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tv   [untitled]    February 26, 2012 1:00am-1:30am EST

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u.s. intelligence agencies agree that no evidence terror on is building nuclear weapons but israel says the pressure continued threats of a military strike. and the eurozone tightens its belt greece is saved from the brink of collapse last of a massive wave of cuts but students in spain russia against their own lack of funding. they're watching artie's weekly news review welcome to the program but first today millions of people across syria are expected to have their say on the country's new draft constitution the referendum which promises a multi-party system comes amid ongoing violence for the opposition vowing to boycott the ballot but as artie's maria from national reports from damascus some hope the vote could bring about an end to the conflict. ballots instead of bullets
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mass demonstrations and violent protests have been rolling across syria for almost a year by. the syrian government is now calling for the people to shape their future together by taking part in a referendum on the country's new constitution fulfilling its pledge to reform. feels very excited that he'll be able to decide his own tomorrow because it's a completely new era is good for everybody even opposition can take part it's for all the amendments to the country's number one law have been among the key demands of the opposition since the uprising began and the draft seems to cover the most pressing issues. it starts with eliminating both parties supremacy which have ruled the country for the last fifty years introduces a multi-party system and sets a two term limit on any future president however even these reforms
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a cause in controversy jihad and his friend odin flower shop in damascus he says this new document draws a line between him and his muslim business partner. there is a big contradiction article thirty three says all equally regularly number three says every muslim can be a president so what about the other turn percent that we're not here temporarily we've been living together for ages who want to be counted. now maybe ten percent of the people they speak about this ok but maybe if we was removing this article from the new constitution the ninety percent would said well why you take this article out. public debates on the draft constitution have been organized to bring the people and the authors of the new document together they don't trust me they don't se the sailors are specific you work for
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the fire you make me tell you the city is going to see this becoming one but some say the resteal a long way to go to that new syria and they don't believe the government will follow through with their reforms i'm afraid if i were a goes the constitution somebody will in the world will shoot me clashes and protests almost every day but some hope that the referenda will not only breed and you constitution it might even be able to stop the bloodshed. god there are people who want to improve and develop but also others who want to divide syria we shouldn't help them but we should go and vote for a future. the draft of syria's new constitution has been made public ten days before the national referendum fourteen new and forty seven amended articles our role here with comments and details the baser also on t.v. and the internet never in the country's modern history for its residents so close
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to policy making which many here on the ground fear that the ongoing violence could bury any hope of reform reform altie damascus syria. but as many syrians prepare to vote on their future the so-called friends of syria have already made their position clear on friday the group of states led by washington recognize the credibility of the syrian opposition insisting that i said must go but russia has rebuffed the meeting saying it's biased in its efforts to solve the crisis. moscow. moscow refused to take any part in that meeting because judging by the statements we've been hearing and the format of the so-called friends of syria club the sole purpose of that conference is not to find a way out of the current situation but to promote the idea that the conflict can only be resolved if assad leaves i have met with mr assad and with the representatives of two opposition groups i did not get the impression that it is the people versus sad in this conflict the situation is different some people are
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opposing the regime while others support mr assad but some support the regime passively and they do not back the idea of outside interference it's not black and white it's not a scenario where the whole nation rises up to overthrow a government they don't like when representatives of the gulf monarchies which do not have a single democratic institution start complaining about assad's regime being undemocratic but i believe that undermines the political and moral legitimacy of the friends of syria club is a club of syria's friends or a club of people who want to measure ourselves gone that's the question we have to ask. but washington has once again said it will consider what it calls additional measures if present asset doesn't yield to international pressure some analysts however happen if this hardline approach towards the conflict hinders serious chances of peace. the referendum which follows very proudly. veto in the security council really does open a prospect for
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a political solution. western states effectively have encouraged the opposition simply to pursue. a single policy of asking and calling for the demise of the government asking him to self dismantle his own spade and of course that has not been acceptable not only to assad but probably a large majority of syrians it is mostly the exile groups that are calling for military intervention but not inside the national council and the opposition groups many of the opposition groups within syria are asking for negotiations. by the u.s. intelligence community has dealt a fresh blow to washington's claims that iran is pursuing nuclear weapons and assessments by america's sixteen spy agencies suggests there is new evidence that iran has decided to build a nuclear bomb meanwhile the u.n.
