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tv   [untitled]    March 29, 2012 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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tonight on r t as the global economy stagnates by world leaders tasked with solving the problem just maybe a few bricks short of the load will tell you how a group of the fast developing nations is laying the foundation for a new financial future. so i think we're at. war should pay for it become the jurors in the forseeable future. be afraid be very afraid from activist of foreign threats it appears the u.s. is outgunned when it comes to cyber war coming up next a former f.b.i. agent shows us just how tangled web of cyber security really is whether making like
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ten thousand dollars less than the bonus they were last year or a big deal when they're making you still like ten or twenty times more than mine makes me angry and while corporate that caps claw their way to the top of the us hierarchy a majority of americans are not happy with the current economic model is it time for a shake up bullets for. it's there is a march twenty ninth a.t.m. here in washington d.c. i'm liz wall and you're watching the tea. well it's a meeting of the world's five fastest growing economies it comes to be known as the brics that is brazil russia india china and south africa and they just wrapped up their annual summit in new delhi india the alliance is proving to be a force to be reckoned with they make up forty two percent of the world's population a quarter of its land mass and their g.d.p.
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is expected to expected to surpass that of the u.s. in just three years and with their growing influence on the world economic stage they want to have more of a say and world economic affairs and it looks like they're taking that or is into their own hands but to give us a wrap up of the summit i was joined earlier by robert naiman policy director at just foreign policy i first ask when i first asked him if the bric countries could achieve more of a say in foreign affairs here's his take. well they've been pushing for more of a say for some time when they're already having more of a say then they did in the past one example of this is what's going on with the replacement of robert zelotes president of the world bank for the first time in history making three for being with one world bank with stablish we have an actual rapes with more than one candidate every president so no less an american
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nominated by the united states now for the first time there are three candidates or one one american doctor came back to jim kim. one colombian who is a combo. next year in science minister so that already is a big change in world history the fact that we had a contested race for the presidency of the world that you want to question the economics question security calls some of the brits seats on the security council. brazil. india and south africa are also you know we in this region warfares and if you look at the apartment some are there not to start but i can omit the dark. at least the nearest star relations with iran fact that they are
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there don't respect. the fact that the issue from there when you ask if you said so little dialogue you should not force and coercion said the same thing about syria so they already have influence in the sense that you know you are there but. as a counterweight to the us and western europe how any particular one of these disputes well you know it's a different question you know every american will never but there are already having greater influence on the world's through again these countries and even ten years ago and we are seeing in addition to an economic alliance they are forming some somewhat of a political alliance and when you just sad the way that they are kind of banding together and their response to what's going on in syria what's going on to iran and what these bricks leaders coming out saying something like this in a summit is
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a kind of give them a stronger voice to contrast the west and the u.s. and and how they're approaching the conflict sentimentalists how do you get actually does if you look at look at the difference between syria we have you we are united states britain france. syria we're russia. china. and then there was in the. u.s. . resolution that's going on so there was probably going to. be u.s. demonize isolated marginalise russia over. which is do you know what monsters they are so far that you have time to gather actually says you were sure. this is just a lark said he it isn't strong. i salute humanize russian position.
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and if you look at how things have developed we were going to war who you know sort of on who's talking this year the russian government talking the chinese actually got to deal with these countries agreed q this is a different dynamic in this part of this you know it's not the u.s. we are the other countries are the same. and i think that's also where people prospects get a political solution in syria increased dramatically it's not just you know u.s. britain where it's going for now another big announcement robert that they made as the that's possible plan to start up a new bank that would have rival the world bank and they have also announced these increased increase trade and their own currency is so do you see this as a step away from the dollar possible phasing out of the dollar and the beginning of the end to the dollar as
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a reserve currency. well first of all i got and so so i need to see them a rival of the world in terms of scale it's not going to it's not going to write a world plan to keep the program when you think about this that it's it's one more piece in the creation of a more bipolar world where you don't just have a few institutions like nike from the eastern europe that are calling all the shots you have. relatively. institution that have sway and can play a role but i think it's a very positive development so you know we just sort of added together not just appear at this one institution to the world bank but all the institutions that are being formed in support as i these countries and others to join the diversity of active about the currency and the dollar i think it's nearly healthy for this country to. all of their trade dominated by the dollar i
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was legal dollar. fluctuates. as other currencies so actually. there's no reason for these countries not to have three other currencies besides the dollar and this shouldn't actually be i think most people know the threat because none of us this is the point of view of most were people and i think that having this strong dollar is is good strong sounds good but just like for other countries when the dollar is high that makes u.s. exports more expensive isn't were cheap really hurts are many factors and i right robert in brazil and just think respect they have their pledge to have you on the show though is that look robert naiman policy director for jobs aren't policy well we hear on our team have been reporting a lot about the threat of cyber attacks in the last u.s. representative mike rogers even have this to say about. attack is on its way
