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tv   [untitled]    April 12, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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in florida. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. the british and through today. thanks for joining our to the at half past the hour and parents these are your headlines the first ceasefire in over a year of violence between syrian forces and armed rebels comes into force all owing a u.n. deadline meanwhile russia says the security council could approve sending up a server mission to syria as soon as friday. iran's president says no pressure will make his country give all of its rights to nuclear energy the statement comes ahead of this weekend's talks on the issue with major world powers in turkey. and as the
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world marks the fifty first anniversary of the first manned space flight russian scientists unveil ambitious plans to set sort of permanent link paul moon. and then we go back to washington for the second part of the i don't know show to find out about american legal disputes over logging on to facebook at work. guys it's time for you said it and i read it right take time to respond by brilliance engaging viewer comments from facebook twitter and you too because you've got some to say i listen now first of all respond to viewer comments on our story yesterday on this but i mentioned the bill's bevy of very important take supporters the big heavy hitters like facebook so heavy transit commented on you tube funny how facebook support system because you know they love selling people's
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information now cisco would allow for the sale of your personal information but it would certainly allow for the sharing of it but governments maybe even third parties and that is what facebook does that's after all they've been caught time and time again sharing their users information with third party applicants applications and even the general public so yes suspend facebook if you have something in common they both want to share your personal info only one in the name of cyber security and one in the name of profits and next on respond to viewer that washer interview on the report by seymour hersh of the united states was training the enemy k. in the us during the bush administration our viewers comments very much i go the thoughts that we often have the bait because three commented on youtube another group to find then turn on later james bernie said on facebook amazing the american government hasn't learned from past mistakes wonder how long this will take to bite them in the ass again i was asking myself the exact same thing we funded many a group and then come to regret it when you had the contras just to name
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a few and yet it appears that we have not learned our lesson at all in fact quite the opposite we continue to fund unsavory regimes opposition groups all across the globe as long as it fits our media's interests to help with our principles over the long term effects and finally i want to respond to a comment that if you were hired in response to our happy hour a segment for monday where mice. producer jenny churchill and our guest we were scrunchies in solidarity with hillary clinton and while some of the viewers enjoyed the scrunchies and got the joke our viewer jason shaul did not and said hillary is disgusting and then said she did and warmonger so let me just take the moment to say that while yes we difference countries are here to express our solitary sort of voluntary with hillary it was just her right to express her fashion sense or lack thereof and actually her policy choices and that fit my rantings and i will be back with more as usual when the week. well that's one good news coming out of the ninth
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circuit court of appeals which struck down the federal government's interpretation of the computer fraud abuse that one of the court said could run the risk of criminalizing the conduct of millions of americans so if you live in the nine western states that are covered by this court looks like you're safe from prosecution for simply violating an employer's computer use policy and here's how the majority opinion written by chief judge alex kozinski you read minds have wondered since the beginning of time and the computer gives employees new ways to procrastinate i-g. chatting with friends playing games shopping or watching sports highlights such activities are routinely prohibited by many computer use policy all the employees are seldom disciplined for occasional use of our work computers for personal purposes nevertheless under the broad interpretation of the c.f.a. such minor dalliances would become federal crime also unlikely you'll be prosecuted for watching reason t.v. on your work computer you could be employers that want to rid themselves of
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troublesome employees without following proper procedures the french report them to the f.b.i. unless they quit ubiquitous seldom prosecuted crimes and by arbitrary and discriminatory enforcement now this decision stands out in a way that several other circuit courts have ruled so we could be seeing it go all the way to supreme court but first let's find out more about this attempts in government overreach and how to flies to the case of bradley manning joining me to discuss is josh gerstein reporter for politico josh thanks so much for joining us tonight and i guess if we could just start by going back to the computer fraud and abuse act and with what the actual purpose of it was when it was originally passed well i think it dates back to nineteen eighty-four or so and the idea was to basically have a law that would make it a federal crime to break into somebodies computer it seemed like it was primarily aimed at people who were outside of the government office or business office trying
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to crack into their computers and pull information out. and so here the court is saying that the language is so broad that basically if you are an employee here sitting at your desk and you're doing something that violates the policies they're technically they could be criminalized but were they just going after the driveway rich or have we actually seen any example that has happened you know there have been cases where you've seen both employees be gone after it's fairly common now actually when an employee maybe leaves an office or is getting ready to leave an office it is often the case sad to say that they will try to take things that the company might consider their intellectual property there might be a dispute about who owns the information say my contacts list in my e-mail program if it's a company you know does that contact list belong to me or does it belong to the company there could be a dispute about that there could be other things. in play might have access to that they might like to take with them they may not always tell their current employer
