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tv   [untitled]    February 23, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EST

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right russ are espousing the people going out on the streets of moscow to show their support for the various presidential candidates. israel dismisses global concerns over a potential military escalation in the dispute with iran saying that it alone will decide whether to launch a strike by islamic state. seven pm in moscow i matras a good to have you with us here on r t our top story of the year when the seeking to send its humanitarian chief to syria to secure aid delivery to civilians caught up amid the fighting international body also getting ready to investigate the country's officials over allegations they've committed crimes against humanity or teasing or if emotional reports from damascus. according to our sources here in syria the fighting in the besieged city of homs is now over with the army taking
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control of the city we've been here when initial reports from our sources here that they has been cease fire agreements between the free syrian army and governmental forces in the area but it hasn't been confirmed of course we are receiving all the reports from other sources such as opposition groups opposition activists london based syrian observatory for human rise about resume challen about clashes continued in the city of homs this reports a very hot to be very far out and it's also very hard to find out exactly who is behind these reports and all these people on the ground all they are reporting from abroad while these conflicting reports of all what's going on here come and made a rise and design and rising pressure from the international community to the regime of president bashar assad we we this question is resumed about possible military intervention as a solution to the country's ongoing crisis. time to change tactics with fighting in homes entering its third week the syrian opposition based abroad and
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its foreign supporters seem to have run out of patience the foreign military solution to the country's crisis always considered as a last resort might now become a realistic scenario we are really close to seeing this military intervention as the only solution there are two evils military intervention a protracted civil war the opposition outside they have contact with the external powers and they don't have contact with the with the with the syrian syrian people very core of that is going to be open mujahid not his real name has been fighting the assad regime for months he went to all protests and spent many days in jail but now he says the crisis has gone too far. as for me i give up actually because the is not just this is not just. a war we are losing we are losing
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buddies and even if this engine stopped isn't good you really give me an american who can vote and it will do a thing for the for the promises but not everyone is ready to compromise with the death of two journalists and homes an american war reporter and a french photographer pressure from overseas has become more tender of all we need to the international community needs to do more to help the syrian people but there are fears that this helping hand may also be carrying weapons we should consider every option ranging from sanctuaries to seeing that weapons are brought to the hands of those who are resisting us so they can defend themselves here in syria the home of position seems to strongly oppose the idea of foreign help. we don't want any interference from abroad these countries may think
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that they can use this for their own interests but the syrian people will not allow that but to be able to resist strong political reforms are needed and with a vote on constitutional reform around the corner may here certain any military intervention that will derail the political process aimed at ending the crisis refinishing r.t. damascus syria. dr marcus papadopoulos and alice from britain's politics first online magazine says attempts by western states to stir up rebels in syria may cause the middle east powder keg to explode. political dialogue is the only solution to the conflict in syria any conflict in the middle east has the potential to turn the entire region into a vast firestorm and the fact that the american and british governments are implicitly encouraging the syrian opposition is only making things worse in syria
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and it's only groups zoltan the more casualties and more tragedies the brain which western media is betraying the conflict in syria could this could be mistakenly taken for a hollywood film whereby it's good for us is evil in the real world however we know that no conflict is ever black and white and what we're seeing is a concerted efforts by western governments and western media to bring down president assad and what we need to bear in mind is that this is not the first time we've seen this happen the way the western media portrayed conflicts in the past clearly establishes a relationship between western governments and western major they work very closely together we saw this in the wars in the former yugoslavia we saw this leading up to the invasion of iraq and we also saw it last year in libya that of russia's foreign affairs committee has been meeting with opposition groups in damascus he spoke with r.t. about the syrian conflict the interview coming up in the next hour. moscow
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streets were flooded with people thursday gathered to show support for the candidates running for the upcoming presidency tens of thousands turned up for mass rallies in a spike of political activity ahead of legs month's presidential vote or has more. oh thursday seeing a day of rallies in support of various political candidates for president across moscow now today is a public holiday meaning that lots of people are off work and able to come out on the streets largest rally taking place this is amongst the pro vladimir putin for president supporters many thousands of people gathered here inside the luzhniki stadium this is the usually the the home of top level football matches today it's been taken over by politics though originally the organizers had wanted to hold this event. where which is right next door to the kremlin however they said that
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around one hundred thousand people could turn up that's just too many people to have right in the center of downtown moscow it would have brought the city to a standstill so they put they've held it here somewhere that's used to hosting this type of capacity of people but this wasn't the only event taking place today you know we also saw the supporters of. the well veteran firebrand politician in the leader of the liberal democratic party now there was also a demonstration a rally from the supporters of the communist party as well as other smaller groups as well now since the parliamentary elections in december of last year we've seen a real spike in political activism here in russia following those elections there was mass protests here in moscow as well as elsewhere around the country and that's really continued through lots of things going on ahead of those elections that are taking place on the fourth of march just over a weeks ago as i say political activism very much at fever pitch here in russia.
