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tv   [untitled]    April 5, 2012 9:30pm-10:00pm EDT

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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world is seeing from the streets of canada. trying to look for asians to rule the day. and. welcome back to the big picture i'm tom hartman coming up in this half hour it may not exactly be breaking news but mitt romney lied again yesterday break down his latest false when asked the question this line the only way republicans could win the presidency also california be where
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a radioactive wave is headed toward the west coast to lead out of states courtesy of the fukushima nuclear disaster so nuclear power is still wreaking havoc on the environment are the japanese about to flip on more of their nuclear reactors and finally in tonight's daily take tell you what secret weapon conservatives are using to take up with universities in the united states. to the best of the rest of the news with the republican nomination all but wrapped up for mitt romney wall street's favorite presidential candidate is turning his attention to president obama and as you would expect from a republican candidate who has the facts stacked against him romney resorting to lives here's what he said in a speech on wednesday at the newspaper association of america take a look. three and a half years later he has failed to an act or even propose
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a serious plan to solve the entitlement crisis instead he has taken a series of steps that end medicare as we know it he is the only president to ever cut five hundred billion dollars from medicare. that's a lie president obama didn't cut five hundred billion dollars from medicare and said cut down on the waste fraud and abuse in medicare including stopping one hundred thirty six billion dollars in corporate welfare to private health insurance companies to administer medicare advantage programs and now thanks to that cut medicare advantage is actually running more efficiently covering more people with lower premiums so is this what we should expect from the republican nominee moving forward lies lies and more lies and why is the media doing its job in calling out these lies you know as very joins me now he's the c.e.o. and host of the truth for america radio show out with more conscientious equity we'll welcome back hey tom thanks for having me good to see is so republicans you know paul ryan they voted to end medicare as we know it why is romney accusing the
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president of that but first of all i mean this is all of his big distraction we should be talking about jobs if we want to talk about distortion it is the it is obama that says distorting romney's record well he wants to do is make medicare responsible we cannot afford this in title with anymore he won zombies he wants private economy choices he wants so instead it says so you're coming now you say it hasn't for we can't afford this and we tom you know you sort of the one hundred sixty five we can't raise the taxes for medicare we can't allow companies medicare to negotiate with drug companies and get these prices here's what we've got to give a broker here's what we've got to medicare was started in one thousand nine hundred sixty five with the retirement age of sixty five when with life expectancy at sixty eight it was designed for three years we're living longer because of our health care system is is having all of these breakthroughs neal you and i both know medicare would be just fine if we raise the roof we raise the fica tax by about one and a half percent and if we allowed medicare to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies
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that's part of the submission so we'll actually have to do that but we asked to also raise the age in people like me and people like you people like us we're going to have to work longer and we're going to like what i want to say to a guy who is sixty five years old midland bricks all as. life's are you going to go out there and break your back i'm sad to have you i'm saying that not with today's retirees but maybe starting five years from now we're going to have to sell let's kick our kids to occur. are going to see if the kid we're going to see the program for the kids because it's going to go broke if we don't do something like this not going to go pro absolutely it will because it is trying to bridge the years when it was designed for and you have succeeded in dragging me away from the original question which is how could romney get away with lying or does he really think i mean that telling lies is the way to become well i don't present look there's distortion on both sides of this issue this but if the president got a billion dollars that is a lie it's been debunked so many times and republicans keep repeating it president obama doesn't have something to run on he can't run on his record so we have to
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distract wise or go left to this we're only talking about your creation why do you position that suddenly on this issue over and over and over again i keep hearing different republicans saying oh he's got five hundred years of first president a five he didn't cut five hundred it's a made up thing it's a totally needed thing is this is this the girl is ready to tell a big wide teller often enough people believe it or outrages it is in president obama's saying to governor romney that you're going to in medicare as we know it he just went through the years knowledge and it's a lie i mean your knowledge of the republican strategy is to repeat i'm saying that president obama cannot run on his record so he's distracted from his record so we're talking about so that we should be so you're not you know you're not denying that the republican strategy is going to be a little absent i'm denying it of course i'm denying it he's not lying about about president obama's health care system it's in shambles it's a mess it is you know you've got to have a health care right now yes it is only reason you're right now if president obama had a health care system that could stand up it can't stand it's at the supreme court right now because you've got twenty six republican you had twenty six republican
