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tv   [untitled]    April 6, 2012 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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we're watching our teeth hard to take a look at the headlines now russian businessmen a bit to boot is given a minimum sentence of twenty five years in the e.u. a port of conspiring to sell weapons to terrorists the judge ruled there was no proof he would ever have committed the crimes if it wasn't for u.s. sting operation that's never going to save america any u.s. as the russians are there was entrapped and illegally extradited to america trying to tempt. you with security council issues its toughest statement yet on syria calling on the authorities the opposition to break down the arms and condition
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within a week musk has agreed on staring te's from all the rebels because of substance in the. french president sarkozy wins public support of his crackdown on islamic radicals and he loses the faith of young muslims saying they think rejected by their own country. now i must go out for. allow our welcome to the so in this week's moscow opposite will be taking a look at the subject of sense and if you could only smell through television this week's episode promises to deliver sensory overload and from restaurants international names we take a look at the history of fragrances in the west imports vary from locations and personalized service while at the i think the problem store located next to red
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square. the word person comes from a latin phrase meaning through and if you miss meaning smoke from the incense of ancient cultures to modern day designer brands such as cover inclined to land or chanel the love of fragrance has been known to society for thousands of years. as ideal presents for loved ones a romantic gesture or otherwise most people will admit is a great and easy gift to give someone. the store particularly here stocks essence of different brand names french british american the influence of the western world in the russian capital is only two parents however locals do you pay extra for such luxury goods and in today's hundred markets prices here can be up to thirty or forty percent more. as for traditional russian fragrances the
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popularity of the fashionable soviet brands such as red moscow man on silver lily of the valley and the eighth of march seems to have faded. regarding western personal connections with russia legend has it that the famous french sense chanel number five was in fact created by the russian perfume as watched both who emigrated to france after the russian. revolution. moving on and i'm here to meet a few. having worked in moscow for over twenty years she says something daunted her to work with fragrances throughout that whole life take a look at this room is packed with all kinds of interesting please post this and. jenna is one of the most experienced country moss' in russia many local celebrities and politicians are among koreans how well international cuffy professionals also i
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can knowledge who work there and you know my dinner putin's wife would mill once commissioned me to create two fragments is for her and off i made them she also asked me to create one for her husband when making personal preference for hiring people i try to give them a touch of status for around one thousand dollars creates sly's fragrance surprisingly quite often clients are not well off a lot of people save for a long time to have a sense designs. but developing beauty and lifestyle market in russia means big business for foreign companies and because of this from high end luxury to middle class brands when you fragrance names are trying to make it into the scene here some of our success while others on the so what is the secret to launching a new brands in russia to discuss this question and more let's meet this week's guest ben plus that means there's a new year and tell me about your past year right here this is
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a lion called by radio that we've gone across only five years ago we've been to russia for almost two years i think the rest market is a place of interest now especially for what it comes to beauty products yes definitely we've seen a huge change in the market is presently this element of curiosity most consumers. grown extremely in the last few years how i mean that there are hundreds of hundreds of different names how do you make your products unique. i think it's yours is one we place a huge focus on the quality of raw materials both natural and synthetic and then i think it's the composition i think the fragrance industry has a lot of perfume it's not all the same rights for commercial appeal and i think there's a few brands that are really focused on creating unique frager's and the name is the reverse the crucial to the success of the business story about the name of the company and the name of some of the products they buy redo is. taken from old
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english i reference meaning sweet smelling perfume but also. i see so many of them were based on memories that came ashore by reference and they unisex perfumes they're all they're all unisex and the names are really what i describe green we've got you know loose lips there's a few funny ones a few more serious but it's it's really the perkins reason for being starts in the name of that idea by creative words what's your favorite one i don't have one they're more like children i love them all groups but this one's a different color and i supposed lost by so much for time good luck with your products here in russia thank you very much actually bethink. makes up the russian for a few brief clubs it was founded in two thousand and four and it brings together various companies that work in the fragrances industry the club pay special attention to promoting russian made in the country and even organizes the annual awards ceremony
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which marks the best brands emerged in the russian market. the main idea of the club is to form a perfume or a culture both among industry professionals and their customers who think it's very important to educate people and explain to them their process of making room because it's also essential to respect the customer in russia and that's in our opinion can be achieved by producing new clean friends and. says. there are several mass market chains of moscow the products of dozens of runs from around the world can be found let's well is one of such chains selling both classic and new seasonal fragrances the over one hundred shops around the russian capital which is always handy for buying last minute presents the shade also offers various promotions and special discounts all year round so many popular fragrances can be found here for a bargain price. and for those who fancy exclusive products moskos the series
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c m department store has a large section of perfume called this its ground floor. along with popular well famous names such as girl out or should now there are several brands that conversation anywhere else in a city such as memo is there is a puff come and caught on the last that is over one hundred zero a few miles from paris aiming to stay true to the french like a few marie tradition. counts mady creations are considered to be pieces of of themselves and also featuring many artworks engines films and books for example counts per film called nuts is not created in nine hundred eleven is mentioned in book of samus novo master and margarita. for more sophisticated products because woods had a project in moscow office of righty of selected brands caffrey chosen by the cause will take a team. that concept stores try to emulate from the mass market environmentally friendly brands are represented by cars with seka brought to moscow for the most
