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tv   [untitled]    April 1, 2012 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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and welcome back you're watching our t.v. recapping the week's top stories and the nations that supporting syria's of revolution meet in turkey to fresh out plans to help the opposition supporters bashar al assad protesting against the talks are dispersed by turkish police and also in this week's top stories a hot mike exchange between a rock about nine meters if you have that leads to anti russian rhetoric among the americans republican presidential candidates trying to moscow has condemned as cold war hollywood cliche. dozens of arrests and riots followed spain's approval of its
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a fear of posterity measures yet let's see twenty seven billion euro slashed from the bank. in poland come closer to acknowledging the existence of secret cia run prisons for terror suspects on its territory prosecutors launch an investigation against the former head of the country's intelligence service for helping set up for the. next hour a special report from the scene of some of the worst fighting in the u.s. or iraq or go the sounds of battle died down years ago the weapons used to have left behind a deadly legacy. i continue my inquest in champaign illinois two hundred kilometers from chicago and home to doug rock. going to help money. for drug rock the presence of uranium in fallujah comes as no surprise his former high ranking
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officer served more than thirty five years in the us army in particular during the first gulf war at that time he had a research program into the consequences of a new uranium based weapon after testing on behalf of the pentagon he became its first victim he doused suffers from several cancers and renal problems it is part of the nevada test we did and what i'm doing is blowing up the chute in berne enough but what you see is the direct impact on the iranian missions iranian impact but the uranium the brace of burns and burns and burns and burns and burn for a long time you see how long it lasts he claims that your ania has been used in american munitions since one thousand nine hundred one in missiles shells and armor plating for military vehicles. and when i shut up with four by fours man it works great this stuff is good ok i mean you have to understand the purpose is to kill and destroy and uranium weapons are the ultimate because there's
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a massive fireball of brain uranium fragments that are moving extraordinarily high velocity in fragments that are not burning their cost massive secondary explosions or massive fires in a thing that. is a mineral used the nuclear power plants part of it isn't rich and used as fuel for the reactors. the rest is radioactive waste known as depleted uranium. as the cost of storage are high the u.s. army decided to use some of the main factor munitions and armor plating. dug roxy's depleted uranium quite simply as a nuclear weapon and yes it is it's solid radioactive waste as chemically toxic it's radioactive radioactive for eternity it's a dirty bomb and yeah it is i always call it nuclear for what it is it's nuclear
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waste used to kill and destroy this contaminate air war or soil and food that remains there to cause harm for eternity this weapon was used for the first time in iraq in one thousand nine hundred one at the time the u.s. army asked doug to inspect the tons of burnt down iraqi tanks destroyed by depleted uranium missiles this is measuring the contamination undestroyed know as a result in his team were seriously contaminated by inhaling uranium just today doug is one of the only survivors of that group we need to look at me i mean what i look like there was a lot different story early healthy and now where british ordinarily sick little me right there. you know we were the best of the best all i for many morse not worth it too many people are sick so many people are dead. since this photo was taken twenty one members of his team of time returning from iraq doug submitted an
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unfavorable report i want to use depleted uranium. once i told the us army that it was dangerous we couldn't clean it up and they couldn't do it they sent me packing . they said how do you know somebody goes. we don't want to hear from you no we don't want to talk to you i mean you got your job keep doing things but shut up and go away from the u.s. army never took doug rocks recommendations into account he was easy for them just so you think there is the logistics sensibly influenza totally it sensibly and not a question and we see everything in all the other people we see every place has been used we say i mean you try to clean it up but you can't that's what i tried to do and i could that's why i told him no more. to find out more i tried to reach colonel peter newall he was in command of the battle of fallujah in two thousand and four i never managed to obtain an interview nor would he even answer the phone.
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the issue appears to be embarrassing the only answer i received is a link to the u.s. army's internet site. this article praises the merits of depleted uranium and minimizes its dangerousness the only allusion to health consequences is contained in this phrase the department of defense and many other organizations have studied and continue to study the health chemical radiological and environmental effects and exposures of the pleated uranium that's all they wrote to the u.s. army the use of depleted uranium is taboo i did manage to speak to one former high ranking official at the department of defense. being west was with the marines at the battle of fallujah he later wrote a book recognized in the u.s. as the reference on american strategy in the middle city you heard about it you keep it real. but why phosphorus. but you think.
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it's all nonsense. the police did you raney i'm or something. i bomb as a bomb. it's not like somebody is leaving behind radioactive so that the marines walk through i mean radioactive fields then all the marines die if any scientists show a linkage between the lingering health problems relative to a military weapon then that military weapon should not be you unless there's an extraordinary reason however if there is a lingering problem the first people to be affected would be the soldiers on the battlefield and i know of no soldiers who are complaining about your am. yet it's not that hard to find american soldiers contaminated by depleted uranium
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a few kilometers from your. journeys and their children or to all appearances but cynical american family people getting it's i admit apart from one detail in two thousand and three matthew sort of more than six months in iraq. a truck driver we transported what you call like blown up equipment and things move around on the truck so we have to tie it down so that's when susceptibility of being exposed or sleeping in that environment with the trucks because you know some of the missions don't take just one day takes more than one day gerard fell ill several months later the early symptoms seem trivial standard headaches problems with his vision but his state quickly worsened the beginnings of a brain tumor renal problems the list is long i have leakage and i'll show you the extent how much i have leakage.
