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if used in a case seen by many as a flagrant miscarriage of u.s. justice talks exclusively to r.t. coming out with your mom gives his first t.v. interview after being taken off death row. and two years after the polish president's fatal plane crash in russia which impact of the turbulence relations between the two countries you're looking at live pictures of a commemorations taking place in warsaw. it's the eleventh hour for the syrian cease fire plan but mutual distrust and suspicion permeated the country as both governments and rebels refused to make the first step. on the russian markets open
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choose their struggle to go down but have now almost completely recovered join me in twenty minutes from. what you are going to live from moscow eleven am in the russian capital a marina joshie welcome to the program one son of daf row inmate and now he's spending live behind bars for shooting and killing a police officer the case of former journalist and black panther meowed which of all gained attention around the world he says he's innocent and for decades supporters have rallied behind him in what they see as a quest for justice artie's the first t.v. channel in the world to speak to average of all since he was removed from death row and he gave an exclusive interview to unnecessary we'll hear her impressions. a revolutionary journalist and activist an honorary citizen in over twenty cities
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with a street named after him in france case is said to be one of the most debated in modern legal history accused of killing a police officer in the one nine hundred eighty s. mia has spent almost thirty years on death row this january he was taken off death row and is now serving a life behind bars without parole and for the first time since his transfer he spoke to us here at r t he gave us an exclusive interview and one of the first things i asked me i was what is it like to be on death row for that long because the batteries are split most of my living years in my life. through. weight. in my own mind. if not it back to haunt her countless of his supporters all over the world me a good jamal has really come to represent a symbol of a flawed justice system in the united states and in our interview we talked about
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whether mia thinks and has any faith left that the justice system in america can still be free and fair this is what he had to say there are more than three hundred thousand prisoners in california mon you can read really talk about oak park review by. dr krop put it we're going to show. bad level of force rich. and effect or. the equal creation of fear generation having been part of the black panther movement jamal was actually watched by the f.b.i. since he was fourteen years old and i asked him with the laws such as the n.c.a.a. which allows officials to watch the teen and hold people in the united states whether the media thinks that big brother has officially shown his face in america take a listen to what he had to say the so-called patriot act has made everything because
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you go back to the my sixty's and. seventy's. didn't realize that retailers realize a very thing agency that ministry was credible but that means you can look at your mail return your phone it was what we live in is a national security state we're big brother is. rational our money abu jamal take on occupy wall street the us elections as well as his dreams and much more in our exclusive interview with him here at r.t. . in our reporting there are now more of the me up to jamal's revelations coming up and his first t.v. interview since his death penalty was commuted to life in prison so don't miss the next hour here on r.t. . for prize winner. convicted of controversial. after thirty years on death row.
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miyagi just speaks to our team. has two years since polish president lech kaczynski died in a plane crash near the russian city of sanaa last can both countries are preparing to hold memorial services here chesky joins us now with more on the commemoration bands and their tragic bad grounds i see so how will those who die beyond are today . well we expect the commemoration services to start in about an hour from now and now is exactly two years since the presidential plane crash fell right where i'm standing right now on the ground killing all ninety six passengers onboard that happened at about eleven o'clock just fifteen minutes short of eleven o'clock in the morning moscow time definitely we are expecting delegations from both russia and poland to be here to lay flowers at the memorial site here and we understand that the representation of the highest authorities will be a little lower profile than last year with no presidents and prime ministers of the
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two states to be present here still certainly believe very emotional day we understand that almost two hundred relatives of those who died in that plane crash will be here to attend the commemoration services as well as going to the katyn memorial just twenty kilometers from here also a very tragic sight for the polish nation and certainly we understand of course that hundreds of thousands will also be mourning in poland at the vigil services across cross the country the scenes will probably be as emotional as two years ago i was there in warsaw and in krakow during the presidential funeral to see how the polish nation was grieving the loss of most of the country's political elite along with the country's president and his wife maria who died here at the very same spot where i'm standing right now certainly still remains a very emotional issue for forward at the same time it is quite clear that poland has in fact admitted that it is to blame for the tragic plane crash along with the bad weather the investigation for by both russia and the separate investigation by poland ruled that the weather conditions along with the fact that the crew still