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progressive un-p.c. well occasions around the world including london paris and los angeles. and. our final occasion is a cut in factory approximately sixty kilometers from the capital. the first. to me it's you but you and to hear this the supernal wow intense dissent the words. continuous quality checks are organized in the factory and chemical analysis helps ensure that all the ingredients are in the cookbook proportions. the wrong amounts all mixed left for the wrong time can leave disaster. first the container is filled with alcohol then water in the composition of essences is added then it's
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all mixed drawn filtered and delivered to the filling facility here you can see the printer in as it's called the factory normally buys the finished principles from china germany or italy but this current batch is a specific one of all the old fully produced it costs. there are only five but if i think of this in russia about four hundred people what they produce exactly three million off of the fragrance is love love is history here it's great the bottle different fellas and they can produce an impressive eight thousand bottles that. came with this factory is to keep prices low and the retail mark up the city as little as possible the average price suppose you made this factory ranges from three hundred to one thousand rubles that's about ten to thirty dollars. a surgeon in about a thousand for and says are produced at our factory fifty percent of those are our
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own brands while the other half is commissioned by various companies. but history of pleasure is often into wide with the history of the human race cheat or chic it's now a multi-billion dollar business and whether man or woman old or young the curfew nicci sweat should be the ideal extension of your past. now let's see what you find patsy in the full list of the price accessory or fashion must have one thing is clear frequencies people's sense of confidence. and sexuality. on the final part of the process where the. doing the pressing stuff well of course it may but for how we have left on this week's program up you get the same time next week in september me and the rest of the crew the bike.
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club. live. the speed. bumps where i. live. long missed something good.
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come out of. a little. wealthy british style. sometimes. market finance scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mikes concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report. to an execution dates in believe me oh just a one to two execution date isn't enough for anybody to go through more lies to.
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you know more than fifty percent of the people who are if you didn't texas are not . you know living on it afterwards reading. this snatch and you know we execute our convicted capital murder we have the highest execution rate in america we're not afraid to do it we do it well. becomes of course we do comes. out of a new home. our get a letter your dad is due to be executed next week then is it be a scary moment for you to know you can loose here money be appearing at the in a manner of me saying and i say that it's time to go it's just so. and i would leave the end of this to the chamber. come and stay till afterward it.
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russian businessmen given a minimum sentence of twenty five years in a new york court conspiring to sell weapons to terrorists the judge ruled there was no proof he would ever have committed the crimes it wasn't for the u.s. sting operation that sneddon says the sentence is unacceptable biased and politically motivated. u.n. security council issues its toughest statement yet on syria calling on your forty's and the opposition to lay down their arms unconditionally within the week the massacres has agreed on scaring teens from the armed rebels and the countries of accuses of supporting the. french president nicolas sarkozy wins a public support for his crackdown on islamic radicals but he loses the faith of
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young muslims who say they feel rejected by their own country. where you head out later sport and after another week of european football action it's clear the reign of spain can i say for the fact that you counted it certainly is curious that two of the four champions league summit finalists this year will be from spain and as you're about to see three of the four europa league semifinalists as well amazing stuff all that on work right now. thanks indeed for joining us this is sports plenty head including all this. an englishman in georgia lee westwood proves augusta will be far from a two horse race this year securing the early lead of the first gulf major of the season. and then there were four public icons become the last team to make bigger
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league semifinals c.s.k. moscow now lie in wait. on hardwood her rule explored like muscles squad write their way into the history books benching the sport's first ever intercontinental cup and right here in the russian capital. the golfing season is now well and truly underway with the masters the first major albie are having wrapped up its opening day lee westwood the moment after thursday's action meeting by a stroke out of the biggest man pointing back from a bogey on the fourth to make four straight birdies this effort setting up the last of those at me a fool there were number three cooling down a little on the puck nine but still manage one of his two birdies here on the seventeenth westwood eventually carving a five under sixty seven and peter hans in seen here in a moment louis arch jason our rights on his heels the occurred just one behind after finishing out the floor of the score for time green jacket winner tiger woods
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who before last weekend hadn't won any offense since two thousand and nine and then hunter as well the thirty six through finishing fourth and of course five shots off the. hits him some of the worst call shots i've ever had today and that's something that you know i just hung in there granted my way around the golf course and stayed very patient. stay in the moment. and unfortunately that's doesn't as good as i got right there maybe of shot maybe one maybe two better. football were just like the champions league this year zero police semifinals will have a distinctly spanish flavor athletico madrid valencia let it build out three of the four sides making it through on thursday and barely cope taking care of one over one of the two german sides in the quarter finals were far too strong for easy alkmaar overturning a two no first like deficit with. sporting will be the only known spanish team in the semi some portuguese are aging on funso ukraine's medalist three two are get on
