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tv   [untitled]    February 15, 2012 3:18am-3:48am EST

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which to build up its military and so the americans simply may be trying to start the noble arms race and of course you can log on to our website anytime you like the latest news and videos at r.t. dot com well here's some of what's just a click away hackers deal a devastating blow to the world's second largest stock exchange take out its website with an online knockout. and the rebirth of a legend russia's iconic national coffee rifle may be given an honorable discharge as a veteran weapon makes way for a new model. turkey has no plans to consider alternative oil supplies and will continue to import fuel
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from iran despite the country's nato membership and officials have firmly disapproved of calls for a strike against tehran and i'm reluctant to go along with what iran sees as western economic bullying but jihan news agency chief abdul hamid ritchie says auntie iran hysteria harms the entire region. it will be a very important headache for turkey because turkey is part of nato and because of that turkey has certain responsibilities but iran very important neighbor that two countries iran and turkey did not have war for centuries it's very difficult to get a settlement it is foolish and by attacking iran which is more than eighty million population big country but as far as i know the current israeli government are not helping to find. a peaceful.
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diplomatic solution to the crisis. in terms of the internal political interests i i i see that unfortunately it helps the tension helps and for the world it is just this sponsibility to be seen and to push really diplomatic means as far as possible in order to get rid of the possibility that we have another war in the middle east which would be detrimental for all of us i mean while israel is continuing to point the finger of blame at iran terrorism back to thailand says tuesday's explosions in downing kong dentical to this week's attack in india failed terror attempt in june tehran denies any links to the incident. reportedly charged two iranian suspects who were arrested
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shortly after the blast on the malaysia going to press sources bangkok was hit by a series of explosions and deaths as a bonus for the korea taxes and. pollution remain here have had to be rescued by emergency services of the heavy snow fall. but inside their own homes the country is going to death toll is now seventy four she's using the trucks to deliver. since the end of january hundreds have died across eastern europe tens of thousands of housebound record snow levels. so badly affected. water cannons and tear gas tax return conscripts and argentinian capital protesting for recognition as war veterans regular soldiers who fought in the falklands conflict tonight eighty two are entitled to pensions and health care demonstrators say they should at the same rights despite never being deployed to the audience
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twenty four people were detained in several injured coming out cross talk program thirty g.m.t. people are valid looks beyond dispute legal status. if all that is found is found around the falkland islands in the area. under its sovereign control then we know where the oil belongs but the sort of back and forth between origin. and the following continues to dominate. the i guess the only the only colonial argument of this whole debate is the fact that argentina want to colonize three thousand british subjects i think that's a bit simplistic alex you want to record i heard david cameron too but oh no it's something i know what you want us let us know. as the three thousand people who live on the falkland islands and they will want to remain british.
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that's cross over to our business desk and join the marine. hello and welcome to business here on r t the bailout for crisis stricken greece is once again in question and meeting of the finance reefs to discuss a second multibillion bailout has now been called off and that's after athens failed to provide critical details about plans spending cuts these include an austerity plan to save extra three hundred twenty five million euros something that inflamed greece with violent protests over the weekend and if the greek cabinet figures out where to squeeze money from brussels would then be able to issue the new bailout cash and that would amount to around one hundred thirty billion euros on top of one hundred ten billion euros granted three years ago. the same with the euro zone china has promised to invest in europe to spain alphonse and keep some of its reserves in the euros that's china might help stabilize the economy of its largest export market amid
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a global slowdown and morgan stanley capital index for asia pacific jumped more than one percent on the news and that was the biggest game at the moment. gazprom as close to finalizing its long run in talks on gas supplies to china the head of the firm's export branch oleksandr madrid of hopes to strike a deal in the near future at the moment the parties are struggling to agree on construction of a new pipeline to pump energy from russia siberia asia but alex other madrid of police trying the will finally come to terms with russia truly with. just. one perimeter which will. construction projects that three projects in the russian changes so it could make the job of ensuring the. sure of this argument will be taken into account we believe that your correction of those politician because changes price should be the same level
