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tv   [untitled]    March 12, 2012 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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well with the. technology innovation all the developments from around russia. the future. here and headlines on the u.n. security council foreign ministers prepare a new. deepening syrian crisis where the u.s. and its allies now reportedly considering direct intervention. to the wall could cost america dearly as washington's arab allies step up their efforts to support the syrian rebellion. and still on the conflict of nations that al jazeera has a number of peace starts with the arabic news channel walkout in protest they claim
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the network is politicizing news and its reporting from syria is biased towards the opposition. demands justice for the massacre of sixteen civilians by a u.s. soldier just weeks after the burning of the koran by military personnel ignited anti american sentiment across the country relations between the countries are slumping as the u.s. and nato drawdown their troop presence head of the two thousand and fourteen. now israel's nervousness over iran's nuclear program means the government of prime minister benjamin netanyahu is continuing to threaten a strike against it and we talked to the former head of israeli intelligence about the possibilities of an attack and it's called. what we have stomach is it former head of israeli military intelligence so thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. we hear a lot of war rhetoric among israeli leaders and cause for
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a military strike on iran is israel planning to attack iraq they have no doubt that the military are doing their planning a contingency plan is the is the order will be giving him no the ability will be ready to strike if if that's all he's given if it's a political decision i don't know i would say the political this is will be deeper than for. a number of. questions a number of developments and we are not here does israel have the capability to attack the world again i am not familiar with the details but i believe that there are very serious. and question is what of course do we expect we will destroy iran we will need to destroy iran's nuclear capabilities but the present proof can be
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or should be delayed or something like two triggers least which is very important what about iran's ability to launch a counterattack i don't think it is going to be. a decisive kind of cultural room astroid israel will be no doubt the. baleful nothing beyond that not of the political consequences on israel if it decided to attack iran the consequences of such political moves could be very very dangerous weapons were put on namely the. closing the strait of hormuz. stopping the flow of oil from the gulf. and the rain will come out we're not going to reopen the flow of oil less a b. and c. do you think israel would launch a strike without the assistance of the u.s.
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i would almost say the other or i don't think that there is a possibility that we'll say. we need. an affirmative america decision before we strike. it would be very unfair to put it to the u.s. it was for such an approval and we would. so at the best i would say. we don't expect to greenlight a movie we can say it was probably a yellow light. and yet if the u.s. says it's not going to get involved it's or will be in a position that it will have to deal with the consequences of a strike i don't know when you see continued regular answer is no i think the strike will be it will be. there is no possibility of israel could anyone do it with a military effort against iran the going to last for days or weeks or months we don't
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think capability i don't think that we have the interest of putting you from our point of view we have. will have a very limited in through the that is on the destroyer the you quickly the president you click your credibility of reach nuclear devices period we are not at war with iran we are not we do we see we have no intention of bringing down the regime how much support is there are amongst ordinary israelis for a strike on iran. according to public opinion polls i would say support and they think. i don't think that the israeli government should. make or break the fission according to public opinion polls the problem is why for considering his brain has had to say well we had the support of public opinion question isn't the right. kind of action though isn't there not because public
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opinion is for or against the there is some criticism that the israeli government is focusing on the ground as a way of protecting attention away from internal problems at home what do you think no no i don't think so i think that the problem of iran is a really a very serious problem. is perhaps one of. strategic issues israel has been facing since and i think for the. it's perhaps for the first time that we are facing threat that is almost a possibility. to be almost before the early put. it is nothing new it's because of the new and by the way the present government in israel has new public opinion problems within israel they have very strong majorities to begin with where the world. just syria what implications for israel if assad
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what means in power in syria and if he doesn't well if he stays in power or at least for. quite a long time. it will not be the kind of regime that we have known in the past it will not be a strong it will not be the regime with which the reason. of reaching a political settlement in the foreseeable future if the regime does appears again the least the chance that. what will happen in syria so many question are i mean no position and so you would about what from an israeli point of view. or for it to happen has syria become a battleground between iran and western nations no i don't think so. that he will be with the. problem since. the problems.
