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tv   [untitled]    April 11, 2012 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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the british prime minister of power is ahead with his arms sales pitch in asia opening up the u.k.'s war arsenal to the nation surrounding china. and there's still a chance of a truce says the special envoy to syria while u.s. congress hawks cozy up with syrian rebels and step up calls to supply them with arms also. on the wall is busy with themselves nobody nobody is. on the scene and. arab revolutions forced the palestinian crisis on the back burner leaving people to battle for basic essential offering cover for israel to do one of the. last critics a spanish plans for
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a vegas style gambling empire to make money and jobs with actually and boosting the sex industry more than the economy. it is eight am in the russian capital you're watching r t with me wearing a joshua welcome to the program i joined anglo japanese weapons research captain a permanent british naval presence in asia those are the first fruits of british prime minister david cameron's latest and biggest push to hawk his country's weapons to the orient surrounded by a retinue of arms dealers representing the u.k.'s oldest and biggest weapons makers cameron is currently on a five day tour across the continent the british leader also called for indonesia to be allowed to buy weapons in bulk. that just
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a decade after the country was embargoed by london itself for using british jets to bomb civilians before the u.k. prevented reports aside from standing to make an explosive profit there's also the benefit of irritating china. selling weapons is quickly becoming what britain does best prime minister david cameron's in japan to unashamedly tout the u.k.'s military hardware only he calls it flying the flag for britain it's seeking to become only the second country other than america to trade arms with japan not only big business but the chance for a crucial foothold in what's clearly a place to be because musk you know perfectly predictable result of the shifting of focus of american attention in the attention of much of the world to be asia pacific region as china obviously continues to be an economic powerhouse and and even in the and in other countries in the region for him to actually become more economically dominant i think with that comes the attended attention from being
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militaries of the u.s. and the u.k. and other countries america's recently announced plans to station two thousand the remains in australia hoping to exert influence in a region china says isn't theirs to meddle in and britain could soon join them part of his defense deal with japan could see a british hunter submarine deployed in china's backyard complete with missiles and all the physical presence the british government claims is needed these geopolitics are relevant but i think that's even more reason for the going out there to engage with what is one of a few key allies in the region david cameron's in japan with over thirty executives from the u.k.'s highly profitable arms industry this isn't the first time he's been criticized that turning an overseas trip into a traveling sales pitch cameron was left red faced last year when on the same trip he went from praising democratic uprisings in cairo to flogging weapons in q wait
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prime minister david cameron has been forced to defend his party weapons manufacturers saying it's perfectly responsible and respectable but this is a region that's highly sensitive to any kind of. three maneuver attentions at the moment particularly high north korea's planned rocket launch later this week is stoking the traditional regional panic japan and south korea are threatening to shoot it down fearing it's a disguise long range missile test similar suspicions are being cast on china too and japan and south korea seek allies further afield he certainly do not want to confront i know more and they do not have the resources to. risk it militarily strains on sanger so the best. approach out of norman of course is to count on to get. more strategically and more
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foreign power goes into the region so as to have a better challenge of exerting the pressure of the international community on china until now britain and america have had to make do with exerting influence on the region from afar but with the talk of a physical presence there are theories it could upset the balance are the bennett r t. the speed of china's unprecedented economic crisis caught mary by surprise and today the question is not if but when beijing world we take the u.s. as the world's largest economy and that's one of the themes up for discussion based cross stuff coming your way at seven thirty g.m.t. . i still think the china has a long way to go no no denying that trying to groan about it is but it has a long way to go before it can get close to even think you are passing us ok. i will say six years isn't deadline you know it if you actually know how to i bet
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there is the former comptroller of the united states the guy who is in charge of auditing the books of the u.s. government david walker has been saying earlier this year that the u.s. is now where greece was two years ago in terms of instead crisis of just under present numbers is six years is not really their plan the future. the u.n. security council has called on damascus to stick to a six point peace plan and finally changes course plans are kofi annan signaled the syrian government hasn't fully complied with its commitments here tuesday deadline to withdraw troops from towns however he believes it's too early to bury the truce effort and so thursday when a full ceasefire should come into force at the same time the opposition stirred up by u.s. war hawks as war and it's not ready to lay down arms yet i surprise trip to the turkish syrian border senators john mccain and joe lieberman met with rival leaders
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and repeated their car for fighters to be armed and while russia has called on foreign powers to use the american friends to start stories u.s. has accused moscow of being a roadblock in its drive to topple the syrian regime political analyst professor jamal wakim says washington is determined to rule peace efforts. the united states is trying to back down on its agreement with the russians over a compromise regarding syria and this is we can understand militant groups or armed groups stepping up their fight against the syrian government and another. failed the initiative of coffee and is being pushed by the united states in order to hurt us the syrians especially by supporting through providing safe haven for armed groups to. launch attacks on the syrian government and the syrian troops.
