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tv   [untitled]    April 5, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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this is on the march in. the u.s. prepares to sign tents brussel business friends victor boot for conspiring to smuggle arms and kill americans as he protests innocence and vowels to appeal. violence erupts in central our friends after a seventy seven year old man shoots himself in front of the greek parliament claiming austerity costs for decimating his action. bus to france contractors not up for business as india makes plans to modernize the military hit by corruption scandals and crumbling weaponry.
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from our headquarters in central moscow you're watching our team with me and he said now it's two pm here in the russian capital six am in new york where it's judgment day for a russian businessman victor boot found guilty by an american court of conspiracy conspiring to sell arms to terrorists he faces life behind bars and the sentence to later on thursday but defense maintains his innocence and will appeal they also claim the case has been swayed by the u.s. media sorts he's an associate turk and reports of years spent by the u.s. to hunt down one russian man tens of millions of dollars of taxpayer cash poor into a sting operation snatched up from a third country alleged arms dealer viktor boot was handcuffed flown to the u.s. and police in solitary confinement for months before trial found him. l.t.
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on all four charges one conspiring to kill united states nationals two conspiring to kill united states officers and employees three conspiring to use and acquire anti-aircraft missiles and for conspiring to provide material support to the for the forty four year old russian air cargo business and fascinated hollywood one of which will. require. only on the other eleven who lost his case in a court of u.s. public opinion one before his trial kicked off raising concerns of the fairness of his trial this is the lord of war. the merchant of death. and you've got him in your hands right he's in custody it's a great feeling u.s. officials were relentless in their efforts to get behind bars a so-called merchant of death is now a federal inmate american agents posing as farka members a colombian group terrorist in the u.s. but not by many other countries and the u.n.
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met with and then arrested in thailand in two thousand and eight after twice being found not guilty by thai courts the u.s. reportedly plea dirty by arm twisting thailand into extraditing him to america they're willing to flaunt every international law to get what they want and that means doing all these illegal things in the case of which would extradite in washington kidnap and boot family also called us actions entrapment and kidnapping i could accept the possibility of boots might have some information that might be of interest to someone but why is it that other countries don't just think to themselves that there is someone who has some interest in information and why don't those governments just drive those people onto their territory moscow's request to send him to russia for trial were brushed aside there was no official decision of an extradition russia called boot extradition illegal and question the validity of his conviction one of the main arguments of the defense that the u.s.
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lacked jurisdiction was ignored by the court which defense says the russian was aware that he was not in touch with real fark members and all he was trying to do was sell to all the cargo planes majnoon crimes manufactured jurisdiction and manufactured evidence journalist george map has attended every hearing in the case he says is one of many victims of u.s. judicial power play a field of victor in this particular charges that were brought against him that he is innocent so you know i don't i don't want any innocent man whether it be russian citizen or troy davis to be you know sentence to life or prior to that in commit to boot is the second. russian citizen in the year to face sentencing on american territory for little crimes committed in a third nation bookies is a major precedence and represents a worrying u.s. stretch to simply override the legal systems of other countries because there's a trick and i'm pretty. well victor cruz rive told artsy that it's especially as
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how no other country or international body acted to apprehend the businessman for years despite the u.s. charges against paul you bloomberg in the or when you have a state department spokesperson describing how much money and effort they put him to get me to extradited to the u.s. it's perfectly clear that they had no intention of acquitting him also it was in two thousand and one that the u.s. media first launched a massive campaign against viktor accusing him of being a major arms dealer even though there was absolutely no evidence to substantiate those claims it was a long period of eight years from two thousand and one to two thousand and eight and have there been any proof that he was really involved in some illegal activities here at the u.n. with russia and into paul would have certainly known about it and would have done something but in reality nobody did anything nobody was really looking for victor they all claimed they were looking for him but they did nothing she wasn't hiding
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she was openly living in russia under his real name. in greece clashes broke out between bryant police and protesters just hours after a pensioner shot himself in front of the part of the main building in central outfits a retired pharmacist named as seventy seven year old to meet to discuss doing us left a suicide note in which he accused the government of destroying his pension with austerity cuts of hundreds of demonstrators gathered in some tightness where to pay their respects to him protesters threw petrol bombs at police who responded with tear gas depression and suicide rates have been on the brides in the country which has been forced to impose public spending cuts to do with its debt problems of jobs have been caught pay pensions and benefits and taken a major hit but actual analyst patrick young says greece needs to take urgent action to get out of this guy or situation. the greek government is bankrupt the
