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tv   [untitled]    March 8, 2012 1:30am-2:00am EST

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omissions from the palm of your. column. you actually ought to recap our top stories now america's involvement in syria is not off the table u.s. military officials are appealing their options case of diplomatic isolation such species feels. russia criticizes nato and u.n. security council for refusing to admit civilian deaths to eleven says eriksson did it last year expresses outrage over training camps for syrian victims discovered in libya. and iran that warms the resumption of nuclear talks which.
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you tell world powers continue to pressure and sanctions. are next in an interview without see iran's or deputy foreign minister give his assessment of the likelihood of mitchell confrontation over his country's nuclear program. we're witnessing increased tension between us and he's really against around us your assessment of the recent statements by president obama and he's really part minister netanyahu all of us israeli threats against iran and not new it's a repeating scenario involving the u.s. and the zionist country what's important is that we understand the terms and conditions to which the u.s. president is in an election cycle these threats are for domestic consumption and are intended to influence election results some of these threats relate to changes
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taking place in the middle east north africa as well as the arab revolutions which were led rather peacefully and quietly by the muslim peoples and we're currently witnessing political and security changes which have come as a response to popular demand salut weakened america's presence in the region and empowered resistance against zionism and against repressive regimes till of eve is in a very bad situation and netanyahu is incapable of taking decisions or seriously thinking of attacking iran should this unlikely attack ever happen israel will face dire consequences they know this well and netanyahu statement reflects his fears because they are very weak now iran is much stronger than them even in the current circumstances or. what are the consequences of a possible attack by israel on iran. well if we have different retaliate a real options however we're not convinced that israel has the capability to launch a military attack on iran we see it as unrealistic any move against us would be
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strongly responded to and they would regret it. that and other what do you perceive the situation in syria you are accused of sending weapons and elements from the rain army and their revolutionary guard to syria is this true or well. we have strategic relations with syria which we see as an important state in the resistance access our historical ties with the people and government of syria give us a good insight into the nature of the syrian people who because of their resistance to us israeli domination possess a deep sense of national unity contrary to what some parties say we do not need to send weapons to syria we simply articulating our support for the syrian people and the reforms of president bashar al assad we have also said clearly that we recognize and understand the objectives of the u.s. and zionists in this vitally important middle east country and we would not allow america to use unrest in the country to install new power structures that would
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upset the balance of power in the region certainly not without the demand and will of the syrian people since america cares only for its own interests on the contrary we've received accurate intelligence from our allies the tens of us israeli backed trucks loaded with weapons have crossed syria's borders bringing more danger to syria fortunately syria and the syrian people have been able to face off foreign intervention over the past few months the result was the public referendum on the syrian constitution which was held peacefully we deny charges of sending weapons to syria which does not meet our weapons in our opinion because what syria needs above everything else is political support in facing a one sided american sanctions and it also needs the reforms executed there to be taken into consideration these are called points in iran's policy towards syria i thought. i was out of hearing how do you think the situation in syria will handle
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and worst. syria heading up at one moment and other thinking over the past three months we believe syria has gone through three basic phases first had managed to overcome the security chaos phase into which america the zionist regime western states and unfortunately some arab states invested their knowledge intelligence and mass media in an attempt to pursue their interest but syria managed to overcome this almost two months ago. in the second phase before the constitutional referendum syria managed to solve its security problems that the syrian people and government succeeded is evidenced by the constitutional poll. the third phase marks the completion of assad's reforms we should soon witness parliamentary elections as syria heads toward stability and peace which we're seeing across the country the other parties played all their cards but couldn't make it work their goal centered
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on creating chaos in syria well i say is confirmed by the results of the conference held by the so-called friends of syria in tunis and they came out with nothing we are optimistic and confident that the syrian people and president bashar al assad will succeed and will continue reforms while facing down foreign interventions and terrorism if for these reasons the national dialogue process should look forward with confidence. again it will be foreign troops getting to syria would you be willing to defend it what about has been lost feet. as the internationally orchestrated crisis began in syria some spoke of foreign intervention but once they saw the reality on the ground they ceased such rhetoric we strongly reject any foreign intervention in syria and we do believe that syria is capable of defending itself against any such intervention given the constructive and positive steps taken by the regime and the support it receives from the syrian