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with the job especially drawn from the opening make overall favorites out let it build enough for childcare on a six four aggregate score. governor there's been a change in the way we play it when the beginning like with every change it was an easy point but the team got the message we're seeing the results and they're playing great stuff as well brings us to the russian game with the premier league we can gets going in a few hours time two games off a discussion both in the relegation group volga and korea to kick things off the percept by just the points right above the drop zone but it's the home side who are even to make it three wins on the trot then the league's basement for his bottom sport technology cooperations terek not much going to plan for either team the hosts have lost their last two while it's five straight defeats for spartak heading into the college. basketball and saskia moscow have discovered their next opponents in the euro league reigning champions palace and i cross the army men's next challenge after the greeks held off market he treats the final four tensions
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running high and they do or die game five with players getting physical immediately after the opening temp off not to be who lost to panic in the twenty eleven final kept pace with the champion surely on leading by soon after the first quarter the host would then send there is really opponents right back to the drawing board by storming to a forty one thirty two lead by the half time great market east keep playing for it helping spark a spirited fourth quarter run eventually bringing the game back to within one. but de'monte disprove just why he's a euro league m.v.p. this year the all rounder sinking wants to free through just seconds left to go eighty six eighty five pontiff and i cuss and. now on the tennis courts team spain are set to continue their davis cup title offense later today the holders cooperations russia's conquerors austria and the quarterfinals were number twelve nicolas almagro starting things off against top twenty one
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talent you're going melzer the czech republic and meanwhile hoping to help lies in the absence of world are one of our talk of it against serbia origin tie and even though bundy and will get things going against number one more in silly before all the france will host underdog team usa guilford songs are verses american teenager ryan whoreson in the open or in the. russian fans will have a new cycling champion to cheer on the fast approaching london olympics for one of the sia. captured gold at the track cycling world championships in austria the twenty seven year old seeing off kind of those just when glasser to secure her country first track gold in seven years took over is also the double national champion and was second to last year's university games so it's clear she's picking up the right time with a twenty twelve games list in just four months. preparations are also in full swing for us as first winter games so she twenty fourteen the sunni and world's biggest concerts in sight hosting its first ever skiing world cup event in february
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a more test event have not been scheduled for next month. well all the infrastructure of the games both mountain and cost all costs are together and all of this will become mission by me though folks tobar for us to be able to recently build state of the r.p. infrastructure in terms of the operations of more than twenty two different international level events with a level of plan. or to pulsing where russian increase to a tennis level to have as the friend of his w.b. interim title in-style the white swan knocking out sean culture early in the second round in moscow let it have the clear favorite before a punch was thrown on although cox the competitive in new ping ryan his thirty two year old opponent swiftly stopped them in the second to clash with lebron james first defense of his belt and seventeenth with his record now standing at twenty
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three wins one of the all in all good night's work. which will mother yelling as soon as they start moving better on my feet high to the edge most to throw punches but he can lens and lost confidence you can be the judges where he was a worthy opponent for me i just did my best and i will do them better in the next bellows if you will when you started the first the second round i was sure that you would knock knock him out because. it was obvious that first of all he. he found a hole in his defense and it was a matter of ten or fifteen seconds if you didn't land this punch then he would have learned it fifteen seconds later. and finally spartak moscow is football team struggling someone in the premier league but their foot cell kind of parts have no such problems the red white stitching the nor intercontinental cup arching gregorian swiss following the drama of the events final clash for us. i think the
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last step in any achievement is very ill from the hardest and the rain in european foods all champions scots are more school had a chance to test this rule and this third game against as sound of urgency in a better take in the age in the first two fixtures the hosts needed at least to drool there to claim the first intercontinental cup in the history of the sports the muscovites however demonstrated a very solid performance as the match got underway thanks age a cabbage found the net ten minutes into the game was seconds afterwards alexei patrolled double his team's leads with an unstoppable dissin strike was the place create was not over yet as spartacus might seem bones of edited third goal within just another two minutes was three to nothin midway through the first half result which can hardly make any file strain and the visitor said bust and idiot school
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beg for their ginty nancy just before the half sign was it was basically a rational the stakes are very high and the surviving example of the title of the world's best team and after the first twenty minutes was felt not by myself we knew there was a come out and fire settled very much i learned this from the previous games and their stance indeed took control was the second half of all of the style of this man put a great deal of pressure on the russian team and sometimes this pressure was getting beyond the referee's control visit inside south tackles let a number of blue cards and even arrests and both teams line ups. and the tactics almost looked i'll try for the south american champions gawkers bread and you'll of found in a twice during the last three minutes make an ethereal was just fifty seconds to play god spots are didn't let this file go into game for the hosted up to the draw which secured them an overall victory. even though we are really happy to win here
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and we'll hope the such competition to become an annual event on the consoles popularity in russia only increase in the future. so the first in to continue until copses and most will fall to the admiration of the club's devoted fans to numbers may not be numerous so far but spot cites recent international success could easily make this change. hearts he. called on them and that is all your sport for whether to extend carries here with all the news in a few moments time. question was that so much given to huge musician by mark foley and him in the wake of the recent military coup there are growing fears it is africans made to plunge into
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protracted civil strife.
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all. filmmaker. and. the.
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director's cut was a real life they insist on charging oh. oh . oh put. both. her mother. goodspeed. i wish i. looked. like a missile good luck we're.


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