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stay with us here on r.t. still to come in the program based on the statistical nightmare europe's financial trouble predicted to get worse as the clock prepares to flush athens with more taxpayer cash intended to repay previous loans. and the man behind one of the biggest leaks of the u.s. military data set to go on trial you look at the fate of whistleblowers in a country whose laws could soon make it impossible to expose government secrets. but first television says deciding whether to strike iran is israel's decision alone dismissing international warnings that a military attack would be disastrous for the region israel strong rhetoric rule louder after the latest u.n. atomic watchdog mission to the islamic republic failed to ease some western concerns tel aviv accuses tehran of trying to create nuclear weapons and aims to wipe out iran's atomic facilities before they could pose a threat to israel's security this is the u.s. and allies stressed that tough economic sanctions imposed on terror on need time to
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work but artie's priya sridhar reports that there are many factors that could impede their progress just clear if iran's intransigence continues it will face increasing pressure and isolation the left is branding up the pressure on new delhi to follow its lead in stopping imports of iranian oil and dealing with its central bank but india refuses to follow suit it is not possible to do you need . to see. you don. yes you can only. grow. a former u.s. state department official said that india's failure to stand with the west on the oil embargo is a slap in the face for the united states and raises questions about india's ability to lead but despite all that indian officials won't budge on the issue india is there on the largest oil customer with an annual trade of twelve billion dollars
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officials here in new delhi are negotiating with their counterparts in tehran to continue that trade using rupees instead of dollars to get around the western think sions. and it's not just india ignoring the last wishes with four asian countries collectively buying two thirds of iran's a while while the e.u. is just twenty percent whether the sanctions work on an artist don't get consent these are sanctions imposed by the united states of the european union they didn't consult us when they impose these things so it's that's the american problem not us issues the welfare of the people and that energy needs that's why many feta think sions will be totally ineffective if the asian giants won't play ball and countries which are sort of for holding on to the future are in the end john sanctions would not bite it on sufficiently enough to achieve wriston countries objective if india and china were not to come on board either you us think they're designed to isolate
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iran but if asia won't play that game the question arises what will or can the west do next preassure either r t new delhi india remember r t dot com it's the best place to look for the latest news videos and analysis here's what's a taste of a click away right now fighting for his life again venezuelan president hugo chavez to undergo more surgery in his fight against cancer. treating blizzard scientists sound the alarm as moscow waves through tons of toxic snow poisoned by chemical agents designed to get rid of the like a condition. zero growth continued recession of more austerity the latest economic forecast for the e.u. as predicted by the european commission itself latest figures especially worrying given growing skepticism over the impact of a second greek bailout major financial players already have come out said it simply won't stop a greek default lawmaker the lawmakers in athens also passed
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a debt swap law with pride in private investors are racing a hundred billion euros of the country's debt the parliament now set to pass further measures as protesters gather outside costars dizziness purser of law. birkbeck university of london says the cuts will only drain greece further. money and livelihoods got them live which to destroy. you can push people on what a friend they leave a comment if they can or they look for the obvious feels as though what. the mess we have is going to do percent unemployment fifty percent unemployment over here is a huge increase in the whole let's listen to counter that did knock out such a phenomenon of course a huge increase in suicide harvest more born and where the fruit is where is it going to be offered it is up to these measures which have been implemented in order to take money from the germans and the fruits people to give them to join with the
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friends it's nothing to do with the greek people who want it is under these measures is precisely. over this issue it is a slow day with these problems. and coming up later today max keiser and stacy herbert discuss the messy state of world finances a report coming your way later this hour. they're looking candidate ken livingstone has sparked a new outrage after telling an audience hang a banker a week until the others. that the news is nature's way of taking care of the banker overpopulation they're a cancer they're a parasite ken livingstone is correct hang a banker a week until they get the fricken message. a u.s. soldier accused of the biggest leak of state secrets in american history is set to go on trial after nearly two years behind bars among the data he's suspected of
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releasing footage of u.s. soldiers firing on iraqi civilians as artie's christina reports the system behind the trial is being blamed for covering up crimes. and punishing those and speak out . nearly two years in waiting much of it in solitary confinement and private first class bradley manning stride is finally set to begin. among the twenty two charges filed against him aiding the enemy violating the espionage act and illegally transferring classified data to an unauthorized source wiki leaks. part of that was this video showing u.s. army pilots killing unarmed civilians including to avoid years employees of video that had been classified by the u.s. military though the government accountability project just. it never should have