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the same way. with armed groups coming from lebanon so in this case this is the justified. is a member of need to justify an intervention by nature without passing through the you know. the arab revolutions hugging the attention of the world the left palestinian problems in the fattal's farmers are occupied territories are fighting on their own for basic needs and as our reports some suggest israel is deliberately using the opportunity to go about its business of undermining palestinians while the world's attention is focused on the arab spring palestinians are focused on a different kind of spring the kind that farmers rely on for the livelihood and without which many palestinian villages could not survive. i'm afraid to stand here even though this is the soldiers and settlers often come here to harass us you being here protects me israelis are controlling us bring us the source of our water
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this is an obvious. place with autonomy tribe has lived for some four hundred years but nearly three decades ago and israeli settlements sprung up next door and slowly started encroaching on the villages land today a third of what used to be to mean the ground is controlled by settlers so. it's very frustrating to see the settlement on loans that is ours and which we can no longer access it's part of a plan and i'm afraid that the day will come when they will knock on my door and say this house it's not yours it's ours or the one spinning the area is the main source of water for these palestinian farmers but they can now only access it ten hours a week by the city's use of all the time and far from being in a city for them they are making money using it as a tourism site the settlers have been investing a lot of effort to try to get the israeli public to come here internet sites an advertisement spoke about
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a goal made restaurants wineries and of course magnificent springs the not be silenced spring is one of fifty six of the united nations detailed in a recent report. but eighty four percent of the springs are protestant probably so you can assume magic. exasperate. the lab where water is raise a red commodity despite the fact the ready for decades and generations is lost because you said it was a common. response but palestinians feel the water spring issue is only the tip of the iceberg because modern world is zoomed in on the arab spring these rays are using the chance to go and our people i think it's a perfect time for the israelis to step up their their actions against the palestinians i think the wall is busy with themselves nobody nobody is keen to hear about the palestinian the last year. has been a record and of the increase in the number of new housing units
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israel have method or. in the occupied territories as expansion of settlements and so for as long as the world remains focused on the big battles happening across the arab world the daily fight these farmers push out for if we drop of water will continue i noticed policy r t and now the smell of age palestinian of ministration . coming out later this hour here on r.t. . developing the atomic energy sector in india turns into a pitched battle between competing interests and some american stakeholders argues that stirring up and to nuclear protests to pursue economic goals. and we've got expert opinion on the latest whistle blowing case in the u.s. and the training of labeling spies those who expose government misconduct. spain is going ahead with
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a cost cutting reform of health care and education introduced on monday despite loud protests from the country's opposition drake is also pushing through an ambitious project to build a vegas style has seen a complex in order to fill its coffers but as archie's jake agrees reports that could turn out a longshot bet with poor odds. blighted by economic woes the spanish government may be about to take a peek gamble it's causing an american tycoon over his part in developing gambling mecca last vegas it's somewhat ironic because this is a country where gambling was forbidden for so many years for more a recess that doesn't seem to to matter much now the problem i see is that we are always complaining about our economic model the fact that we rely too much on the tourism industry on the construction business and here we are again with another project a billionaire wants to bring a colossal casino or shoot
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a spanish sure's most likely place it in madrid outskirts. vegas it could bring the cash strapped government twenty two billion dollars and a four around three hundred thousand jobs and much needed relief for an unemployment rate an economy in madrid it's across but that's been met with protest as people fear a sin city on their soil could bring more boys to the capsule something it's already familiar with for shushan has existed for some time here with this i mean legal status even in broad daylight on the main tourist streets here see its existence as a problem in the wake of the financial crisis that has increased so his presence. there are lots of women who want prostitution because they want to find a way out of the crisis put him on tuesday creased in the price of charge now this money hardly helps you get by sex workers as banish streets are by no means
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a new site traditionally it's been something that attracts immigrants unable to find work elsewhere but no more spaniards but be reeled in the love of the former but it kind of surprising because before the majority were foreigners brazilians remaining in the latin americans but now because of the crisis in redoing the remorse spanish who are offering their services. with the nation's unemployment. and. most vulnerable because of the crisis the major increase of prostitutes is seen among university students to pay for their education. being forced to take threatening the prospects of the country's youth and with projects and point which could leave an even greater many fear well. maybe you can do you groups and see.