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of the so-called arab spring and particles of really serious internal problems. with a government with the presidency that is relying on the. relatively smooth syrian minority the ilo it's a very well. problem. is nothing to do with iran and with everything of this is going islamization across the region what are the consequences of this for the middle east and north africa. in a nutshell i would say we had hoped or seeing the spring leading to democracy in the middle east forgettable that well if you forget about it a little the word for the twenty third century but in the foreseeable future definitely forgettable. these new
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possible were poor between slavic regimes and democracy between slavic regimes and freedom of speech and the rights for women. etc etc etc but we are still in the beginning of a process you know the famous thing of when he was asked the years ago about the french revolution and he said it's too early to reach any conclusions this is definitely the case but we'll talk about the. middle east it's worth much much too early benefits from this islamization we are facing no a very unstable but we think we are facing an area in which government which countries don't have anymore strong leadership that makes the. it's not in the
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slummy brotherhood it will be in the system it will be the street and it's going to be a little club and not a democracy you have open. you're not i don't know what. the. actions of a crowd will be the most important for for a difference the able to answer and this is very very unstable for us and for the middle east radical movements have taken time to mature. nurturing them and let them out of the box i think we can answer that i can only say we don't know where we then we go with the we we hardly know where we stand with you i really don't know where we are going where they are going and we have to be extremely careful with on one hand who follow closely what's going on and with others and
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be very careful not to make but to create a new waves and the more you worried yes i'm very worried. we are facing have been extremely unstable situation and i think i look at. the tsunami can. cover everybody every time. you have to be very confident the world so much as it thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. you're welcome. this respectable british gentleman's choice was. to leave jackets and old whiskey. a much younger wife. and more than twenty years of intelligence service in
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profits of the soviet union. killed his choice on forty. nearly a billion people in the world and going from korea every day. in the united states even our trash cans are full of the food you just have to go get it all of these perfectly good eggs because one was cracked in even get all over the other ones just thrown away rotten she's from the german oh. we're leaving my supper by. the dumpster at one am this morning three pm this afternoon on the grill to the hague has made one dozen times tr egg whites. delicious breakfast for the family a some toast for about a week every year in america we throw away ninety six billion pounds of.
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just. ahead the u.n. security council foreign ministers prepare. to solve the deepening syrian crisis but the u.s. and its allies now reportedly considering an intervention. as washington's. support. for. resignations of al-jazeera has a number of key stars. walk out in protest they claim the network is politicizing news and its reporting from syria is biased towards the opposition.
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justice for the massacre of sixteen civilians by a u.s. soldier just weeks after the burning of the koran by military personnel ignited american sentiment across the country relations between the countries. as the u.s. and nato troops are just ahead of the two thousand and fourteen. sports. hello welcome to sport on our geography on costs or even the following are just some of the stories that we're covering this hour. zinny cosplay as he defends his players after the league leaders are held to a one one draw with. wild man city's mancini reduce his side shall defeat this one see as rivals united's replace them at the top of the
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table. and flying high a pole vaulter queeny seen by the way is a fourth world indoor crown in style it is stumble. let's go straight to the russian premier league war in the eight goods hearings on g balkan sports talk moscow the dutchman is hoping to make it through wins from after taking charge of the sunny team while sports are looking to go join second along side says scott if they can come away with a victory now that matches the late kickoff meanwhile basement sites all have taken their first victory in almost eight months denise by got into credited with the gold in that one but sets on are still deep in really geisha in trouble three points behind sports are not just for currently in action against an encore. meanwhile is the need coach of the china splits he has praised his players' spirits despite failing to win for a third game in a row the st petersburg side drew one zero at home to combine on sunday and are now
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six points clear at the top of the table zinny to war expected to win but their former player alex a lot of had other plans scoring from the spot for the visitors just before half time after grewal alysha broad san marcos uren yeah but zinni responded after dominating for much of the game got to make the lies or fifteen minutes from time for done collazo of each making the most of his chance. after compline failed to clear his manager spell let's see obviously remains what all the final score well also playing in this one was and they are a shot in his own mold is made from arsenal but he's stressed the move is only temporary and he'll be returning to london. of course it's a long way ahead of the end of the russian premier league season when you decide your future but you think your returns was of course do you want to yes we didn't as a player up until this recent spell of arsenal you've always succeeded on the pitch
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how difficult is this period been on things haven't gone so well with. every player wants to play and not sit on the bench all the stands and watch the action from there when i wasn't asked so no i always wanted to play and not have to sit on the sidelines watching everything unfold. comes to me about your family like living in london if you like the city itself. i'm used to living in london and while i'm on loan at suneet my family has stayed in london because my children go to school there and everyone feels comfortable there. that was a speaking with r t's richard on poor sleep now elsewhere nothing could separate rubin and visiting the local mets even moscow as the sides played out a bore draw in cars on the hosts came close to breaking the deadlock a couple of times but locos brazilian keeper a good year man kept his goal intact for the second game in a row and ginny's glitter cost saw his long range effort for the visitors denied by the woodwork in the second half it seems remain level points with rubin and six
