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tv   [untitled]    March 10, 2012 3:00am-3:30am EST

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a change of tone in syria the arab league backs the international envoys call for both sides to lay down their arms and start talking but the opposition once again rejects the idea of top jobs. cut off the forces and rebel fighters are accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity by u.n. ford on the libyan conflict with investigators also looking into nato airstrikes. also optimism about the green death write down for free mature south and suffers a fresh downgrade from fitch ratings agency was moody's going even further and declaring greece in default and. if you think the word might certain.
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it would it should be. accused of stoking fear to get the american public in the mood for a new war of military strikes on iran are firmly back on the table. it was not a lot from moscow. the man having the international effort to end violence in syria want an immediate cease fire involving both rebels and government forces and open talks the call comes from the chief of the arab league and the u.n. arab and both koffi annan who were meeting ahead of alan's mission to damascus both also spoke out against any move towards levy a style foreign intervention that is why if an option an hour before it's from syria there are forces at work who hold the opposite view. i heard of his visit to syria kofi annan who's traveling to the country as the joint u.
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and arab league envoy has announced that his mission is main goal will be to end the violence by persuading the warring sides to speak to each other is also said that he believes that a solution to the country's long running crisis lies in a political settlement just hopes are fading already but this mission will succeed the leader of the syrian national council of turkey based opposition groups recognized by e.u. as a legitimate for present to the syrian people has said that alan's comments and his idea to find their way out of crisis through dialogue are disappointing while syrian people he said are being massacred every day here in the country but hunger you has also said that any political solution will only work in syria if it's a compliment by military pressure on the regime of bashar al assad calls to give more weapons to the rebels and to provide them with any help they need have become especially loud after the rebels withdraw from the baba amr neighborhood in hopes heart of the conflict following the army's operation there saudi arabia and carter
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have been among the most active supporters of the militarization of the conflict in syria calling the idea on the rebels an excellent one we recently heard a lot about foreign weapons is here in syria and foreign volunteers and security officers captured in hopes following claims by the free syrian army that it's already received weapons and anti aircraft missiles from the west meanwhile kofi annan has been warning that further militarization would only make things worse expressing his hope that no one is very seriously thinking of using force in this situation but it seems that some are considering this as an option to gas former presidential candidate and senator john mccain has called on air strikes on syria to save innocent lives here in the country although official washington did drew out military intervention as an option the u.n. estimates that around seven thousand people have been killed in the clashes between the city. and the opposition here in syria the clashes that's been lost and for
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a year now already the opposition activists have been saying all the time that the regime of bashar al assad has been suppressing syrian people civilians innocent people while officially damascus has always been insisting that its voice and against terror groups operating in the country it is expected that kofi annan will spend two days here in syria will meet president bashar al assad and some members of the syrian opposition within the country it's not yet clear whether he will travel outside damascus security forces on high alert fearing any provocations and terror attacks on months after washington sided with the rebels senior u.s. intelligence officials have acknowledged they can say with confidence doubt the opposition represents a majority of the syrian people lawrence davidson faster of middle east history at west chester university says some of the some of president assad's opponents reject talks because their position is steadily weakening. perhaps they have talked to the
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this saudis and the americans and the brits and and they've come to the conclusion that these these groups will continue to back them and therefore they'll just try their time they're in a very weak position. they're out of the country their numbers of armed men under their command are limited they cannot win against the government militarily when it gets the government. the government is tempting to co-opt the moderate the moderate protesters with you know promises of was widespread reforms which if implemented would go a long way to satisfy even bigger regional demands of the opposition if implemented so the armed groups now really. don't have a good position i mean i don't think they are backed by the majority of the people
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in syria even the protests and the and commission looking into last year's libya conflict has found both forces loyal to the lately and leader monopod awful an opposition fighters committed war crimes and also i can add more investigation into nato's air campaign which killed one thousand robert naiman from a u.s. based foreign policy group believes foreign powers should have been held accountable long ago. in all these conflicts we have a pattern of the kind of pictures justice the in examining the war crimes on both sides of the conflict not just on libyan sides of the conflict but also to foreign sides of the conflict nato has never been held to account for the deaths of civilians in strikes in libya and many people said that this work in a military intervention is dangerous among other things to kill civilians it could