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attorneys general who are trying to turn this into a political issue something that the heritage foundation was fighting for in the eighty's you know we're trying to get back to our constitution this was something that if the romney was fighting for the ninety's. well you know president obama has created a health care system that doesn't deal with entitlements we've got to deal with in time actually does in the because of title is medicare and asked him about it the way it is i simply saving one hundred thirty eight billion dollars from medicare tom but as both of us i mean you have entrepreneurial roots let the let the private economy deal with better solutions that cost us less we're going to have to work longer and people like us tom we can't have a hook i put my home here into forty eight and they are going to see right here going to say right here in the big picture i am going to forfeit my medicare benefits so i can help my kids' generation because we're going to have to do that good luck with that good luck or that i don't think you'll win elections but i appreciate it thank you romney's claims about medicare are likely only the first of
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several lies coming out of the romney campaign during the general election we'll see if a billion dollars in super pac money can give him cover for these falsehoods. moving on to the continuing nuclear crisis in japan a radioactive wave is headed toward the united states scientists with the woods hole oceanographic institution are tracking debris from last year's japanese earthquake and tsunami as it makes its way across the pacific ocean and debris which carries with it extremely high levels of radiation is currently one hundred eighty six miles off the coast of japan and could start lashing the coast of the united states within the year depending on the currents scientists are immediately concerned about marine life being hit with radiation levels millions of times above normal but by next year it will be in our marines food supply our brains are closed to waters so more than a year after the fukushima nuclear crisis began the world is still suffering its effects with more to come but despite all that the japanese government is
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reportedly preparing to restart one of its nuclear reactors this week the japanese prime minister will meet with cabinet officials to discuss turning on a nuclear reactor in western japan distance of shutdown since the fukushima crisis begin within a year ago so why hasn't the world learned the lessons of nuclear power yet even as radioactive waste is headed toward the u.s. west coast kevin camps joins me now he's the radioactive waste rochford at the nuclear dot org haven't gotten back thank you so what is going on here with the japanese saying i thought life when we talked in fact i thought i thought that the consensus in japan was the motives. well there's there's strong citizen pressure to keep now fifty three of fifty four reactors in japan shut down there's only one operating commercial reactor in japan and it's going to shut down in early may japan will be a nuclear free zone and it's because of the anti nuclear movement of japan the common citizens up japan who because of fukushima daiichi don't want those risks in
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their lives anymore and what the government and the industry are worried about is that they entered this summer with no reactors on line and people's lights are still on the electricity supply is stable the air conditioners are working people are going to start to ask why do we have these risks in our midst so the federal government as you said is sending their minister of economy trade industry to fukui prefecture in western japan to try to convince the governor there who are isolated nuke safety about aids in place or the restart that's kind of a reasonable request to just get out of the way and the feds are hinting they may just override him at this point. can these reactors be made say no i mean if you lose electricity from the grid if you lose the emergency these rules as happened at fukushima daiichi be it an earthquake an earthquake and tsunami some other natural disaster japan just in recent days was hit by another major storm so there are many ways you can lose electricity to the safety systems
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to the cooling systems and of course you've got could be a tornado in the midwest floods in nebraska last summer which were much more serious than they ever let on at the time. this wave of radioactive waste or what has become now those are the word beachhead or whatever is this just plume i guess is a pretty good word to come in it's coming out of japan and heading towards us what is it what does it mean. well almost to the day a year ago tokyo electric intentionally released eleven thousand five hundred tons or three million gallons of radioactive water into the ocean on purpose the federal government and gave them permission and there's recent news media reports that it was under pressure from the united states government and the excuse that a time line the excuse at the time was that tokyo electric was out of storage space for radioactive water at the plant and they had a lot more calm and they were trying to keep the reactors as cool as possible
