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tv   [untitled]    April 8, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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isn't. the. latest news on the main stories of the week twelve survivors of monday said during a plane crash are in a stable condition it's now thought likely that failure to spray the aircraft landed for use caused it to fall to earth. time's running out for the latest peace plan for syria with the u.n. pressing the government and opposition to lay down their arms but the killing continues. to keep power players in egypt blockheads of the muslim brotherhood and a ruling military council endorse their prime candidates for next month's presidential vote. sunday is the deadline from the nations with several of the hopefuls already barred from running at the deadline for the short list to do next
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week. plus moscow slams us sentencing a picture book at ballston bring the alleged russian arms to your home after a u.s. court gave him twenty five years for conspiring to kill americans. this is r.t. coming to life from moscow i'm marina josh all twelve survivors of a plane crash in western siberia on monday are now in stable condition they were among forty three people on board the plane when it came down just minutes after takeoff and near freezing temperatures thirty one people including all the crew were killed it's thought failure to spray the aircraft and the phrase may have been the cause are these jake agrees reports from the scene. i heard an explosion then we got a call in my commander ordered just to go to the scene in these sheep minutes you're even. something was wrong but the magnitude of the situation hadn't quite sunk in
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among the first far fighters on the scene yuri immediately spotted one with few survivors the first thing we saw was the plane debris on fire and we started putting the flames out there was this one man standing alone he didn't seem to have a scratch on him then we took him to the hospital he said he was shaking q said he was very cool kid on asking to turn the heater on even though it already was a person or people lost their lives and the treasury the shop but country there are only twelve other survivors pulled from the wreckage one dying on route to hospital the others remain in a critical condition the investigation here continues but for brief moment those involved stop their work to remove family members arrive at the crash site a site where they lost their loved ones in the charts to pay their respects and say a farewell word out still to rule the contemplates. the.
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thrust into grief relatives have been left searching for answers and already some think they know the most probable cause and if it's true it's a tragedy that could have been averted. you hear feel to be green so my look believe escalation is far from over hasn't reached any binding conclusions black box flight data and i largely intact cockpit may provide answers but was team scour the flight's final minutes looking for clues relatives of the victims are left to cold to play their loss degrees c. . an official investigation into the cause of the plane tragedy is still underway but now as chris says defrosting is obligatory if the flight is going head and heart. in addition. you know whenever you're flying any type of. hostile
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conditions when you put on cue that very bad weather is a hostile condition then it's incumbent upon they become some of the take precaution before taking off would necessarily include freezing the frost and. call for ice buildup and winds come have a detrimental impact of severe impacts on the safety of flight as indeed its formation only controls. as well so if it proves. a craft was just before taking them off. it is one of the potentially one of the primary causes of this tragic crunch for more information on a plane crash log on to our web site r t dot com here's what else is waiting for you there right now in the infamous have to visit group takes down a u.k.
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government website with a twitter message saying it was a protest against the pony and surveillance proposals. and activists take action a t.v. presenter ingres respond with yogurt and live in air by a group of masked protesters who broke into the studio. after is less than forty eight hours left for the syrian government to comply with the un back peace plan it calls on the baskets to withdraw troops and tanks from residential areas seizing all military activity but syrian activist and even the head of the u.n. say the regime continues its crackdown on dissent massacres blames ongoing violence on terrorists funded and armed from abroad more than a hundred people were reportedly killed just on saturday the rebel fighters are refusing to cease fire until president assad steps down and they've been promised multimillion dollar support from the u.s. and its allies sarah ferguson now reports. talks of ending the violence on the inside the friends
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a syria conference. outside day and take place for getting heavy handed they dispersed a tiny prost syrian government gathering so you find a crowd at the moment pushing them back up the street with their actions only seem to see the. rowdy crowds oh oh. we want just to have the gun and good and so. move forth. the conference continued throughout the afternoon and they say talk is cheap for friends to syria have pledged millions of dollars for the free syrian army effectively placing the rebels on a thorn payroll however even this didn't go as far as the opposition group the syrian national council and some of their friends to syria had hate for with. the