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greek government cannot afford to stay in the euro and pay its debts it must default alternately that may be a terrible problem for a great many financier's and investors but at the same time i have to say any bank that bought greek debt in the course of the last ten years was stupid so making that absolutely clear the simple fact is riis must of thought on it it probably needs to leave the euro and regionally it was deflate its currency it is going to still have many problems but the truth of the matter is that when you do get to this sort of extreme only this sort of extreme measure is going to be possible to resolve your situation and ultimately it really beggars belief that we have a greek politician the most highly paid politicians in the whole of the european union turning round and going oh well that's very sad one of our constituents killed themselves when they themselves make fifteen are using our month without
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any difficulty whatsoever as a backbencher and b. which is a laugh to manage to pay for dozens of pensioners every month a new us there and to greece. but employment across the euro zone has reached a record high since the single currency was launched thirteen years ago with nearly half of all spanish and greek young people now out of work that is worrying trans are also affecting countries that have joined the euro more recently take a greens now reports thousands of a stone ians scrape by having to support troubled e.u. states. two thousand and eleven estonia welcomes in a new year and a new iraq as part of the euro club is a moment of triumph after years of tough financial discipline for the nation which is the pockets of everyone the euro zone demanded that as a condition of membership but just over a year old and the idea has lost its fizz it wants joining the euro has made an
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already painful situation even worse that teachers really suffer here our monthly pay is insufficient even to survive. as the new kid in the block a study played no part in amassing the devastating debt tracking it down but still being asked to contribute to the multi billion euros bottle designed to cushion the currency against a crisis like the one which gripped greece teachers or just some of those in uproar after having wage cuts forcing them to join the currency union there's little appetite for sending money abroad to richer countries particularly when it's the only salaries of a full well below the e.u. average even key legislators think this massive financial safety net for the euro zone threats in this third year sovereignty by limiting say over their own budget yesterday in one decisions would require only eighty five percent of the ward of the country so let me remind you that the share of the stone you mortal will just
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be slightly over zero point two percent this means that all decisions will be taken very large countries such as germany france italy and spain the one point three billion euro estonia is being asked to hand over. appears small in the scheme of things but as a zones poorest member it's still a heavy price on the face of it the amount guaranteed by a stone here isn't all that much to other euro club members germany for instance or if one euro coin would be equated to ten billion euros this is how their efforts would journey spending one hundred sixty nine billion euros making this small change to recalculate that according to a percentage of g.d.p. eight then it paints a very different picture for the stone year seeming to be forking out more on this basis estonia's contributions than that eight point five percent of g.d.p.
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rigidly speaking that's high that germany france or italy. imagine the chancellor of justice does the right thing challenging the ears same treaty in the constitutional court the point is as easy to on the years already developing its use in marriage regarding partial transfer of national sovereignty to these institutions politicians and courts may be debating but the nation appears to have made up its mind opinion polls suggest most are against the bailout fund they wonder why their stumping up for the mistakes of others degrees artsy town and a study at. still had freezer sour here in our tea arms from abroad as india prepares to spend billions on new by prince find out why corruption could hamper the country's military modernization. but first the un is deploying a team of negotiators to syria to pave the way for an observer mission to the country this comes as damascus claims it's implementing
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a peace plan by withdrawing its military from residential areas but opposition activists across syria say this isn't happening in the reports of ongoing fighting in several cities u.n. security council is set to consider a new statement that will press for damascus to comply with the april tenth ceasefire deadline meanwhile russia is warning foreign forces against arming the syrian rebels saying it will only fuel the conflict and events in syria are hard to verify leading to a worldwide information of war one reporter who resigned from the arabic t.v. channel al-jazeera over its coverage of the conflict says the station has provided material support to the opposition now making sure foreign intervention goes unreported. that would help big. government wants. you know those. communication tools are put out this is so they were
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putting them smuggling them into the from the borders from lebanon as i knew it was . militants firing from the borders to syria and clashing with the syrian army that was actually away from the borders like three kilometers about time we were able to spot these militants and we took some footage of those people later on the child refused to speak chose. what i was asked to forget about these militants i was asked to leave the whole area back to beirut with size these divided on both sides to. you are being misled by me on one side you know it's kind of concentrating on showing the army as killing people on civilians on innocent people that suck rise up dress up without showing up to our minute then sold so far i think the army and killing also civilians from golden sides those goals will support the syrian regime of the same found that the. media
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also lets trying to show only a minute done so out of fighting that a g.-man there were no people well i was going for freedom and forms and then the country where for a leader someplace on the situation in syria you can head to our web site r.t. dot com here are just a couple of the stories we have on line for you today the u.s. is flexing its military muscle in the asia pacific but the first round of troops arriving in australia but what does it mean for the rivalry with china and others in the region. plus a year after the devastating earthquake and tsunami japan is gripped by a new force of nature you can watch the videos on our website our t. dot com. wealthy british science. sometimes the.
