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tv   [untitled]    February 26, 2012 3:00am-3:30am EST

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insurgences agree there is no evidence tara is building nuclear weapons of israel increases the pressure of continued threats of a military strike. euro zone tightens its belt greece is saved from the brink of collapse at the cost of a massive new wave of cuts the students in spain lash out against their own lack of funding. that they are watching artie's weekly news review but first today millions of people across syria are expected to have their say on the country's new draft constitution the referendum which promises a multi-party system comes amid ongoing violence with most opposition groups aren't to boycott the ballot but as artie's rafa national reports from damascus some hope of the vote could bring about an end to the conflict. ballots instead of bullets
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mass demonstrations and violent protests have been rolling across syria for almost a year by. the syrian government desire calling for the people to shape their future together by taking part in a referendum on the country's new constitution fulfilling its pledge to reform. was very excited that he'll be able to decide his own tomorrow. it's a completely new era is good for everybody even opposition can take part it's for all the amendments to the country's number one law have been among the key demands of the opposition since the uprising began and the draft seems to cover the most pressing issues. it starts with eliminating baath party supremacy which have ruled the country for the last fifty years introduces a multi-party system and sets a two term limit on any future president however even these reforms a cause in controversy jihad and his friend odin flower shop in damascus he says
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this new document draws a line between him and his muslim business partner just a shout there is a big contradiction in article thirty three says the old equilibrate number that he says can be a president so what about the other term percent or not here temporarily i've been living together for ages the want to be counted. now maybe ten percent of the people they speak about this ok but maybe if we was removing this article from the new constitution the ninety percent would said well why you take this article out. public debates on the draft constitution have been organized to bring the people and the authors of the two documents together they don't trust me they don't se the sailors are statistically the meat of the work for
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hire a company that syria's government says becoming one but some say there is still a long way to go to that new syria and they don't believe the government will follow through with their reforms i'm afraid if i were a goes the constitution somebody will in the world will shoot me clashes and protests almost every day but some hope that the referendum rule not only britain and you constitution it might even be able to stop the bloodshed. people who want to improve and develop but also others who want to divide syria is this it was should we help them do what we should go and vote for. the draft of syria's new constitution has been made public ten days before the national referendum fourteen new and forty seven amended articles are all here with comments and details the baser also on t.v. and the internet never in the country's modern history for its residents so close to policy making but many here on the ground fear that the ongoing violence could
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bury any hope of reform reform altie damascus syria. but as many syrians prepare to vote on their future the so-called friends of syria have already made their position clear on friday the group of states led by washington recognize the credibility of the syrian opposition insisting that must go well russia has a rebuff a meeting saying it's biased in its efforts to solve the crisis. moscow. moscow refused to take any part in that meeting because judging by the statements we've been hearing and the format of the so-called friends of syria club the sole purpose of that conference is not to find a way out of the current situation but to promote the idea that the conflict can only be resolved if assad leaves i have met with mr assad and with the representatives of two opposition groups i did not get the impression that it is the people versus sad in this conflict situation is different some people are
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opposing the regime while others support mr assad but some support the regime passively and they do not back the idea of outside interference it's not black and white it's not a scenario where the whole nation rises up to overthrow a government they don't like when representatives of the gulf monarchies which do not have a single democratic institution start complaining about assad's regime being undemocratic but i believe that undermines the political and moral legitimacy of the friends of syria is it a club or syria's friends or a club of people who want to measure ourselves gone is because that's the question we have to ask so. political analyst abraham says the friends of syria group by backing the rebels is being used as a tool to stir up civil war. you can call it the meeting for the friends of the united states or the enemies of syria but you can call it a meeting for the friends of syria this meeting is supposed to enhance the legitimacy of the syrian national council and that the same time legitimize
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from outside the boundaries of the un security council especially after the veto of that was pressed by russia and china so i think this is a free for them to run from the question as is that sort of helping stabilize or these stabilize syria and i think the obvious answer is that they are these stabilizing syria and they are doing that not of business in syria but of ferment things civil war that is unfolding right now before our. plan to stand in for him talking to us there from jordan. now the u.s. intelligence community has dealt a fresh blow to washington's claims that iran is pursuing nuclear weapons and assessments by america's sixteen spy agencies suggest there is new evidence that iran has decided to build a nuclear bomb meanwhile u.n.