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of european support. all right let's take a look at the markets now we'll start with exchange rates so that the euro is a little bit against the dollar at the scene some of the losses are issues that are in the ruble is higher against both the european and the u.s. currencies following gains on the russian market let's look a look at the oil prices crude is rising after the european leaders pushed greece for stronger commitments to an austerity package in return for a second bailout as we mentioned earlier these are concerns over the reasons that crisis which maker of demand for oil some clue forces higher light sweet this clearly trade in over one hundred and one actually one hundred one and a half dollars per barrel at the moment small to run blend is exactly one hundred eighteen dollars. in your market it's just old brands and as we can see they are imposed of territory the footsies out in just the north wall the dayaks is almost one percent and in the block let's take
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a look at the asian markets and if we can look at them now there we go a surprise monetary easing budget ran central bank made the dollar extended surge against the yen and then the markets there are all the weaker japanese currency exporters higher carmakers. both adding over three percent and the hong kong gains who are led by property stocks were down that strongly from losses at the start of the week. here in russia it's now two hours into trading and the markets are still in the territory of both the r.t.s. n.m.i. sides are adding over a one percent let's take a look at the index reversal of my sights as you can see that most of the blue chips are higher this hour and of course is no exception it is expected to finalize a deal to buy east european volkswagen international later in the day all majors are also in the wrong is supported by strong move move move call the one percent and truck maker kumasi almost eight percent and that's on top of a thirteen percent jump on tuesday. the highlight of. his company.
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favors. the key forces in the metal sector on metro common in the euros in the banking sector like a monk over v.t. b. but also emphasize bank or some pitchers were small cap story to. develop to one lehman but you could. have been up like fifty three percent in the post one month only but it's still very much you lords historical horrors. then another news mergers and acquisitions in russia jumped twenty two percent in two thousand and eleven can spare you the year before that's all value of deals reach seventy six billion dollars for the growth of volumes twice as fast as the global average chemical production was the top sector in terms of deal volumes while energy and financial sectors came in second and third respectively. and also
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business likes this our all back with more in about fifty five minutes from now in the meantime charismatics with the headlines i find out. you're. resistant to politics but a culture. this could.
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cultures of resistance on our team. would be soo much brighter if you knew about song from feinstein pression it's. nice from the start on t.v. dot com. culture is the same us ya can go for you go the other form of the musical world cup take a different take your pick on one of them i'll be in britain and argentina against sparring over the legal status and future of these islands is this disputed. wealthy british style old son has moved on to the split.
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markets why not scandals. find out what's really happening to the global economy in cars a report on. the main stories we're covering for you this hour arundhati rallies to mark the anniversary of a pro-democracy uprising in bahrain a put down with tactics and weapons from the u.k. sparking claims of western governments hypocrisy over different results in the region. and sizing up their rivals u.s. leaders could jolt china's a visiting vice president and leaving waiting she jinping as a two nations vie for the upper hand in a turbulent relationship. one sided reports from syria blaming any regime for
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atrocities seen by some as an attempt to hide the truth of the conflict sweeping rebel crimes under the carpet. for next season or smith talks to middle east expert tariq ali and the turbulent situation in syria and what it could mean for the entire region. i'm talking to tariq ali who's a historian and author and writes mainly on subjects to do with the middle east of course we're talking about events in syria tariq ali thanks very much for talking to us now president assad seems to be clinging on to power in syria do you think there's any chance of him stepping down in the near future well it looks unlikely as if he'll step. of his own accord i think he has to be pushed out the syrian people are of course doing their best in the country what is more dangerous is the
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pressure being built outside especially in istanbul and by need to try and organize an intervention that i think would be disastrous and lead to enormous bloodshed much much worse than what's happened in libya. so i think there be a disaster i think the best way is for pressure to be put on him from without by concretes who are not seen as hostile to syria which include russia china and others. and the pressure should be kept on at home and he should be told in blunt terms that he has to go where his father shed a lot of blood in syria he is now doing the same and that this family's on the except to pull in syria needs a nonsectarian national government to prepare a new constitution the arab league's reportedly calling for a joint arab league un so-called peacekeeping force to be sent into syria president