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decided to land here despite being warned to land of a different airstrip where the main reasons why this tragedy in fact happened was some some people in poland sample titian's are still finding the truth very hard to bear and still trying to ride the wave of grief into power in my report which i had produced a little earlier i explain all that let's have a look. it was destined to become a new era in turbulent ties between moscow and warsaw a high profile polish delegation was flying to west and russia to commemorate twenty thousand polish offices killed by soviet troops at katyn village in one thousand nine hundred forty but it never reached its destination. the lucky there saw a plane descending as usual heard a loud noise and oppose didn't pay attention to it i just thought it was under. a
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plane crash killed all ninety six passengers on board including the president and first lady and most of the country's political elite separate investigations by both moscow and warsaw blamed for bad weather and dubious decisions by the crew they were warned of heavy fog and low visibility were told to choose a different one way but for whatever reason decided to land anyway. there was a very clear piece of guidance from traffic controllers that no conditions existed to lie and it seems to me that the pilot in command should have taken. the sensible decision to divert to another field but of course we have the president on board. he has. the head of the publisher force on board. various dignitaries were going to a specific event in smolensk. area. you know an awful
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lot of pressure was put on this guy's shoulders. such a huge loss was hard to take as hundreds of thousands grieved across the land but for some accepting the truth was even harder despite lots of evidence and eye witness accounts supporting the investigation some political forces in poland have been pointing the finger at moscow kaczynski is twin brother get also believes the crash was orchestrated. poland is subject to a process of force the meter concerning this money is going crash which increasingly looks like a terrorist act if there were explosions on board if this catastrophe looks increasingly like as insulation then this means there's a new development in international affairs. polish right wing parties tried to use this millennium crash to score points in presidential and parliamentary complaints which followed the tragedy with their failure to win votes with anti russian rhetoric say experts proves warsaw's line wasn't in tune with the thinking of the
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polish people and that a new page in relations has after all been turned despite it happening in the most tragic of ways the wreckage of the polish presidential plane is still here just eighteen kilometers from the side of the party in a massacre and in many ways this is the reminder that the similar plane crash was a tragedy inside another tragedy and while the katyn massacre had scored the relations for many decades the events of two years ago have eventually brought the two countries closer in both the common grief and in the attempts to find the truth alexey resets the odyssey reporting from smolensk in western russia now still to come in the program in just a few minutes here in r.t. . if any democracy people will be prevented to enter the country. any seeing they say or express. that israel has banned a nobel prize winning german writer from visiting the middle east country for
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expressing his views in a poem. britain's prime minister is in japan to negotiate a possible arms deal after a ban on japanese weapons exports was lifted late last year david cameron will meet his counterparts not up for talks which could include plans to deploy a royal navy submarine to the region now and he's honorable and joins us live from london and for more on this i have or what are we expecting to be included in this weapons deal. well for britney hosts the game two things really from these talks firstly big piece these because when it comes to the fence japan is a completely untapped market because of those the recent self-imposed really i'm taking part in the on the straights it's a second world war so britain will obviously be very keen to explore that but secondly this is a chance for britain it hopes to exert its influence on the region and what is
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already a highly competitive area and one of those that is traditionally and certainly geographically china is the main really because one thing that britain hopes that will come out of these talks in this agreement is for the more regular deployment of british submarines in the area and these are hunter killer submarines one that is ones that stalk missiles with ranges about the two thousand kilometers even this kind of activity really mir is america's recent activity in the area also seeking to exert its influence in the asia pacific region recently the u.s. deployed two hundred marines in australia deployment to china actually saw as an incursion on its fear of influence in its own backyard even and now with britain seeking to do the same even closer to home its one down to only ruffle china's feathers even more. but also north korea's going to be high on the jan what more can you tell us about that. well certainly north korea will be one of the
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main talking points here with britain seeking to allay japan's fears because tensions already very high in the area north korea planning a rocket launch later this week it says it's nearly launching a satellite into orbit but japan south korea north korea's neighbors both fearing it's something much worse they're saying it's a provocation they theory could be a test of a long range missile and threaten to shoot down any danger it falls on their territory and that in itself could lead to another dangerous chain of events because north korea will say any thoughts activity will be they will view you view it as a provocation as well and therefore threaten to respond in kind and we've seen all this before of course because back in april two thousand and nine three years ago this this scenario this exact same scenario played out with japan fearing a north korea rocket launch with something much worse than it was and back then the u.s. sought to get involved so the u.k.