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and agency says tehran has expanded its uranium enrichment work once the i.a.e.a. also criticized iran for not allowing its inspectors into key military site the country is facing tough u.s. and sanctions and threats of an attack from israel that its nuclear program which it insists is peaceful. from the national iranian american council and a former u.s. state department officer says to resolve iran's nuclear issue u.s. and its allies should change their approach. the american intelligence agencies and for that matter the israeli intelligence agencies and many other foreign governments intelligence agencies are saying that iran has not made the political decision to pursue weaponization and that leaves time for diplomacy to be pursued to find a peaceful solution that's beneficial to all parties involved the primary sticking point the primary truck problem that we see is that nobody trusts one another people in the p five plus one don't trust each other iran doesn't trust anybody in
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the p five plus one so in an effort to try and move things forward and shift that paradigm from the negative to the positive you know we need to get creative and international leaders need to find ways to take risks for peace anything from broadening the agenda to discussion issues not just focus on iran's nuclear program but things that iran is also interested in regional security energy security things of that nature just of bringing in some outside actors who the p five plus one and iran do have trust within turkey and brazil being the key examples of the parties that are played a kind of mediating role if positive inducements are not offered to iran and if the west doesn't seriously consider whether or not offering those positive inducements to iran are in america's interests europe's interests i'm negotiating will fail because iran will not like well one the country that doesn't seem interested in the case with iran is israel which has repeatedly threatened to attack tehran's nuclear sites coupled with accusations that the islamic republic is behind the attacks on
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it stiffen that support israel could already be committed to military action in southeast revolutionary ports. israel's leaders are actively drumming up the military rhetoric. iran is the biggest terror exporter in the world the israeli government and its security forces will continue to act forcefully systematically and calmly against international terrorism dating from iran. a potential israeli rocket clash looks more likely than never there is speculation a preemptive strike against iran's nuclear sites could happen as early as spring or summer although that's not causing undue concern in israel i think possibly people you know they make their plans for a vacation you know pass or a vacation summer vacation possibly people are beginning to wonder well is there going to be a war is something going to mess it up or i think they're probably going ahead with it with sort of a thought we're back it would be nice if we could get
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a flight that we could cancel you know you know it's that sort of thing israel has previous experience when it comes to putting an end to new them bishan swished pose a potential threat in one thousand nine hundred one is just wiped out reactors in iraq they struck again in two thousand and seven hitting sites in syria but with iran's nuclear program things may not be so simple that if israel attacks iran it will not stop iran forever from getting nuclear weapons the only postpone it for a relatively brief amount of time the. installations are too diverse and far flung to destroy affectively israel does not have us poor white house secretary advisor was in israel warning against a move on iran saying it was better to wait for tougher sanctions to take effect in the coming months but mines may already be made up i think one of the things to create this aura of inevitability is to shut them up to shut up opposition at home
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and of course to convince the united states and europe that this is an inevitability it's going to happen. don't oppose it in fact why don't you help us out there is a question mark however over whether israel has what it takes to carry out the mission i doubt with the we have the capability. of creating damages to the extent of the mediating the program and even if israel's military prowess will allow it to carry out a strike on underground facilities in iran chances are it won't and there as you know saddam hussein and bashar assad by the time they knew what was happening was over and could just you know grumble without having to fight back you imagine iran sitting still you know all day day after day day after day what you say is really critical back i think any any sane person realizes that there will almost guaranteed be missiles falling on israel and considering iran for one of the twentieth century's longest wars against iraq in the one nine hundred eighty s.
