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tv   [untitled]    April 9, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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well in the alone until you know there's a real headline with none of them are the problem with the mainstream media today is that they're completely disconnected from the viewers and for what actually matters for those viewers and so that's why young people just don't watch t.v. anymore if they want news they go online and read it but we're trying to take those stories that people actually care about and transfer them back in t.v. . you know sometimes you see a story in the scene so. you think you understand it and then a glimpse of you know here's some other part of it and realize that everything you saw you don't. charge because they.
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are guys it's time for you said it i read it right take time to respond to my brilliance and engaging your comments from facebook twitter and you tube because you've got to say i listen now first autoresponder a viewer that watched our tool time from last friday was called out republicans were whining that the g.o.p. waged war on women is made up three one eleven comments on you tube he left out possibly the most brazen anti woman bull of the week the bill scott walker sign the repeal of wisconsin equal pay for equal work lot or so. so many heinous bills that
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you probably lost track of them now during a segment i brought up two of the measures that was causing governor scott walker signed last thursday bills barring abortion coverage through health insurance exchanges and requiring doctors to consult privately with women who are seeking abortions along with those other bills he did quietly signed into law something else as our viewer pointed out last week walker appealed to wisconsin law that made it easier for victims of wage discrimination to get to court in two thousand and nine equal pay and force an act prevent employers from discriminating against certain groups by giving workers more avenues to press charges and allowed individuals to plead their cases in the less costly the more accessible state circuit court system rather than just in federal court so not only did scott walker attack women's health by putting restrictions on abortion services he then also repealed wisconsin's equal pay law that's not a war on women i don't know what is next i want to share some of the some of our viewers' feedback with our interview with ban jones from last friday i pressed him
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on his comments the libertarians quote hates the brown folk the gays lesbians and here's sponsored by saying that his comments were overly broad and here's you guys had to say about it telling component to eat it show thank you for that telling van jones that disparaging speech is a two way street joe johnson tweeted a lot of backpedaling by jones libertarian so-called american dream etc thanks for asking challenging questions and a were in egypt we did address an event jones why would he walk it back it's true libertarians just want feudalism so some differing opinions of our viewers on that one but thanks you guys for all the feedback thanks for all the passion we're excited to have ben jones on the show and rest assured i won't stop asking the tough questions now finally a note from a kind fan michael shields tweeted out this just discovered your program and our team network keep at it a breath of fresh air content drive and analysis so thank you michael i was love to hear people newly discovering the show so tell your friends to spread the word and
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of course keep coming back that's it for my rantings today but i'll be back with more as usual later in the week. well it turns out in the u.s. may have been arming and training terrorist organization right here on u.s. soil at the department of energy's nevada national security site and the group is the any k. or than would you. recognize this name as a group that a number of former u.s. officials are working towards getting delisted and for which the lobbying efforts have resulted in these constantly playing on your television. it's a romance democratic opposition working for a nuclear free iran founded on human rights unjustly list of the terrorist groups and we can use the stick to the radical regime in. iraq you know what you're opposed to listed at the. end of two thousand and ten a us court order to review iranians you were small makers and former senior officials demanded listing secretary clinton for democracy and freedom in iran do
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you list any. and that's a good journalist seymour hersh wrote in the new yorker last friday that jay stop conducting training for members of the emmy came two thousand and five at the training and some time before president obama took office and that training included cryptography communications small unit tactics weaponry and her spoke to a number of sources for this former senior intelligence official retired four star general who advised the bush and obama administrations retired cia agent pentagon consultants and i make a defector and others so if it's true the next question we have to ask is why are the press with these rays a mirage research director of the national iranian american council or thanks so much for joining us tonight so for starters you know what do you think of this report this is something that you have you heard about this before and i think it's safe to say that most people in the u.s. government at work on iran related issues probably didn't know myself in two
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thousand and six and two thousand and seven when i was working up the state department participated in the terrorist designation review of any case status and nothing like this ever came up so but do you believe it do you think that that is possible i think where there's smoke there's fire and it's known to be a good investigative reporter so it's not something that's easily dismissible that being said it doesn't mean that you can take it at the word of god or you can take it as one hundred percent back at the same time so it's certainly a cause for concern and i think so i heard it was good about really making sure that it was clear in his piece that this was something that happened in the bush admin to. gratian stopped when obama shortly before obama came into office but there still are some lingering after facts according to the piece that most people probably didn't know about and that's what we need to get to the bone. probably do that too because we've spoken about i think a number of times here on the show right often it's about the fact they have a number of politicians that are going out there taking speaking fees from them you know you might see these ads on t.v.