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free syrian army becoming stronger hayes country turkey is now home to twenty thousand displaced syrians refugee camps near the border see a continual flow of new arrivals and these we mess nearly all have tales of war. planes to support. we had to skip over the border the violence got through. negotiations they tell us what worked the opposition will not back down from this fight nor they feel we'll let it into fat despite the syrian government along with the international community having signed up to the un envoy to syria k.p.n. and peace plan at the friends of syria conference the parties have already decided who is the legitimate representative of the syrians france or syria soon people support the mission called an int declared by shooting nation council we see syrian issue council illegitimately present a few for all syrians the seemingly one sided approach is
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a part of the reason why russia and china has dismissed. concerns that excluding the assad government from talks undermines diplomatic efforts to end the violence if they want to help syria the to engage the syrian government in diplomatic talks on neutral ground it's quite quite clear and present assad is not going to. be. except the. plan as the western countries are still giving aid to the opposition at the meeting though in the message to president assad with clear comes to the implementation of the peace plan time is running out. now some observers say the rallies are reluctant to give up the fight because they have so much international backing based research things are. pouring syria to civil war. they getting so many singers. so many
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forces from the outside are on their side why would they have an interest to to to make a compromise with the government everyone is blaming the government for the violence they will increase silence and grow counter actions in order to cause foreign intervention what happens in afghanistan after u.s. intervention in iraq we saw a lot happen to libya state that is falling apart now. if. syria. of so-called free syrian army will actually succeed to take over then we. will most likely face. very serious series of or in syria with all these different factions fighting each other like muslim brotherhood extremists representatives of certain minorities. so i have read this our choosing sovereignty over sympathy we have to be it's hot in this province of south or all were that people are keen
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to keep their cash instead of losing it to a all the rest of italy our debt. in egypt presidential hopefuls are racing to round up enough support to have the first round of the vote next month sunday's the deadline for nominations with several candidates hoping to fill the shoes of hosni mubarak who was ousted more than a year ago arches renegotiate is in cairo it was more. it is true that the military is still rather powerful and it is also true that among the candidates for the upcoming presidential elections you can see some of the names which were very familiar during the mubarak era for example his former prime minister is a running for the presidential seat as is the head of his intelligence that was one of the most recent surprise nominations after especially after it came three days after him are silly man that is the lance name after he stated that he is not going to run of course he changed his mind a little bit later on now you cannot forget that there is also
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a very strong islamist presence and that is probably the strongest strongest party that is or the strongest parties which are presenting their candidates for the presidential polls of course the muslim brotherhood which initially from the get go right after the revolution said that they are not going to to put forth a candidate for the presidential elections and of course to get later they made waves by putting forth one an extremely wealthy businessman known for his brother rather radical views but then apparently they're having doubts of whether or not he's going to gain support the put forth a second term to that so you have two candidates from the muslim brotherhood you have several of the more liberal sort of let's try to bring a left left wing politicians who are also of course in the race but they are not as proud of their supporters are not as rowdy as those for example as for the islamists one of the candidates from the saudi party already said he wants to make
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. you know for example drinking alcohol absolutely illegal even for tourists that he wants to ban swimsuits from being worn on egyptian beaches and he also wants to segregate our women from men when it comes to education and to lower the age of consent to about twelve years of age so when they're not washington or any other western country sids. islamist radical islamists as are threats of presidents to also after all that's. more important from cairo out to ghost it's an international standing of muslim brotherhood sandie first official delegation to washington this week after decades of mutual distrust alice franks says america should think twice before turning out was undemocratic arab forces the white house you know we would hope that they're looking at the best case scenario but they need to be a little bit more cautious about the worst case scenario and that includes arming
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rebels in syria the arming of and aiding of rebels in libya when in fact we knew that they had ties to radical islamist groups and especially and specifically al qaeda when you're talking about trying to divide the islamic world in the arab world it's a very hard thing to do. you won't see ready allies for the west especially in some of the. i'm going to use them for lack of a better word regimes that have taken over and some of these countries that have experienced the arab spring they're not friendly to to western culture or western ideals although they might like the financial backing that would come you see a lot of these factions leaning towards the installation of sharia law is something that is paramount in their constitutions so to try and ally with someone who is putting shari'a law in place especially when it's so antithetical to our u.s.
