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the group lost through the prison gates using explosives authorities have recaptured around twenty five of the escaped. sect has been blamed for killing almost three hundred people this year alone as it fights to stablish on the war and large area. secretary general anders rasmussen a vow to continue putting military pressure on the town about to negotiate an end to a decade long conflict the u.s. and afghan governments have already begun three way meetings with the taliban and courage peace talks now it's only us are racing to train three hundred fifty thousand police and soldiers will take over the american troops withdraw in twenty fourteen. rasmussen was speaking during a meeting in greece countries still negotiating for a bailout to save its tanking economy here is only in his words greater oversight of the nation's finances for handing over the next hundred thirty billion euros of bailout cash. threat of debt repayments is pushing the government into ever deeper
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cuts into more public protests athens is trying to find a way to trim spending by three hundred million euro reports that some of you are saying it's doubtful that athens can meet its obligations the situation that's left some european countries little glad he decided to stay out of the single currency i don't understand. the day shift nearly forty three year old team leader jimmy coulson lorries keep rolling off the production lines here at scanners main works but why those weeds know there's a crisis on their way to we don't know so much about hard up in profit making health cars in fact scam you was hit by the eurozone crisis when economic trouble loomed many laurie orders were canceled the black headlines k. we have a crisis in the euro the euro is maybe going down and so on and then our customers
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get very hesitant but the lorry maker like sweden overall recovered fast from the initial downturn and has so far managed to dogs much of the pain felt further south in two thousand and three swedes shocked other review members while voting against joining the euro it was just one factor which now sees the country with one of the world's lowest government debts and one of the healthiest looking economies in europe we have most pathetically changed our problems with the fiscal side so we don't have all those debt problems and budgetary problems that many other countries have but big debates lie ahead. the rest of the u.s. still by far sweden's largest trading partner here as elsewhere everyone is watching the embattled euro as a guide to their vote in a possible future referendum some put it simply mike economist wolf england who
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campaigned against the euro back in two thousand and three i think the euro will collapse before sweden where you're going to whereas around eighty percent of swedes say they're glad they're not in the euro the figure is reversed for their politicians most europhiles argue this crisis isn't the euro's fault it's about debt if you compare sweden which has been outside of the euro for just over ten years and fiddler which has been a member of the for the same period we have wall identical we can all developments both politicians and people here seem to think that there will be another referendum on joining the euro sooner or later but what their choice will be assuming there's still a euro left choose is anyone's guess. this is a swedish kronor coin it's become a symbol of that momentous no vote of swedish prosperity versus the chaos of the
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euro but sweden can't ignore that its economic and political fate is tied inextricably to europe and nasa predicting the future of the krona well political and tom barton r.t. . while lot more billionaires live in moscow than any other city in the world it's no wonder then that the entertainment real estate and luxury goods market is get out from a just spend this in the russian capital this week our moscow team take a look at them and in their lifestyle has a pretty. what i can honestly say that this is the largest wheat i've seen in my entire life but alone here in russia about four hundred eighty square metres this monster of a room costs just under four million balls and nights before taxes roughly around sixteen thousand dollars whether we're talking about world a list celebrities or
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simply the filthy rich i think any multi-millionaire would enjoy staying here. while now that it's time for the latest business news with katie. warm welcome to the business program this hour officials are in lisbon to check if portugal deserves the next fifteen billion euro transfer it's bad out but bankers at goldman sachs says it needs up to fifty billion to see it through the next few years as a situation that deteriorates. the problems facing the next years and states in the firing line. inspectors arrived with a seventy percent. quit the single currency indicate the returns. to it
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unemployment is at record highs moody's downgraded the country's rating to junk status and this recession is getting worse g.d.p. slump two point seven percent in the last three months of twenty eleven. the eurozone fear of contagion. greece's default has already happened for investors and we should be worrying about the real elephant in the room portugal. are going to take a look at the markets now or get started with oil and it's trading near the highest level in six weeks because of encouraging signs from the u.s. the biggest consumer of crude of course with jobless claims. since two thousand and about the light sweet breads are indeed asian markets are benefiting from the positive sentiment coming out of the u.s. that ended on a level not seen in almost four years on. those who know. why the lingering.
