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tv   [untitled]    March 29, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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tonight on our team as the global economy stagnates five world leaders tasked with solving the problem just maybe a few bricks short of a load will tell you how a group of the fastest developing nations is laying the foundation for a new financial future. already understand what looked over to where we're going. and he's the only one that an actual solution an actual plan to try to change that win or lose if there is a one thing we learned from ron paul's enthusiastic supporters is that their loyalty is on wavering and the seventy six year old presidential candidate is
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certainly having an impact even changing u.s. political discourse altogether so what will happen to his voters if he doesn't win the nomination i'll find out whether making like ten thousand dollars less than they were last year big deal when they're making you still like ten or twenty times more than mine or not makes me angry and loud corporate fat cats claw their way to the top of the u.s. hierarchy and majority of americans are not happy with the current economic model was a time to shake things up well it's floor. it's thursday march twenty ninth seven pm here in washington d.c. i'm liz wall and you're watching our team. well it's a needing of the world's five fastest growing economies they've been coming they've come to be known as the grex that is brazil russia india china and south africa and
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they just wrapped up their annual summit in new delhi india the alliance is proving to be a force to be reckoned with they make up forty two percent of the world's population a quarter of its land mass and their g.d.p. is expected to surpass that of the u.s. in just three years and with their growing influence on the world economic stage they want to have more of a say in world economic affairs and it looks like they're taking matters into their own hands and give us our grapple bogus on that i'm joined now by robert naiman policy director at just foreign policy welcome robert so these countries they are the five fastest growing economies and now they want more of a say in global affairs and they achieved it. well they've been pushing for more of a say for some time when they're already having more of a say then they did in the past one example of this is what's going on with the replacement of robert zelotes president of the world bank for the first time in
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history one hundred three for doing with one world bank we're establishing we haven't actually rates with more than one candidate every president so no less an american nominated by the united states now for the first time where you can a one one american dr kim kim kim. one globally who is a combo. negeri and mr so that already is a big change in the world history the fact that we have a contested race for the presidency of the world not just a question of economics it's also a question of security policy some of the birds seats on the security council. brazil. there are also you know we in this
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region for years if you look at the department some of their not just are but economic we're talking about at least a nuisance a dark blue shield we're on. there they don't respect. the fact that the issue there when you ask to be said. dialogue you should not force and coercion sentencing syria so they're already have influence in the sense that you know or there. is a counterweight to the u.s. and western europe how any particular one of these disputes you know it's not a question you know we never. can we never know what they're already having. on the. other these countries even ten years ago and we are seeing in addition to an economic alliance they're forming some somewhat of a political alliance and again just sad the way that they are kind of banding
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together and their response to what's going on in syria what's going on to iran and its leaders coming out saying something like this in a summit is a kind of give them a stronger voice to contrast the glass and the u.s. and and how they're approaching the complex and i know it's. i think absolutely it does if you look at the look at the difference between libya and syria with you we are the britain france actually got their way. syria russia. china. and then there was an incentive to the u.s. arab league crafted a resolution and security council but it was probably going to demonize the u.s. demonize isolate and marginalize russia say what you're standing in here with what monstrous they are. so the fact that you have something together that actually
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you agree with russia there should be done about this this blocks if you move this obstruction and move to try and isolate and demonize russia for taking positions on these countries and in fact if you look at how things at the low the point in the caribbean on a special envoy who was talking the syrian government charges the russians are talking the chinese actually got a deal with these countries agreeing to this a different dynamic in play that premise you know not the us way or the highway these other countries have a say in how things develop and i think that's also where the prospects of a political solution in syria increased dramatically it's not just us britain france on the show. another big announcement robert that that i made is that's possible plan to start up a new bank that was a rival a lot of bank and they've also announcing it's increased increase trade and our own
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currency is but do you see this as a step away from the dollar possible phasing out of the dollar and the beginning of the end to the dollar as a reserve currency. well first of all i gotta say i was so pleased to see that what right over the world you know in terms of scale it's not it's not going to ride with roberto i think the brand we think about is that it's this one work piece in the creation of a more bipolar world where you don't just have a few institutions. in western europe that are calling all the shots you have plurality of the institution that i have sway and can play a role but i think it's a very positive development so you know we should just sort of add together not just this one institution to the world bank but all the institutions that are being formed and supported by these countries and others to try and have