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been you can't also cannot go around classifying criminal activity that is not proper classification and i haven't heard a single person claim that what the collateral murder video showed was not war crime a sentiment manning seems to agree with in an online chat conversation he said he hoped his putting the information out there would prompt worldwide discussion i want people to see the truth regardless of who they are because without explanation you cannot make informed decisions as public a short time later bradley manning was arrested in the process becoming one of the clearest symbols to date of a new set of standards a system that now works against those who report wrongdoing and protects those doing the wrong quite often in the name of national security the pendulum right now is still very much opposed to nine eleven time and national hysteria and limited civil rights and liberties and she would know the justice department whistleblower
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in the case of the so-called american taliban john walker lindh i had advised not to interrogate him without an attorney and not to torture him and when i blew the whistle i ended up being put under criminal investigation. and we're further to the state bar or some which i'm licensed as a lawyer and put on the no fly list but it wasn't always this way in two thousand and two the time magazine person of the year was the whistleblowers and although the government tried to have him put away for life daniel ellsberg was hailed as a hero by the public for leaking information that became known as the pentagon papers classified documents he helped author that revealed what was actually happening in vietnam. what he revealed to the public is what the public should have known from the government itself. important knowledge important knowledge now often stifled both on and off the battlefield and the military have an ist actually assaulted or abused or even rate she's supposed to go through the chain of command
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which will actually harm her and stead of helping her outside of the military policies are also being drawn up to protect corporations the so-called whistleblower improvement act if passed would actually harm whistleblowers requiring them to report misconduct to their employer first before going to any regulatory agencies it would also remove any incentives to do so our government and . businesses are so intricately linked as hard to tell them apart both now working harder than ever to keep their secrets out of the public eye in washington christine for zero r.t. . joseph shore from the socialist equality party says the action against bradley manning is an attempt to get at wiki leaks founder julian assange who has long been a thorn in the obama administration side the treatment of manning as a whole is. brutal inhumane according to amnesty international amounting to torture
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according to many top u.s. legal scholars i mean there's many of the reasons behind this but i think the u.s. government certainly sees the treatment of manning from the beginning both as an example to anyone who would seek to expose the crimes of american militarism abroad as well as a fairly transparent attempt to get out of songs the founder of wiki leaks they are you know the u.s. government is seeking to eventually extradite a saw arms and they're certainly trying to trying to go after weak elites for the release of the documents you know really must be stressed that this is really a devastating explosion of the obama administration the treatment of this young man for all the talk of democratic rights and freedom abroad this is how the united states treats opposition here is here at home staying with free speech the e.u. gives a resoundingly no to censorship vowing for that brussels to continent wide protests over a controversial internet law criticized for being
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a stepping stone to web censorship. and we take a look at egypt where here of post military rule has made the iron grip on the liberal movement in a stronger all failing to mend the country's battered economy. first two u.s. troops have been killed by an afghan soldier an attack thought to be linked to the burning of the copies of the koran at a u.s. air base this after nine people were killed and dozens injured in two days of protests a senior commander apologized saying the religious materials were destroyed by mistake proc obama sent a letter of apology to afghan president hamid karzai defense analysts i eat have made believes the incidents like this under. the u.s. mission. possible nightmare for the americans that so far they have been facing the resistance from the bush the one elements but incidents like these that are actually getting witnessing the moment bush do not let month of august and these books who are supposedly allied to the amount of can so far hostile this is
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basically the formed out of this which the americans fear and begin reality would happen is that it will extend and expand the base of the distance against the americans apologies i'm not going to work this is the worst disaster that the americans could have found at this moment when they are the most wonderful is he not just the safety the entire outcome of the waterboard now depend on events like these they have been triggered and the fallout the domino effect is going to be intense as we sit on the bottom could not be more happier then the even stuff that have happened in the us want to stop if taliban could not defeat the amount of the american marines have them some of their graves more on this story and many others you catch artie's videos are you tube channel and it free video dot com. free. education free. free. free free.