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grace and japan are also benefiting from the fall in the. doing rather well the nikkei is up one point six percent and it's not point. and now it's someone are ahead of the opening bell here in moscow markets close in the red with one point two percent. ahead to the coming trading session i found that crap from. just a. slight pull in gas they are. more popular. when the we've got the it's just the financial services. these are the retail so maybe their retail sector will be one of the most attractive because there was i knew about wal-mart. getting interesting x. five. m. and a activity will attract some interest from the foreign investors in the sector
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yeah it's not that cheap but it's the most rapidly growing sector in the u.s. market those. russian business is being hit by western sanctions against iran over its nuclear program the gulf state takes approximately fifteen percent of russia's still exports trying to cross the caspian sea is being severely impacted because of restrictions imposed by u.s. banks as corrina archiver from industry research group plots explains what's going wrong any bank that is tied in with the u.s. banking system. cannot cannot take part in trade it cannot open letters of credit it cannot or no letters of credit theoretically it can be done for russian or ukrainian banks in fact in the end of december the iranian and russian trade employees have met there has been talks about priscilla tate saying an easing
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of the system for russian banks to accept iranian lots of credits the fact is it doesn't seem to be working at the moment traders producers are telling us that for a hundred thousand tons on a normal month zero tongues at the moment. the russian nord stream a gas pipeline may not start operating at full capacity on time the dow jones agency quote co-developer gas has one of its branches may be delayed by year due to disabuse with several job and residents there pays construction saying is too close to their livelihoods the roots called and now i am still pumped twenty bidding cubic meters of gas a year that small enough but of no dreams full capacity in very gas has proposed an alternative route which is now being presented to the resident north street was launched last year at a russian gas to europe with the baltic sea. i'm not so for now in the next
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bulletin i will have the opening figures for the russian market german then about fifty five minutes time. any. one. to.
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ever. turn on is going to think about what. do we want to see the sun forever. the official auntie application. called touch from the shops to. watch all the life on the go. video on demand all cheesemonger old girls and feeds with the palm of your. question on the dot com. world. series technology innovation called the list of elements from around russia we've got the future covered.
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time for a look at the headlines now or not russia says no to regime change in syria votes against what it calls and on the palestinian resolution that fails to address the dangers posed by insurgents government forces are reportedly stepping up their assault on rebel fighters across syria. fueling the rhetoric israel accuses the islamic state of targeting its death and that of the thai police think the rainiest two explosions in bangkok follows
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a similar attacks in india enjoy this week but tehran they say denies being involved. here is in the design deciding the terms of the next bailout package for greece. as a deadline for its debt repayments rooms closer become a crisis has engulfed much of europe the countries outside the single currency like sweden the balancing of to avoid the worst of it. from next our special report on humanity's attempts to find the secret of eternal life. human cyborgs. nothing but fantasy or potential reality. how long can a human being live for. the thousands of years people sought to find an elixir of eternal life to halt nature's ticking clock. the subject has returned to the stage
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once more in the twenty first century this time scientific look burra trees are joining the hunt but instead of seeking a fountain of youth there focusing on the power of technology to achieve immortality. this is one of the formulas designed for the fight against aging the substance is called the school or church of ireland it is named after its creator for d.m.s. school or church of he heads the department of genetic engineering at moscow state university. if he was first suggested to say the nineteen seventy two. but it was not going till two thousand and five that we put the whole formula of each fighting on paper where you really push them.