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it consequences could be far reaching and destructive. israel has been suffering some bad weather as of late but it's likely that even the strongest winds will blow the country's foreign policy off its course and when it comes to israel's forecast for iran the storm clouds seem to be growing ever darker in tel aviv r.t. . so ahead for you this hour we turn in the western spotlight as russia's presidential election approaches interest in the candidate on his personality reaches a fever pitch overseas. and two weeks after he was nominated for a nobel peace prize bradley manning is that his first clue terry look at the suspected case in just a few minutes time. now cash strapped spanish students and teachers have packed the streets of valencia angry at the government's education cuts they also accuse police of heavy handed tactics at previous rallies where protests were charged down
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and beaten several were hurt and more than forty arrested some of them minors sara first reports from balancing. it's been dubbed the land spring and you can see thousands upon thousands of people. in the parade. of this event. played. by. some clubs like they say the braves and.
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some of the braves a. long. long. time regional. southern a lot of the public. love. that. the sun even. if you love. to get. out of. the population. of the one great. live in the country of the. red cross
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a. massive budget cuts is still dominating greece which avoided the painful to for this week the. leaders had left their fins hanging on for months as a pow that knew conditions before finally clearing the one hundred thirty billion euro bailout but the cost of the rescue is weighing heavily on the greek people who have paid the price with huge cuts and job losses financial journalists your husband who but says more austerity will be disastrous for the country it will make things worse for the greek economy the greek economy is in a deep recession at the moment the austerity program that is imposed on the contrary will worsen the recession which in its turn will worsen the budget outlook and so the negative spiral in which breeds economy and greek society has been imprisoned for almost the last two years will only get worse so this is not really a solution to the greek problem what you need for greece is to have
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a growth perspective for the economy of greece and we don't have that at all at the moment and the longer we wait the more it becomes obvious that the only way we can get the greek economy growing again is by in the exiting the euro zone which will lead of course to a devaluation of the new direct me but that is exactly what is needed to get the economy through international trade growing again. now looks to someday russians will choose their president for the next six years while the media is abuzz with other candidates promise the front runner that putin has kept a relatively low profile but it's a different story abroad where interest and coverage surrounding his personality is growing there are smith reports from the. russians a used to seeing blood putin in all manner of surroundings not only in top level meetings also out in the wilderness and even singing to
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a hollywood a list crowd. but there are always new heights to scale and you currently find him looming large on a london icon the double decker bus. is coming it proclaims so may find the wording of the slightly sinister but it's all to do with a new book which analyzes putin the man not the politician the books the result of a six year collaboration between a british author and russian journalist alexander. put in is probably the most interesting political from in the world at the moment and yes the right people who feel him be violent towards the rebels who love him or those who do but the most important thing is that sort of. can see that they don't. although as it turned out that wasn't quite true you know it's about it might be desperate or russia
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today. people are so close you probably appreciate you supposing the russia is i don't know about you. i mean this or russia but you've got it the authors say friday's book release isn't connected to next month's election in russia but it does come hot on the heels of two separate british documentaries involving putin one a look at the controversial political youth group nationally and the other a critically acclaimed parts counter through relations with the west during his twelve years at the top there will be the world's attention on him again and people want to know is this a man we've seen before or is he changing. can he face the new challenges and how does the recent protest movement affect his politics and his outlook having his face still in double decker buses won't help you said as russert is prepared to go
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to the polls but love him or let you play a person's reputation as russia's strongman has captured the imagination of documentary makers and all things here in the u.k. and elsewhere whether it's play in infamy is an open question norris mentality. where the head of the elections where they have put in there has been publishing a series of articles outlining key international domestic issues you can find more of that on our website dot com you can read his latest statements about syria national pressure on iran relations with washington over missile defense also online a few day. shocked the villagers in brazil with this what they think is a u.f.o. some fifty kilogram metal ball falls from the sky in front of unsuspecting residents may be on the story of o.t. dot com and of course make sure you cut short of our best videos on our you tube channel.
