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tv   [untitled]    April 7, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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tonight thousands fly the flying for president assad in the syrian capital while the u.n. blames damascus for escalating the violence. but there are simply terrorist activity has risen sucking as the rebels continue to sign the united nations brokered peace mad all of this coming up in just a few moments. it emerges tear gas and water cannon we used on crowds in bahrain on friday as thousands marched in support of the jailed anti government activist. sanctions too much to bear molly celtic led military leaders step down in the face of international pressure and agreed to return the country to constitutional rule.
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here in moscow you are watching r t with me kevin no internet no top story to mask planes armed terrorist gangs for the recent spate of violence in syria saying they've increased their activity as head of the cease fire deadline however the u.n. condemns the syrian authorities for the killings despite the pledge to pull back a middle east correspondent has the latest. president bashar assad says that he is fighting these armed groups at his of the april tenth did nine which was agreed to according to his plan and he also says that these armed groups are increasing their activity he says that they are interested only in violence and that there been funded and armed by countries such as turkey saudi arabia and qatar in
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a show of support for a side in the reforms he's been implementing the thousands of syrians took to the streets of damascus on saturday in a massive rarely that rarely coming while banky moon says that syria has not been doing enough to show its commitment to enhance proposal but this is something that assad has denied he says there for days now he has been withdrawing his tanks and troops from numerous cities damascus is worried about the commitment coming forward from the opposition side it says it is no indication from the opposition as to whether or not they fully committed to the peace plan and they're also concerned by the void that will now be opened in the cities where the troops no longer are at the same time there is a united nations team in damascus preparing the groundwork for next week's cease fire deadline and the rebel fighters continue to look for support from the board we are hearing from the united states from its allies and from other gulf countries a day to maximize and increase the material support that they are giving to the
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rebels at the same time the rebels are calling for the conditional sticking down of the syrian president bashar assad and indeed this is not a condition that was put forward in coffee announce plans or indeed any united nations statement on syria in doorstep where the friends of syria meeting that happened several days ago really has become the friends of the syrian opposition and here too we're hearing even more pledges to increase support for the rebel fighters now the rebels as i say have officially agreed. on his proposal and this is some. it has many an international community concerns among the moscow which has made the point as countries continue to endorse finding as well as supplying arms to the rebel fighters this is nearly going to inflame the situation and the violence on the ground but our own security forces fired tear gas water cannon thousands of protesters across the country it happened on friday would only became
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known a day later as events in the country are currently hard to monitor demonstrators marched in support of the jailed human rights activist who said in a life sentence for taking part in last year's anti-government uprising now he's put on under strike for two months and is currently being treated in a military hospital as well journalists ninety four ifas don't have bio trouble demands case shows u.s. policy in bahrain highlights compositions in the western attitudes to human rights we've gotten some claims to defend in syria. look at the role the united states is playing in bahrain when they've been claiming that they're in syria over human rights that they were in libya over human rights and yet they are suppressing human rights and bar raid it shows that president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton are hypocrites their wives you have a human rights activist a bonafide human rights activist on a hunger strike you don't hear a word of it in the american media the interests of the united states in bahrain according to the people that make policy here is to maintain the fifth fleet period
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that's it the bahraini people are nothing but people that are supposed to service that base and keep their mouths shut while they do it elsewhere there's oreo and other geopolitical considerations that their prime u.s. policy. coming up knocking on the door of recession. that's what caused. the relentless cuts and record jobless is causing a headache for investors all asking if the euro's full largest economy if we can escape the bailout protocol of not giving up if you also read a lot from moscow it was hundreds of coming to support the city's streets trying to shake off the party's soviet image. more international news now molly's joint has agreed to hand power to civilian rule in return for an end to sanctions imposed by the country's neighbors as part of the agreement the west african bloc ecowas says it will lift trade and fuel burns on mali and ground and steve for those involved in the coup there the country's parliamentary speaker will be sworn in as an