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behind the railway men on goal difference. while at the other end of the table ten man roster reclaimed ten spot from cedric after beating korea so that's a one nothing to move collection of spurs have striker proving to be the winner ross all were reduced to ten men made wait for the second half at xander guts gone sense off for a second book will offense but his side hung on for victory. and england's there's been a change at the manchester united have leapfrogged manchester city and leave the table by a single points wayne rooney bag of praise for united including a second happened against man who was brought well a city one down one nothing says swansea joe hart save the penalty for city but couldn't keep out of the loop bores the late header in the other game wigan stay balsam out for a long one role with knowledge but it's city's surprise defeat that's grabbed the
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headlines with coach mancini giving his side should not have lost. one. after. the game. careful. with his call it is that we're in this moment and we we can see the. moment if you. consider the injuries it was a terrific performance but you say when you take. it you should too. you know through the resources of the project you're going to. fill me with. people who created what you said to the players and you know what. to do. before. there is a more premier league action tonight so what arsenal take on new castle at the
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emirates victory for arse and bangor side would move them to within points often ham in third while a win for newcastle would put them within two points of the fourth champions league spot. well double olympic paul hole champion given a sin by a has won the world indoor title for a fourth time the gold medal her first major crown since winning in beijing in two thousand and eight that's what's in one year old cleared four metres and eight to centimeters in thirty which was ten science metres higher than her closest rival vanessa bos lock well france and she only needed two jumps he said by the now the favorite for the upcoming london olympics and it's clearly hitting form at their rights i'm having set a new in the world record at five meters and one centimeter just last month. also on the final day there was a silver for russia's olympic high jump champion andres in all fans of bronze for compassionate look when adams in the triple jump well rushes men came third in the
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four by four hundred meter relay. overall though it was a disappointing championships for russia finishing fifth in the medals table with just that one gold from the get any symbiote united states finished with said followed by brits and the pigs. in golf justin rose has won the w g c cadillac championship on a dramatic final day in miami snatching victory from under the nose of bubba watson and holding off a late charge from new world number one rory mcilroy and michael roy parot his way up the leaderboard with a sixty seven for his final round and a just two shots behind rose the englishman began his day three shots behind overnight leader bubba watson but birdies on the tenth and fourteenth put him in contention however a wayward sea shot on the last hole saw him pick up a bogey for a final round of seventy and that meant watson needed some birdie this efforts of force a playoff but didn't miss rose was already on the driving range preparing for the
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extra hole when he was told he'd won the tournaments and over and million dollars in prize money is also back in the world cup. that is the oval form or number one side or woods he was forced to cut short his final round with six holes to play complaining he'd heard his left eye kidney stones and that same injury saw him sidelined for four months last year on his website wood said it felt discomfort in the morning and the pain had got steadily worse. and also cursing his luck as england spalled casey hit a hole in one on the fifteenth to the delights of his caddie as the pair thought they'd want to car turns out though despite a shiny new candle at park nearby this was not the prize winning hole that was the thirteenth so they won nothing unlucky. let's switch to tennis now after andy murray's shock exit at indian wells results have returned to form rafael nadal is among the big names who eased into the third round that he needed just over an
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hour to get past arjen siler in order meyer breaking swipes at each set completes a very comfortable six one six three victory at dallas after his third title at indian wells and will play marcel granollers next. while third zero jeff zucker less than an hour to see role local wildcards zen is screwed like in his opener the swiss master hitting a says on route to an easy six four six one when a smooth start for federer as he chases his fourth california crown. standing in the way next his big serving milosz right on it should a canadian posting it's also one thousand aces including soon to seal both sets against argentina scorers belloc six four six two the final score. better luck forging team is number one who won hearts in the poll true the ninth seed beat australia is more rain coming across the nation straight set seven five six three and will play spain's turn on the very dust go next. while yes another argentina
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and xian had to work hard against crawl at merion childish it was a close battle with former world number three eventually gaining the upper hand in both tie break for now but xian is looking to put an end to a nineteen month cycle routes. other names making it through rushes the collective a dental getting the better off bjorn and the five and six seas that made for air and shovel fred are also safe mixed groups around three. and the women straw top seed victoria azarenka beat russia's special on it because now it's all about third seed that for each of us suffered a shock exits a local favorites christina mchale while there as well the real pulls out of her match with czech klara. however paul let me ask her upon sky and she would a very good germany and china is now being called progress. with just a week to go before the curtain raising australian grand prix formula one's own new
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russian at the trough says he feels at home with his new team caterham and he's also promised he intends to outshine teammates heikki kovalainen in his third season in the sport come under the pre-season tests have shown that the team have made a huge step forward in comparison with the previous two years with the car is also much improved with a new engine and the red bull gearbox as for me i will do my best to help capture him so the biggest challenge will be rivalry with my team mate heikki kovalainen who's very strong and experienced. more support a couple of hours thanks for watching. well. it's technology innovation all the developments from around russia we've got the future covered.
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good. question is that so much of an oldish musician on the mark would be casting me middle east indian.


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