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people in the case of a decision to militarily intervene in syria the region would face a serious crisis of a different parties would enter the conflict serving neither syria's nor the syrian people's purposes nor the stability and security of the region of the world have been admitted to fucking house how different are the situations in syria and in bahrain you clearly your support for the syrian president and at the same time called on the king or by. marine to start reforms seen the demands of the bahraini people are legitimate because this mean the syrian people's demands are it would. have a lot of about it we take into consideration the different circumstances of each country yemen bahrain and syria we follow the same policy will in all three countries we believe that the demands of the people should be taken into consideration and we also believe that political reforms should also take place. at
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the same time we denounce any foreign intervention in these three states it's also our belief that national dialogue is the only solution for these countries under the government should implement reforms necessary for national dialogue the difference between syria and bahrain is that the part of the events in syria a real such as people's demands and their need for reforms. like all other out of states syria needs reforms and democracy yet a greater part of the so-called events in syria is artificial initiated by foreign intervention by flooding the country with weapons manipulating regional change to weaken an important resistant state close examination of recent events in syria clearly distinguish it from the middle east and north africa for instance the capital cities of the states where the center for the people's protests and demands while in syria we see the damascus was largely the scene of rallies supporting the regime even during the referendum the highest turnout it was in the capital
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moreover protests in syria began three and a half months after the protests in other countries and only along the borders they started as armed movements aimed at creating civil war and the anti regime groups were soon supplied with weapons so for the protests to take their current form for these reasons we believe that the events in syria differ from those in yemen bahrain or egypt above all killing the syrian people is a red line for us and we denounce murderous operations conducted by both parties as we do confirm the necessity of meeting the demands of the people. i had when we witnessed the rise of islamic parties to power in egypt tunisia and libya. how will this affect the regional well what on earth in there for you we believe that great changes are taking place in light of the islamic and arab awakenings which will eventually lead to a dismantling of pro-american regimes in the region the west itself sees it like
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that new players will come to the fore from youths different classes and the leaks at the same time the islamists are winning elections that a new regional security arrangements in the region are emerging a sieging american and zionist interest in the region forcing them to step back and eventually they will lose their dominant position as a result the us is zionist alliance concentrates on syria in an attempt to wipe out the regional resistance axis we believe the arab and islamic awakening a bit least will eventually lead to greater democracy security and stability creating prosperity in a region that will enjoy tranquility and constructive relations with the international community with no place for us zionist dominance from with us and the hard part about the women the reigning elections marked in not a victory why the conservatives has this week nothing will change in iran's domestic or foreign policy. you know on that iranian foreign policy is wise
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stemming from the dignity and interest of the islamic republic of iran that it works within the parameters of peace and stability in the persian gulf and plays an active role in changes enveloping the region and the world elections have shown once again the solidarity and disposition of the iranian people reformists have always had an active political role to play the expressed opinion of the electorate reflects their support for a rainy and foreign policy currently the iranian government's objectives lie in achieving prosperity for our people security for our country and for the region we're working to achieve these objectives more than we have done before with background because. wealthy british scientists are. sometimes the type of.
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market finiteness come to. why no one should really happening to the global economy with mike's cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on our. lose lose. its tso. just see.
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listen. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada.
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today live. america's involvement in syria is not off the table u.s. military officials are revealing their options in case to finance a car slates of assets when she fails. russia criticizes nato of un security council refusing to admit civilian deaths during an artist and it's a vivid austere expresses outrage over training camps for syrian revolution was discovered in libya. and iran wants the resumption of nuclear talks which a person to believe might be tough well casing pressure and sanctions. there's the headlines next it's called the sports.