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a diversity of active about the the currency in the dollar i think it's very healthy for these countries to have. all of their trade dominated by the dollar i was leave the dollar. to a as another currency for truly. there's no reason for these countries not to have a tree in other currencies besides the dollar and this shouldn't actually be persecuted i think and most people know it isn't threat because none of you listen when you have most were we going i think and having this strong dollar is is good strong sounds good but just like for other countries when the dollar is high that makes us exports more expensive isn't for cheaper that hurts our manufacturers and i write around in brazil and just impressed fact that they're applied to having it
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on the shadow is that will drive our name and dollar theater actor for jets foreign policy. well what happens when you get hundreds of very excited young people gathered on a college campus if you said party you're absolutely right last night throngs of supporters gathered at the university of maryland to rally behind their choice for president ron paul and as christine shows us this party had rock star written all over it. all round. was boring. and the stage set the rock star was a rock n roll concert has not gone paul ladies and gentlemen was he calls it a town hall meeting they call it a revolution i was our goal should be to enhance liberty that should be what we're
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all about. even hours before the event the line stretched around the building with students and other ron paul disciples who made the trek to see what seems to many an unlikely hero especially for such a youthful crowd although he is up there in age you could say i think he had the whole idea of people our age understand that we have nothing to look forward to the way we're going. and he's the only one that offers an actual solution an actual plan to try to change that ron paul the young followers say they all march to the beat of the same drum especially when they're trying to drown out the drums of war i've lost a lot of buddies you know along the way crossed over the seas in the wars and stuff and i would just like was we go to other countries and we say well this is what we want you to do and if you do it we'll prop up your dictator and we'll send you a lot of money but if you don't do what we do we're going to kill you and bomb you
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. now lie should we have a third option why should we say why don't we just mind our own business was terry veteran supporting ron paul more than any other presidential candidate the non interventionism policy is one that resonates here for ron paul and his supporters the military and the economy go hand in hand. that'll be one of the first things on my agenda. ron paul speaks about bringing back the gold standard and cutting the deficit by a trillion dollars mostly by eliminating much of the government including the departments of energy commerce and education middle class is shrinking standard of living is going down and we're engulfed in their radical ideas to some but not for these enthusiastic fans who also say the lack of support i propose is irrelevant it
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may not be about this election and may not be about the next one but in candid twenty years from now when you know where the core voting group you know ron paul's message will be carried on and whoever the strong liberty candidate is at that time well probably has a good chance of winning the white. house or the show the loyal groupies remain waiting for one final chance to show their rock star someone the ritzy coliseum here at the university of maryland seats seventeen hundred people and just a few minutes ago it was right now ron paul has vowed to stay in the race at least for the republican national convention he says he was it was elegant and reminded everyone here tonight that one of those delegates have not yet officially been counted. in college park maryland christine for sound arts. but here to tell me all about this ron paul mania traced in that co-founder ron paul swagg dot com
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welcome try so he hasn't won a caucus yet but he and his supporters don't seem to be giving up. that's right you know ron has been a very strong candidate so we're doing a movement supporting a whole way of thinking in the way of thinking is not going away so you know whether or not he. has going to the straw polls isn't going to slow down any of the fervor that is being built up around this campaign now address at this point we're getting later and later on in the nomination process here and it's doesn't look like he will make it to the white house so if he doesn't let's next for ron paul supporters. well i think that rum polls support really is about the ideas about liberty it's about the philosophy of applying freedom in every part of your life especially in your philosophical relationship with each other and extinct of the government so when we look at rumpole book in two thousand and eight and now
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again in two thousand well he's a candidate of ideas candidate of. issues and he brings more and more people on board every month that he's in the race so if he was to get out now or get out before the national convention it would actually be very unhelpful i think now as you said ron paul a lot of it behind him is the ideas and less he stands for how successful and has he been so far would you say in changing the dialogue in u.s. politics and if he doesn't make it's not my house how will his followers continue to impact that dialogue i think he's he's changing a great way you just look at two thousand and eight the first tea parties were not started after you know two thousand and nine they were started going wrong what was running in two thousand and seven and in the presidential campaign you know he was talking about things like a fiscal policy that makes sense about a monetary policy based on
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a gold standard about you know not going to all these wars and that kind of shape the debate and the discussion during the tea party movement now of course there's conflicting arguments within that movement but you know he's already done quite a bit to shape that. now as we just saw christine story there and many of his supporters if not most of his supporters are young people so do you think that this could kind of share shifts. change in attitudes in america. well i think so i mean we saw in two thousand and eight with obama the way that so many young people came out and got involved in politics for the first time to excited about politics whereas for the most part my generation was kind of standing on the sidelines as we couldn't get excited about people like george bush john kerry now ron paul kind of allows us to do that again but now for you know in a more holistic way you know he's representing something that we can get behind when we're looking at insurmountable debt and we're looking at wars where it's our friends you know the people we graduated high school college with who are off in
