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sure i'm tom hartman coming up in this half hour the conservative audience booed the topic of birth control last night's republican debate how long will contraception continue to be such a pervasive issue in american politics also what do ocean temperatures have to do with the evolution of the human race i'll let you know it's a nice edition of geeky science and america has been in a state of war for over a decade now why are republicans so intent on starting another war and how much damage could that do to our nation. in the mess of the rest of the news republican debate audiences have stolen the show several times with their outbursts of previous in the previous one thousand abates and last night was no exception here is how the audience reacted to a question about contraceptives an issue republicans have brought to the forefront of debate ever since the economy started improving since birth control is the
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latest hot topic which candidate believes in birth control and if not why. you can see. reacting to the audience's displeasure the candidates dodged the question and instead launched into long ramblings about what they think the moral failings of america are. what we're seeing is a problem in our culture with respect to children being raised by children children being raised out of wedlock and the impact on society economically the impact on society with respect to to drug use and all host of other things when children have children when you have forty percent of kids being born out of wedlock and among certain ethnic groups the vast majority being born out of wedlock you ask yourself how are we going to have a society in the future because these kids are raised in poverty in many cases they are in the use of settings the likelihood of them being able to finish high school
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or college drops dramatically in single family homes to have title ten funded then we're going to create something called title twenty which is going to provide funding for apps in the space programs so at least we'll have an opportunity to provide programs that actually work and mit you have cause and effect mixed up babies don't produce poor people a lack of gender equality and its associated poverty produces babies and rick abstinence only doesn't work rick and it's been proven over and over again you know it does work cutting poverty empowering women and making contraceptives available which solve all the problems that candidates mention teens having babies children being born out of wedlock and the impact all that has our society so why don't any of the candidates on stage get that and how long will contraception for women still be a hot button issue in america core issues like gender equality in poverty or ignore sarah robinson joins me now she's a social futurist an editor of alter net vision sarah welcome great sound good to be here thank you for joining us i remember the one nine hundred sixty s.
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i was a little kid earth in the very early sixty's when the birth control pill was first introduced after having four sons between one hundred fifty one and one nine hundred fifty nine i think my mom was one of the first users of them when they became available in one thousand nine hundred sixty one how did that seemingly small pharmaceutical revolution change america's culture. it was a revolution had been going on for quite some time my own family started which shrunk dramatically about one hundred years ago when diaphragms first became available to middle class women my great grandparents were one of five in eight kids my grandparents were twins and tombs. but the pill was that was the big revolution because it was wholesale it was reliable it didn't require the consent of involvement of the men in a communal partner so it was a real revolution and it absolutely it changed everything because it allowed women to to work to limit their families to not spend their entire lives raising in the end and taking care of children they could go out they could get good educations
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and this was a world changing thing this is something that has never really been possible on this scale with this reliability in human history before so how has this changed our cultures all around the world and and why is our religions in particular are so slow to adapt to that tree and the republican party for that matter the very have ever everybody i think we're fifty years into a change that may take between a hundred and three hundred years to shake all the way out in a way that the scale of it and using is that of the printing press when you consider the printing press was invented in fourteen ninety two in the century that followed we began to have a scientific and lightman is people could read for themselves they could also be given be able to think for themselves later on we had the reformation actually very quickly we had the reformation people could could talk to god for themselves and and a couple hundred years elapsed three hundred years before we had the american and french revolutions which was the revolution that said we can read or we can read we
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can govern ourselves so we can take this long for all the institutions of society to shape themselves around a technological shift of this magnitude and i think country section is you know a ten thousand year shift in human in the way humans exist together so all of our institutions are going to change and it's going to take probably a very long time and the catholics are not going to be among the first ones. well and it's not just just the catholics for that matter why do country why do conservatives have such a poor understanding about contraception and is there a better way to educate them about these societal changes these fundamental cultural changes that are happening. rather than just have them get hysterical about it. there's an interesting theory about this there's a wonderful guy named stephen dukat who's a psychiatrist who wrote a book about two thousand workable factor in which he pointed out very persuasively that at the heart of all conservatism there is a deep sense of masculine identity that has to do with domination and control and