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market find out. why no one should really be happening to the global economy with much stronger run over old smart look the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our. live from moscow where it's quarter past two pm in the afternoon great to have you with us the international criminal court turned down
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a palestinian request to investigate alleged israeli war crimes during the deadly attack on calls that were three years ago well more than fourteen hundred people were killed almost all of them palestinian the i.c.c. prosecutor said the investigation of would get to go ahead only if the u.n. or a security council recognizes how the sign as an independent state the trying to win this recognition last year but proud to cyprus a court of over one hundred thirty countries due to the threat of a u.s. veto that how a co-founder of the israeli committee against house demolitions says the i.c.c. is ruling cast a shadow over the entire international justice system. the palestinians exist in a kind of illegal because they're not a state they don't have access to all the instruments of international law or of the u.n. system but at the same time in. international law that does apply to the occupied territories it's intended to protect it especially the fourth geneva convention is
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not enforced by the international community so in the one hand we don't have the instant the subject themselves and the other hand the international community doesn't accept its responsibility will force protection for the palestinians the problem of the palestinians is that occupation was only seen as a very temporary military situation maybe lasting one to three years until it's over this is a forty five year occupation and international law simply isn't geared towards dealing with it so the fact that the palestinians aren't a state i think. completely destroys their chance to use international law and and if in fact these millions of people are left without any to fancy or any ability to leverage israel through international law it certainly dense the credibility of the entire system. well look now at some other news from around the
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world this hour the u.s. has sent five suspected al qaeda militants to trial for allegedly plotting the september eleventh attacks guantanamo bay inmates face charges including terrorism and murder and could face the death penalty if convicted the five men are accused of planning and executing the attacks which killed almost three thousand people in two thousand and one president obama tried to move their trial to civilian courts in two thousand and nine but that's a decision was reversed last year after widespread opposition. ten officers have been killed in afghanistan after gunmen attacked the compound of a government backed security force the onslaught happened in the west of herat province that's actor is shot dead a guard who was posted outside before advancing into the site and opening fire responsibility has been claimed by the taliban which wants to thwart u.s. efforts to rebuild the afghan military. saying with afghanistan moscow says it may start checking nato transit cargo for drugs russia is part of one of
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the alliances routes for the transport of food and supplies to forces in afghanistan repeatedly voiced concern over the damage its population suffers from program and afghan drug industry which nato has failed to root out. and to grant i was deployed interceptor missiles in preparation for north korea's rocket launch later this month interceptors have been placed at four different locations in okinawa and face towards the rockets planned route is resigned to shoot down any parts that veer into japan's air space of korea says the launch is designed to send a satellite into orbit japan the u.s. claimed pyongyang is using it to test its own range missile capabilities. u.n. security council is calling for an end to violence in mali and return to constitutional rule two weeks after a military. new counsel raised concern about an al-qaeda linked group an operating
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is operating inside the west african country two main rebel groups fighting the government have vowed to end hostilities which of us collated after army officers overthrew the president last month over political parties and civil groups have rejected didn't see the military takeover. but with good or regional rival then a population of more than a billion to defend india is to begin a massive modernization of its military that's against the backdrop of recent scandals damaging the reputation of the country's armed forces and as the world's largest importer of arms looks at its options russian firms are hoping to cash in on the action reports. of rampant corruption and an army falling to pieces the current state of the indian military according to the country's top general himself he recently revealed he was offered a bribe of almost three billion dollars by a lobbyist to buy substandard defense equipment he turned down the bribe but the
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scandal has rocked the country and caused the ministry of defense to suspend six defense firms for ten years over their lobbying tactics as you have long believed you have decision which sometimes is a bureaucratic lever you have a decision which is sometimes at the level of the politicians so that incentive is huge problem but we're joris of clothes for some they've opened for others many foreign defense firms are now eyeing the opportunity to take a slice of india's huge defense pie india is the world's largest importer of ons and is that to spend one hundred billion dollars in the next ten years to modernize its military equipment russia is at the forefront of the battle to win some of those contracts moscow says it can provide three billion dollars worth of black pins to india every year. thanks to their defense
