alone in a period of ten months and these were people who were. happened on situations where the u.s. special forces were carrying out night raids they were adult males almost exclusively but they were killed because they had guns or because the u.s. soldiers thought they had guns this is a terrible problem the united states is not solving this problem it is going to remain a problem for years to come under present u.s.
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plans because special forces are not going to be pulled out to send back why these numbers are growing nature promised to juice civilian casualties in afghanistan so why are the numbers growing steadily. the numbers are growing clearly because the telephone has continued to expand its operations in response to the growth of u.s. and nato troops and part of the taliban response and i would say the single biggest part of that response has been to lay more and more i e d's this is the primary way that the taliban has been able to find to kill u.s. and nato troops and even more so to wound seriously u.s. troops so really that is the primary form of military pressure they have on u.s. and nato forces they're not going to give it up and that has grown because the war itself has grown as u.s.
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and nato troops have increased in the country well be obgyn government be able to control the country after a u.s. combat troops withdraw may be earlier than expected. well one of the indicators that the the afghan government is not going to be able to maintain control through its own security forces the afghan army and afghan national police is a report that has been published here in the united states by a lieutenant colonel in the u.s. army who has come back from afghanistan after. an eighteen month tour and who says based on his own personal experience traveling all over afghanistan where u.s. and nato forces are are stationed that he has found over and over again that the afghan security forces have been unable in usual cases unwilling to carry out operations effectively against the taliban and in many cases he found that
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there were local accommodations that had been worked out secretly between the afghan security forces and the local taliban. arrangements which were intercepted or found out by intercepting telephone conversations between the two. best to get to journalist and historian gareth porter thank you very much indeed for sharing your views about it. so the second presidential candidate alec joy has been hospitalized after police tried to escort her to a prosecutor's office for questioning she is being called as a witness on a case brought after a time on the country's central election commission last year joy it was one of the frontrunners of last november's disputed election which was an old by the a set in supreme court number of violations and she had been planning to hold her inauguration on friday despite the fact that the fresh elections o.-g. to be held next month and they actually had of the republic called her actual
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attempted south acetic is the former georgian republic that gained independence into thousand and eight following every more with georgia ati's a kind of boycott the latest. in the rumble last. the city held its first post war presidential elections the results of later cancelled by the central election commission of violations of the new elections are now scheduled to take place on march twenty fifth earlier thirty's the police security services have read the jurors house in the capital of south sudan there are also reports that during that three. herself conscious she's now believed to be in the hospital being treated for a minor stroke and she is now according to the. interim authorities she is the main reason for these unexpected a raid of george's house was to bring her in for questioning to the prosecutor's
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office. and some world news in brief for you this sounds a criminal court in the mold it having should and arrest warrant for ousted president mohamed nasheed this comes a day after the leader was among dozens injured one riot police used against protesters arrested. ousting resulted from a police mutiny and popular protest over a controversial decision to arrest a top drudge claims he was forced to resign at gunpoint promises to return to office. tell us troops have killed thirteen kurdish insurgents in two separate clashes in turkey nine people died near the town of being gore and four others near the town of security after rebel the targeted military stationed there and it's less than a week since turkish warplanes board three suspected rebel targets in northern iraq turns out silence have died since nineteen eighty-four when the kurds fight for torn me in turkey's southeast. pundits human rights judge baltazar goes
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on and has been convicted as part of a wiretapping case that he was found guilty of all during the illegal recording of corruption suspects talking to their lawyers guards on has now been barred from practicing for eleven years was no chance to appeal against the decision those tiny it gained international fame for his attempts to extradite tributes former dictator augusto pinochet in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight. and right now to the road again with our close up team. other we've traveled almost a thousand kilometers east of moscow to the gamma screecher the main cities best known as the bath place of lead the mainland in charing soviet times the region of florist had the center of the country's calm military and aviation as trees and as
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carry into iraq she has been finding out it has all the potential to way beyond that reputation. it was in the late seventy's that the riyadh of skin dust real aviation complex was created obvious star is one of the largest manufacturers of passenger planes as well as re modernizing of existing cargo planes that travel worldwide their islam plane is one of the largest operating cargo aircraft originally designed for the russian military but when the soviet union fell a demand did too obvious star has been renovating existing response and are now planning a major comeback. a new construction line will launch which will cover the production and the modernization of unique airplanes in the world that are popular such as the roost one that was long. voted new but airlines have used their response freighters to assist in un and red cross relief projects but they'll haul satellites yachts and even the sukhoi superjet too can imagine the chief killers of those this
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big brother who brought it from africa to north from the europe for a. special celebration that that he also transported one hundred thousand kilos of beaujolais wine from france to japan he says without ever breaking a single bottle many little boys dream of becoming pilots but the path to get there isn't always an easy one here the only one of six civil aviation school it's the only place in russia where one can get a higher education with courses offered in a good day. mix meteorology and over one hundred fifty hours of flight time. the students start training these models which gives them the complete feeling of what it's like to sit in a real aircraft flight. and it's true the images on the screen and vibrations of the simulator made even me feel like i could be a pilot i'm joined today by all the director of corporate communications of the
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united aircraft corporation thank you for being with us olga since obvious star has been in existence since one thousand nine hundred eighty how do you evaluate the development of the corporation today we are working together with. the new strategy two thousand and eleven the new strategy comprises the development of two major segments in the russian outer space industry its military aviation its commercial aviation and its transport of the order of the major perspectives the goals of other star in or young of scanned russia throughout now we are working over the realization of the program of building. a craft and we have to get first orders for the.