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constitution. corneas twirling in the air on the. moscow is vowing to use all legal means to bring that their book back home after the russian businessman was sentenced by u.s. court he was found guilty of conspiring to kill americans but maintains his innocence the judge gave him a minimum term twenty five years stressing there would be no evidence of crime had not been for the american sting operation that set up his arrest i just need to see it has more. years spent by the u.s. to hunt down one russian man tens of millions of dollars of taxpayer cash were it into a sting operation snatched out from a third country alleged arms dealer viktor boot was handcuffed flown to do you wes and placed in solitary confinement for months before trial found him guilty on all four charges one conspiring to kill united states nationals two conspiring to kill united states officers and employees three conspiring to use an acquire
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anti-aircraft missiles and for conspiring to provide material support to the park the forty four year old russian air cargo business and fascinated hollywood going to our every. request. and only on the other a boot lost his case in the court of u.s. public opinion one before his trial kicked off raising concerns of the fairness of his trial this is the lord of war. the merchant of death right and you've got him in your hands spread he's in custody it's a great feeling u.s. officials were relentless in their efforts to get behind bars so-called merchant of death is now a federal inmate american agents posing as far members a colombian group to terrorists in the u.s. but not by many other countries and the u.n. met with and then arrested in thailand in two thousand and eight after twice being found not guilty by thai courts the u.s.
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reportedly plea dirty arm twisting thailand into extraditing him to america they're willing to flaunt every international law to get what they want and that means doing all these illegal things in the case of their to move to extradite him or should say kidnap of good family also called us actions entrapment and kidnapping i could accept the possibility that might have some information that might be of interest to someone but why is it that other countries don't just think to themselves but there is someone who has some interest in information and why don't those governments just drive based people into their territory moscow's request to send him to russia for trial were brushed aside and it was no official decision of an extradition russia called boot extradition illegal and question the validity of his conviction one of the main arguments of the defense that the u.s. lacked jurisdiction was ignored by the court woods defense says the russian was aware that he was not in touch with real fark members and all he was trying to do was sell to all cargo planes we use the magic crimes when in fact interest in and
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manufactured evidence could always george matt has attended every hearing in the case he says is one of many victims of u.s. judicial power play i feel that victor and is unable to take the charges that were brought against him that he is innocent so you know i don't i don't want any innocent man whether it be a russian citizen record who are truly davis to be you know centers right or chemical crime to commit it to good is the second. since it isn't any year to face sentencing on american territory for little crimes committed in a third nation both cases set major precedence and represents a worry that the west tried to simply override the legal systems of other countries especially target of arts in. washington used to lead a republican trap and think that that's according to american lawyer. the us government takes a very aggressive approach extraterritorial like if someone is in london wire
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transfers a sum of money to an individual and early on and on but i'm sure that they own the money kings through citibank in new york that paying that touching of u.s. jurisdiction is sufficient jurisdiction for the united states government and the charge both of those individuals with money laundering both facing extradition proceedings if they both lose they're looking at up to twenty years in parole twenty years without parole i was just facing a federal judge in manhattan u.s. government decided they wanted him to say or able to food or manufacture in my view jurisdiction not illegally a form of in private much where they were able to pull mr boot into the jurisdiction of the u.s. courts they placed him in you know in extradition proceedings by way of. thailand had an extra dieted to the united states. however in bahrain on violent demonstrations against the government rage on the words weighing in with force
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several protesters were injured on saturday when police fired tear gas and rubber bullets thousands railing on friday were also met with a crackdown they marched in support of a human rights champion who is serving a life sentence for speaking out against the bahraini government has been on hunger strike for two months vowing to achieve freedom or yes there is a slant for rights violations by international watchdogs like the u.s. continues to rein in six. middle east experts in your risk says the case for help expose the truth these hunger strikes i think they do contribute there you do what you have their goal because what they do is they reveal the real tactics which are being pursued by the regime in order to clamp down on the protests as. more and more such acts i think call for that expose the truth of nature or the truth leaks which the regime is using and what they are that the. more pressure on certain
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western countries also the european powers in order to change their stance because of the visit to the regime the focus is all on syria and what's going on in syria who are setting aside but we all know that the fifth fleet in bahrain does exist we also know what i think this is the main issue here that but framing is a very close ally of saudi arabia and saudi arabia hence is one of the allies have been us so when we speak about the blackout being put on the train i think first and foremost that this is a saudi arabian wish it was a saudi arabians also a fear that there might be a domino effect which could happen in the persian gulf beginning from. there spreading to saudi arabia the international community is still focused somewhere else that i think that all contributes to the anger which we witnessing the popular anger which in the end i believe will achieve the goals. around two thousand mourners at hand at the funeral of demetrius crystal was an elderly man who shot