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when contraception becomes invisible in men men don't really participate in the choice when to have sex or with whom you know that they controlled all of that all of women's lives and we kind of went in there with this technology and they don't know what to do about it is their extended experience see it as an existential crisis of masculinity their vascular identity is fundamentally threatened and they're lashing out so you're suggesting the reason why conservatives are hysterical about women having a you know free contraception through their health insurance policies if they happen to work for a catholic hospital except now rick santorum wants that to extend to all employers the reason they're hysterical about women having access to contraception is because that would that would diminish their control over women at the individual and the broad cultural level absolutely odd every french that is control of the family the community the church business that in their work lives the nation so there's no
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level this is the most personal of human decisions and yet it is absolutely the most far ranging in its long term implications and there are a lot of men many many many men out there who are grateful not to have to support more children than that are grateful to have wives who can have full lives and who joined us in this revolution and see it is as really liberating them as well and there are a lot a few men you know probably statistics tell us fifteen to twenty percent of the population for whom this is going to be difficult and it need to be difficult for them for a long time to come in the institutions that they govern are going to have a very hard time making the switch so this fight isn't to your fifteen to twenty percent statistic is interesting in the. are you for the book the authoritarians or us. yeah and then john dean then wrote you know concert is about a conscience you know based on that now there's this idea that about fifteen to twenty percent of people either through birth or through operating somehow view the world in total authoritarian hierarchical terms. is that something that might
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that is going to change or are we just going to be stuck with this forever we have about a minute left that number created chip relay it is a lot of research on this that number hasn't changed in america since before the revolution it seems to be fairly constant across human cultures we just have this percentage of the population who always test the conservative side who are always resistant to changes like this they probably cers an adaptive function just as the fifteen percent of us who are you know hanging out the other side progressive the future lookers you know we could all keep some balance but society seems to need to have a certain amount of that is we have it it's fascinating it's young noting the difference between judgers and perceivers again you know fifteen and fifteen percent judgers it's sarah thanks so much for the brilliant writing and the great research that you've done for sharing coming on tonight with and sharing your observations with us it was great to be here again tom thank you while many of the world's religions
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are stuck in the tenth century when it comes to gender roles in society the rest of humanity is catching up rick santorum notwithstanding let's hope the progress continues. here take my take is your chance to send in your questions comments rants and observations about anything we talk about here on the big picture or during my radio show and i was first coming came to us from an anonymous caller on our viewer rant line here are her thoughts on the contraception debate. i think that making people responsible is a great thing when men go in to buy condoms they should be forced to go into a side bathroom produce a specimen and then they should bring it out and be forced to look at it in a microscope and see that all those sperm are alive. and it's it's it's a great suggestion and it's actually i mean this what it does obviously it's tongue
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in cheek but but maybe not i mean what it does is it highlights the the fact that as sir was just talking a minute ago that these are there's really a control issue here it that is the subtext to this whole contraception debate and that is men wanting to control the lives of women and it's something the men have to get over it's just it's time to wake up and move ahead our next comment tonight comes from dave on our facebook page dave had this to say about wealth inequality in america every problem dave said we have it has money at its source religion politics environment you name it money is at the root why do people insist we remain in a system exchanging that that abuses everything and everyone to people enjoy having a little while others have it all well no and i think what you've identified dave is well maybe some people do actually but i don't think generally i think what you've identified is the corrupting influence of money in politics in particular
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and the it's it has we now have for example not political candidates but billionaires promoting political candidates we don't have members of congress we have members of congress who are supported by the oil industry or by the tobacco industry or by the nuclear industry but you know whatever it may be all across the board step after step after step are seen how money all the way now and it's judge ships about ninety five percent of all the judges in america are now elected and while this didn't used to be a partisan thing and frankly you know people didn't pay attention to it now there's people are running in judge races the toss in more money than what judges make and you know there's a topic i talk about my book rebooting the american dream eleven ways to rebuild our country and we're going to send you an autographed copy dave so you can learn more about it thanks for the thanks for the post on our. page facebook page that's it for your take my take tonight if you'd like your comments and questions heard on this segment the big picture and maybe even get
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a book out of it listen up. we want to know your to send us your comments by visiting the thom hartmann facebook page by a twitter at tom underscore her or in the chat room on the message boards or through the blog at tom hartman dot com you can also leave a message on our rant line at two a two by three six fifty three zero six agree disagree sound off it's all welcome but remember that your comments may be used on the air. coming up in today's daily take the american economy is in peril and our military forces are stretched thin so why do republicans water another expensive and destructive war but first it's time for tonight's poll question.