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how find out more about the stories we're covering all in line at r.t. dot com and let's now take a look at what else is definitely worth your attention on. the voices of the occupy wall street ali growing louder but also melodious that's due to the growing popularity of market power bands that use guitars and singing as their main weapons of persuasion. plus a. doctor who literally lost his patients as the colleges grew so angry be forced to wait for attention at this and show room wasted type place in less than three minutes as you can see to find out what drove him to the edge of our teen dot com.
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an american law designed to target spies could be used to imprison a former cia officer who exposed the use of torture of yes men after act was also used against whistleblower bradley manning the army private who had a secret documents to wiki leaks but cases go against the very basics of the u.s. constitution says stephen cole attorney and author of the whistleblowers handbook. it's government misconduct that the government wants to suppress the public that we're learning about so the heart of the first amendment it's central quare was to prove to permit people to expose government abuses but what we see in the censorship cases is that the government is using its power to intimidate to prosecute to threaten preventing the american people learning about the abuses of their government censorship document that they predicate their censorship on said that the director of the f.b.i. . can censor federal employees if they disagree with the policy
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being advocated by those employees and it's unconstitutional all of the cases say their right to censor is limited to classified and secret yet the f.b.i. is saying they can censor based on policy these are the types of rules that they sneak in but have to be challenged. now let's take a look at some other stories from around the world at least one hundred thirty three people have been killed in two days of violent clashes between yemeni soldiers and al qaida comes after militants linked to al qaida raided an army barracks in the southern town of logar a government official says the group has now surrounded the area preparing to take over a town. in nigeria suicide bombers appear to be targeting the public after a fight of recent attacks a suicide car bomber killed forty one people in the country's north and hours later
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a second bomb exploded in central and jury in the country's north has been increasingly targeting a radical islamist sect known as ram which has been blamed for almost four hundred deaths in the last year. in the us rick santorum has suspended his campaign for the republican presidential nomination after he was unable to win the primaries basing a loss in his home state of pennsylvania his decision years away the front runner mitt romney newt gingrich and ron paul are still campaigning but are lagging well behind romney and the lead up to november first presidential election. and there's more on the build up to the u.s. election later this hour here in our team here as i would correspond to count speaks to jim clifton c.e.o. of a company conducting opinion polls in the states and he says their figures show obama may have a fight on his hands to stay in the white house. we ask right now if you were to vote tonight who to vote for obama romney and according to the gallup poll if we
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want tonight romney will beat him because you know you may very well vote for romney but not for him you're just voting against the president is there a survey what are the main reasons not to vote for the president it's just strictly unemployment as far as foreign policy i think foreign policy plays no role at all right now i mean if something really big happens israel bombs iran and we've got to back. i mean it will make a little bit of a difference but americans are the place right now they don't want to hear about foreign policy they should look they don't. nuclear power plants of mushroom the crossing the opening of huge opportunities for big business but also angering environmentalists but indian politicians insist protest often help mold is beyond the ecological because it's pretty sure to reports where there is big money there are dirty tactics. protests
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have erupted across india outside of nuclear power stations like this one to cool down corn plant a joint indian and russian venture in the south it will be the largest such electricity generating facility in the country construction of nuclear power plants in india has been stalled because of growing opposition and now the indian government has said it's the united states that's behind the protests motivated by american business interests. corporate interests and that would be you know corporate drivability or the politics of the nuclear industry really your. geopolitical concerns that india's prime minister manmohan singh has taken away the licenses of three ngo's and put seventy seven more on the global watch list for key believes american n.g.o.s are helping fund anti-nuclear protesters while such aid