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trying to the north korea from doing this is u.s. certainly also trying to do the same this time saying that north korea will be in breach of u.n. regulations imposed back then forbidding north korea to take part in any more rocket launches and now there's talk of britain and america adding a physical presence to regional issues it will certainly add to the tensions even more but our thanks very much indeed for bringing us the side update i regret of reporting there from london. like clock is ticking for syria with tuesday's last day and last chance for an internationally brokered cease fire plan to be put in place but from the rebels refusal to commit any can still use to the syrian government suspicion towards them hopes are quickly fading peter oliver has more for us. well we've got a situation of mutual distrust in syria at the moment just a day before cease fires g.
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to come in place in order for that cease fire to come into place which was part of the six point plan laid out by peace envoy kofi annan the syrian government as opposed to withdraw troops and heavy weapons from areas within the country now they're saying only do that if they receive a written guarantee from the rebels something which the rebels are refusing to give them so therefore the syrian army is saying that they will remove their troops out basically night the site trust the other they both think that the other side will either break the cease fire or merely use it as an opportunity to rearm and reequip their forces all the syrian foreign minister is in moscow on chews day he'll be chatting with his russian counterpart sergei lavrov as they try and find out how they can salvage this peace plan put forward by kofi annan to stop it really falling at the first hurdle the syrian foreign minister is also expected to list the achievements that the syrian government of made in order to try and put this peace plan into place the situation in syria still very very complex we're seeing
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the syrian rebels growing in confidence to to support that they're receiving from the west also extra funding that they're receiving from groups like the friends of syria and as sara first now reports there's also the situation whereby syrian rebels see a safe haven across the border in turkey from which they could launch attacks against the government walking a fine line as kansas thousands of refugees have crossed the syrian border into turkey keeping the peace here has not been easy and now the violence is still data saying gunfire reaching across the border and into a refugee can't scavenge forces because he's fleeing members of the free syrian army take he started talking of setting up the buffer zone tin chill the security of its southern border and to protect civilians thing from the. instance syria this also raises serious concerns that could undermine diplomatic efforts to end the conflict by setting the stage for foreign military intervention well serious
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questions will be raised about just why a refugee camp was located so close to a conflict area even louder voices want to know why the rebels are being allowed to use the count as a safe haven before turning back into syria to continue their fight for walking toward across the border again. there are a turkish army. some people come back you know those people walk. beside the border across the border to syria understood. and of the many of the free syrian army people here there are people here and they're operating there inside you know through the government. let him go on back and forth as well as a civilian recchi can take he has the military army defectors and the man
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considered the head of the f.s.a. in the country camp with a state's closely guarded and the turkish authorities make it extremely hard to access information here but we managed to speak to one member of the free syrian army about what they're wanting from the turkish government. is not just the at the say that turkey is supporting it recently played host to the friends of syria conference where many countries including gulf states guitar in saudi arabia agree to contribute millions to funding the free syrian army it was a leave this country source undermining diplomatic efforts to put an end to the violence in the country peacefully and these latest incidents are just the latest in a long. linus' setbacks these efforts to be realize the syrian refugees here is skeptical that a solution is place at hand thousands of people have made the journey across the
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border from syria to end up in refugee camps like this. some cases they're just a few miles from their homes this is that when i pick up it's the left unable to. pay perhaps i profited from it. and speaking about the ceasefire pepe escobar correspondent for the times believes that the rebels unconditional backers are the greatest obstacles to the peace efforts in syria they are being assisted by foreign powers the qatari special forces scenary forces speak by the house of south by shakes trami of sunni sheiks from iraq or sunni sheiks from the gulf there are salafi jihadism the middle with an al-qaeda or strains of ok connection and we also have british and french special forces on the ground here clarke of the un security council so it's crazy because you are trying to implement you when brain waves have
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two members of the un security council who are aligned with the opposition they are fighting the government along side the opposition so obviously how can you prove guarantees to the government that this is going to stop this is in fact only normal school over story because there's a shadow war going on for months indeed won't stop. teletubbies prime minister has announced that he's country is now examining a possible response to what the pm termed a violation of turkish borders by syrian forces the prime minister added that the options being looked at include those quotes doesn't want to think about. that with the following the whole story and you can track it on our web site r t v dot com there's plenty more for you online including getting cross with across boxes of one of the world's biggest football clubs ryall madrid have decided to remove
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a tiny cross from atop the team's badge to attract more fans and the muslim world. class rising expenses and britain's most costly military project ever makes london reconsider its pricey partnership with the us. israeli riders have called on the global literary community to disassociate themselves from german nobel prize winning poet gunter grass the author has been declared persona non grata in israel for denouncing the country's and tehran rhetoric in a recent poem buggy olivia a columnist for israeli newspaper ha'aretz says their reaction is absurdly exaggerated. the reaction of you is rules out of proportion of a great sea of. the stupid and ridiculous to be clear.