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we just put a picture of me when i was like nine years old i couldn't tell the truth. i confess and i am in total get of friends that i love rap and hip hop music and for. that he was kind of a yesterday. i'm very proud of the world without you she has played. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something
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else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture.
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thursdays it was time for my favorite topic because i'm a total science geek geeky science scientists might have found the answer to one of the monumental of events that helped shape human history and the history of earth why east africa got dryer started around two million years ago creating grasslands moved our ancestors out of the trees and made us bipedal runners and walkers they now believe the changes in ocean temperature especially the beginning of a very strong warm to cool tempered temperature gradient along the equator in the indian ocean may have caused the change according to peter to medical a paleoclimatologists at the lamont doherty or. observatory in palisades new york the changes in the temperature gradient would have shifted rainfall towards or away
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from east africa the medical and a team of scientists study deep sea sediment cores which represent the last several million years that were drilled across the indian pacific and atlantic oceans the most striking observation was that one site on the eastern indian ocean and another in the western east indian ocean showed temperatures that were comparable all the way up until two million years ago this would have been when the eastern side of africa warmed and the western side cooled causing the cool waters off east africa to have dried out the region after studying the cores the team of scientists ran computer simulations that a race the east and west temperature differences and showed what might have happened if the temperatures were the same along the equator across the indian ocean the result was the simulation of a shutdown of a type of atmospheric circulation that made east africa wetter than it is today the medical is careful to point out that the cause and source of the change in ocean temperatures is still unknown needs further study regardless we may now i know what
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was responsible for the environmental changes that evolved humans from tree to ours to our modern form capable of standing upright and running across the grass covered savannas. is just. it's the good the bad in the very very crass a ling. and lee ugly their good us district judge carl barbier or maybe it's barbie a judge barbie a ruled wednesday that b.p. and one of its minority partners in the blown up well side of the deepwater horizon explosion are liable for civil penalties in the clean water act be a also ruled that the owner of the deepwater horizon rig. trans ocean ltd may be liable under the same laws because they were the operator of the well
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a ruling on whether trans ocean to be held accountable as well would likely come sometime in the next couple of days the deepwater horizon explosion of two thousand and ten devastated gold coast's residents its economy and its environment it's great to see that those affected by the disaster will finally be getting the money they deserve and the funds they need to rebuild their lives the bad state governments the twenty six billion dollar foreclosure fraud settlement was intended to help those affected most by the crisis the homeowners however an increasing number of state governments are deciding to use their share of the settlement for other purposes reports already stated how wisconsin missouri we're going to use some of the money to fill budget gaps now heigho is planning to use their share to demolish vacant homes pennsylvania wants to use the money to offset billions of dollars in program cuts and gramont plans to use their funds to balance their state budget even worse maryland is diverting ten percent of the money received
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a letter makers do whatever they want with it settlement money has been to make up for the devious actions of the banks using that money for anything else is just plain. and very very ugly arizona congressional candidate. mercer a republican candidate for congress told a group of tea party members yesterday that her opponent incumbent representative raul grijalva was anti american is what she had to sit back then were you thrown with this guy the skinny is a representative for health you never even know me i'm a business he's and i'm erica pretty how who are against the protection of that range of allegiance because he's only just not going to marry that really hello for me here but he hates the american way. not quite clear what evidence mercer has to back up or outlandish claims but the questioning of an individual's patriotism has been a common theme among members of the tea party of personal attacks and slander campaigns
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are nothing new to the political arena openly questioning the patriotism of an employee and opponent and then flat out calling them anti-american and a traitor. really has no place in what for campaign and it's very clear. it's no secret that our nation status is the global superpower is on life support but if one of these guys ends up winning the white house this year and you might as well pull the plug right now that's because each one of the republican candidates for president with the lone exception of ron paul wants to take the united states down the same road to ruin traveled by each and every great superpower in the history of modern civilization it's