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free. free. free board video for your media project free medio don carty dot com. and a new post mubarak era in egypt's history has been marked by the rise of his alarmist politicians something that comes at the expense of the secular movement that finds itself increasingly cornered their critics say the growing trend is being ignored by washington middle east expert wallowed far as comments on the shrinking liberal movement in egypt. it is unfortunate that after a year and one month from the beginning of the spring egyptian arab spring that the current situation is one suppression of demonstrators civil society minorities and one also the suppression of international n.g.o.s so that is not
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something that one can consider as a positive outcome the first few days and weeks of the revolt here we clearly saw that these were used secular laptop people facebook people women minorities middle class about once to have you square was consolidated than the regular physical forces came in including the muslim brotherhood the difference was that the muslim brotherhood have support from the goal for two dollars to have satellite support they are well organized when election will come those most organized and better funded will take over so the advocacy groups that are influenced by or link to the muslim brotherhood or the salafist it's an old story it was also under the last two years of the bush administration and now of course the last three to four years of the obama administration what is happening is that the trying to influence the administration so that there would be in line with the interest of the muslim brotherhood in egypt and the islamists in libya and in tunisia and against the secular and liberal forces in the region take a look at some other stories making headlines across the globe
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a wave of attacks across a dozen iraqi cities has left at least sixty dead biol and started with a drive by shooting in baghdad followed by blasts in and out of the capital no one has yet claimed responsibility for the attacks that most in targeted security officers in shia areas violence comes just months after u.s. combat troops left the country. argentina has declared a two day mourning period after the country saw its deadliest railway accident in decades up to fifty people were killed and almost seven hundred injured as a train slammed into a downtown station in buenos aires wednesday rescuers used helicopters to fly the wounded to hospitals the tragedy was supposedly caused by a brake failure. a fire has torn through a camp housing in myanmar refugees in western thailand just ninety minutes the blaze destroyed more than one thousand bamboo shacks the damage wiped out a fifth of a camp that houses seventeen thousand people there were no reported deaths so ever
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authorities attributed the quick spread of the flames to the highly flammable nature of the buildings but the initial cause remains under investigation. the future of one of the most controversial web regulation bills to date the active treaty is in limbo the e.u. suspended ratification of the proposed law over fears it would trample on people's rights and freedoms this is a pension of all this continent wide protests against the treaty with allegations that actually could lead to a net wide censorship originally conceived as the brainchild of the japanese and american politicians and lobbyists the builders shrouded in secrecy from the start the trees compatibility though with e.u. values set to be decided by the blocks court of justice. from the on line magazine point. if passed would only punish the innocent. the problem is that the censorship of the involved in these things is always vicarious when a something is targeted because people using it to break the law to pirate files or
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something it always brings down all sorts of other people who might be using the same service to politically to do legitimate reasons these laws never actually do anything to stop piracy but the way the internet works as long as two computers can connect to each other people are going to find a way to shift files the internet works by copying data so what we see is windows littles of pasta there will be all these social homme and they'll be no actual prevention of piracy so the companies that want them will be back at the legislative trough a few months later. coming up kaiser report searches for the scandal behind the financial headlines but first i'll be back with a recap of our top stories. it's
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all designed to keep you close in your own small world as a prison. you know you leave somebody in there for a couple hours like that in a stress positions. you have this fear of the unknown in this stress sort of
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building and. i've seen interrogations go on ten twelve hours they chose songs i remember from marilyn manson. slayer the two songs would be angel of death and raining blood to kill the enemy going through war coming up here into iraq coming into baghdad. johnny pulled the bodies to the floor just a rock n roll band it was fitting for the job we were doing. place. plenty of mission free accreditation free transport charges free. range month free risk free studio time free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects and free media r t v dot com.
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playing well into the future to keep the peace of the looking glass at what will be the homes of the future where the walls might just be smarter than the residents every day trash protects you from the elements outside and the whole system works to save you money please shine the spotlight on the latest building projects all around russia technology i'm doing here on r.g.p. please go to the central. first.
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thank. you. seven thirty pm in moscow here are two headlines tightening the noose around the syrian.


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