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assad has already rejected the idea do you think it's a good idea i don't think it's a good idea to send any so-called peacekeeping forces i mean first we have to say what is the arab league the arab league is essentially a morri bond organization which is brought to life when the west needs it too it is played no active role for the last twenty five years in any positive sense in the region it failed to stop the war in iraq it backed the war on. libya and it's probably being used as a surrogate to try and push through foreign troops an intervention in syria which i'm totally opposed to i think that is the one thing syria does not need is foreign armies we've seen what's happened in iraq and we've seen what's happened in libya but surely the involvement of the arab league which is kind of a local regional group is better than the involvement of the un or nato as exterior
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organizations well it's fine having observers from them if they do their reporting accurately but foreign troops i mean you know who will be the foreign troops there the arab league said saudis said cut through these these sort of big vote roots of democracy in the region i mean that's utterly ridiculous it doesn't make sense at all i think the pressure has to be kept up on the externally nonviolent pressure that he has to go and i think the chinese and russians are now. in a strong position to be saying we've effectively prevented any foreign intervention in syria but you have to go. and push through. a national government the other people of course who are people getting pressure on most of our the raimi and so on hezbollah in lebanon and i think all these forces should now see that it is impossible for syria to be governed by this family and
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this sectarian clique that has ruled it and the sooner they go the better for syria in terms of external forces well the our police decided to halt all economic and diplomatic contact with the syrian government will that have any practical effect do you think probably not because the. other countries are not going to do that the reunions are not going to do that they are a strong creating partner and lebanon i don't think is going to get involved in that on that level so it's not going to have a huge impact i think the only language. the clan and the military around him will understand is very firm language from china and russia i think they are now in a strong position to push through change without violent action do you see syria as becoming increasingly isolated in the region and what effect will that have on iran in turn do you think well i think they are becoming isolated i think the iranians
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are such an independent state i mean one of the few sovereign states in the region that they can look after themselves i don't think the fall of us as such will affect iran because it will be in the interests of the syrian government if it is a democratic and representative government to maintain good relations with all these countries i mean you know i i have to say that when you look at what the west did in relation to the uprisings in the crisis in the yemen where killing still go on and what they're doing in syria it just sort of stand for the former yemeni president is having medical. speak. so this double standards that operate make one who is suspicious of western motives the key people pushing for the intervention in syria after saudi arabia gotter essentially they would
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like a syrian version of the muslim brotherhood to do to run the country that is the new plot for the arab region and then the united states will do deals with them as it is done in the past and you say china and russia are in a very strong a geisha eating position now however. foreign minister lavrov says visits to syria recently seems to have yielded no results whatsoever well i think that you know if it carries on like this. for. amalie and clam refused to budge and refused to relinquish their stranglehold on the country sooner or later something disastrous will happen possibly including some form of foreign intervention and then where will they or do they want to end up like do they want to end up like survivor messiah lynched by mobs backed by western troops that is the future that stares them in the face there is no other future let's talk about
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the sheer complexity of the various forces that seem to be at large in syria at the moment we heard reports that british and cattery forces are operating undercover in syria do you think that could be trained it's perfectly possible the british and catherine forces were operating under cover in libya long before it became public now we know this is what they were doing intervening in these conflicts to bend them in their own directions so i have no evidence for this but it wouldn't surprise me at all if they were behaving like this and what about the iranians we've also heard that report although they've denied it of fifteen thousand iranian troops going into syria well that i don't know i mean i would have thought that given the pressures on iran the moment from the west with the european union imposing sanctions the americans rocket grappling the israelis threatening to bomb it it could be ordered to put it mildly if they started sending troops out of the
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country but we have no real evidence of either the british and the countries or the arena and i'm saying one is possible the other may be possible both are equally foolish we've now seen violence spread from homs to a second city aleppo and the us say that al-qaeda is involved in that if syria is substantially infiltrated by terrorists what do you think will happen will it give the west essentially an excuse to put up some sort of military operation in the country or on the other hand will they let the terrorists do the dirty work of overthrowing president has that themselves. they might do that i mean the very weak force at the moment it's used essentially to frighten the children that it has very little military strength its leader this is why he really has issued a statement saying that he is part and parcel of the struggle to overthrow.