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himself in front of the parliament building in athens earlier this week the seventy seven year old left a suicide note in which he accused the government destroying his pension with a sturdy cuts his suicide rekindled and hysterically measureless progress was violence erupting when hundreds of demonstrators gathered and syntagma square to pay their respects for sas terrorists started throwing petrol bombs at police who responded with tear gas depression and since i braids have been on the rise a country which has been forced to impose public spending cuts to deal with its mouth and that financial analyst patrick young says greece needs to take urgent action to get out of its dire situation. the greek government is bankrupt the greek government cannot afford to stay in the euro and pay its debts it must default ultimately that may be a terrible problem for a great many financier's and investors but at the same time i have to say any bank that bought greek there in the course of the last ten years was stupid so making
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that absolutely clear the simple fact is greece must have thought on it it probably needs to leave your room egypt lee it most deeply it its currency it is going to still have many problems but the truth of the matter is that when you do get to this sort of extreme only this sort of extreme measure is going to be possible to resolve your situation and ultimately it really beggars belief that we have a greek politician the most highly paid politicians in the whole of the european union turning round and going oh well that's very sad one of our constituents killed themselves when they themselves make fifteen five thousand euros per month without any difficulty whatsoever as a backbencher m.p. which isn't enough to manage to pay for dozens of pensioners every month a new austerity greece. now take
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a look at some other stories from around the world pakistan's military say there's little hope of finding any survivors of an avalanche which got the military encampment in the mountainous kashmir region one hundred thirty five people are thought dab search involving more than one hundred fifty soldiers sniffer dogs and helicopters has recovered over a dozen bodies so far. that collapsed mine shaft in peru has left nine miners trapped underground the shaft caved in outside limit on thursday for workers at all explosion to dislodge or rescue teams are supplying the man with oxygen and brings clothes while police firefighters work to free them mining accidents are fairly common for more than fifty people died in the country's mines last year. in britain the political activist who disrupted the provisional office or cambridge university boat race has been charged for causing a public disorder present oldfield's force doors to stop the murders went into their council the rays resumed after he was safely removed from the river and
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cambridge went on to take the title after oxford road and a war office was the first incident of its kind in the one hundred fifty eight year history of the race it's a province in northern if you leave but the residents of south are all saying there anything but it's despite decades of campaigning for financial freedom the autonomy must now contribute to saving italy's crippled economy that is occurring to tell now reports the citizens of south through all won't stop their fight until they are recognised as financially independent. lost in translation between the alps and the need to reign a population of half a million people and a lot of pain to become independent one day that south to roll a probe into northern italy all these has never been italian says abel cloths as showing off her native town of boys donna just spent thirty years of your life
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fighting for independence. people only see where to rule their own languages german were taken from the rest after all that for so long most a hundred years ago we have seen crashes which has affected our language closed our schools and our songs and now changes our original name into. enough the. ever close refers to how these german speaking territory was occupied by eataly at the end of the first world war and was and it's in one thousand nine hundred after world war two the allies decided that the province would remain a part of italy but would be granted a certain level of sold government goes on already enjoys the status of an autonomy for example ninety percent of the tax revenue from these coffee will stay in the region while the other turn will go to rome but when economic crisis is taking great all over the country every single sound seems to weigh nationalist billings
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and this is the situation the politicians are all too ready to take advantage of we asked the chairman of the popular libertarians party would answer an italian from a poor region of the country who wanted to know why selfishly role doesn't want to rescue them for so long i don't give him a cup of coffee and will then have a long discussion softer all is not in charge of saving money and couldn't have done so even if it wanted to usually is a bad housekeeper really wants of debts we're not paying for bed it is our money theirs and our. those are the two words which you hear very often and solve to roll and money is at the core of the dispute the time is expected to contribute one hundred twenty million euros to cleaning up the telling national budget to do so it will have to raise real estate v.h.d. and income taxes as well as these paid by farmers instead the south to all
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economics minister wants to buy its freedom from easily one son thorodd even names of concrete purchase price billion euros almost out the best way we can stay part of italy but we want full financial freedom we're ready to pay a solidarity talks of three percent we'll pay our foreign policy fiscal and euro policy otherwise we'll do the rest on our own we build our roads in several months but before it happens we wait for permission from rome for years. rose an infrastructure in this which province of easily are indeed very non italian so too is unemployment which stands at only two percent compact almost sam nation worked in a product like local government has to keep pushing with the idea of independence that's for sure because we can go on like this woman there's no way we can progress this way because of a little. extra in the batch of on our t.v. was on the internet. well bring to the top stories of the week very shortly
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a state with us for that. reluctantly. the speech. she gave. her.
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mum will. ultimately be a missile good luck we're. lucky to see the mother and. her. mother but i'm a little. clearer. it's. just so.


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