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tv   [untitled]    February 28, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EST

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damascus says it will defend its people and sovereignty from foreign pressure while ushering in a new constitution but at the same time suffering a blow of fresh sanctions from the e.u. . greece's a credit score is slashed despite the government's race to approve even more austerity cuts but the world bank warns the next financial fallout could actually be from beijing and far worse. under way britain's criticised for cutting spending at home and sending billions of brought in foreign aid to countries that say they don't even want the cash. and not
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a good day for the western markets both the us yes and my eyes it's vanished and the red with banking and energy star names take a look at the figures and at this point. it is good to have you with us this is r.t. live from moscow with me rule received shy damascus has condemned the latest set of e.u. sanctions against the syrian government the country's foreign minister says economic pressure is only leading to greatest suffering for the already beleaguered people of syria dozens have reportedly been killed across the country just this on choose day while officials hailed the success of a referendum on a new constitution in damascus is ati's wary function. french foreign minister in a speech to the un human rights council on monday in geneva where syria is
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dominating the agenda has said that the time is common for president bashar al assad as well as all the syrian officials both civilian and military to face justice for crimes against their people france wants to see the regime before the international criminal court and urges for preparations to start the draft resolution of the un human rights council condemns widespread and systematic violations of human rights and other freedoms here in syria the economic pressure from this national community to the regime is also increasing the e.u. has he damascus with its toughest set of sanctions yet they include more asset freezes against officials and impose restrictive measures on the country's central bank it's also maintaining support for the syrian opposition recognizing the syrian national council as a legitimate representative of the syrian people seeking for democratic changes recently russia's prime minister vladimir putin has said that meddling into other states affairs may lead to foreign intervention has also stressed that it is and
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attempts to democracy by force may and very often does the opposite effect. from national reporting right meantime qatar and saudi arabia and now leading calls to start for truly arming the rebels and reports that's already happening covertly but gaza based professor. thinks the syrian crisis at the end of the day will backfire on the gulf states. as long as the west and america and conspiratorial countries are not happy with the performance of the syrian government they are going to create trouble for the people and to instigate the people for more action against the regime and against syria because of its role in this part as a power which is opposing theirs right which is a point of the policies of the not states of america of the west what's happening so syria probably wouldn't let spirit to go to so they are able to cut out of the arab gulf simply because their own people are not happy about the conspiracies of
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the bout that are which they play in this part of the world. you're watching r t and still ahead for you in the program this hour police report suspicious activity . in the jewels of the united states to carry out acts of terrorism don't assume it was left by accident if you see something say something we track the influence of big brother on american life as people are uncovered to keep an eye on everything and everyone. and how to lose friends that the israeli way is neighbors begin losing patience over the countries and iran rhetoric. another day another lowering of the credit rating and another vote on government cuts for the greek parliament is trying to push through more slashes to salaries and pensions in order to get the next e.u. bailout well as a ratings agency standard and poor's and lowers the nation's credit score to quote
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selective default the downgrade was widely expected because of greece's debt write off deal with private creditors it was part of the hundred thirty billion euro bailout which on monday was backed up by germany the second rescue package in a little over eighteen months will ensure that athens can pales its debts for the tiny being but max fraud senior analyst of the investment advisory green across the capital says that cash handouts will not help the greek economy to get back on its feet. stuck greece is not getting bailed out creditors to greece are getting bailed out the reason that we keep hearing the term fire wall is because you're building a wall around the country letting it burn to the ground and making sure that folks who've invested in it residing in other countries don't see the fire leap the wall and get to that i think that the twenty percent unemployment the forty percent youth unemployment the regular rioting the hemorrhaging of the future of the dreams of a lot of people near bankruptcy or total bankruptcy of a significant portion of the country's industries the changing of the constitution