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you to agency says tehran has expanded its uranium enrichment work once the i.a.e.a. also criticized iran for not allowing its inspectors into key military site countries facing tough u.s. sanctions and threats of an attack from israel over its nuclear program which it insists is peaceful conn hallinan columnist for foreign policy in focus magazine says the intelligence reports on likely to sway the u.s. and israel from their course. there is really been a kind of a drumbeat over the past month or so not simply on creating a nuclear weapon but the senate now has a bill before it which would urge the obama administration to considered military action against iran if iran created the capacity to build a new. they are a weapon now a lot of countries have the capacity to build a nuclear weapon argentina brazil south africa taiwan japan are
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a lot of countries that have that capacity and have that and want to move the goal posts a lot closer to military intervention you also have the u.s. election coming up and the republican candidates are saying that the moment ministration is weak on iran that it should take military action against iran that it should draw red lines in the same and there should follow up on them except i think there's a very hawkish kind of view point out there it's unclear exactly what the israelis will do to try and pressure the obama administration or whether they're keeping that alexion in mind. well israel has repeatedly threatened to attack iran's nuclear sites saying that western sanctions aren't working but coupled with accusations that iran is behind the attacks and its diplomats abroad israel could already be committed to military action parties earlier this comports. israel's leaders are actively drumming up the military rhetoric. iran is the biggest terror
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exporter in the world the israeli government and its security forces will continue to act forcefully systematically and calmly against international terrorism dating from iran. a potential israeli rocket clash looks more likely than ever there is speculation a preemptive strike against iran's nuclear sites could happen as early as spring or summer although that's not causing undue concern in israel i think possibly people you know they make their plans for a vacation you know pass or a vacation summer vacation possibly people are beginning to wonder well is there going to be a war is something going to mess it up or i think they're probably going ahead with it with sort of a thought we're back tomorrow it would be nice if we could get a flight that we could cancel you know you know it's that sort of thing israel has previous experience when it comes to putting an end to nuclear ambitions which pose a potential threat in one thousand nine hundred one is jets wiped out reactors in iraq they struck again in two thousand and seven hitting sites in syria but with
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iran's nuclear program things may not be so simple if if israel attacks iran it will not stop iran forever from getting nuclear weapons the only postpone it for a relatively brief amount of time the. installations are too diverse and far flung to destroy affectively israel does not have u.s. poured white house secretary advisor was in israel warning against a move on iran saying it was better to wait for tougher sanctions to take effect in the coming months but mines may already be made up i think one of the things to create this aura of inevitability is to shut them up to shut up opposition at home and of course to convince the united states and europe that this is an inevitability it's going to happen don't oppose it in fact why don't you help us out there is a question mark however over whether israel has what it takes to carry out their
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mission i doubt with the we have the capability. of creating the images to the extent of the mediating the program and even if israel's military prowess will allow it to carry out a strike on underground facilities in iran chances are it won't and there are as you know saddam hussein and bashar assad by the time they knew what was happening was over and could just you know grumble without having to fight back you imagine iran sitting still you know all day day after day day after day what israel is hitting troops are going to hit back i think any any sane person realizes that they're all almost guaranteed the missiles falling on israel and considering iran for one of the twentieth century's longest wars against iraq in the one nine hundred eighty s. the consequences could be far reaching and destructive. israel has been suffering some bad weather as of late but it's unlikely that even the strongest winds will blow the country's foreign policy off its course and when it comes to israel's