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systems there's also very intense competition for. providing new submarines. these are like the submarine to india. and russia also hopes to do so india also appear. keen on the opportunity to let russia help modernize its defense systems and says a partnership with the country could be beneficial for both sides russia is one of the few countries that have joined us in joint development of military hardware one of the classic examples. the other example is the so-called. support that. we are also working together on the fifth generation fighter record of so india a string of military scandals is providing a shake up in its military suppliers the competition to fill the void will be fierce among the russian and international firms bidding to bring india's armed
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forces up to the preassure either r t new delhi india. quoted today and spotlight al green of talks or prominent us a story about the reset of relations between moscow and washington stephen cohen says the issue of european missile defense is still the biggest stumbling block. going to be very very. russia wants guarantees and obama signed a letter to the senate when he got ratification of the arms control agreement but he would take them actually move forward with missile defense that means deploying it all the way around russia that's what it means because there's four stages i would say there today if you look at the relationship objectively not from the russian point not from the american point of view you would conclude that we have a war elements with war elements of cold war conflict and we have cooperation now
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maybe we can change there but things are getting worse so i think we are still in a state it least seventy cold war. time now to get the latest from the business that's katie joins us katie how to look out there today. was a row. sure mark is concerned it's not to give it so which is somewhat disappointing because they got a really good start to the day we saw positive gains now second hour of losses for the russian forces here now a lot of that is because of the federal reserve's decision not to force more stimulus encouraging investors to sell up sell out their stocks if we look at the figures right now you'll be able to see some call that colors we've got the r.t.s. flats negative and then my six around a third of a percent down and let's have a look at the stocks and see who's really suffering today we've got after you pass they were posting gains. now they just occurred lining up one point three percent rosner quite four percent down despite those high oil prices. as well two thirds of
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the cents down struggling in the red sea this hour we've also got our current system look out the ruble is still gaining against the us dollar and the euro this hour on the euro dollar has had a completely different turn of events on t.v. talking about the european markets and it will be able to see why the euro dollar is taking and taking a bit of a bad bad fruit so to speak a little bit to europe because of what a lot i want to talk of out and that's largely because just in the last few minutes or so we've had spanish and italian government bonds dropping now this really is a concern because they've now dropped to five point seven to one percent and apparently as soon as they get to seven percent that's disasters i was not positive figures on the screen right now but i can say the european markets are indeed down at this hour they just dropped in the last few minutes or so i move in are we going
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to see what the oil figures are look like now or did it have a bit of a shuffle in the last few minutes or so but it still remains as you can see the light sweet around one hundred one it was one hundred two earlier on today other brands. when she chooses to shift down but they still remain in positive territory at this hour ok interesting story here's one of the details and we're trying to break it down here and it's a story we often cover here on business r.t. and it's to do with ukraine and therefore to come up with a new idea to diversify gas supplies away from russia which it claims to be expensive cumbersome newspaper says it's ready to pass it around eight hundred million dollars in the construction of the trans caspian a pipeline the eight billion dollar project is backed by stan and azerbaijan this pipeline would connect to which is intended to transport central asian gas to
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europe bypassing russia. so there we are about as you can see look about paul it's not that just says it oh i can i move in all fifty five minutes before you have to have some benefit as an ace up all right kind of looking forward to it see you next hour thanks for that update and we're going to take a break here at the news desk i'll be back with the headlines so don't go away.
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well. it's technology innovation it's all the developments from around russia we've got the future coverage. there hasn't been anything good on t.v. . used to get the maximum political impact. before the source material is what helps keep journalism on we.
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we wanted to visit. oh and something up next. oh i want the solenoid . cohen.


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