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all the time but i think that a lot of americans probably don't really know that much about the m.k. about the history right about who's running it so you know can we can we run this through some of it and you could have a breakdown to kind of explain why it is that they're on this designated list of terrorist organizations sure i mean a brief history is that prior to the iranian revolution in one nine hundred seventy nine it was one of many leftist slash marxist organizations that worked together with other various political factions to overthrow the shah of iran after the revolution in one nine hundred seventy nine the current regime in power helped to expunge or worked very different diligently to expunge a lot of these groups and became clued in after that happened they started to assassinate regime officials they were kicked out of iran saddam hussein based on them up until two thousand and three in iraq and in the iran iraq war from one thousand nine hundred nine hundred eighty eight fought on the side of saddam hussein therefore they are deeply unpopular inside of iran amongst the romney people themselves forward to the iraq war the bush administration had
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a choice to make do you get rid of what is called camp ashraf in iraq where it's currently based or do you maintain it and you utilize that as a pressure point for the iranian regime most of the bush administration thought that you should go with your approach of a terrorist or the terrorist and and discard these individuals but there were some prominent neoconservative officials that thought it would be useful to use of a pressure point and that's where psychosis story comes in and so but this is right this kind of vicious cycle and a trend and a pattern that we've seen you know many times over the u.s. i guess you could say it was you know. funding that was a hit here when it was trying to get them weapons so they could fight the soviets because the soviets were on the side of america time and then who are fighting right now in afghanistan or if you want to talk about saddam hussein that was our friend that was our enemy at some point and you know so doesn't that make it you know why don't we learn do you think that arming training funding the enemy k is a good idea for u.s. national security foreign policy you know and i'm call i screwed because i can
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speak often the most u.s. government officials don't think it's a good idea but sometimes we have a propensity here in the united states to look at the six inches right in front of our face as opposed to maybe giving things out two or three steps ahead particularly on issues of critical national security and foreign policy importance like the iran issue and i think neoconservatives in the bush administration demonstrated time and time again that that's what they did and that's one of the reasons why the iraq war took place the obama administration has to do a good job of walking some about back but there are lingering effects and lingering cooperation whether directly or indirectly with the u.s. is cooperating with the designated terrorist organizations like the and u.k. and that opens us up as the united states to accusations of hypocrisy and double standards and that more than most here where for during a terrorist terrorist organization you know according to our resting on our own soil but so there's a lot of you know there are reports out there that if you look at the assassination of iranian nuclear scientists it was that i make
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a that they did it and that they were funded by the massage that they know also here that was u.s. intelligence that was applied you know are they maybe not delisting any cave because they're an easy pawn to the dirty work i think that the listing aspect of it is a bit murky when it comes to its connection or lack thereof with regards to be kinds of operations because on the one hand i mean it was relisted year after year after year over the eight year duration of the bush administration and it's been relisted year after year since obama came into office so it might just be. you know if we're going to continue. to cooperate with this group directly or indirectly it doesn't really make a difference with their on the terrorist list because this was so close hold until recently this wasn't readily available information even to people inside the u.s. government but it's easy to say does it make a difference for those people that actually may have been doing the training now we do see investigation has been launched by the treasury department against some of these former officials have actually been taking speaking fees for them because if
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you look you know if supreme court rulings then if you provide any kind of material support to a terrorist organization you will be punished for it that's breaking the law and you see a lot of people get punished for a lot less you know because it's called national security and so that's where the really hypocrisy i think really lies but do you think that's changing at all with this investigation what he thinks going to happen with that i think the done a great job writing about exactly this point i think one of the overarching points that he makes and apply for the and more broadly conceived is that when you have these kinds of double standards when you open yourself up to accusations of hypocrisy and what you're really doing at the end of the day is weakening the overall national security of the united states because then people are able to poke holes in your arguments people who are less likely to follow your lead broadly concede this is an argument that a lot of people make and i think that you know the obama administration really had a pretty significant mess to clean up the concede when it came into the white house that the bush administration had left behind in the process of cleaning up those messages have been a haphazard process that they believe it's an imperfect science this is one thing
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where there is room for improvement and there's no doubt about the last thing i want to ask you to do have any idea where all the funding is coming from because these people were speaking fees of tens of thousands of dollars to go to any friends we see those commercials playing all the time where's the money from it's a great question and following the money is something that i think both people inside and outside the u.s. government has been trying to do unnamed senior obama administration officials have said that the money is coming from the israeli government that hasn't been substantiated as fact but that's the best lead that we have right now everything so much for joining us tonight. all right guys i just want to take a quick moment term mind everybody to participate in our project to find out which congressperson requested that environmental activist turn to christopher be put in isolation you can learn more about tim's case and how to help us figure out which member of congress is behind it on our facebook page and remember if you do find anything out that you want to share with us please e-mail us producer dot com.