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fighting alongside some group or the other but they have very little actual strength and i don't think one should take. all exaggerated ideas of the threat it poses to seriously i mean the fact is the overwhelming majority of people in syria of want the assad family out and that is the key thing which we have to understand in which he should i stay. a lot of commentators have been saying about the arab spring in general that the violence and uncertainty in the aftermath will enable the muslim brotherhood as the only organization that is organized enough to take advantage of it to essentially step into the fray are you worried that that will happen in syria well i don't support them politically and i don't think it will be in the interests of syria to have an islamist government you know a moderate or extremist the baton seems to be at the moment of saying that the turkish
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model a moderate islamist government is the best model for the arab world i disagree very strongly with that i don't think it's a good model for turkey either by the way. but the fact is if it's the only power in the land it will and there are elections that will come to power like it has in tunis here like it has in egypt and then one has to deal with it i mean i regard these groups as the slum equivalents of christian democracies socially conservative organizations but perfectly happy to follow the latest economic trends. which dominate the west and do deals with the united states they've done them before the turks are part and parcel of that the strong member of nato and these countries will probably follow suit whether this is what people really like them is a different question altogether but you make the muslim brotherhood sound fairly
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benign really do you think that christian minorities and other minorities have something to fear from that well i mean there is always within moderate islamist parties a current which feeling that they can't really offer people what they want which is a decent standard of living which is a social safety net to work then divert attention by targeting minorities the brotherhood has done it in relation to the copts in egypt and it's not impossible but they're sort of peers in syria. i will do the same so that is not a good thing i told but you know we have to wait and see if this is what the majority of the people want then unfortunately it will happen late. thank you very much thank.
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dear. it is easy to do it. if you.
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rallies to mark the anniversary of a pro-democracy uprising in bahrain put down tactics and weapons from the u.k. sparking claims of western governments hypocrisy over different revolts in the region. one sided reports from syria blaming only the regime for atrocities seen by some as tend to hide the truth of the conflict by sweeping rebel crimes under the carpet. and sizing up the rivals u.s. leaders could china's visiting vice president weighty xi jinping two nations vie for the upper hand in the turbulent relationship. rogers had now this quarter and
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you got some reaction from last night's european football weather was shock in the snow in moscow yeah that's right to have a carrier despite the ice and. greece got the better of russian side through bait where they did have to rely on some goalkeeping heroics to you i've got the details just after the. hello there you're watching the sports and these are the headlines it's not over yet rubin lost the day of remains defined despite his team's europa league loss to a limpy all cost in moscow. while barcelona put one foot in the quarter finals of the champions league with a three one win over by labor couzin in germany. and full marks all she gets praise from in peachy and after the exist test events for the twenty fourteen winter games gathered pace. the first of four ball and ruby manager believes his side can still
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progress in the europa league despite their surprise won their last two with n.p.r. cost of the first leg of the last thirty two clash was held in moscow but the freezing weather didn't affect the greek champions they took the lead through. the eighteen minutes left rubin did have a golden opportunity to go level shortly after that but n.p.r. cost keeper allows him a good daddy were sent off for a file on goal in these colonies or their substitute goalkeeper roy carroll saved the resulting penalty from nacho rubin vosper day of promise to take the game to the greeks in the second leg next week in the early europa league tie their last year's final sporting braga course to the turkish side this now let's go to the champions league leon got a hard for win over our poll well yesterday and defending champions barcelona there went a long way to reaching the court is with a three one win over by les because in germany alexis sanchez with a brace his manager happy with the.


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