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to make debt repayment a higher priority than all basic social services we should be clear and most of the analysts aren't that what's being done here is you're sacrificing a significant portion of the greek economy in the hopes of keeping the rest of europe. well if you thought the impact of greece's economic woes was bad the world bank has a rather sobering forecast for china's fiscal future and says beijing is heading for a slowdown that could have a devastating effect on the whole globe business editor nick poole has details well it's morning. economic reform political reform or else it could have a economic crisis in all different choice to really go belly up everybody else has to go belly up a bit as well so what's happening in europe in the u.s. possibly get worse or get more deep recession or in lead and so between five and twenty years will be the biggest economy in the world if you pursue that so it
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clearly should have a bigger role because say in how global for us is conducted the world bank has been criticized on the case for being an extension of us foreign policy it is literally just down the road from the white house on pennsylvania avenue if you've got a choice he's heard or rush in your head they will change the culture slightly within the bank it won't become. a chinese government it won't become a russian by giving up who are least dominated by that kind of culture but it will sort of soften that how to take away some of the sort of u.s. dominance in that regard you're watching r.t. live from moscow it's good to have you with us still ahead for you this hour on the program cash flow controversy. here wants to be treated as a world india wants to be treated equal india doesn't want to be to get any more as a little child being told by mother how to do things the u.k. sends a steady stream of money to india while cutting public spending at home even though india says it doesn't even want the catch. the
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un's atomic agency says it can conclude whether iran is trying to build a nuclear bomb because tehran refuses to cooperate but the country's envoy to the i.a.e.a. has questioned the agency's impartiality and says it's influenced by the u.s. in an exclusive interview to watch here ali asghar soltanieh filled in the blanks over iran's nuclear program following the recent visit of inspectors for now a preview the other warning that couple of course is include the united states is trying to run the agency so that they can dictate from washington what vienna should do and that is why we do not permit such a thing to occur and that is the whole issue that the agency as a professional technical organization should do its work and that is why you see they make meet so many noses here and there they do not let the agency to do its work and that is why we want expect all countries including russia and others and
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i'm very pleased that last meeting in fact russia and china ambassadors along with a hundred countries of nonono movement all together questioned what had happened in fact namely the least of confidential information that that we need mobilization of member states to prevent something happening in vienna which did you raise. that is what we need but i went on. and you can watch the full interview with ambassador bolton a in the clover an hour's time right here on out. well israel which has been threatening to attack iran's nuclear sites now says if it does strike it will do so without warning officials in israel say they will keep washington in the dark to avoid it being involved israel worried about rising instability on the borders is not building a security barrier along it's fun to hear with egypt to keep militants and migrants
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out and as our teaser report starts a sign that danger may lurk much closer. love their neighbors as the biblical saying goes but in the case of israel there is not much love lost between the jewish state and the countries close to do it while authorities in jerusalem fierce and feyerick is ations that iran some wonder if they're empty tehran frenzy they may have overlooked other troubles brewing much closer to home to gary the reason why euphoria in israel who are the result hostile activity there is no terrorist activity. all of them. are on the gaza strip. in fact the post conflict has long been a source of problems for the israeli government but recently seems the issue has all but been forgotten and some believe this blinkered approach may end up having dire and explosive consequences for israel with the rise of islamic tendencies in
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the wake of the arab spring states which until now have been tacitly benevolent to what israel may do it turns around in fact such changes already evident in egypt the muslim brotherhood which holds the majority of seats in the parliament has already threatened to break peace accord but this israel as a response to pressure from the us and the crackdowns and the laces with the use of make gets even worse egypt when they go tremendous changes egypt will stand behind hamas one day hamas may attack israel as it did in the. two thousand and eight the question is how would egypt react to such a conflict that i think is an imminent threat iran is not an imminent threat. but could also be an imminent threat some believe is the situation in syria which seems to go from bad to worse with every passing day. controlled by decentralization in the messages means. the presence of terrorist groups that
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may operate against israel meanwhile israel's most placid neighbor jordan may seem to be a bedrock of stability but experts say that isn't so and there's rules immediate neighbor to be used it's a pantry that israel has a peace relationship with it also has the longest border with and i think it is most vulnerable to. destabilizing influences from almost everywhere else bill over from syria spillover from iraq there are very serious problems and jordan one look at the map is enough to show that israel's position in the real. could be described as potentially problematic at best however israeli authorities seem to be less concerned with reinforcing good relations with neighbors or preparing for those relations to push them instead of the absolutely continue to confront iran with the word of words. in tel aviv.