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foreign lands dying for god knows what reason the majority of the people in this country are against the wars in afghanistan and i think as older people check out and younger people become the larger part of the voting base which is going to happen over the next ten twenty years going to see a shift toward liberty question is whether or not the democrat republican party are going to embrace that or if there is in the bones so you think even if he doesn't lend this time around that and twelve twenty years ron paul r. or somebody like camelot like the ideas that he stands for that person maybe more points to take on the white house. absolutely and i would hope that even in twenty sixteen we did see somebody who would step up to the plate who maybe a little bit younger and more acceptable to the mainstream but still believes in the philosophy of liberty so money at least audie not getting better served preparing our troops home now talk about today if he doesn't get this nomination where will his fans turn to who would
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a vote for you know obviously they're not happy with the republican establishment they're not happy with the obama administration but then a well his supporters jail. the majority of them will say oh i think ron represents and brings so many young people into the republican party who have no interest in being involved in a party that doesn't represent liberty and freedom and the republican party has moved so far away from that with things like the patriot act and the bailouts in two thousand and eight that we're not going to stick around just because ron is a republican until the republican party learns to believe in liberty until the republican party starts promoting the philosophy of freedom i think the majority of voters are going to stay home if they show up their voter to be a protest vote either writing rumpole it or voting for a third party candidate so romney or santorum are probably not gingrich if they win the nomination they should really bank on ron paul supporters for
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farnum are about as it's funny china it's just funny trying to figure out what they're thinking i'm a big fan of the daily poll and i'm on there all the time and i notice that they're santorum and i was actually speaking with representative kurt wallace from the daily paul who was telling me that. specifically pays to be on ramp on daily call up there's this belief that there's a cross-section of the realm plug movement that would be willing to move over to somebody who is as socially totalitarian as rick santorum it's it's kind of this guy so no i don't believe they should be hitting on a cross-section coming from the ron paul movement or from the liberty movement unless their rhetoric changes and honestly i don't think rhetoric changes of you know. that was traced. ron paul swagger. thank you. all next we turn to the economy here in the u.s. after wall street lead the world toward financial collapse on the last four years on millions of americans are far from recovered and the majority of the economic
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situation today and according to a survey published in the financial times two thirds of americans are unhappy with the current economic model artie's on the stasia churkin are reports from the big apple i mean. decades past but this me still applies wall street the key property or america's economy. its recklessness of financial meltdown overweight was just one crisis we have since fundamentally it's an attack on the rest of the world and the bankers. are leading the army traditionally a symbol of a bullish economy and financial might the statue near wall street has for many become associated with a system of economic injustice the power of the few over the many where main street america pays by wall street remains untouchable so they're making my time two
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thousand dollars in their bonus they were last year big deal when they're making you still like and actually times more than i am that makes me angry he is not alone pointing to a survey published in the financial times two thirds of americans are unhappy with the current economic model i'm a high school student and my admission seems to be going into college to go into debt. not get a job instead it seems to make sense to me there and in the restaurant business his entire life for the last two years homeless with a passion for puzzles and the yankees he sleeps in an abandoned jail in new jersey about problems you know worth it with incarceration i've been locked up in everything sometimes i don't get is how. they're able to do some of the things they're digging down there. that they don't get you know that they're not held accountable for it just doesn't make sense and sometimes it really affected me very for free you have no problem with people being angry with my criminal acts because
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i did it. and convicted of white collar criminals sam antara says he's milked what he could out of the us economy i committed a massive securities fraud during the 1980's we fleeced investors out of five hundred million dollars and we cause twenty five hundred people to be unemployed so i'm part of the part of the system you feel bad about. that i got yes i feel bad that i got caught sam says he'd do it all over again as politicians to day care even less but the system is more in the dark of the night these guys are legislating a country away from the people to the. among the. most cowardly the bankers while the bright of those beaten down are left to face their demons on their own it's tough to get started where we really have a place to stay a. this is. just the future
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doesn't look so bright. but on the plus side i can go down much further so you know that's that's probably my only saving grace. and since he took an hour or two you. earlier i had an in-depth discussion with ben cohen editor for the daily bands or and president of bands or media group about the growing frustration over and on the injustice i asked him if he thought that rich people if you got rich people aren't quite as a glorified as they once were here in the u.s. here's his response. yeah in the subsidy correct i think right now in accordance he saw it's so big and so deep that the resistance of the rich is is reaching kind of epic proportions not for america which is difficult because that america is a country that has our desires wealth is so different from him so now you are seeing is in a very interesting cultural phenomena when the rich are now. less idealized and