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interim president and organize elections now within forty days but it's little crisis in mali broke with the military seize power and toppled of president last month saying he failed in his efforts against an insurgency for the taking advantage then of the chaos rebels captured keiter the north and declared independence for the area for the expert in african politics milton the and he thinks the rebellion in mali is the result of the nato bombardment of libya. for people to try to return. this rebellion is not try their war a bit later war in libya is completely preposterous because we know that it's because lapse of the qaddafi regime after the nato invasion but the rebels were able to well equip themselves with more sophisticated weaponry and for the first time literally defeat the army or bombing and that's exactly what's happening now the question is there are other insurgents in other regions in that part of the
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world that are also equally well equipped we might just be seeing the beginning of the aftermath of the collapse of the libyan government. spain where unveiled twenty seven billion euros worth of cuts but investors still aren't sure the country's on the road to recovery and huge figures still short of previous deficit targets installed hundreds of thousands of people out in protest as artie's jacob greaves reports they're angry at the government saving the euro their livelihoods expense. known for a construction boom which is now in ruins and lately older spanish economy has been building is this content expensive failures still lie strewn across the country the hundred fifty million euro cast elana airport be one of the most i catch ing today it stands largely unused. and from madrid to barcelona there are more stark reminder of excessive spending triggering public anger we are here everybody
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because i know you said he said before the l.a. shields he said nobody will be sick out that after the late show you know i said but you can't be helped and be called will be still the deal and we think we're a layperson like us. here is even among the crowds that go there isn't an appetite force there are seats problems lie away these parts of days and for the tens of thousands of people who are gathered here in madrid alone and across the rest of the country many think that he made the wrong place we don't know what to do so we resorted to following whatever it is that the line that all of us think they are without paying attention to the fact that maybe those of us have different interests don't have our national interests at heart the sun don't think government policy is to blame mariano is familiar with austerity if is
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a sports ability should be shouldered by the individual. everyone enjoys owning property and having good carlos but it was just an illusion this prosperity had nothing to do with the lives of commoners many lived beyond their means. spain having to slash twenty seven billion euro from its budget many are outraged that even education and health care will suffer from the cuts at a time when unemployment is higher than ever. we were deceived this global swindling means the financial sector the question is whether we've learned our lesson. but lessons from the past are not what the unemployed twenty three percent in spain are looking for they just won't work and a government that can provide it with many believing that cuts to health care education and job security iris. they will foundation i wish to rebuild the country's future degrees c. literate quickly but we got online feed united r.t.
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dot com reporting on russia's far reaching ambitious if you're a fan of space travel you'll love this move the potential up for grabs now the scientists say as russia plans to be the forefront of the starting of a manned mission to the lunar surface and going to read more about that today article paul also an american fighter jet crashes into that apartment block in the state of virginia injuring at least seven people you see these pictures it's amazing the school fees so over seven inches the making of the guy who got more footage of the aftermath it just says happened on our you tube channel. these are the images. from the streets of canada after. showing up racial. sea of red flags flooded central moscow on saturday as hundreds of communists
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gathered to support their party dissatisfied with the presidential election results they want to reverse the movement's image and see it become a real political force again not say was at the event for. the red flags of the communist party as well as they play cards and the banners have been flying high here in pushkin square in moscow with slogans for a decent life there parliamentary election as well as russia without peace and now this gathering here was a long apology party members talking to them members they do want to be a pulse to reckon with in government but we also want to be a very strong opposition party the communist party didn't do so well in the recent parliamentary and presidential elections with the leaders of gone up only taking in seventy percent of the country's vote and even declaring that the lections were not there they were not with that unit and that they were not transparent party now wants to revive things
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a little bit to look at the lefties movement to try to shake up the communist party that's what its leaders have gone up only time will tell his leadership and the communism was evil which way will head of the world have to wait and see of the upcoming days what they decide. when it comes to games of chance it's clear who really hits the jackpot online betting sites in britain a booming right now but it's leaving people hooked on gambling penniless homeless or even worse little help can be expected from a multi-billion dollar industry that. bennett's been hearing from struggling addicts. the farmers drink and drugs. ronald's a compulsive gambler he started betting when he was fifteen and couldn't stop for fifty years his addictions left him with nothing or years ago.