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and that are we report on the behind closed doors discussions between israel and senior u.s. officials but israel says that it won't give the us a heads up on any potential attack on iran and to shield washington from possible blame also online for you to the taliban have been leaving a taste in american spy training poison nato certainly believe so why at r.t. dot com. joining forces three of the five russian presidential hopefuls have met for a new type of debate this time being grilled by journalists instead of fighting with each other much much more on our website. r.t. is coming to you live from moscow
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a presidential authorization for the military to detain terror suspects without charge or trial has left many americans wary washington says it's beefing up national security as part of the war on terror but critics say fear mongering is dividing not uniting the nation the reporting now is artie's marina portnoy. the united states of america is home to over three hundred thirty million people we are a country known for freedom. that was then this is today good stuff in. kenya sure report suspicious activity level of the already the land of liberty is fast becoming known as the land of fear and suspicion there are individuals in the united states who seek to carry out acts of terrorism a post nine eleven slogan born in new york city has been adopted nationwide don't assume it was left by accident if you see something say something this see
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something say something american campaign depicts terrorist scenarios and encourages members of the public to keep watch on well other members of the public according to f.b.i. pamphlets distributed to local businesses potential terrorist activity indicators include always paying with cash wearing backpacks and baggy clothes and the discreet and prolonged use of cameras for note taking even the cyber cafe owners are encouraged to keep watch on any customers overly concerned with privacy even just trying to shield your screen from others can make you a suspect. thing government policies or making anti-war statements can also land citizens on the u.s. watch list as of two thousand and nine the u.s. defense department categorizes public protests as a low level terrorism we live in a military dominated society. the people are unaware of it.
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terrorism is a threat you know on nine eleven has created a level of fear has been exploited and. sustained by encouraging a state of public surveillance some new yorkers accuse the government of fostering more paranoia and security oh react and i was saying oh yeah i saw that it just because someone is paying cash doesn't mean you know that there are terrorists people there is watching yeah no i don't agree with that at all it's too far reaching the n.y.p.d. under fire again for its intelligence gathering campaign involving a muslim american. and illegal surveillance scandal erupted in the big apple after police officers were caught spying on mosques and muslim communities according to the associated press thousands were under surveillance with no evidence or even allegations of criminal behavior we have to keep this country safe this is a dangerous place many in the u.s. fear that with america's escalating definition of suspicious activity the
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government's expanding powers remain the biggest threat to the people security. r.t. new york. i try not to get to the r.t. world update for you some other global news headlines in or start with pakistan in the northern part of the country a gunman opened fire on a bus killing eighteen and injuring seven the victims were from the country's minority shia community the ambush happened in a mountainous village in a district dominated by sunni tribes are already the taliban has claimed responsibility. for an explosion at a chemical plant in northern china has left thirteen people dead and forty others injured the blast flattened nearby buildings and shattered windows and surrounding houses tremors caused by the incident could be felt in several nearby villages the plant specialized in making chemicals to fuel space rockets.
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bailiffs and riot police clear the occupy camp in london a high court ruling had allowed the sim paul's cathedral site to be taken down twenty arrests were made as protesters try to prevent their lives from moving in the demonstrators have been camped out since mid october seeing as one of the largest surviving sights of the occupy movement of course ultimately poised against corporate greed. london's occupy demonstrators may have been sent home but a new wave of nationwide protests could be on the way taxpayers are making their voices heard angry that foreign aid is still being sent to india for public spending has been cut at home and despite new delhi dismissing the handouts as quote peanuts the cash keeps flowing as artie's laura smith reports. whoever owns these streets getting used to the angry pounding of feet with demonstrations large and small
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a regular sight don't spend our money on foreign wars don't cost top public services these people are saying but although the government insists the cupboard is. still sending millions to india one of the fastest growing economies in the world is absolutely crazy really and foreign aid of course is one of the few areas of the you. increase in substantially if the next three or four years but money could make a huge difference if it was for example spent on tax cuts for workers or you could make a huge economic difference if it was spent in good people right the tree angry it's a government that's a bunch of. education services but can't afford to send one. billion dollars a year to india which now has more billionaires than britain and the indian economy will grow by seven percent this year compared to a measly one percent here it's already got the ninth largest gross domestic product
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in the world and it's got the space program immense wealth rubbed shoulders with crippling poverty though and defenders of the aid program point to india's six hundred million poor people living on less than two dollars a day the government says the aid is carefully targeted investment into education for women and children and helping the private sector create jobs and growth it is wrong to portray this as an indiscriminate about the money being given to the indian government who can go and spend it on. space or indeed other things this is a very concentrated. targeted a program and i think on that basis even it has been targeted at some of the poorest people in the world. i'm happy to defend the aids concentrated on the three poorest states in india but if the government thinks that'll help it reach its goal