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are you one more break tonight but when we come back senator who often comes off as stupid on twitter calls president obama stupid on twitter and on happy hour should sex offenders be banned from holding underage kids all live and according to the white house he had diabetes they were disabled we'll have all those stories and more look at the. story of the siege so you think you understand it and then you know here's the part of it i realized everything. was a big. blow
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to the counseling. but in the amount itself it's a real headline if not. the problem with the mainstream media today is that they're completely disconnected from the viewers and from what actually matters to those viewers and so that's why young people just don't watch t.v. anymore if they want news they go online and read it but we're trying to take those stories that people actually care about and transfer them back to t.v. . r t is the state run english speaking russian channel it's kind of like.
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russia today has an extremely confrontational stance when it comes to us. our guys it's time for tonight's tool time award and tonight's winner is chuck grassley the senior republican senator from iowa so over the weekend grassley sent out a tweet that sent shock waves around the country see president obama made some comments last week saying the supreme court should no overturn obamacare calling the possibility an unprecedented extraordinary step and in response grassley tweeted following the constituents asked why i'm not outraged at pres it's hat on supreme
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court independence because american people are not stupid as this x. prof of con law yes a senior senator has called the president of the united states it's stupid playground style i want might be even more interesting here in the adolescent name calling it obvious lack of respect for the office of the president is that this usually goes the other way around the republicans attack democrats defending the judiciary there's a bronze here to say about judicial independence in may of two thousand and eleven those who get their policy views enact it through the legislative branches as our constitution requires turning to the coach but i flatly reject that notion the constitution various legislative power in the congress not the courts judges are simply not policy makers. until you want them to be of course but that's not even
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why tonights full time when he tried grassley should be calling anybody stupid on twitter face it no these tweets mostly consist of in comprehensible drivel and grassley insists on doing his own tweeting he loves to tweet and interview last friday is another explain why is tweets are like that which is in comprehensible he said it's because of auto correct and because he didn't like to type out unfortunately to make his tweet any less stupid and in fact it's quite the joke of the twitter verse but tonight it deserves to be called out on t.v. we just take a look at some of these tweets here tucker announces he has a new i phone clearly he's doing just a little bit and here are some examples of his nonsensical accounts from town hall meetings in iowa. ninety nine county tour and college of uni students condom very good variety of cues see these students you know we have great supply teacher or this one has tag nine counties who are grand junction colorado tell me issue help
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small town f. and f. twenty of thirty people expressed great distrust of term limits estate tops. i would just say spell check spell check and i know they can only put one hundred forty characters in but is all the abbreviation really necessary so it's not just his town hall town hall meetings we don't make sense either take a look at what he's had to say about democratic politics here's an almost coherent rant against the pink slime campaign says don't be swayed by mis info campaign against lean fine textured beef say for twenty years i hate it or how about this barry barely literate in which he suggests that labor could cure america's childhood obesity epidemic obama your farm child labor rules are in conflict with michelle o's child obesity program family members working on their family farm fight obesity and who can forget grassley micrograms a good for history channel how well you might have points about its lack of
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historical programming the tweets are so hilarious here's a couple complaining about where there are a couple complaining about x. in mud cats and how to channel should change its name yet when he recently tweeted about a favor historical book of is he actually praised bill o'reilly's killing of lincoln book and i was the one who was banned from the ford theater bookstore so perhaps you should apply history engine's historical standards to his own library and then finally grassley the silliest problem not exclusive to him are the one letter pocket tweets check these out. you see it furthering the notion that is being it is written by unstable bag lady so i would suggest the grassley direct the schoolyard taunts of the president or somebody else but for someone who's been tory is for looking stupid i'm scared to call the president stupid on twitter just think all that makes chuck grassley tonight's tools i'm winner.