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lead to a breakup with mono no we were told though that i could never have been there would never be a breakup of the country well you know no no what we see and that you know the army . the arming of the external our new army has helped bring us to this point and coming up later this hour the uprising hailed as a win of democracy turns into a grab for power at any cost in kurdistan violence has become an answer go part of the democratic process with politicians exploiting ethnic divisions churchy their goals. and we report on palestinian children learning their first tough lessons in life thanks to a long and hard daily journey to school. that's president obama's quest for diplomacy was iran a worse nuclear program has failed to quell toss of a pending military confrontation statements from american stop defense official suggest a strike on iran is in the planning stage and could use a type of bomb that has never been seen before and as such is essential in reports
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the u.s. how the strong record of persuading the public that the war is the way. the water for a fish are popular among us war veterans like map it sure row something the nerves of some of the roughly one hundred seventy thousand american soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder the u.s. army frag has one hundred eighty three campaign ribbons on those one hundred eighty three ribbons each represent wars when you compare that to the way the two hundred thirty six years that we've actually been around as a country you're talking about you know a war on average of once every year and three months serving americans are on permanent standby to deploy to carry out warfare on command as the u.s. has a bone to pick with one enemy after the other from the soviet union in the choppiness threat was the most useful enemy where we are legitimate and we are completely
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fantastical it was always available as as a global conspiracy against which to justify anything smaller untag in this after the cold war the list keeps expanding allied air forces again an attack on military targets in iraq in kuwait airstrikes against serbian forces are more on target. begins striking selected targets of military importance to undermine saddam hussein's ability to wage a war we should get out these air defenses with a defense budget that surpasses the military expenditure of all other countries combined. no other nation drums up war as consistently as america and while people are still responding and recovering from the violence that's committed in one place or even in the same place we're launching new operations in and out more atrocities in different parts of the world the military industrial complex worth billions of dollars is largely america's driving force. deeply rooted in the system that would
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serve no purpose if there was no one to fight if there were not more enemies left there would be raw served. a sense of mission or frightening thought to many as this would reveal the economic social and cultural emptiness at home i throw here why the country when there are no enemies who trying to put together the evil empire again do in syria what we're doing now in libya we've got overthrow of this guy the threat that iran poses us year in and year out americans are convinced that the us has to remain on the defense petrified of death by terrorism so should i don't think i think a lot of americans wish we'd spent more money on war finding the next target is never difficult we are in bed seen the nation of iran as an enemy of the united states says it is sister of nuclear weapons it does not exist nation that has not attacked our no thirty in literally centuries and has no capability or desire to
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attack ours maybe the west might sort of work with iran iran is the word iran it should be iran the us has been picking and choosing which countries to intervene in for centuries as the list of nations that america loves to hate expands the concept that no war or is also an option seems to have been for about a decisive churkin a pretty. us conflicts waged across the world have left a trail of military bases and a wake often not even in the countries involved in the fighting i look at the role of the global web of bases and how they affect house nations a special documentary coming up on r.t. later today. to a substantial degree and one form or another socialism has spread the shadow of human regimentation over most of the nations of europe and the shadow isn't pro-choice. for. the early twenty first century
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military bases the network of military bases all. forms believe empire that the united states is trying to get its astonishing most americans have no idea there are more than a quarter of a million or more than two hundred fifty thousand u.s. troops stationed on these bases all around. we don't have power bases america we don't have any british base we don't have any korean base we don't have your french bases or you know we just want american bases in crosstown bases of five of the noises along with north of those bother us at all because they're all bases but for other people it's almost like a cancer here for these feel very day since the in the world war two these bases have been. we're here to provide a safe and secure environment for everybody. because
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they have things you could everything you needed a success for sound the fall from there is greece is experiencing its latest slap in the face from a ratings agency was movie declaring out in the fold on a step that's half third of the country finally sealed the deal with private investors which is considered to be the biggest daft ride down and history they remain for deuces degree burdened by over one hundred billion euros the first of all his doubts about the deal was fitch ratings agency which downgraded athens to restrict a default william anderson so shipp professor at frostburg state university believes there are many reasons to remain skeptical. i don't care how systematic it is or how complicated these debts wops are we are dealing with a real live before everybody knows that just because cirque ozy claims that it isn't a deep fault means absolutely nothing it's a politician don't believe the markets are going to reflect the reality is best