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they're planning to do that and of course there are also cases cases where the employer doesn't you know shut off access and somebody might go back into the computer system afterwards or the case that actually went to the ninth circuit involved a former employee using other employees of the company that he was trying to recruit to take information from them so those are the kinds of cases where this this has been used but it's even been used in cases that don't involve an employee relationship at all. all right so not exactly because if you look at the way the dissenting opinion was written they called a ridiculous scenario as far fetched hypothetical as you know they were and so so happy about it but on the contrary so i read a little bit. of the opinion there which mentioned reason heavey but if you keep reading more of it this judge mentions craig's less right he mentions the farm bill he mentions to go through the refreshing to at least see a judge be able to i don't know if it's a name things like this and realize how it applies in real life but not that they're living in the stone age well you know judge kozinski is
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a very internet savvy judge that may not be that much of a complement since most judges i think pretty much do live in the stone age or at least the yellow pad and age he at least is fairly familiar with what people are doing on the internet though he's made his share of mistakes in that arena because he left one time ie an archive online of his personal jokes some of which were off color and some bad videos that he probably should not allowed to be on the internet so he's probably not an internet wizard but he's far more kind of verse it with web culture and pop culture probably than most people who are sitting on the federal bench. you know i guess craigslist in farmville and that ok you're doing. good enough but you're right and offense. not being an internet reserve is still good enough for us when it comes to so many of our justices but he also said that this can even apply you know you mentioned you don't necessarily have to be an employee but it was like can be used just on a on
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a dating site if you lie about yourself well that's the problem it's not only the employee employer relationship where you have a question of what's authorized access but any time you're using any site on the internet that could range from craigslist to google to a dating site and the judge made the point that if you said you're handsome and six three and you're actually homely and five four that actually violates the terms of service of a lot of dating sites and so technically it would be a federal crime now you might think well why would the federal government ever come after me for something like that and they probably wouldn't except for the fact that there's been at least one case where someone was prosecuted for sending comments pretending to be somebody online that they weren't i think it was an adult woman an older older woman who was pretending to be a teenager and was bullying somebody else online the feds actually charged her with lying about her age i think it was facebook or something like that in the if she was accused of violating the terms of service judge kozinski point was nobody reads
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those you know it's like i tunes people always joke that they click through the terms of service and don't read them at all well you do now could be committing a crime if you violate any of those rules if you by the federal government's interpretation here which this judge is i guess eight colleagues who voted for his position. now it's pretty scary stuff and i think of a specific case we're talking about was a my space woman named mary grew as was caught going there but not only do most of us not read these entire terms of service contracts that are laid out there but it just seems like somebody really needs to read more closely the legislation that's passed in congress because so much of the. reading is just so broad and so vague and you see exactly how the government tries to interpret it but i want to ask you before we go you know two of the charges i believe against bradley manning are also for seeking erfurt unauthorized access on the computers here does this ruling in any way change this case or affect that. i think it could affect it
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a little bit it doesn't directly affect it in that it doesn't control what a military judge is going to do that judge will probably look at all the rulings on this and as you mentioned earlier most of the rulings actually go against what the ninth circuit did yesterday so that judge would probably go along with those other rulings and also bradley manning is facing some pretty serious charges there's eighteen in the enemy charge they could have been put in prison potentially for the rest of his life and then the computer fraud charges are pretty far down on the list that said if you could get those charges knocked out perhaps because of a judge's ruling that they didn't apply in these circumstances that would certainly be some sort of a boost and at least a moral victory for him if not necessarily a practical one in terms of the amount of prison time he might get if he's convicted now if any part of that offense you know and i'm saying that he didn't actually exceed any kind of access that he shouldn't have had access to a lot of these documents in the first place to which he was authorized josh thanks
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so much for joining us tonight ok great to be back with you. just ahead on the show when we come back at our last hit eighty eight the laurian were acting like he woke up in the mccarthy era yesterday he's our tour time winner tonight and i'm happy our dads are going after americans are lying and u.c.l.a. sent letters to one hundred ten students absolutely telling them over what's going on that. this was the plan that was responsible for causing the world's worst industrial disaster and now it had been abandoned in the condition where it had become a source of pollution of the most recent study that was done shows that this water pollution is. any. will continue to be there more than
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a hundred thousand people in. groups welcome the fact that children see their children caught by duty ten times more likely to be born with birth defects in children in the rest of the country. in the sea as little as five hundred dollars long in greece and. unpunished. there hasn't been anything good on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact. before the source material is what helps journalism we.