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forecast for iran the storm clouds seem to be growing ever darker in tel aviv r.t. . was to the head few days hooten in the western spotlight as russia's presidential election approaches interest in the candidate and his personality reaches the pitch overseas. two weeks out and was nominated for nobel peace prize bradley manning it appears that his first order hearing look at the suspected it was supposed case just a few minutes. now cash strapped spanish students and teachers have packed the streets of violence here angry at the government's education cuts they also accused the police of heavy handed tactics at previous rallies protestors were charged down and beaten several were hurt more than forty arrested some of them minors surf reports now from. if he does the land in spring and you can see thousands upon thousands of
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doesn't get a lot of the public. love. that. the son of live in even the mess is. the best. thing to get blood. out of. the population. of the one where you. live in the country. read the polls. well anger at massive budget cuts is still dominating greece which avoided a painful default this week and you leave this. left athens hanging on for months as they piled up new conditions before finally clearing the one hundred thirty
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billion euro bailout but the cost of the rescue is weighing heavily on the greek people who have paid the price with huge cuts and job losses financial geneseo belt says more sturdy will be disastrous for the country it will make things worse for the greek economy the greek economy is in a deep recession at the moment the austerity program that is imposed on the contrary will worsen the recession which in its turn will worsen the budget outlook and so the negative spiral in which breeds economy and greek society has been imprisoned for almost the last two years will only get worse so this is not really a solution to the greek problem what you need for greece is to have a growth perspective for the economy of greece and you don't have that at all at the moment and the longer we wait the more it becomes obvious that the only way we can get the greek economy growing again is by in deep exiting the euro zone which
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will lead of course to or devaluation of the new direct me but that is exactly what is needed to get the economy through international trade growing again. next sunday russians will choose their president the next six years while the media is abuzz with other candidates promise the front runner vladimir putin has kept a relatively low profile but a different story a broadway interest in coverage surrounding his personality he's growing the respect reports now from london. russians a used to seeing putin in all manner of surroundings not only in top level meetings also out in the wilderness and even singing to a hollywood a list crowd. but there are always new heights to scale and you currently find him looming large on a london icon the double decker bus. is coming it proclaims so may
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find the wording of the advert slightly sinister but it's all to do with a new book which analyzes putin the man not the politician the books the result of a six year collaboration between a british author and russian journalist alexander. put in is probably the most interesting political from in the world at the moment and yes the right people who feel him be violent towards putin the rebels who love him or those who do but the most important thing is that sort of more would you can see that they don't. although as it turned out that wasn't quite true you know it's about it might be desperate or russia to name. those you probably appreciate you supposing the russian who is i don't know. the prime minister of russia
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but you got it the authors say friday's book release isn't connected to next month's election in russia but it does come hot on the heels of two separate british documentaries involving putin one a look at the controversial political youth group nationally and the other a critically acclaimed full part counter through relations with the west during his twelve years at the top there will be the world's attention on him again and people want to know is this a man we've seen before or is he changing. can he face the new challenges and how does the recent protest movement affect his politics and his outlook having his face still in double decker buses won't help you save as russet is prepared to go to the polls but love him or let you put a person's reputation is russ's strong man has captured the imagination of documentary makers and all things here in the u.k. and elsewhere whether it's play in infamy is an open question norris mentality.
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what head of the elections hooten has been publishing a series of articles outlining key international and domestic issues which you can find on our website r.t. dot com he has placed a statement on syria international pressure on iran and relations with washington over missile defense also online for you today. shocked villages in brazil witness what they think is a u.f.o. that's a fifty kilogram metal ball falls from the sky in front of unsuspecting residents you can read the other three story of the don't come on make sure the best videos on you tube. is leave.