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brings you today in around ten minutes time with more headlines here is that interview with pakistan's foreign minister hinna rabani hollande the challenges facing the country. she's the youngest foreign minister and of all that has to deal with some of the toughest security challenges he not rabani khar pakistan's foreign minister is joining us now on our t.v.
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thank you very much for your time minister it's been more than ten years since pakistan joined the u.s. military operations in afghanistan do you think that was the right thing to do you see if. you would you know things look very different but of course. the collaboration that pakistan has had in the last ten years pakistan has bit of a heavy price for that but it is also a fact that pakistan inhibits the region inhabits the region and will continue to have this region and this region has some serious problems the region has some serious problems but into terrorism and pakistan has always maintained that it is important to have collaborative joint efforts to be able to rid this region rather than for law sort of unitary approaches. in how we want to rid the streets and you mentioned. the price of your involvement in afghanistan has been pretty high many thousand of your citizens lost their lives millions of people have been replaced
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there are estimates that it cost your country around seventy billion u.s. dollars but we often hear criticism about pakistan's are all. but there. involvement in afghanistan from the american side do you think the united states treats you fairly. i would like to answer that question by seeing what is crucial to is solid robust partnership is that each able to live or operate within the bounds of what is. believed to be you know what has been agreed . treating fairly is concerned i think pakistan has in this particular case not been treated fairly by anybody for that matter because pakistan continues to lose lives by the sun continues to lose in terms of economic cost in terms of the social cost i think sometimes that is not emphasized on enough so we continue to lose in
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many many ways but some times the rule that is that is put on pakistan is rule which is understandable which defies logic so to speak because if the first country to benefit from is stable one stands pakistan and the first country to lose from in you know unstable of understand is also pakistan i think seeing that pakistan the cause of the problem and is creating trouble isn't imaginary solution it is an imaginary blame it is an imaginary looking for an answer but the real solutions the real problems have to be faced you know on the ground president obama said in a number of occasions that one of the reasons why the united states is using drones to file for your territory and to hit targets on your territory is because the pakistani authorities are logically. are not in control of that own land and my question is. why pakistan
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tolerating the use of military technology that are hitting targets on pakistani land that ultimately oftentimes lay. the. loss of life among the pakistani citizens this is one of the major problems that keeps us from achieving our successes in our view rooms are not only completely illegal and under fire and have north resolution to be used within the domains of international law but even more importantly they are counterproductive to your objective of getting this trade region rid of militancy and terrorism and extremism because if one strike leads to getting you target number one or target number three today you're creating five more targets or ten more targets in the militancy that it breeds in the in the for doing that it gives to the militants to attract more people to join their ranks we
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are today in pakistan suffering from the consequences of what you know many other powers of the world decided to do in that region to rid itself of. a challenge that appeared in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine which was the soviet invasion of one star now in trying to deal with that we have created certain groups which are to be. a challenge to everybody. so again do we want to repeat the same mistakes again clearly pakistan doesn't think so and pakistan has got to go to that it is illegal. counterproductive just last week. and they've heard reports was like to the media that pakistani security forces and maintaining contacts with. terrorism and extremist organizations that are operating in afghanistan as far as i understand there was ever an. allegation that they're supporting them financially.
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is this true first of all this is not a new to report we were told by need to at least that this is a. single person not need to report but is single country and a single person. pretty much. because this is not a new position or allegation that to me about the specific context of the mentioned were with the taliban of all to intelligence agencies i think every intelligence agency in the world particularly the ones which are working in of on some indian style with one group or the other and all of them at some level and these does are now pretty much out in the open because people are openly talking about talking to them so i think just creating you know this is this is something which is not even worth a comment quite frankly thank you very much for a time minister thank you. but
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it doesn't strike or throw you off you know. there's your mum no we thank you so you get to among strangers yeah if you want to have sex go and have sex.
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this is our share we're check of the headlines at home but they are. the you are an arab league plan to join forces to end the bloodshed in syria as crisis claimed this information on the number of deaths is being used to cloud a proper understanding of the situation this comes as the opposition accuses the government of a massacre in homes while damascus maintains its conducting an active terrible for a sham. eurozone ministers post code at decision on a second financial bailout package from greece this despite the coalition athens closing and a last minute deal on the reforms understand she measures union leaders have announced a general strike on friday and saturday in protest over the cuts christians are
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demanding before their group the one hundred thirty billion dollars. afghan president hamid karzai lashes out after a children are killed and nato has tried this as the u.n. confirms twenty eleven as the deadliest year for civilians says the start of the mean while the u.s. announced it could all combat operations in afghanistan earlier than expected. as the headlines up next hour she takes to the skies to look at how the hot air ballooning is becoming increasingly popular again russia that's in our special report don't miss it. people couldn't fly for a long time i don't think because they didn't think it was possible we could learn how to do that without machines anywhere if we want to. destroy your own one people here are romantics.


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