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we want to present. something. ok it's time for tonight's truth on award and this time it goes to representative allen west how do you follow republican fear mongering in my paper has bill infiltrating the us via latin america is imaginary threat number one but this week allen west exposed a different infiltration that he claims is widespread already happening at a government level. you want to. know. that's right everybody get ready because it's time to jake a trip down the rabbit hole which went into the twenty first century very own red hair welcome to the year one hundred fifty i mean twenty twelve buckle your
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seatbelt because it's about to get we are calm enough to bring out in the u.s. government and you know not alger hiss these are members of our very own house of representatives but the economists once again made their way to the u.s. government we have to act out holding secret meetings working behind the scenes the spread of communism to the u.s. only one man knows for sure. the responsible. implosion those responsible. for running the communist. are now it's not just a mccarthy a talent west and he's going to get to the bottom of it now unlike mccarthy wes refused to name names but don't you worry a good mccarthy i know that without a list of names to persecute claims of communism are boring so when pressed left office we had like a big drop a bombshell of all bombshells there are names in fact there's even entire web site
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out there and apparently this vote of confidence has been operating out in the open right under a very noses according to west has become a senator for end of the seventy six members of the congressional progressive caucus the communist party of public referred the progressive caucus and its allies but progressive caucus speaks for itself these individuals certainly aren't proponents of free markets or individual economic freedom. so that's right according to as all seventy six members of the congressional progressive caucus are communists if you take a look at their website seems pretty legitimate as it's a front of crime for a big fat economist or infiltrating our government from the inside so representative keith ellison if you thought that being a muslim in the us was enough to deal with buckle up because you just became a comrade and roll and bridge all of us forget the struggles of being a latino in arizona because you've just been bred with the hot red eye or about me to that and yet i go to the vice chair of the progressive caucus as well as the other sixty nine members but that's not all take
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a listen to west and october this progressive movement is really what communists were call back at the turn of the century which were the nineteenth and twentieth century so we started to really see the face of the liberal progressives are. wow good not just because it isn't as infiltrated congress according to the way to as a liberal progressive movement is actually communism rebranded and then mainstream it they must have hired one off them a p.r. firm so if you believe in fighting for economic justice protecting civil rights civil liberties promoting global peace environmental protection fairly to west that must mean your economy is telling point now obviously the progressive caucus does not always act in the interest of these issues they're supposed to support but that's a whole different story over say that the entire progressive caucus they're all communists representative allen west if i told time where.
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i guys are time for happy hour and joining me tonight r.t. correspondent christine for is out and mike riggs says he editor at reason augustine and reason dot com hello. oh where should we start you know one of the things that we've heard from people like rick santorum who now is sadly no longer a presidential candidate he's leaving us is now with him liberals they want you to go to college and that's just so our leaders have them for because. first of all who was the most everybody in america to go to college or snow. who could decent better than women who are near court every day and put their
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skills to test that or talk to some liberal college professor to try to adultery. all right so does college make it or does it not according to a new study going to college. can be quite different ways here going to college makes people care less about helping to promote racial and or standing to be perfectly clear about this they polled people about their attitudes on race when they got to college and then after one year at college and when they finished college and they found that across all races people cared less and less and less about promoting racial understanding the further they went through college. because glass yeah i think there's a reason understanding about black trying to get rid of i don't know i don't know what that means i have no idea what i mean i'm i think what it could mean is traditionally in this country you go to high school and grade school in the neighborhood in which you grow up so a lot of times that means that you go to grade school and high school with people that look a little more like you come from a similar socioeconomic background so maybe it's simply that when you get to
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college and i mean optimistic here but maybe when you get to college you're actually in a place where you're with people of several races all sort of you know in your classes in your dining halls in your dorms so it becomes less of a concern because you feel like it's not an issue you know. then you have to let you know where you are. yeah i want to be really careful with the right here because like a large part of the intellectualized white supremacist movement is uses terms like real ism and stuff like that one of the ideas that like white supremacist promote is that once you actually get more experience living working whatever with other races you can realize that you should stick to your own so i don't want to promote that idea at all but maybe it's true though i want to get to college sort of realize like this isn't a big deal there are black kids in my class and hispanic kids in my classes what more can i do here you know i'll go hey i'm not as a person or you know out in the middle of nowhere to write and you obviously have is there in urban centers but then a lot of people just go out to places that in. rural areas where it's just