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experts say it's mistaken but the problem is. particular states have also got some of the worst problems with corruption and poor governance in india i mean that relates to one of the reasons those are still struggling spaces because they have very bad government so the idea that somehow this is going to be different this time it is different if only in the fact that the indians have said they don't even want the eight the foreign ministers dismissed the monies paid us and the recent decision to buy french rather than british fighter jets shows the cash doesn't even matter according to indian journalist. he says it's up to the four hundred million wealthy indians to help their impoverished country men were not. post-imperial britain we are showing how good we are this is the way to do it and this is what you should be doing in fact it produces the opposite effect it makes them resentful it makes them feel they are not taking indian seriously india wants to be treated as a world power india wants to be treated with equal india doesn't want to be treated
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any more as a little child being told by mother how to do things within a decade economists predict india will take in the case become the world's largest economy while great stagnate its time stay commentates is for britain to build relations with the new powerful india before the eight to start flowing in the direction. r.t. . in just a few moments it's corrina with the markets but for now russia is gearing up for the weekend's presidential election this time by rolling out the technology and web cams have been set up in nearly every polling station across the country is to ensure maximum transparency after last december's parliamentary election triggered allegations of vote rigging i with all the details r.t.c. got a person off. we. let the of us pick a video that went around the web alleged a merry go round of voting prevented at one of moscow's cooling stations during the
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recent parliamentary election he is among those on the recording he claims for a promised me ward from the city district of tories he was given ten completed ballots to stuff in the box in favor of a certain party little did the alleged plotters know i was a journalist on an undercover mission yeah it was i was shocked by the cynicism of the situation i mean it was the point of the vote all the other if they could easily give out filled out ballots to whole groups of people scores of similar videos have been posted on the web pushing cans of thousands to protest many cases are under investigation but to prevent a repeat during the presidential vote the sunday nearly all polling stations across russia are being equipped with the web cameras to talk of the idea is not only to prevent stuffing them but to show on camera the results in each polling station or government they could then easily be compared with the final figures on line this
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is maximum transparency committee. each polling station is beauty equipped with cameras one with a general shot of the mount box and the other with a crucible just want. you to do you could be the center of your computer processing will then be sent to seven large storage and distribution facilities. radio and satellite these centers will then broadcast the information to several want. everyone to watch online these are the servers where the data from all the web cameras will be processed to rolls and rolls of heavy duty forward in order to walk through around five hundred years of information that's how long it's called he would take to watch all the videos from beginning to end. you get the screen or to moscow. for let's head over to the markets now here and i'll take arena standing by at the business tesco hello so you have the latest of today's our highs and lows
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rory yes we're seeing a mix start on wall street after a week reports of factory orders and home prices but stocks are gradually coming up this hour business may feel a long term investments and that kind of investment has helped while the other we cover it that you are seeing a choppy trading today with market worsen from early against the foot in the dax slide into the red on a good day for the russian market as well coffee r.t.s. and my six lost over eight percent energy stocks were the main drag as oil which is russia's main export is trading lower let's check the major movers of my sex today energy majors lower on a week of oil prices rosneft was over half a percent down i guess problems down under one percent and banking stocks were also under pressure with burbank losing over one percent as you see on the screen right
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now now in other news for investment in to russia. the economy grew by sixty six percent in two thousand and eleven that's according to russia's accounting standards. and russia's natural gas industry is ready to welcome another major player the country's largest oil company. is to set up a joint venture with the terra and independent gas producer business artie's mining acosta has won that. this partnership means the two companies will work together on strengthening their position on the gas market but now as a single entity its era which was of course the first private company to produce and supply gas in russia is now handing over four of its assets and this collaboration will lead to the production of over forty billion cubic meters of gas a year amounts in reserves of over one trillion cubic meters of gas these companies claim this will increase not only their reserves but profits and capitalization and
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also it doesn't exclude the possibility of adding its own assets to the company in the future but at the moment it seems their main priority is to increase their potential and influence on the gas markets. well staying with natural gas you'll get back reconstruction and development has denied ukraine alone to modernize its gas transportation system the bank says it cannot lend money to a company which is posting losses and needs structural reforms now let's take a look at oil futures. pull back from recent gains and that's threatening global economic recovery but prices are still high as. a continuing to trade high let's check on the currencies of the euro is gaining against both the currencies that's up to germany's parliament approved greece's bailout package and that eased some concerns over euro debts now the russian currency is extending previous games and is trading against the dollar now at twenty nine and against the euro it's trading
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. at thirteen i just thought. well that's all what i have for you this hour but don't forget you can always find most always if you just log on to the website r.t. dot com slash business. wealthy british style it's a mess but i'm not surprised. at. markets
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why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with my stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report. to to move .


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