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they can of the situation i think because these folks are the ones that actually have money to gain or to lose and so they're going to make decisions based. on which going to be best for their financial future they're not looking at it politically the european leaders are trying to put a political spin on this but what you have in the end is in fact the taking of assets that are worthless and you have a central by pretending that these assets mean something that these assets really are valuable when in fact they're not and then they try to monetize the whole thing and then pretended so they solved the problem they've solved nothing they've actually made it worse because they won't admit what is going wrong. and get out of town as nick practice says there are still a lot of questions greece needs to deal with aside from the death swap deal because a lot of moving parts but if he had got his the first then we have structural
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reforms which frankly if we make it forty years in the private side they should process which hasn't really been done with any great momentum and then the worst part of it is the tax hikes and of course the cuts in wages the first thing you need is a little bit of the beauty and visibility in the sense that people are afraid to invest because we may return to a drachma sometime soon and that could mean a devastating devaluation and a loss of money so we need some stability in the eurozone we need the listees a ring from the european union leaders and we associate have to take some responsibility and put together the medium to economic play so we know how to climb out of these very still despite all of these one hundred thirty billion bailout package coming and despite the heck out of close to one hundred billion still a shortfall of seven billion you don't want to make that up with taxes. later today max kaiser and stays there revealed the scheme which held greece mask its massive debt to join the e.u. over ten years ago and how its orchestrator banked
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a tidy profit. bookman secret greece alone shows two centers as client unravels on the day the two thousand and one deal was struck the government of greece owed the bank about six hundred million euros more than their two point eight billion euros of borrowed by then the price of the transaction a derivative that disguised the loan and that goldman sachs persuaded greece not to test with competitors had almost doubled to five point one billion euros but this was greece was nine eleven the day they met goldman sachs it was then hacking for sovereignty and the future of the nation of greece. no my journeys yes. along dangerous track to school and back and that's the daily slog for
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a group of arab children in israel forced to watch their classmates enjoy the luxury of provided transportation and there's archie's policy or explains the uphill climb isn't just on the way to class. the lessons of life come early to the other lucky children hours before the risk of the country wakes up these young adults are preparing for the long trip to school it's a twelve kilometer ball there and back tiring difficult and more than a little hair raising it takes the children about two hours to get to school the older ones helping the younger ones with their bags but the word is dangerous and just a few days ago one of the children now in this being knocked over by. the truth and have to walk along good parks and cross many busy streets part of the journey is on a bus but after they get off they still and hour more of walking they will eat if we date and exhausted even before the first listen starts the youngest is just
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three years old. it's because we aren't because our religion is muhammad. that's why everything is like this. is radio losses transport must be provided for children living far from school but because the local authorities say that families are squatting illegally on privately owned land they refuse to hold. the basic rights. internationally and also in israel children should have access to education at a reasonable distance from their home. proprium of education within the israeli education system. the day after we visit the bulldozers arrive because far from wanting to help the children thought he's one of the families gone where is the data for this house here we come back and find this for the group you go on children hate the police we hate the jews and you ask from when is the state of
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israel calls itself a democracy what kind of democracy does this to it's two hundred car bombs but we have come up empty now since the founding of the city not a single you out of a village was built and for most of those already in existence there is no real plan which means that every construction is around the legal plant and so with the homes are put emission and the dream to be educated a daily trudge these children are learning the hard way that some of life's most important lessons happened outside the classroom policy r.t. through from junction israel and explore all the stories we're covering online here is what's available at r.t. dot com. following releases its final report on the air crash that killed the country's president and most of political elite almost two years ago in russia so discover the details on our website. unveiling freedom brain famine to strip off for a calendar or to promote their fight against sexual oppression find out how the
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authorities responded to their provocative steps at. the central asian country if they're just an experience popular on rest long before the arab spring was to evolution shaking a country in less than ten years some hail the uprisings as a triumph of democracy but others see that phrase as dangerous justification for the use of violence to gain power at any cost. the winds here city that solved brutal scenes just two years ago. it's election time in kyrgyzstan second largest city candidates with a local legislature appear down from posters striving to project stability and trustworthiness yet the streets are silent and. an uncertainty is in their