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is he here to. download the official anti allocation your i phone no i pod touch from the top story. on the go. video on demand all tease my old car. and r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. question on the dot com. two u.s.
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military advisors were killed in the interior ministry in kabul as anti-american protests continued into a fifth day in afghanistan part of this was sparked by the burning of copies of the corona to nato air base where there has with joy in all of its personnel from afghan ministries to avoid further attacks dozens of people have been killed and wounded in clashes two week test has also set fire to the un office in the northwestern city of can do is present a bomb or nato officials have apologized for the incident saying the desecration was unintentional but. to a political think tank in neighboring pakistan says u.s. that alliance would be hard pressed to restore its reputation. in the decade that the u.s. military has been in the but has done for the first time even to smaller places in provinces and towns wherever there is u.s. presence ordinary afghans are laying siege to these places until now the americans were facing a very serious resistance groups the of gun taliban but now after this incident
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we're see the ordinary dance of force pitched against the u.s. will be present but also u.s. trained police men and u.s. trained soldiers now an ordinary american working you know what is done today doesn't know whether he should expect a bullet from afghan taliban and afghan policeman or not gun soldier who he might have trained earlier even after ten years it seems the americans don't know who they're dealing with they don't get on this very well u.s. military are increasingly treated to what i would call anti islamists and they're constantly sort of indoctrinated into into into treating islam disrespectfully i fail to see how the u.s. military personnel and the of the east end of gun army personnel would be able to restore the level of trust that existed let's say five days or six days ago. well
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some other international news stories in brief for you now a suicide car bomber has attacked a church in the city of joss in central nigeria two people were killed and seven more injured in the bombing the church was packed with worshippers at the time hundreds have died in the city as a result of ethnic and religious violence of hospitals it's also been a regular target of the extremist group boko haram blamed for killing more than three hundred people this year alone. so they go present or deny whether he's seeking reelection for a third term on sunday after he defied opposition efforts to block him from taking part in the vote six people attending the protests have already died in clashes ahead of the polls demonstrators say his candidacy is illegal due to term restrictions in the constitution the president argues the limits were brought in after he started his first. write to him. pakistan has begun demolishing of some of bin laden's hideout where he lived for years before
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his assassination compound was located not far from the country's elite military academy in the northwest town of about about officials had warned there was concern the house could become a shrine to supporters of the deceased al qaida leader bin laden was shot dead last may by u.s. special forces. and north korea has ordered troops to launch a toiletry strike against the south if provoked the statement comes south korean and u.s. forces prepared to start a joint military exercise of. twenty ten ongoing responded to drills from its neighbor an artillery attack that killed four people raising fears of a wider conflict. bradley manning who is accused of leaking hundreds of thousands of secret military files to wiki leaks has deferred his plea at the first court hearing on thursday he's already spent nineteen months in custody without being formally charged manning is facing life in prison if found guilty for aiding
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the enemy but many americans consider him here a. moment to noble peace prize well their doubts get a fair trial after president obama said the whistleblower broke the law attorney kevin zeese says that manning is standing trial for telling the truth. well this is a case of very low level classified documents in fact there's questions as to whether they should been classified at all we have to also realize they. were released the pentagon papers those are very high level secrets and even those were not releasing any national security information that should have been kept secret all we're finding out from even the highest level secret pentagon papers in the lowest level secrets that means accused is. inevitably havior misbehavior by the u.s. far by u.s. foreign policy we're showing our corporations and the government work closely together to support corporate profit rather than public interest we're showing all
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sorts of inappropriate behavior by people like surgery say clinton who ordered u.s. diplomats to spy on u.n. officials when it came to meetings in the united nations that's illegal yet she's not being prosecuted manning who is accused of the century telling the truth is being prosecuted facing life in prison while people who commit war crimes and other crimes are not being prosecuted. more insight into developments in syria in our special interview but first the week's headlines and if you might stay with us.
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this. day's news interview of the week arundhati people in that war torn syria are choosing their new constitution.


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