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today has to work diapers but there's worse his daughter victoria has returned from iraq because a deformed right hand this picture is a reminder of flu just before the baby's. his story has made headlines all over the world but it isn't the only one to fall ill eight of his comrades in arms who served in iraq have shown the same symptoms urine tests reveal an abnormal concentration of uranium. i never was told about depleted uranium in the military i never attended class and never show never going to a class on how to handle the equipment that were exposed to it i don't even know what you did leader in the last time i hope not even depleted uranium was when i took chemistry. believes he was going to me during his mission in iraq he decided to file a formal complaint against the us army claiming it broke safety regulations by
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exposing him to radioactive material his wife has gone even further. she wrote every senator and like almost every representative and every one was basically this is just one of them she wrote sending back letters at the time says even president bush's office had taken up the issue on the half of president bush thank you for united states to me for the better i vote some of the border and he said the white house is aiming your inquiries the following agencies are going to the banks i think you a service is a social security administration and asked for correspondence be that for. no assistance was provided nor any response to these questions i feel we all here in a part of the price. so this day. when expanded loves the marine corps i don't understand locke but he always says that something half of them must be very in his marine corps uniform.
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and that upsets me because i don't understand how faithful he is and how committed he is and i have to respect his wishes so for me i don't understand how the government can actually. treat a man that we. understand. his country. the army refuses to recognize its responsibility six months in iraq were enough to shatter the rives of gerard and his family. in fallujah thousands of inhabitants still live in these buildings destroyed by american bombs seven years in a contaminated city. full of just hospital was short staffed and cruelly wax medical equipment. nothing can be done to save these children so to keep evidence of their births a photographer has been drafted in by the doctors. i.
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will certainly play photographing them. but to look at why my photograph and she calls. the straw databus we try to keep it updated every month these photos are bearable most of these babies were only live for a few hours every month twenty or so babies like these are born and then die in his hospital. not to mention the countless newborns with serious illnesses. because you see most families would rather the children die and. i remember one day the father said to me each time i see my deformed son. i die. a generation sacrificed and how many more for these children it's already. faced with this human catastrophe the iraqis are powerless to prevent the tragedy of
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pollution from happening elsewhere some people in europe are starting to take action. in london a stone's throw from the houses of parliament easton camps out on this pavement every day. he has been campaigning against the war in iraq since two thousand and five. his spot at the foot of big ben is well chosen to attract both one of us and tourists. behind him photos of the form babies are exhibited for all to see shocking pictures that attempt to boost public awareness. week i suppose just because. it's the wickedness of the weapon. it's. the truth it's the i. don't think
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so this. may be its role. in trying a different view. of the slogan and the slew of iraqi baby photos haven't managed to rally great support but bunny easton isn't alone in his fight others are campaigning on a different scale an ngo network present in around thirty countries is also campaigning for a ban on all depleted uranium weapons its headquarters are in manchester. maybe show you some of the materials that we campaign with friends some of those of the organizations. we have briefings with she has a very big inquest complex issue do you say we try and pull together or you messire information into an easily digestible format this was a briefing which we produced for members of parliament in the u.k.
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a few years ago service is the national campaign and we held a parliamentary briefing that. it's always a challenge to try and get the politicians up to date on the issue. douglas is all too aware of the consequences of uranium based weapons he has studied the subject since the balkan war in one thousand nine hundred four in that time he and his team have devised a method for identifying and decontaminating bombs zones his first battlefield was in bosnia where the americans were already using depleted uranium weapons this is a map of a place in bosnia which was a site ready you weapons were used in ninety ninety four ninety ninety five but there were quite high levels of contamination of the site so we can take quite a lot of work around not just to try to put it to you has been used in bosnia the organization identified twelve highly contaminated zones this information unable the bosnian environment ministry to take steps to limit the damage so this is one
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quarter of churches decontaminated in two thousand and seven as you can see from here is a pretty extensive task that they have real problems in trying to identify the actual sites where the view is that say the round that's being dug out it starts to break down in the soil yep survey yellow you can see on the outside of this uranium oxide. with three hundred grams in it should have had a trace is collaborating closely with the local authorities douglas was able to work freely in bosnia in iraq the situation is much more complicated. the problem that we see is that there are three three quite different kinds of contamination in iraq you'll have the contamination from the time coming mission and all this the children quite enjoy playing on hold for wreckage and so that was one problem in itself when you have. d.n.a. from across strikes way you may end up with a lot of contamination in the soil and then you have another kind of contamination
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from the home and fighting vehicles which can fire a small caliber round and i would definitely be within built up areas so you have three different kinds of contamination all of this needs to be mapped but at the moment the u.s. hasn't released data on where it's fired any of these weapons and this is a huge issue so. to obtain this information militants have demonstrated outside the american embassy in london but the u.s. army still refuses to provide it in the meantime the n.g.o.s attacking the british government also accused of having used the pleated uranium weapons in iraq. recently these accusations had even been taken up by a british member of parliament during a session the leader nice may have seen today he's discussing of course the by the increased rate of birth defects in philippa cameron have to play it about this issue so we can hear from the foreign secretary what representations he is making to his u.s. counterpart but this whole the legacy of the iraq war. in two thousand and ten the