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for months it was the most single one day. tomorrow when you want to. because if you won games you know we want to celebrate this game or if you lose you want to get your money back it's not winning or losing . can you just walk away i won't see it because i'm a compulsive gambler and why would you oppose reports coming. couldn't walk. off the repair or had ronald pawned his grandfather's war medals and stole from his own family staging thefts so he could gamble more but even when loan sharks held a gun to his head he still couldn't stop gambling. goodnow the money back. and the sad thing was that the pioneer name but the sickness and more he'd told me but now you can go out and gamble to morrow with that money when the money the parliament flip money. and so i'm not forbidden no one the money for an abandonment
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would you think you know it took five prison terms two divorces and being shunned by his family for ronald to finally manage to walk away he hasn't gambled for three years but for the gambling industry addictions like his mean profits today one in ten seventeen year olds is at risk of developing the same dangerous compulsion a shocking statistic from a leaked regulators report the industry tried to silence so you have a gambling reg red regulator which is relatively feeble it is in bed with the gambling industry which isn't in the slightest degree interested in the prevention of gambling harm and there's the rub britain's one of the few countries in the developed world that actually allows children to gamble and isn't places like this they would actually let us film inside but even kids are allowed to play on the arcade machines in there with a jackpot of up to five pounds johns just eighteen and has already been gambling
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for four years first scratch cards then the lottery now online poker gets it when it. comes to feeling all together to. make friends with your money. means go straight back in syria. kill the system from. your money every. some. like ronald john turned to crime to pay for his addiction selling drugs and stealing his only income now is unemployment welfare but as soon as he gets it it disappears like money will be way . diminishes when you when you get this could be limits a point where you didn't finish the money back they never make you money back. kind of a scam. the thing you got a problem he said. yeah definitely how serious.
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it is whenever i get my family. john recognizes his problem but countless thousands in britain don't and when it comes to gambling it's only ever one winner either bennett r t london. coming up on r t still ahead fear rushes a limpid constructions unveil a rare discovery. but that coming up plus a jewel of the piles of junk is russia's a preparation for twenty fourteen winter olympics uncover exceptional artifacts discovered in one of the construction sites there a lot going on. the us is the only country in the world that treats young offenders as adults jailing them for life without parole what's worse are the conditions treatment and abuse they face while that is war reports now that is exactly what causes the conflicts we do get released to become stuck in a cycle of re-offending. authorities in western pennsylvania have charged eleven
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year old jordan brown as an adult the boys will have a line a trial together in adult court but one of his sentence is also the length of it's a life they're not old enough to drive drink or vote but in america kids as young as seven years old can be tried as adults when you hold a youth icon of will the same manner and fashion in which you hold an adult that's just not right and it's not fair michael can't knows what it's like to be a kid locked up and in adult prison you never know what going to my daughter and i do to you so you to be fair and right. between me he was locked up for the first time when he was twelve years old here at oak hill juvenile correctional facility ok it was in that wasn't and neither was the design and so rehabilitation which is an awful punishment you know having barwise around again and just. like most kids that serve time as a juvenile in the us he got into trouble again at seventeen he was charged with
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armed robbery as an adult he says for a kid being an adult prison is a constant struggle to survive they know where you come off the worst and. you just. sort of pull you win but in reality trying to get a favorite you flies a sexual act you know it in you if it came out you know and you become someone's. person he was spared from sexual abuse but many kids aren't so lucky in fact one in five victims of sexual violence in jails and prisons are under the age of eighteen youth and dull facilities are thirty six times more likely to commit suicide than those in the juvenile system and any given day in america ten thousand children are held in adult jails and prisons most of them have never been convicted of a crime and kids are fair game for solitary confinement cam says for five months he spent twenty three and a half hours per day locked up alone i could have been crazy. just
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i was warning this from the critics slammed the practice of putting kids in adult jails as cruel and unusual punishment or less capable of understanding the consequences of their behavior development is incomplete and that's why the supreme court struck down the death penalty for juveniles in two thousand and five but today the united states is the only country that sentences kids to life without parole it was viewed as a substitute to the ultimate penalty there are now twenty five hundred inmates that were sentenced to die in jail as children this is a peculiar american phenomenon in which we tend to believe that harsher the penalties the greater the public safety payoff kids should instead be rehabilitated says lubell that's the focus of washington d.c. these newly opened new beginnings now walking into a classroom at new beginnings is much different from walking into
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a classroom at other juvenile detention facilities that this is considered to be a model facility it's a system based on rewards rather than punishment and experts say that this is that is much more effective i rehabilitating you to become productive members of society but unfortunately places like this and the u.s. are rare here kids are given a second chance but in most prisons throughout the country remain in. america's forgotten children hope for the future guard generally each in washington as one party. in an avalanche has hit a pakistani military base in the leg last year burying over one hundred civilians and soldiers but the rescue has been suspended because of weather and darkness now indeed as night fell no survivors have been found the areas on the northern tip of the divided kashmir region claimed by both india and pakistan and it's known as the world's ayers battlefield. the airports of yemen's capital sanaa has been shut