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is not illegal the action reflects government anger at what delhi sees as interference in india's internal affairs and energy policy in a recent interview to the american journal science prime minister singh said the atomic energy program has got us into difficulties because these n.g.o.s. based in the us still appreciate the need for country to increase energy and. the protesters deny that they're receiving funds from america the small amount of money that we need comes from our own fisherman. but according to information from the indian home ministry released to parliament last year one third of indian ngo funding actually came from the united states india have maintained that developing a peaceful nuclear energy program will only help the country meet its growing energy needs and to create the dependence on foreign sources of energy but other
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countries see india's growing energy needs. potential business opportunity while the u.s. says it's got no objection to india's civilian nuclear program anti-nuclear n.g.o.s in washington say that india's energy business is of interest to the west because of its huge potential size u.s. and western firms will be keen that they win the business rather than russian firms and last few years india has access to the international market as this great market that they would earn billions of dollars by exporting their technology to india. while protesters may be simply opposed to nuclear power some of the money behind them may be motivated by very different reasons the power of american business interests to keep others out of one of the world's fastest growing energy markets preassure either r t new delhi india. or it was he was
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happening in the world of business the way trees here our business desk so what's this morning working why. loom is very very person missing at the moment because because of spanish and italian bond yields rising in the previous session basically concerns all across the world about these states of the global economy about the recovery of the recession what we're seeing right now in asia is a drop of more than one percent basically also we are seeing that sody and sharp have downgraded its forecast and therefore these two stocks are dropping more than three percent but they could be say one point two percent this hour and actually the asian markets were not very much helped with the starts of the earning season in the united states alcoa surprisingly reported a profit although ninety four million dollars it's still a profit while most investors actually expected to see
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a loss so the earnings. season started off better than expected although this is not really improving the situation the dow jones and the nasdaq saw their biggest drop this year well so far at least more than one and a half percent in the red. to move over to the commodities markets moving pretty much any where there was a another drop in the previous session as the u.s. crude inventories and gasoline inventories saw a rise also the czech republic is reporting that there's a drop of around eighteen percent in the world deliveries and apparently rosneft. held responsible they were supposed to deliver up to one million barrels of oil instead of one point two million that it was supposed to receive the whole country and gazprom now says it will compensate for that loss will see how that story develops. in the currencies market barely any movements in terms of the euro dollar
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exchange rates whereas the russian ruble lost against the basket of currencies in tuesday's session that we see develops in one half hours when trading begins on the russian markets and the r.t.s. m i six or eight drop of less than one percent in chiefs day session as you can see there very much better than the rest of the world as some european indices for example drop more than three percent also president needs your bed it has said that the privatization program should go as planned to the full scale so basically encouraging all the state companies to go ahead and sell their stakes. russia's largest mobile phone operator mega for may consider an initial public offering in the foreseeable future calling three variables to be daily writes that this is likely to happen a billionaire early show succeeds in almost doubling his stake in the company to
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fifty six. two percent a megaphone is the only one of the big three operators in russia which has not yet done a mistake and is worth around twenty billion dollars so that could be a good boy in the foreseeable future all right mary thanks very much in deed for this update and of course looking forward to another one in an hour's time thanks very much but you have to go there and here in our view there's plenty to come your way including exclusive interview and as a sports some dates in just a few moments before i'll bring you the headlines.
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the swell that was responsible for causing the world's worst industrial disaster and now it had been abandoned in a condition where it had become a source of pollution and the most recent study that was done shows that this water pollution spreading. in. groups working with.
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children. in the sea as. unpunished. i'm going. to get. to a lemming familiar mummy mummy mummy the become and remain fixed.
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this is true still keep since she fits the bill it's time to feel up to some good songs on season. one. game in. this. case it's. just some gifts. if the same is. coming to a.


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