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according to dr school or church of oxygen is of all things one of the most dangerous substances in the human body he say's that when cells become oversaturated with active forms of oxygen they become oxidized and this leads to an early death. mirror but as the body produces poisons one of the most malicious poisons is generated at the heart of each cell in the middle condra i'm on the one hand they supply the body with energy on the other they gradually kill us the older we are the more poison we have in our bodies in the form of free radicals. some time ago maxim's father came to the conclusion that there is a mechanism which makes cells a the theory is that a new biological process is set in motion immediately after a mother gives birth this process makes the body destroy itself with the program given that aging is programmed it can be stopped like any other program in that
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case humans characteristic of old age will be nipped in the bud and we won't age. this unique footage taken by a digital microscope reveals the nature of human mortality in the second minute of the video sudden flush marks out a dying cell setting off a chain reaction that kills off nearby cells. without death a signal is received by neighboring cells in this experiment and they realize that the cell died only a moment ago and its death was not accidental rather it was the result of a process the single went right across this tiny island of cells it's really quite an unusual sight. dying of old age was uncommon in ancient times people would usually full victim to wild beasts or their enemies but later people came to believe that immortality could be found in faraway lands the arab scientist
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ibn battuta learned about the fountain of youth in china alexander the great believe that it was in india one theory claims that the real reason he wanted to kiss famous campaign in the indian subcontinent was salut for the waters of life. abkhazia is a republican the southeastern coast of the black sea in soviet times many people head live to a hundred or more more than two hundred seventy centenarians lived here in the mid twentieth century there was even a quiet composed soley out of the very elderly in the republic only those between seventy to one hundred years of age were allowed to join the choir mostly sang old up cars in songs to the accompaniment of traditional instruments now the choir members a younger than the previous generation could have. on. here
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was interviewed with i'm eighty one years old and he says that my singing career spanned sixty five years sometimes i even sing when i'm at home and if it were my wife schools me she says why on earth are you singing stop that mumbling good night for i see a tune is racing through my head see i need to sing all the time i say that. in the one nine hundred seventy s. or the president of abkhazia kill became the main character in a documentary about centenarians home marty told the filmmakers pulled icy water from a mountain streams over himself several times a day throughout his life he was certain the water cleansed people of everything with it. are really over a hundred years old a hundred and nine now would you like to share this secret over your longevity
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people must know how to take care of themselves healthy habits help them. to demonstrate that a one hundred nine year old abkhazian is just as capable as the youngsters. kill mounted a. horse unassisted as the camera crew looked on his destination was the neighboring village of dilip where one of his great grandsons was celebrating his wedding interestingly almost forty years on people in that village still remember. i remember a taco very well sure. i even recall the good time we had during his great grandsons wedding my grandsons were there to. live is ninety three years old now he has spent most of his life here into the blood him it worked on a collective farm before his long absence from the village during world war two he retired many years ago but he still works in his orchard every day he crafts
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sprouts of new varieties on to old trees these apple trees are going to get a new lease of life soon. i think i would say it's about time for me to die and lie in the earth peace. but no. life still gives me the strength to be on the move sure when i see anything new after i die well i don't think so and officially the main body of lawmakers in abkhazia is an assembly made up of elders all of the country's historic decisions have been made in this matter in the village of law from the abolition of serfdom to the recent decision to declare abkhazia as independence. people gathering here. to make a decision on any important issue. their rulings became law for the
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entire people. during the years of soviet government several international groups of scientists came to a cause yet to find out what made people here live so long their conclusions were intriguingly simple here old people last longer simply because they are always aware of the fact they have a role to play in society. sending centenarians to an old people's home is a disgrace for idea they should be allowed to live in the homes where they were born they should be cared for and loved and that's what they need they should be made happy and they will live a long life. counters elizabeth but tory of hungary in the blood of six hundred fifty young serf women every day the fifteenth century french marshals does numbered more than eight hundred peasant children at a laboratory in his council to avoid aging. as it turns out the