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because of the meltdowns they were clearing away last contaminated water to make room for much more contaminated water to come that's the decision they made and that plume as you said it's taken a year but it's now reached hawaii another year from now it'll probably reach the west coast of the united states and yes those are our fishing waters but the fish happen to move around there are species of tuna that's been part of their life cycle on the japanese north east coast and they have migrated to the united states already so where is the food monitoring program there is no a post fukushima food monitoring program in place that was quickly dismantled we're back to prefocus the amount radiation monitoring which could miss a lot get to amazon dot com right now and buy a geiger counter is up is that our food monitoring program you're on your own show in japan i just met a woman in new york city who is now an anti-nuclear activist and her sisters her nieces and nephews are monitoring their own food monitoring the food at the elementary school and bringing in fukushima refugees so the people of japan have
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been thrown on to their own resources to protect themselves and the people of the united states apparently very much so. we see that up and down the west coast people getting radiation monitors even to the point of checking their own food supply i actually brought in fact i brought in the times you were here on the show you visited the fukushima plant back in two thousand and ten we just have twenty thirty seconds of thoughts on the well it's a dead zone where i went to the wonderful people i'm now are scattered to the wind a. japan and other countries i also visited fukui i went to a twelve hundred year old buddhist. temple and they have been a strong leader in the resistance to those reactors that now are slated for restart that's great kevin thanks so much for being with us tonight thank you so it's great to see you even though it's rough news appreciate it's time for a worldwide ban on the most expensive and the most dangerous form of electricity generation on earth nuclear power no nukes. coming out why are conservatives afraid
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i . so it's time to get our geek on you may have noticed over the last few years that the price of honey like many food products has gone up this is mainly due to the
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loss of honeybee colonies the result of a phenomenon known as colony collapse disorder and it doesn't just raise the cost of honey it could lead to famine it's now scientists have found a strain of pesticides may be causing this disorder since two thousand and six there have been unusually high losses of honeybee colonies thirty three percent or greater losses of total colonies with a third of the was has been attributed to colony collapse disorder but now dave goulston from the university of stirling in great britain and team of fellow researchers have shown that pesticides including the widely used neo net gets annoyed insecticides the ones derived from nicotine from tobacco may be to blame in a study goulston dose some beehives with insecticides and left others normal he then placed the hives in fields where the bees could behave naturally after six weeks he found that the dosed hives were eight to twelve percent smaller than the non doze and of those ties produced fewer queen bees than on dozhd green bees are
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crucial to the production of future generations he says this is a big deal farmers in the us rely on about two point six million b. colonies every year to help pollinate their crops and agriculture is a fifteen billion dollar industry in this country and if the bees aren't there to pollinate the crops the crops don't grow plants don't reproduce and both our economy and our ecosystem are thrown into chaos insecticides have repeatedly been proven to harm humans and their health and the environment all around us and now it looks like they're responsible for an epidemic of dead beads so if you want to enjoy the sweet taste of honey help improve the environment and protect one of our part of our nation's food supply than just say no just pesticides. just. the.
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it's the good the bad in the very very called trigger asli ugly the good walter while we're overwhelmed helped form a group called missoula moves to amend which will soon be part of the national move to a better organization in the rest of the founding members of the missoula group want to incorporate rule in politics not just in montana but all over the country as wilde said the constitution talks about we the people it certainly didn't include corporation good on you walter for being part of a movement to take back congress the bad arizona state senator judy burgess burgess along with other arizona tea party members introduced a bill in the state legislature to stop energy efficiency programs burgess says her goal is to wipe out any environmental program funded by the goldman. will enjoy marian including where we live and what we eat right she believes in a conspiracy with clean energy programs in arizona are a lot of serious votes are blocked by the united nations to create a single world government in order to control our lives i didn't she just admit her
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pockets are going by big oil money instead or start wearing a tin foil hat and the very very ugly newport california police's police department police were called to the home of torii hunter a professional baseball player and his house alarm went off when they arrived they saw outside his house and drew their weapons hunter the police asked for his i.d. because he didn't believe he lived there under of course is african-american and this incident is just the latest wave of racism across the country the trayvon martin martin shooting to the death of anna chamberlain sr an elderly man shot and somehow by police the police are supposed to protect our nation from the sort of racism now perpetuated that theory. of.