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after forces loyal to the ousted president early ability still a threat to shoot down planes the siege came after two military keeps close to the film a little sack reach africain was the government launched attacks against government sites inside missions targeting security forces tents or something the president took office and federal law and protests against the old regime. allow his new vice president joyce but has been sworn into office making her only the second woman ever to serve become a head of state in africa it followed official confirmation that a previous died from a heart attack at the age of seventy eight on thursday he who also leads the country's opposition is expected to stay in charge until the shuttle's election of twenty forty. now you type in your username and your password and hope believe your online privacy is sacristan firms like google and facebook stored tons of our personal data the legislation is circling to let third parties take
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a peek at our private information so are you ready to share it let's find out. in the name of national security governments around the globe are trying to pass legislation that allows them to monitor censor and disrupt people online are you ok with that this week let's talk about that for national security reasons i wouldn't object to that but that's the case isn't it yeah it should be legal so you trust them to use that power wisely i have a think about it but i think so yes i come from finland you know so that does make a difference. maybe if you're in the u.s. or some other place that might be out there yeah exactly security reasonable privacy also counts so for me it's. going to find out regardless anyway so let's look at it so you don't mind i'm looking through your
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e-mail i have nothing but they're going to find it important so my e-mail but it's your e-mail and it's your life and they don't have any way to look true i agree with you on that but. hard to explain i guess. the world. power you know what i mean. we just have to try to let the right person that's where you get the chance that's why you have a ballot you know that's why you go out and vote for somebody who you think you can trust or to be like you can see and why they're doing it but i also don't want them to get too much into you know our personal business and yet it's a tough cause it is do you think that's just the way it's going and you know as a society as we move more on line inevitably on line can it be not so free yes i do believe that they do you think about that when you go online that someone might be watching all the time but more and more hackers and stuff like that so that was my biggest concern not the government the government. whether or not you think
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it's ok for a government to monitor its citizens the bottom line is before you post anything on line you might want to consider who could be listening. to such a proposal for the twenty fourth the winter olympics the entire result of make over while the vast construction efforts mostly about the future is also something unique about the past. one of the ground for. the discovery that would make indiana jones eyes light up the ruins of the ninth century byzantine turnbull emerging from the ground as a future olympic park takes shape i am now entering one of the hidden underground tombs. inside the grief of the parishioners monks and priests some of them are believed to have been martyrs for their fate until last year these ancient ruins
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were hidden layer of rubbish only when this location was picked as a future olympic venue but a source she winter games in two thousand and fourteen was every corner carefully survey and examples all the wide once again and then surprisingly pristine condition for centuries these plodding stones kept the ceiling from collapsing but about a match we assume a container gannett materials like egg white to give it extra strength but this is the most prized discovery a plead with the biblical tale etched on it the first time anything like it has been found on the russian black sea coast. it's a story of st being your who was thrown into the lion's den but instead of killing him the lions lick his feet this rarity and other findings here will now go on display in sochi precious artifacts which would otherwise never have been found will take their place alongside the olympic athletes who create history themselves two years time as a lot ski are cheap so cheap shot of the cars report takes
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a swipe at debit card scams considers tighter range of financial markets but about it made headlines just a couple of months before that performance in fact it's a coming up now to exactly and we give you a third check twenty six minutes past one in the morning. good morning.
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if. i've had to execution dates in believe me or just pay me none of the execution date is enough and it may go to more later. you know more than fifty percent of the people who are actually in texas are not. why you know living on two afterwards like. this it's like you know we execute our convicted capital murder we have the highest execution rate in america we're not afraid to do it we do it well as it comes a point we do comes. our evan the whole. hour we get in there you're dead to be executed next week then as appears tearing down
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the deeds you know you can loose here want to be appearing with the in a manner of me it's and i'd say it's time to go. and i would lead him into the to the best chamber. come and stayed till after they were dead. on. filmmakers. and. the. directors cuts close real life days in prison on charges oh. oh oh it's. close to the golden globes. look her. mother.
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took. the goodspeed pity for. her her. look her wish i. looked her. mum if something good please her posts to look at a mum. for her to come out of mine i'm a fairly. wealthy british style sign. sometimes six pack of. heights.


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