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they were before and it's a it's a really interesting and significant shift in culture now that to go along with that the a.p. census bureau report came out recently that shows that while people are upset about is the income inequality and they're saying that fair fairness is not it's not in our economic system anymore so doesn't that kind of go along go against the american ideal you know that the harder you work the more successful you can be yeah i mean it's turning out to be a big lie the american dream unfortunately i'm there's only so long you can pretend it will become or can become a millionaire because the evidence the hard evidence is that that's just not true anymore social good but it's the america he's the chair stands for if you compare. the nations the u.k. and america come right in at the bottom and he's a cap to this countries that supposedly anybody can get rich not just not happening
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every single report about income inequality where the prince of the blossom in the u.s. is really just britain in terms of income disparity and certainly going to say and how i don't can you keep a sort of a just not it's not working you know and this is a we're sorry what is that what is that survey that you're you're citing in terms of income inequality there's there's several reports in the o.e.c.d. in developed developed countries and developed industrialised nations we come in right in the process. and that's across multiple multiple studies and surveys interesting and another survey now says two thirds of americans are unhappy with this current economic model but it's been a model that we've had for a very long time why are people so frustrated and unhappy and i'm happy with it now what's happened over the last thirty years is the for naturalization of the economy we've moved away from industry and we've switched to financial services so nuts.
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for a very unstable since the economic sense and the when you have risk you're going to reward and i can think lawson's and that's essentially where you have. profits of private size the risk is socialized so. that's money. which isn't whatever risky financial products they play so. once. you get this massive going to reward for that in the long term you can take economic downside when it turns out to be. confidence and then you have the popular both of which are. we incurred as well so you have a system that's consistently sucking money out of the lower and middle classes and funding options to get rich and that's no longer you just can't lie to people it's
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just not possible you know. amounts of. decreasing home prices education courses soaring food prices are going up britain is going up and wages for most of the economy so it's a matter of time until this perception shifts completely and we are now seeing the gutter stating a fact that all this i know at this point what needs to happen and what needs to change is that the whole system or is it more regulations or our last regulations what needs to be done to fix the system i think the regulation. but then you've got the politicians all of them are going to want to regulate if they're being paid and . banking institutions so regulation would certainly be a bonus regime has its has not been great but it's gone from thinking they probably . really use public consciousness about they have to participate in the political process to get things done if they call if they do that if the public is continues
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to be disenfranchised from its closest and nothing's going to happen so it's awareness and its participation and that was ben cohen editor for the daily bands earn president of the bands or media group. well the u.k.'s petrol crisis mismanagement is in danger of tipping the country into a double tap recession u.k. minister prime minister david cameron called on the you called on the unite labor union and employers to hold talks on preventing a strike by fuel truck drivers but has still place the army on standby should such action take place the strike would immediately skyrocket fuel prices further damaging u.k.'s fragile economy and causing a ripple effect to neighboring european countries which would eventually make way to the united states are these are about to has more on growing panic in the u.k. . what we're seeing in the last twenty four hours or so is panic buying widespread panic buying of fuel up and down the country by motorists queues outside petrol
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stations and what's really been fueling this panic buying is is the government's handling of this crisis their first piece of advice to motorists was to tell people not to panic which immediately of course set the alarm bells ringing one cabinet minister even said it be a good idea to top up your car now also fill up a spare jerrycan in case of emergencies the baby cameron a prime minister's even put the army on standby to drive the tankers should industrial action go ahead so these drastic measures are really fueling the panic all of this comes as oil prices are record high not only in britain but also in france and america and what that means is unhappy voters and with elections just around the corner in france and america they need to do something quick to pacify the voters and so what france is now doing are joining us america and britain in discussing the option of the emergency release strategic release of emergency or oil supplies to try and drive down those prices now this is
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a move normally reserved only when there is actually a physical disruption of the oil supply which isn't actually the case here the cause of the oil prices increasing is really a problem of their own making one of the main reasons for all prices escalating is the sanctions imposed on iran a key or producing nation by america britain and france which is hitting the oil exports hard and this is why countries like germany and italy are refusing to back move to release emergency supplies even the head of the i.a.e.a. i.a.e.a. the international energy agency which has to authorize any such move has said the there hasn't been a destruction significant enough of oil supplies to warrant such a relief so they may have trouble pushing this through but america britain and france have got themselves in this situation and clearly they are very desperate now to limit the damage and repair the damage that they've caused themselves before it's too late for their administrations now as arctic.


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