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provocateurs who would use any chance joined in mind that we. could just on a former soviet republic in central asia is a poster child for revolutionary fever two of its previous presidents were ousted by enraged crowds each uprising was pretreated by the west as a people's democratic awakening despite numerous casualties and widespread looting so much so that some could these people are now taking pride in their ability to settle political disagreements by force. is that we curate is can wait for a while but once you get in our nerves you better run for your life. but nowhere has this trigger happy political awakening cause more pain and suffering than ours and ethnically divided city in the south of the country in june of two thousand and ten vine political elites instigated fierce clashes between the kidneys in those communities more than four hundred great killed thousands lost their livelihoods
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all victims of militarized politics that have become a part of the democratic process here. was back in april who's that burned and looted a year and a half ago are now being rebuilt. but many locals fear that politicians will once again gamble on ethnic divisions to achieve their ends is becks and kurds have different political preferences but given the kurdish majority and their professed readiness to fight for their interests democratic procedures are no longer just about the country's future for many was becks in it's quite literally. about life and death. those books are very afraid that they will again be used to scapegoat your political games many have left the city on the eve of the election for fears of riots i verge those who stayed to vote like refuse to to avoid any anger from the site while this town devotes her sin could be streaming to the polling stations
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menus banks made arrangements to leave town on some i in the mood for revolution others have to seek refuge over the past few years the words of revolution and democracy have become all with the not a must but they couldn't be further apart because overrides the strongest of arguments and it always puts an end to any minute full political dialogue and this kurdistan's example shows once violence is introduced into the political process very soon it becomes the first rather than the last option to resort to it's unavoidable our team reporting from in kurdistan. now is take a look at some other stories from around the world about one hundred protesters clashed with soldiers outside the american embassy in cairo demanding the expulsion of the u.s. ambassador people were outraged by egypt's decision to lift a travel ban on foreigners involved in a crackdown of foreign n.g.o.s which allowed thirteen the fancy holding six americans to leave the country and on profit organizations are accused of using
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foreign funds to few unrest in the country. former international monetary fund chain dominick's trust khan was met with angry protests when he visited cambridge university in the u.k. over one hundred students most of them women's rights activists rally outside the building where he was speaking to french economist left the i.m.f. after being accused of sexual assault by a new york hotel maid last may and although criminal charges against him were later dropped. in mexico multiple arson attacks by drug gangs have shaken the city of dozens of vehicles were sent on fire at least one man was burned to death the region a center for drug related violence the bodies of twenty six young men were found abandoned on an expressway there last november. the debate over whether birth control should be subsidized by the u.s. government has resurfaced as presidential campaigns heat up before november's
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election is it a ride or a personal decision our resident is on the streets of new york to hear the opinions of people there. do you believe contraception coverage should be mandated by a government this week let's talk about that oh i think that contraception is. something that will protect kids from a unborn or unwanted child and want to bring in sarees toothpaste prevents tooth ok should that be covered to oh that's a good question i don't think those are the same category why what's the difference between a contraceptive well with a diet that's more of a health concern in terms of your own nutritional. your own your own personal nutrition weight and so what's the difference of contraception that's your own lifestyle choice to have unprotected sex well some people like it better than
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others and i do believe in the separation of state and religion so you think it's a religious issue only no i think it's a women's right issue as well but i don't think you can have a government mandate that providing something that somebody may not believe in so i do believe there is a separation i think it's women's rights i mean i think of the government should subsidize these kind of birth control to women but is it women's right or women's choices because there are other ways to not get pregnant yet but that is what they are great is also included in the government is paying for it i still stuck on government mandated i do believe that birth control should be available to us we're paying high for these insurance. and for insurance premiums and if that is the kind of health care that they need i think it should be available to me whether a government has to mandate that or not i don't know the bottom line is any kind of pharmaceutical contraception is a sexual lifestyle choice so let's just hope any government considers that for
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treating contraception as a health care concern. and we have our top stories is only a couple of minutes away so stay with us for that if you can remember that you can always log on to our web site r t dot com for more on any of the stories that we cover here. in the world.
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nearly a billion people in the world are going hungry every day. in the united states even our trash cans are full of the food you just have to go get it all of these perfectly good eggs because one was cracked didn't even get all over the other ones just threw them away but she's from the terminal if we really like to up with. the dumpster at one am this morning three pm this afternoon on the grill the hake it is made from one doesn't come straight egg whites. delicious breakfast for the family aches and toast for about a week every year in america we throw away ninety six billion pounds of.
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if. you would be so much bryson if you didn't sound from phones to impression. from the stands on t.v. don't come.


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