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thank you very much kerry welcome to the world of school here's what we've got coming up for you. history is made barcelona's mean al massey becomes the first player ever to score five times in a single champion's league match as the spanish champions which double figures in knocking out by leverkusen up well nicosia come across cypriots to reach the quarter finals. ready to rumble fight night returns to moscow as we look ahead to a bleak night of kickboxing in the russian capital. and gold still or we recap only fifteen goals and this were exaction in the russian premier league as the season resumes after a winter break. but we start with an historic night in the u.a.e. the champions league where barcelona and up well they can see how booked their
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places in the quarterfinals their spanish side had double figures in their tie with but it is a good club by leverkusen but the night's as it so often does belong to les and el messi the argentine became the first player in champions league history to score five goals in a single game as the catalans pre-fire leverkusen seven one of the new camp to record a ten to aggregate victory it's the seventeenth patrick of his boss a career but his first ever five goal haul i mean to now has fifty three goals in forty nine much is for club and country this season but is he the greatest player of all time when his manager certainly thinks he's up there with the best. record of what i imagine that you're interested on as there are people used to say that there was nobody like him and then when cruz came along people said there was nobody like him and with maradona there was nobody like him but i would also mention because i don't want him to be offended nowadays the throne belongs to this
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kid and will decide for how long. well elsewhere up well they can see as champions league journey continues after becoming the first cypriot team to reach the last sixteen they've now become the first simply team to reach the last eight maybe french probably only won their last night to level the tie on aggregate people holding them up and coming through the penalty shoot out all three to extend their fairytale run. it was amazingly. well below thirty literally because the thirty three number little. we've played from coast to game will be and think we deserved to win. over to the ice now where regular season winners tractor put their place in the second round of the k h l playoffs as they won their best of seven series against you grab for one they chelyabinsk side one game five on home ice one knelt primarily people with the only gold left elsewhere defending champion sellout you lyin reduce the deficit in their series against
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doubles the current cup champions at fast times to a two one away victory is now three two with failure because cars are inside old metal magnitogorsk have also extended their series against parties at least for one more game it's basically because outside the game five interviews i think three. to the hardwood now are in the n.b.a. the philadelphia seventy six is a fresh boston celtics one hundred three seventy run to maintain their lead in the atlantic division the hosts took the bull by the horns right from the start as they outscored their opponents in the quarter thirty three seventeen even though keeping pace tries to keep his side it with a top school of sixty seventy six is increased their advantage to twenty two points by how time leading fifty five thirty three evan turner scored a career best twenty six points including the counter-attacking slam dunk helping philadelphia to their one hundred forty seventy one victory means boston missed the
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chance to move level with the seventy six is in the eastern division. and that brings us to martial arts and on thursday the russian capital well it's the sixth edition of the increasingly popular fight nights program we're about daniel has more now on the man who will be topping the bill. she got lucky and i was right. and we fought rock trying hard but you know that look in my shoes and it's in walk . that look back. at attack. does these guy have it made the couple was aiming to be russia's next tiger on the canvas twenty two year old heavyweight key books are what. has already collected all the major titles in his homeland along with capturing a selection of european and world championship belts. march twenty fifth white knights showdown musto nextel cup the slum margie's but it was just
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the woman at the top of the bill vantz featured through some russian star but too high to go and he won legends of their brows. a year on this coming thursday i mean if he said to play believe he'll take doing for the main event fight night six the man from the banks of the world the river will face the poorest from france that beat the machine brought death. i would say there are just a few fighters from all over the world in this weight class who have what it takes to go up against many of the rodef is one of them and that's what makes the fight so intriguing why the risk would have cook a lot for the fabled one the double who became world crown in twenty town. i mean you read that what took you a championship belt around his waist in two thousand and nine. but this is not
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a title belt just a good old fashioned scrap with a few scores to settle. the reason why do whine to him to work twenty town kicks me nice good friends you get a gun in for the bell and in the russian is serious knee injury. came soon afterwards you need to always be in control emotions can help we should keep them in check and make them work positively for you can be. i can say that i think it's simple to understand the pressures on what i mean it's a chaplain's come from. expect him a great song. so when feel build up to gradually build the fight there is a meaning to the good bill if you can. sometimes you think it's really really really tough and it's not so tough sometimes rick the guy just average. you know
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pretty well mean it is a nice and he's back. but the headlines last year did fit into one giant i did grouse in my exam this of course but to helps me a lot were teammates who want to know the advice he's sharing with me i'm not showing it now it's confidential all will be revealed however in the very near future the time for talking is over. r t my skill. now we finish where we started with football and the longest russian prime unique season resume this week the thing goals were scored in game with thirty three and if you missed any of them because here is goals galore.
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live. live. live. live to go.
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to go. live . to.
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live . live. plenty more over the next few months i'm looking forward to it that's all the sport
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for now is more in a couple of hours time say than. technology innovation. developments around russia. the future. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so sleep you think you understand it and then you blame something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything is off . i'm sorry in the big picture.
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