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a small college town for me you simply have other things on your agenda and on your mind after partying and so yeah trying to get a lay reading all of your been doing all the wondering whether morning race understand exactly. i don't prosecutors currently they can try to go after you just for lying which basically means i mean i think politicians to this passed. i did not have sexual relations with that woman miss lewinsky the british government should we should we sure should never can force of uranium from africa. or you know of course that there is such a thing as. when you are going to buy but listen to this there's this thing called one zero zero zero in one. legal circles and basically it's a law against
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a lying and so when federal prosecutors can't get enough evidence to bring other charges against a person they can try to do that and there's a story about this woman who basically she was a marine biologist operator of whale watching but whatever boat captains whistled at a humpback whale that approached the boat then regulators investigated whether that incident constituted harassment of a whale which is illegal and now they're trying to say that she she lied so they're charging her not because she harassed the whale or because you live i also think that i don't really know what a whale is that they consider rassmann is the most absurd thing i've ever heard of my life actually that i was yeah i mean it just goes along the lines with we creating laws that have such loose terms and of course it comes back to a quote that it really resonates with me which says it is better to be rich and guilty in this country than it is to be poor and innocent so you think of things
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like lying and you think of some of the loose terminology written into the laws and it is what they used to prosecute people make sense. the wide angle view which is that the government basically exists to create more work for itself and that's why we have laws like this but like overkill is ation of everything it's i seriously i like want to go to sleep in a dream that not because it's boring because that's how exhausting that kind of garbage is and of course prosecutors would use it for this i mean the user wherever they can because they don't come along boring you know it was a very you know so it's not boring it's exhausting it's like. you're about. just the misuse of government but is the always find something they've got a great lawyer on their little nose yes there is some kind of loophole that will find legal language but sometimes that stuff helps people out to write and it's not always a federal jury example yeah but you get a good one because he's a more often. all right can we do this u.c.l.a. . got a story over ok it's not a sad story it's a great story but always to explain why you have a loop that i think we have
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a news story to through explanations already a figure like and last weekend for high school seniors on u.c.l.a. is waiting was also celebrated when they got a financial aid email from u.c.l.a. that stated quote once again congratulations on your admission to u.c.l.a. we hope that this information will assist you in making your decision to join a brewing family in the fall. turns out they said that i accidents over nine hundred students that were still on the waiting list and basically they just forgot to take off last little letter there i just think that is was. the saddest thing i've ever heard because sorry there's so much pressure involved when you're applying for college right people put a lot of dreams and hopes onto this and can you imagine just thinking yes i got it and then having everything crushed after college admissions process is so excruciating only a motional it was for me i mean checking the mailbox every day waiting to see if you got into the school that you wanted and for a lot of e-mails is
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a lot i mean for example you know. i mean u.c.l.a. were from california mean that is a school that so many people love their dream school and to get on the waiting list and think that you then got into who knows maybe cancel scholarships or cancel. absences that other places and then find out oh wait you actually didn't get it well that i did i think i did last part is that they know to other schools you maybe reject certain scholarships and other opportunities that you could have had. you're left with nothing i'm going to hear your thoughts here it i mean if these kids went out and make a media. at least graft all their other plans that's probably why they ended up on the waiting list in the first place because with that type of person on the other hand i think that this kind of experience is great preparation for the job market that awaits them in obama's america because you know what. do you see all that i know that's and that's all i know you're a coward and i was acknowledging obama's america they'll be out of college looking for a job in another president's america yeah ok it will be true it will be in two thousand
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and sixteen yeah right eric and i don't know any way here's what matters this is just the first of many disappointments for people who are younger than us that's all there is to it it's good that they're learning rejection now because they're going to learn it in four years and whatever crappy state school they graduate from and they can only get a job like as a temp or like cooking fries like it's good to learn to like. something over the last. i don't want to hear dose of realism but i'm sure we had a problem where you give everybody a trophy even ever even one any passport you are not sure i know i'm not saying it could have been planned for the stamp. you know it's absolutely tragic but like let's look at the silver lining there they're prepared to operate and like much more brutal america where a college degree doesn't even mean all that much i mean like all those are very little unlikely and stay cooking fries at mcdonald's for the rest of their lives
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what can i say oh i got it i was running out you know i had. clearly all the good looking elsewhere well ok this is. before ok thank. you. tomorrow kevin glass managing editor of townhall be joining us for happy hour any time you know where to find us on line facebook twitter. and coming up next. it's says.
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