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ok guys it's time for happy hour and joining me this evening our team producer jenny churchill and that is the money roll calls her on the hill reporter hello girls. all right so you know we talk about this all the time everyone likes to throw a lot of money around in d.c. when they want to get their way and netflix is no different in fact they've really stepped up their their money lately. the amount of money that companies spent on lobbying has dramatically increased over the last few years during the second quarter of the year enough to expect one hundred ten thousand dollars on federal law being from eighty thousand dollars during the first quarter of two thousand and eleven and it's up from just ten thousand dollars one year ago furthermore two years ago to folks was conspicuously absent from the d.c. lobbying game. all right so they've been lobbying lot more lately brown with what else they did netflix has created
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a pac it's called flicks pac and it's designed to support anti-piracy measures in washington and the candidates that favor them and basically netflix i think we should all be pretty sure of what kind of stuff they're going to be in favor of because they initially supported so they just try to pretend like they were neutral and really have a stance when everybody started freaking out about it yeah i mean it's pretty ridiculous that they would even pretend to not be for so bad so obvious that that's something that they would be for because if they're not for super then how are they going to you know work with these companies and make deals it's what i might have misunderstood i thought they were totally and that we were and then they try to come out anything like i'll well you know we're not really taking a stance on so but you know they had already written a formal letter supporting and i think any time you put something in writing that's pretty much where you're going to stand and once you write something else in writing and like legally. i just wonder if there's going to a lot of netflix hate out there now because there are days that you know it was
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a. netflix the turn into a lot of netflix hate because they raise their prices by like a couple dollars and already out and you know but now we just know i think that's it for anti-piracy measures and i think that's why they kind of tried to come out and say that they weren't explicitly for so it was because they saw the backlash when they decided to raise their prices by like two dollars and everyone lost it so they were like oh no well we can't be on the wrong side of this but now they're coming out and putting tons of money into it have to lobby and i think it's really fascinating that they were doing you know lobbying two years ago. it made me nervous when i found out about that because then i'm wondering if there's going to be blockbuster happen. is hulu could i'm going to. write a very big model on why you had to start the packers because the cable companies have pacs and they're in a war with cable companies right now over streaming video and all of that everybody there and everyone has you know to try to pin both their let's move on to something
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a little more fun. basically this is a new business and it will start up in las vegas because they're going to go there to party and what do you do when you have a horrible hangover hangover heaven will send an idea equipped bus to you to give you a quick recovery here somebody tried it. at the hotel i'm pretty. pretty pretty ridiculous and i don't really remember much when i did the treatment. it's a cool feeling. feel great. feel refreshed crisp. cold singly i just think it's the best i've ever know the last thing i want when i'm on the street in vegas is to be like oh stranger please needle into my arms my best stuff works better stuff work i haven't
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done it. really hung over and they just get. you know the guy who wrote trainspotting so you know anything about the guy you were. probably something not to do but anyway there was a doctor who had a drug problem and this is how he got over one night she would give him up and i beat her i mean i guess if if he. can get a pick me up from an i.v. want out i don't know i think you're angry. you see him actually you've seen i haven't actually. just that was called heaven. alice know what i'm talking actually. ok let's talk about diabetes. so much and basically. the white house on their website they're trying to how
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how much diversity they've brought to the courts in the u.s. you see right there and i think there's greg sargent over the line that managed to take this which is that the president's accomplishments on helping minority justices and the high courts they include openly gay federal court justice the first latina justice female justices a vietnamese korean and chinese descent and then the first disabled justice and so everyone's wondering who's the disabled justice and it's ones out there because sonia sotomayor has diabetes they've included her as a disabled justice so apparently that's a disability you know well it wasn't always i don't know technically can i really do the ability to. pick yourself and then ok these are your shots and i just have trouble with them saying that they hired someone who is disabled when they have a disease and if it's not if it's not you know impending their ability to do their job like diabetes becomes a disability when the effects of it become so great that you're not able to do
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things you would normally be able to do like if you're just saying oh well they can't eat sugar or whatever they want to will then i have celiac disease i have a disability congratulations you employ someone with a disability it's really feel. right she's right it. means. i want to share something that. looks talked about a little dog hillary clinton you know she's current a little bit of fun from the past about her fashion sensors to going on about it. she's the secretary of state she's the former senator from new york she's a full the first lady was she dressed that way i think she's going to use a bit or gender all these big baggy pants were social are really serious. all right so there is a. magazine ad basically talking about how hard it is to travel when you're a female statesman whatever because you've got to look good all the time when
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you're traveling all the time and so the fischel state department official said that they're trying to get rid of hillary clinton's scrunchies they want to ban them i think that so many i'm just going to go we're going to i didn't are there i do you will i support hillary and her scrunchy are very she's go all the time i mean i all the time i also remind you all the time now trying to make it to her yeah i am the last person around the planet who can criticize hillary first country where you go because i have you know been accused of a lot of the same things she has as far as myself from be out of a you know grandma so i say go for it and marry me are not granted today jenny you know saying i am not going to cast the first stone all right well i mean i agree i think scrunchies are kind but if your whole dog lovers. woman ever well you know wearing a skirt she probably what i don't know but it's good fun having this country party with you. tonight so thanks for tuning it and make sure you come back tomorrow.
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keeps you have a sort of it is proud of you for joining us for happy hour and meantime don't forget to become a fan of your show on facebook and always on twitter and if you missed anything it's a huge dot com slash the lower show and coming up next. culture is that so much about the kashmir is one of them in his age maybe maybe his particular area is the time finally come when we should value public aid of measurements of well be over industries such as g.d.p. and other governments to. get our sometimes you see a story and it seems so for like you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm charging welcome to the big
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picture. clock thanks. very much. for. the.


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