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british ministry of defense finally admitted the use of depleted uranium in iraq and supplied the united nations with information on the zones targeted the u.s. allies beginning to voice its doubts on those weapons. only belgium ireland kosta rica and new zealand have formally brand uranium in their arms but today no international convention even mentions the rain and its texts. this allows the u.s. administration to continue using it without fear of reprisals. at the illinois law faculty francis boyle claims that the usa can be hauled before a tribunal this lawyer and harvard graduate has an international reputation of asian origin vietnam gulf war syndrome or trials or specialty today francis boyle is locked in a new battle to have the use of the pleated uranium recognized as
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a war crime uranium munitions violate the hague regulations of nineteen zero seven and then also violates the geneva protocol of one thousand nine hundred five. so they are clear the use of the u. is clearly a war crime if you totally easy to use it shouldn't be but why does the united states use. landmines why you know we're trying to stop it the problem is how. you know how do you bring the rule of law to bear on the united states government. still difficult to do and especially on the pentagon there are you know there are a lot of to themselves that's why it's so hard to bring the united states to heels or he sees isolation on the international stage as being the only way forward i think if we can get all the parties to the geneva protocol to send in that letter
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to the french government now apparently even the british are willing to go along with france. and the u.s. then is the only outlier on d. you just maybe they'll say ok let's let's stop using the. france's boyles cause seems a desperate one the united states continue to make use of your a needle in developing their military arsenal. in two thousand and three one year before the battle of fallujah donald rumsfeld then defense secretary made a reference before the u.s. congress to the use of a new weapon the hellfire missile. the new missile can take out the first floor of a building without damaging the floors above and is capable of reaching around corners striking enemy forces that hide in caves or bunkers this declaration went largely unnoticed but it heralded the development of a new missile that would be tested during the early days of the war in iraq.
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some experts did react to rumsfeld declaration one of them was arms researcher di williams. this scientist is a member of the un institute for disarmament research. he claims the hellfire missile is a new generation about it was used several times during the battle of fallujah the experts call it a thermobaric weapons. they were using small tactical weapons that they wanted these new thermobaric weapons which are specifically designed for very local killing and what they do now is some of these are right in the target of it they just get right the it is so high temperature it just burns everything. in place also if they are within. maybe fifty meters it will also kill them because you get you get
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a bang and it sucks all of the air out and so you get a pressure wave which goes high pressure very low pressure and the air pressure goes down to maybe ten percent. and if you're in that area your lungs. you can breathe. williams has not only analyzed the photographs of the bombing in iraq but it also was that the new types of thermobaric bombs developed by the u.s. army once again they remain very discreet is to be used to be ready you know we have nine different he weapon systems going from one hundred kilos up to two thousand and if you look in the in the report all they say is dense metal but it says dense metal warhead that's my full ballast high density payload when you realize what they're trying they're using every where they can except in the rain but they're saying this is a secret heavy method but they never say what. according to die williams these thermobaric bombs were showered on the rebels who had taken refuge in houses and
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food you. will see how much smoke and contamination that's a mixture of concrete dust and. if that is using uranium then you've got five hundred kilos of your own just. over town. and they're celebrating and they don't realize that they're looking at their own future cancer and. it's is just ask and so sides. no longer see you in. the my biggest question for fallujah is probably that it was an experimental area for new thermal back explosives probably raney and possibly other new.
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chemicals which we haven't even thought of yet. and so this is where looking at. it the first effects we have to question which systems were used. was my parents' hometown of saluja used as a laboratory by the u.s. army how long why rockets have to suffer the consequences of the war. the bush administration boasted of waging a clean war but it continues to sacrifice generations of children both in iraq and the united states. in fallujah two to three deformed babies are born every day most live but a few hours. the space in the cemetery reserved for these victims grow steadily.
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as. long.
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little bit. of political. leap. to speak. with
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a. little bit sleepy and good. will. come out for me but at least. i fit in execution dates in the me. just pay me one which is enough in a day to go through my life if. you know more than fifty percent of the people who are actually in texas are not. you know living on to afterwards right. this smack you know we execute our convicted capital murder we have the highest execution rate in america we're not afraid to do it we do it well this becomes a point when death becomes. our avenue i hope. i
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will get a letter you dedicate to be executed next week then is it be a scary moment if you see no you can loose here one of the appearance at the end of a manner of me standing outside. it's time for just started. now we're going to be into this for the chamber. of commerce trade towers if they were to get. the mission free accreditation free transport charges free. range month free risk free stuart chaifetz free. time old free blood tests done in video for your media projects a free media john to our teeth on.


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