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a road to ruin defined by never ending warfare listen to what the warmongers had to say in wednesday night's republican debate. place in john we have a president who isn't going to stop isn't going to stop them from getting a nuclear weapon we need a new president or we are going to have a cataclysmic situation with and a power that is the most. prolific political raider of terror in the world that will be able to decide within communities because they will have a nuclear weapon to protect what protect them for whatever they do it has to be stopped i do believe there are moments when you preempt if you think a madman is about to have nuclear weapons and you think that married man is going to use those nuclear weapons then you have an absolute moral obligation to defend the lives of your people by eliminating the capacity here. we must not allow iran to have a nuclear weapon if they do the world changes america will be at risk and someday
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nuclear weaponry will be used if i'm president that will not happen if we really broke open another all out war in the middle east's that's what these guys are calling for and they're using the same writer george w. bush used at the onset of our decorated war almost ten years ago america must not ignore the threat gathering against us facing clear evidence of pearl we cannot wait for the final proof the smoking gun. that could come in the form of the mushroom cloud we fell for that nonsense hook line and sinker and as a result we lost more than three thousand soldiers a trillion dollars and the goodwill of the world that we had accumulated post nine eleven and not only have these republicans not learned from the mistakes made after a decade of war they want to make an even more egregious mistake of going to war with iran a developed first world nation with a powerful military look at these pictures from around this is not
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a stone age country this is not afghanistan this is not a nation gutted of its military might like iraq was this is a fully developed world power and while the iranian government is controlled by radicals in the rhetoric and posture coming from iran is seriously troubling the consequences of a full blown war with one of the most powerful nations in the middle east will be cataclysmic it wasn't too long ago when the soviet empire bankrupted itself and collapsed in the midst of military misadventure in afghanistan the same thing happen to the greeks and the romans and the ottomans it happen to the vikings the germans and the french as their resources grew scarce and the influence of each of their empires wane each of those superpowers through itself into an unwinnable war in a last ditch effort to hang on to the reins of global power each reinvented its economy to depend on perpetual war the same way george w.
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bush did with us in almost tripoli in our defense budget during his eight years and when your economy depends on perpetual war you as a nation are in very very big trouble our first president george washington famously warned us against foreign entanglements in his farewell address then the father of our constitution and our fourth president james madison wrote of all the enemies of true liberty war is perhaps the most to be dreaded because it comprises an develops the germ of every other wars the. pair of arms from these perceived debts and taxes and armies and debts and taxes are the known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few in war to the discretionary power of the executive of the the president is extended its influence in dealing out offices honors and emoluments is multiplied and all of the means of seducing the mines are added to those it's of doing the force of the people no nation can
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preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare after a decade of that same continuous warfare the power of the executive branch has multiplied our debt has gone through the roof and our personal liberties amid this so-called war on terror have been trashed all of it exactly the way james madison predicted and the way that president dwight eisenhower warned us about in his farewell address. in the councils of government we miss carr guard against the acquisition of government that influence whether sought own sought by the military industrial complex the potential for the disastrous rise of this place power exists and will persist we must never let the weight of this combination in danger our liberty our democratic process. and all of eisenhower's worst fears will come true should romney santorum or gingrich be
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elected commander in chief and take us to war against iran. nobody knows how serious these guys really are about war with iran they maybe just sensationalizing the threat against america to make this election about national security instead of the rapidly improving economy just change the topic but given how we were all conned into war not too long ago by the likes of bush and cheney and now these republicans are parroting this same exact talking point points just replacing the human iraq with an end in iran then we the people need to take this seriously stakes are high so let's speak truth to power because the only way that america can once again be the land of the free and the home of the brave is if we choose peace over war. that's it for the big picture for tonight for more information on the stories we covered visit our website to tom hartman dot com free speech dot org and our team dot com you can check out our two youtube channel there are links to thom hartmann dot com also. check out all the different ways you can send us your feedback and don't forget democracy begins when you get out there and good acting
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