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we will suffer a catastrophic cyber attack the clock is ticking now the f.b.i.'s top cyber cop is reiterating just how big that cyber threat really is at a press conference yesterday the cyber experts said companies need to radically change their computer networks to avoid national national security and economic threats this comes after dozens of high profile attacks by so-called hacktivists websites from the department of justice to sony have been targeted but it's not just hacktivist that the u.s. is worried about a computer security company said that about ninety four percent of the attacks are done by chinese hackers weren't noticed until a year after the information was stolen so just how serious is the cyber threat well earlier today i spoke with internet activist and c.e.o. of a local company and greg how should i ask raghav hacktivist are becoming too sophisticated
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for the u.s. government here says take yes you know the big problem we have right now is that a lot of the hacks are coming out of countries like china. they might not be state sponsored the state doesn't seem to care too much to stop them so beyond hackers here in the us do you think that the u.s. should be even more worried about foreign threats absolutely i mean the big ones that are the lockheed martin and you know the groups like i definitely don't want to go treated by foreign governments are these specific targets that are getting a full trade and it's coming from foreign countries so right now you're saying that these are not governments that are engaging in cyber warfare it's it's individuals but should the u.s. be worried that it that there will be taken to that next level. oh who's to say that it isn't already i mean you know when you look at the sheer number of these that are going on from some of these countries you have to expect that at least
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a few of them are state sponsored now and the u.s. has spent spends an enormous amount of money in defense spending and now this is another type of defense how can they be losing to hackers well they've got a few problems i mean the first one is the easy one the type of talent the type of hacker that's really good at this isn't the type of person who wants to go work for a government so the talent level they're getting is usually less than that's how novel that's out there actually trying to hack ok i'm not the type of person who wants to work for the government who is the type of person that they're dealing with that well you know you look at the kids who grow up programming you know by the age of ten they're on the internet playing around learning their first languages and what not a lot of times those kids end up hacking they end up you know playing around with things discovering stuff they're usually the more curious who want to dig into things want to find information and have fun doing that and
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a lot of times they end up on you know the hacker side and the government is getting more people who end up in college taking security courses learning the computers from teachers and there's a different level of respect for the computer there's a different level of intelligence going there you know when you really care about something you're willing to learn all these skills on your own you know you're gonna turn out a lot better than someone who just learned it in school now do you think in the government and i mean they now know how sophisticated these hackers are in order to battle it do you think that they would want to get ahold of them and have them in turn work for the u.s. government. you see that at some of the conferences like dot com gonna last vegas every year you know there was active recruiting going on by f.b.i. and n.s.a. agents you see them definitely trying it didn't look like they were getting much of anywhere in that crowd but they are trying now the us to has announced that they will shift their focus to cyber security acknowledging that it is becoming
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a more of a threat do you see fiber warfare as the warfare of the few care yes one of the one of the other big problems as i said earlier there are multiple problems here is the next one is you know getting the lawyers out of the equation and might not make sense to most people but you know you're in a corporate boardroom one of these big companies and you were told by a security firm that's going to cost three million dollars to secure your network in any way they would actually stop let's say ninety nine percent of the hackers out there you're never going to stop one hundred percent but you can get most of them and then you go to your lawyers and ask how much does it cost to clean up afterward if they get into our network and they say one million in a court order and today they're deciding not to do the security and they're going with the lawyers afterward instead and that's a pretty big problem we have right now and this is a fairly new problem and with this new problem our new terms what is the difference and greg between a cyber hacktivists and
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a cyber terrorists. i would say the difference for me is in tension you know what are you attempting to do here you know a cyber terrorist who is attempting to usually actually affects the people the public you know general populace in a way that scares them any the word terrorism is all about you know instilling fear where is the cyber activists the activists are attempting to uncover corruption and you legal activities from these bigger corporations and these governments so it's a it's a different goal do you worry greg that the line between the two can get blurred. candy you know the amount of people with those skills you know you're going to fall into having this track where you've got people who are on both sides of it doing both of those things and you end up around them all because you know that the same people who can hack into the government force armed terrorists you know ideal could also be the one who breaks into another company to reveal the legal activities
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they're doing so there's a lot of crossover now greg earlier you said that the hackers they won't work for the u.s. government the u.s. government now acknowledging just how big that this problem really is so if they can turn to these expert hackers or like the top hackers what then are the are the options. well the options really are doing as much security as you can do you know the problem we have right now is they're not even doing a third of the security they could do it these corporations are leaving their networks wide open they're leaving on pieces of hardware that have four and five year old operating systems on them still facing the internet you know it's the basic security stuff isn't even being done if it's the basics were being done just the cheap low level stuff ninety percent of the hacks acting today with stuff. i read greg pleasure to have you on the show that was a greg house internet activist and the c.e.o. of local s.c.l. company. had r t occupy wall street protesters night not be the only ones who are
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ready to shake up the system and it turns out two thirds of americans aren't happy with the us economic model so is it time to stop letting wall street that cats and melt all the profits that sorry now. what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to break through that sort of people who may who can you trust no one who has you view with the overall mission would see where we had a state controlled capitalism it's called sasha's when nobody dares to ask we do our t. question more. argy is the state run english speaking russian channel it's kind of like.