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down the official ante up location to your i phone oh i pod touch from the dumpster . watch our. video on demand all keys in my old car. and all registry now in the palm of your. question. dot com. to us but it should visors were killed in the interior ministry in kabul as anti american protests continued into a fifth day in afghanistan was sponsored by the burning of copies of the corona to nato air base where nato has withdrawn all of its personnel from afghan ministries to avoid further attacks dozens of people have been killed and wounded in clashes
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during the week protest has also set fire to a un office in the northwestern city of toulouse president obama and nato officials have apologized for the incident saying that this a creation was unintentional but a christian director of a political think tank in neighboring pakistan says a us led alliance will be hard pressed to restore its reputation. in the decade that the us military has been enough but it's time for the first time even if you have smaller places and provinces in towns wherever there is u.s. presence ordinary afghans are laying siege to these places until now the americans were facing a very serious resistance groups the of the taliban but now after this incident we're see the ordinary of course pitched against the u.s. will be present but also u.s. trained police men and u.s. trained soldiers now an ordinary american working in afghanistan today doesn't know whether he should expect a bullet from afghan taliban and afghan policeman or not gun soldier whom he might
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have trained earlier even after ten years it seems the americans don't know who they're dealing with they don't know the of get on very well the u.s. military are increasingly treated to what i would call anti islamism they're constantly sort of indoctrinated into into into treating islam disrespectfully i fail to see how the u.s. military personnel and the of these and of gun army personnel would be able to restore the level of trust that existed let's say five days or six days ago. well some other world news stories in brief for you now goals the president of the riding is seeking reelection for a third term on sunday after he defied opposition efforts to block him from taking part in the vote six people attending antibody tests have already died in clashes ahead of the polls demonstrators say his candidacy is illegal due to term
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restrictions and constitution and the president argues the limits were brought in after he started his first putin power didn't apply to him. pakistan has begun demolishing osama bin laden's hideout where he lived for years before his assassination a compound was located not far from the country's elite military academy in the northwest town but about officials warn there was concern the house could become a shrine to supporters of the deceased al qaeda leader bin laden was shot dead last may by u.s. special forces. north korea has ordered troops to launch retaliatory strike against the south if provoked the statement comes as south korean and u.s. forces prepare to start a joint military exercise about twenty ten pyongyang responded to drills from its neighbor when i tell you it killed four people and raised fears of a wider conflict. two soldiers have been killed after an explosion set fire
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to brazil's antarctic research station forty four survivors were evacuated by helicopter to a nearby chilean base the blaze broke out in the machine room houses and the trickle generators complex has reportedly been completely destroyed after efforts to fight the fire was suspended due to bad weather. bradley manning who is accused of leaking hundreds of thousands of secret military files to wiki leaks has deferred his plea at the first court hearing on thursday he's already spent nineteen months in custody without being formally charged i think is facing life in prison if found guilty for aiding the enemy but many americans consider him a hero. even though mineta from noble peace prize there are doubts though he will get a fair trial and some to bomb a city simply broken the door former iraq war veteran michael prysner says sends a message to. the u.s.
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military before bradley manning was convicted of any crime he still hasn't they wanted to punish him and they wanted to punish him very harshly for the accused him of doing but not only that it wanted to send a message to every other person in uniform every other service member that if the to decide to take that type of action that bradley manning is accused of taking that they will be well aware of very harsh torturous repetitions if they decide to do this and this is a real big concern for the u.s. military because all that bradley manning did what bradley manning experienced was he was a rank and file soldier who went to the war in iraq and was repulsed by what he saw he was repulsed by the war and he was repulsed by that the things that you saw going on day to day and so he felt that he had to take a stand and thought that other people deserve to see what was happening what all of their tax dollars were going to you and what their families were dying for now.
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this is a war this was a war that the vast majority of americans oppose in the majority of soldiers opposed in the war in afghanistan is no different the majority oppose that where the majority of soldiers oppose that war as well so the us military is really dealing with the threat of rank and file soldiers being the ones who take a stand and say this is wrong and we no longer want to take part of it and the people need to know the reality of what's happening because the government is just lying to us. well have a recap of the week's top stories in just a few minutes stay with us here and on to. the it would.
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be of a lot of war lords war criminals we have a lot of illegal call groups of the called citizens. also argues in the right in africa my marriage was like many other marriage it wasn't forced marriage it's just my view when i was fifteen years old you can liberate other when you certainly can't do it through the barrel of a gun only effective social changes can be the afghans themselves afghan men and women we believe are going to stun them not to the cross per widow
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but to fish on its chemical pollution and get a construction up and stop people in the obama administration talking about how much they care about the women of afghanistan it's not true they don't care about the women of afghanistan. well live from kuwait it's technology innovation all the moves developments from around russia we've got the future covered.
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the day's news out or a few of the we carry on tape people in the water on syria are choosing their.


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