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twentieth century dictator joseph stalin was also anxious about his mortality he had five cottages built our cars here in the vicinity of the locality and habited by generations of old ages. the legend has it that during the stroll in his dutch or stalin met a one hundred twenty year old local man he asked him whether it was true the magic rivers a cause he could prevent aging. yes the old man said there were no magic reverse but there was a want to fool with human powers. that brown to tell him to visit the waterfall each morning he watched there and drank some water. among them because he has methods of fighting old age has been handed down from generation to generation this is one of the oldest pagan rituals during festivities people boil the hearts of wild beasts and big tubs placed outdoors in the hearts of
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put on a boiling rock it is believed that he has tasted the heart of a wild beast strengthens his own during a festive meal elders get the biggest chunks this custom is thought to give them strength and a long life. he who takes gold in words lives as long as killed itself in terms one recipe of an elixir of eternal life from the middle ages. another is a ground a mixture of a one thousand year old toad in a ten thousand year old bed dried up in the shade tell his philosophy doling lived to one hundred twenty two years as a result of taking such mysterious potions. culture is that so much a given to each musician apparently trying to hide from the mark less serious in the spiral of violence minus the west refuse to describe events being played out in syria as a civil war why is there such means. you know how sometimes you see
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a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. a true to life in mortal human being will walk the earth in two thousand and forty five this bold claim comes from the russia two thousand and forty five movement in december two thousand and eleven its representatives demonstrated their first accomplishment on the hard road to immortality this electronic is only the start of a process that hopes to finish with a fully functioning human cybil. the slimy things this year we will meet
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again in five years time with my double will be here but i'll be in another room or at home yet you will still feel that you are talking to me and not my double. dmitri it's cold does not put his hopes in such dreams instead as a successful businessman he has gathered many scientists doctors and inventors their chief goal is to create the perfect body to give it soul and consciousness of a human being. but him but it and we hope that at some point we just have to perform a painless transfer of the mind of the person falls asleep and wakes up in another body where he feels just as comfortable. dimitri is called was inspired by the hollywood film surrogates it shows the possibility of creating a human double a surrogate cyborg controlled by the force of thought and imagination would be done without leaving one's home. computers and computer
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intelligence exceeds human intelligence and then what happens in that sort of perhaps more of the terminator scenario you know what happens when the machines become self-aware enough to realize hey we don't need these people and in fact these people are kind of screwed up the planet. surrogates begins with a lib or a trick creating a replica of a human controlled. by the human mind the surrogates of the future cannot be distinguished from the human counterparts but it's obvious that the first surrogates are a combination of man and machine kevin warrick has volunteered to be a human cyborg. first imply that i had. here we go this is show you what it looked like so this was the first implant. that's right e.o. frequency identification device and that was implanted in my left arm just up here
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so pushed in that point and what we use this for was simply as i moved around my building in reading in england and the computer knew where i was at particular points so i would open doors for me and switched on lights and said hello and having studied the experiences of those who use cybernetic limbs work agreed to more surgery this time a more sophisticated chip will be implanted into his arms nervous tissue operations dogs of i thirty. little bit nervous but i think much more than not a lot more exciting than anything else i really feel love with doing now is the big day. but. it's actually doing some soil where i actually got a choice of the way i think. the operation lasted for several hours oric was
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worried about whether the new device would be rejected by his body but the surgery was successful as a result the scientist could subject himself to more experimentation. one of the experiments i did was to drive a wilcher around just from my neural signals so it's the sort of thing that a paralyzed person could they could drive themselves in a car just by thinking about moving if you like. robyn f. ecan stone a swede lost his right arm a few years ago it was he who was the first patient to test an experimental device called the smart hand scientists connected more than forty sensors from this artificial device to his arm they enable him to move his bonnett can. and feel the touch of objects. that precious even can be transposed to a specific area the skin of the remaining head and if you find the right spots to
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steamy day we know that also the areas of the brain called case would be activated . it took robin only one day of training to learn to control the artificial limb as he would his own arm to start with he made the device stimulate the movements of his other hand later he learned how to get it to perform operations on its own. more importantly robin even recalled how it felt when he touched something. bigger put there now i can give orders for my bring to my body which i haven't done in years but when you can control your movements it's great for the i haven't felt like this for a long time so when i take something and i can feel it in them again it is so weird because i don't have a real hand if you but the fact that i can feel it again it's indescribable meanwhile kevin warrick the.


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