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russia today has an extremely confrontational stance when it comes to us. oh it turned out the economy here in the united states after wall street led the world toward financial collapse almost four years on millions of americans are far from recovered and the majority unsatisfied with the economic situation today and according to a survey published in the financial times two thirds of americans are unhappy with the current economic model our kids on associate churkin are reports from big apple i need. decades past but this needs to look. wall street the key property or america's economy. it's recklessness suttle the
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financial meltdown bubble way was just one crisis we think since fundamentally it's an attack on the rest of the world and the bankers. are leading the army traditionally a symbol of a bullish economy and financial might this statue near wall street has for many become associated with a system of economic injustice the power of the few over the many for main street america he's about wall street remains touchable so they're making might and thousand dollars in their bonus they were last year big deal when they're making you still like an arch many times more than i and makes me angry he is not alone wanting to thirty eight published in the financial times two thirds of americans are unhappy with the current economic model i'm a high school student and my option seems to be going into college to go into debt . not get a job instead it seemed to make sense to me there and in the restaurant business
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his entire life for the last two years homeless with a passion for puzzles and the yankees he sleeps in an abandoned jail in new jersey about problems you know worth it with incarceration good luck with everything and sometimes i don't get is how. they're able to do some of the things there they've been down there. that they don't you know they're not held accountable for it that doesn't make sense and some of the really clear victory for free you have no problem with people being angry with my criminal acts because i did it. and convicted of white collar criminals sam antara says he's milked what he could out of the u.s. economy a committee the massive securities fraud during the 1980's we fleeced investors out of five hundred million dollars and we cost twenty five hundred people to be unemployed so i'm part of the bad part of the system you feel bad about. what i got yes i feel bad that i got caught so says he'd do it all over again as politicians
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today care even less but the system is flawed and the darker the night these guys are the legislative the country away from the people to the leads. supposedly the bank while the right of those beaten down are left to face their demons on their own it's tough to get started where we really have a place to stay. this is. just this it doesn't look so bright. but on the plus side if you go to work for the so. that's that that's probably my only saving grace and since he took an hour or two. well jesselyn a political activist and writer at the daily coast joined us earlier to talk about the growing frustration over economic injustice in america and with much of their frustration directed at the wretch i asked him if he had a problem with them take
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a listen. no i don't have anything against rich people at all my problem is the kind of people who use their vast wealth to distort the system to benefit only themselves and just last year in america ninety three percent of all the world that was created went to the one percent while the rest of us are being sold austerity sold shared sacrifice the other guys get to live on heaven and earth while they promise us a pine a sky that will happen one day when we die well i kind of wanted that little bit of freedom here while i'm still alive so it sounds like people might unless there really be a gray at the wretch but angry at how some people got rich. oh absolutely i need to take the bank of america c.e.o. brian went to him this guy got a seven time he was compensation was raised something like six hundred percent at the same time while bank of america was being investigated for fraud they paid a massive settlement to the american government for upwards of four of these guys were committing fraud and here's the best part their value went down fifty percent
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now of i work as a cashier register and my register came up short fifty percent i would lose my job i think of america the c.e.o. gets a six hundred percent bonus and the average person doesn't understand that it just makes them really angry and they deserve to be angry so now there seems to be this that cement that those that are responsible for the financial meltdown are not being held accountable and that probably has to go hand in hand with the fact that this survey two thirds of the of americans are now i'm happy with the current economic model but it's a model that's been around for a long time so why are people so unhappy with it now. well i think we got sold this idea could go thirty years ago the government was the big problem and the corollary answer to that is that only big business can set us free and this trickle down mentality is basically said just let the corporations write the rules just let the banks police themselves and all the prosperity will come to everybody thirty years later none of that's worked it's been a total disaster and the standard of living for the average person is either
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stagnant would decrease or well for the wealthiest one percent it's better than ever so it's a matter of just believing what your eyes tell you if my life stay stagnant or gets worse while the which are just enjoying a record amounts of caviar covered tax cuts for the rich don't be surprised when the average person is pretty angry you know another thing about this survey in the financial times that people are saying that fairness is what the system is lacking these days people say wealth and income is not distributed fairly so doesn't this go against the american ideal that hard work is a reward at. well that's the thing should be rewarded but take a look at wages in america they've been utterly stagnant since the one nine hundred eighty s. except for the wealthiest one percent in the years between two thousand and two thousand and six the average american saw their annual income decrease well for the wealthiest one percent went straight through the roof you know we have a system in america will be coddled the rich because the rich are the ones that make all the campaign deletions to political campaigns so what do you end up with