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conservatives are are mean up for their war on public universities trying to defund them destroy them and replace them with for profit colleges think it's impossible they did the same thing during the reagan years of our national system of nonprofit hospitals which have now in nearly all that are in place with for profit hospitals which is a large part of why our health care costs are soaring and hospital executives are suddenly wealthy millionaires so the war is on to destroy our state colleges and promote more for profit colleges and their primary weapon of choice is not budget cuts to education or tax breaks to for profit universities know their primary weapon of choice is frame. you see facts can be pesky things and often conservatives don't like talking in facts mainly because the facts tend to agree with liberal positions so instead of using facts conservatives prefer
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talking in frames or stories that appeal emotionally to voters. it's like how the gun supporter tends to ignore the facts the gun violence is greater in america than any developed nation in the world and that a gun in a home has a greater likelihood of being used against someone living in that home than an intruder breaking into the house those facts are instead replaced by frames stories i prefer in that guns are needed for self-defense which is usually accompanied by an apocryphal story about how a friend of a friend was held up in a vacant parking lot and luckily the friend was carrying a gun for protection was less able to chase the people away story doesn't have to be factually true it's enough to convince people that yeah americans should have a hand gun for self defense see how it works now here's how conservatives are using frames to attack public education in the united states take what rick santorum recently said at a public universities in california just read something last night and from the
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state of california and at the california universities there they're several i think it's seven or eight of the of the california system of universities don't even teach an american history course it's not even available to be taught just to tell you how bad it is scott in this country we're trying to disconnect the american people from the roots of who we are so they have an understanding of what america should be it's not true all the university in all the california state and university of california campuses offer us history classes in fact the university of california website clearly states all undergraduate degree programs that you see require study in american history and institutions. the only exception is u.c. san francisco which is a graduate level medical school but even at school offers
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a class in the history of medicine in america remember the facts don't matter it's the frame as sarah robinson points out over at alter net even though right wing narratives are often factually wrong they're absolutely never content free stories like this are always about something santorum says brief comment incoherent as it seemed communicated a great deal to his audience by artfully triggering a vast universe of essential right wing mean robinson goes on to explain why santorum chose to attack california universities mainly because ever since reagan became governor of california and began screaming about ending free college education his state california higher education has been associated in the conservative mind with it is a liberals and when conservatives hear about schools like berkeley immediately react with discussed not only that california public universities are considered the best in the nation so if you target the vanguard schools and succeed in taking
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them down and privatized them the way that they did hospitals during reagan's years the rest of the nation's public education system fall like dominos. here's how the frame is fleshed out taxpayer dollars are being used to fund public universities where liberals are ignoring american history to raise a new generation of american hating liberals this is basically what follows from this brain is the call to action which is simple cut public funding to public universities as they die it opens a hole in the business ecosystem for profit colleges to step in and make even more money off america's young people in her article on alternate sarah robinson goes on to explain how this frame is created and then passed on through all the right wing media outlets until politicians spring into action and start passing legislation based on the frame santorum is frame about public universities in california not offering american history classes came from
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a grossly partisan report by the conservative hoover institution which was selectively quoted by the wall street journal and then misquoted by rick santorum and robinson points out right wing crusades almost always start with think tank reports and our issue eyes on the pages of conservative magazines and newspapers from there the ideas are picked up and disseminated by fox politicians conservative ministers and right wing bloggers if all goes well within weeks legislators will be paying attention and lobbyist will be presenting them with ready written legislation to propose to deal with this manufactured problem so we have the think tanks produce in the frame and the politicians echoing it now all we need is not so-called news to pick up the frame cue steve doocy. a new report about california's public universities is raising eyebrows and concerns about what our kids are being taught on campus the report claims left leaning professors outnumber
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conservative ones and these liberal professors are allegedly using the classroom to push in some cases a political agenda i give it a few weeks before a legislation written by alec the koch brothers funded american legislative exchange council so it's making the rounds in state legislatures and the u.s. congress to defund public universities think of it as a well oiled machine it doesn't depend on backs only needs frames but moving beyond the framing tactic to take down public universities here's the bigger picture about why conservatives hate public education the conservatives are really trying to do in america is maintain an oligarchy and now they've created an extremely wealthy elite class by cutting taxes on the rich by breaking up unions and the regulating industries the best way to keep that wealthy elite oligarchy in power is the dumbed down the population get rid of public education make learning about economics history and government a privilege only for those who are the children of the ruling. and convince the
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rest of the population that since the not a smarter as well educated they should just trust those who prove it how smart they are by getting super rich people like romney and bloomberg just trust that our government just trusts the rich to watch over us they know what's best the reality is as jefferson said repeatedly our democracy depends on a system of public education that allows americans to learn the facts necessary to make a well informed votes about what's best for our economy and our country's or as abraham lincoln famously said give the people the facts and the republic will be saved. but the conservatives for rick santorum to the wall street journal to the fox so-called news if not longer used but i was like mitt romney yesterday going off saying oh president obama is the first president in history to cut by about
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a billion dollars out of medicare he didn't do that he actually shored up and strengthen medicare with obamacare so they don't need facts they just need frames and a concert to succeed in their latest frame against public universities then within a generation our democracy in iraq he lost that's it for the big picture tonight don't forget the mocker see begins when you get out there to show up participate occupy something your it.
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you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you limp something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry harvey welcome to the big picture.


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