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is that those sort of normal growth are only because of he's view in any democracy people will be prevented to enter the country because of anything they say or express there is anti semitism in the world no one will go to vote but there is so much in the critiques on israel and so much just in for it pretty quickly and the sway your folder is it taking anyone who cares through it to. as it i'm dissing me he's really is the confusion and he's fried in the cold too productive because the world removed by. and a slew of russian fringe opposition leader earth have joined a hunger strike to protest is a show of solidarity for former candidate for the mayor of russian city of oster on a lake chain says he lost election as
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a result of foul play siding on official exit polls that were placed on just ahead of his rival chain and his followers have already been on hunger strike for twenty five days and some have been hospitalized among those to join a hunger strike or representatives of the radical left as well as to parliamentary deputies. working out you lie from moscow let's not take a look at some other stories from around the world greatness prime minister is in japan to negotiate a possible arms deal after a battle japanese weapons experts was lifted late last year david cameron will meet his counterparts here she cannot argue with talks on north korea's planned rocket launch also it's expected to take place both countries believe the launch is a cover for a long range missile test which found yang has denied. and at least nine people have been killed and dozens wanted after a suicide bomber rammed a car into a government building in western afghanistan the blast struck as local businessmen
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were gathering for a meeting was officials the attacks a major blow for the security of western afghanistan that's been considered relatively peaceful with terrorists concentrating on the south and east. the president of a new york brokerage firm has pleaded guilty to a sixty six million dollars mortgage fraud scheme gerrard canadian no admitted creating mortgages that were never going to be repaid the charges against him carry a maximum penalty of thirty years behind bars this case comes in the wake of president barack obama's campaign against financial fraud which started in two thousand and nine. when i was cross to the world of business with me although later now its major european markets are opening and it's the first day of trading after easter holidays and we're seeing a big drop why is that well really we are seeing tomato soup all over the markets because the traders are playing catch up having a four day for the long weekend of course after all those as you mentioned so
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really they're reacting to friday's jobs report coming out in the united states which was disappointing and just take a look at how the figures are looking and the footsie is down around one percent of x. one point three percent really worries there about the state of the poverty of the u.s. economy at play and of course given that we've had the negatives that's from overnight in the most states we're seeing negative numbers in asia but in russia what's going on right now it's pretty different actually view of the as m i six a very much recovered from the gap down that we saw at the very beginning freighting of round of the said there flat to negative this now moving my six is take a look at those. those stocks the trends burbank pizza shares are up this hour around half a percent magni it is down up a point seven percent the supermarket chain reported profits rise in the first
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quarter by thirty four percent but nevertheless we're seeing downward movement in the stock and the b.s.m. hero of this market is down one and a half percent the world's largest producer could be partly put on sale commissar daily newspaper says the miners main shareholders they corp russian technologies aims to sell forty five percent in the company almost one billion dollars analysts say russian technologies was the shares in the company on credit and is currently on able to deal with it but. looking at asia now and it's also negative over the nikkei is a supporter of the sun was on the back of a decision by the bank of japan to keep interest rates the same the hank saying is down one percent as trade surplus comes back in china but growth rates in terms of both imports and exports are pretty weak because of lower u.s. demand and that's indicates enforceability
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a very hard landing the chinese economy. moving over now to u.s. markets of course very important. all markets around the world are down more than one percent at the end of monday's session and moving the nasdaq actually right now is the news coming from a stock which isn't trading yet in a few weeks facebook will only have its i.p.o. but it's already making headlines as is has made its largest acquisition today for social networks as it will by the maker of a popular mobile application called instagram the free app allows users to take a picture easily modify it with different filters and then share it with friends and just know this in less than two years a value of the company is one million dollars become facebook will be paying. in cash and stock. and finest take a look at currencies the euro is now losing slightly value versus the dollar where's the russian ruble is losing value against both currencies just the not sure
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against the dollar and around one third of a percent versus the. and in oil it's declining it's a seven week low that's on the back of optimism actually about the chances of reducing the basically bogs of military action in iran given that there's an international negotiations going on so well is of course going down in value in this respect and that's the way the markets work this out merida all right thanks very much indeed for this obviate movement didn't go there from the business desk and here on our t.v. there's plenty more to come of course but before that i bring you the headlines and i'm right after that we have a kaiser report that exposes fraud behind a financial headline.
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