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it's a gay american congress the senate allowed tax subsidies for profitable oil companies to be renewed at the same time the republicans in the house for passing a budget that shifts the entire burden for the collapse on the shoulders of the working class while giving worker tax cuts to the which yet again is our politicians are going to keep punishing working class people in pain or into the rich they should not be surprised when the public has lost better faith in their ability to govern now clearly just say people are are angry angry epithets down by an interesting thing i found out the census bureau report came out recently that shows income inequality is the biggest problem in states that typically lead republican and that's the party that talks about income inequality and that ironic . oh no it's done entirely on purpose and when you pass a tax code that over proportionately gives an extra benefits to the rich and shift the burden onto the regular working class people you're not going to point those
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things out this is why these guys are focused on straw men like socialism and obama's birth certificate because they're so beautiful into the interests that are benefiting from our stilted in equal system they would rather never mention it or let's not mention the obvious problem that everybody's dealing with you know the real problem is selinski and that's what that sells to their base because their bases on glued in just a virtual reality for the average working class person who knows that the rich have a better never while we're being sold austerity and suffering it's a total force and reality is going to check these guys real quick it's a thing of abyei are out there and they're not aware of what the situation is really like. well it's also just a regional issue you know where i grew up upstate new york is not too unlike some of the speech with republican governors in the fact that your neighborhood stays the same from year to year so you don't see how we are wealthy and because you just don't participate in our lives there's also hurts the wealthy too because they don't realize how bad our suffering is they think we sound like we're just
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complaining they don't know watching my family members die because they can't get access to health care we really makes me angry so i think it's a generational issue but it's also just a disconnect with reality the wealthiest one percent don't deal with peasants like me and that's why they just don't understand how our lives work and that's also why they're the least capable of governing the benefit interest of that worthless person there are literally too busy fleecing us and lying to us to care about what the differences and it makes no surprise to me that in the southern states in the states are dominated by public politicians they have literally gotten nothing but misery for voting republican for thirty years straight because that was what was on the agenda. they savvy on the show that was get their greca activists and writer out of there like. well the u.k.'s fuel crisis is in danger of tipping the country into a double dip recession u.k. prime minister david cameron called on the united labor union and employers to hold talks on preventing a strike by fuel truck drivers the strike likely to skyrocketing fuel prices
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further damaging the country's fragile economy and causing a ripple effect through neighboring european countries and in fact i could eventually make way to the united states i have are that it has more panic in the u.k. . but what we're seeing in the last twenty four hours or so is panic buying widespread panic buying of fuel up and down the country by motorists queues outside petrol stations and what's really been fueling this panic buying is is the government's handling of this crisis their first piece of advice to motorists was to tell people not to panic which immediately of course set the alarm bells ringing one cabinet minister even said it be a good idea to top up your car now also feel up a spare jerrycan in case of emergencies david cameron the prime minister's even put the army on standby to drive the tankers should industrial action go ahead so these drastic measures are really fueling a panic all of this comes as oil prices are record high not only in britain but
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also in france and america and what that means is unhappy voters and with elections just around the corner in france and america they need to do something quick to pacify the voters and so what france is now doing are joining us america and britain in discussing the option of the emergency release strategic release of emergency or oil supplies to try and drive down those prices now this is a move normally reserved only when there is actually a physical disruption of the oil supply which isn't actually the case here because of the oil prices increasing is really a problem of their own making one of the main reasons for all prices escalating is the sanctions imposed on iran a key or producing nation by america britain and france which is hitting the oil exports hard and this is why countries like germany and italy are refusing to back move to release emergency supplies even the head of the i.a.e.a. i.a.e.a. the international energy agency which has to authorize any such move has said the
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there hasn't been a disruption significant enough of oil supplies to warrant such and so they may have trouble pushing this through but america britain and france have got themselves in this situation and clearly they have. very desperate now to the damage and repair the damage they've caused themselves before it's too late for the administration's and that was our t. correspondent i ever bennett allowed does it for now for more on the stories we covered go to youtube dot com slash r t america and just because the show stops doesn't mean the news does for the very latest information on the stories we covered today and if you we did it check out our website that addresses our t.v. dot com slash usa today our wonderful lead she wrote a story about a new congressional report that asserts that a potential u.s. or israeli strike on iran would be useless since the islamic republic we could parade permit within a six month time.


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