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housing policy and not being it you know the administration should pay off the losers mortgages and they've been screwed it's actually needed to be good so we disguised them are going to have rapid eye because we have to take a break but thanks for joining us tonight. be right back. let's not forget that we had in a parked car greasy burger leg i think rock the bombings readable in one hundred twelve lead lead. whatever government says neighborhood can through safely get ready if you can believe her freedom. is a very good player. but in the alone itself they'll get the real headlines that none of them are a problem with the mainstream media today is that they're completely disconnected
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from the viewers and what actually matters to those viewers and so that's why young people just don't watch t.v. anymore if they want news they go online and read it but we're trying to take those stories that people actually care about and transfer them back in t.v. . you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for like sleep you think you understand it and then you lived something else you hear see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't. charge welcome to the big picture. for.
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the love. last thursday the indictment against alleged cia was a blower john kiriakou was finally unsealed and it contains some rather juicy tidbits specifically e-mails between kiriakou and journalist who allegedly communicated with a former cia agent who were featured prominently in the indictment now why the government believe that had the right to snoop through these e-mails as part of their probe seems kind of obvious we've had marcy wheeler on the show to discuss the case the only criminal investigation involving the bush administration's torture problem ironically and so here is what she had to say about the investigation. this all started because these detainee lawyers had identified the
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people who were tortured their clients. so the question is not easy to caper scott shane to report about to start tina's who was involved in sheer sems torture what they were really after was is it ok for lawyers to know what happened to their clients when they were in u.s. custody and the government is basically saying no it's not ok they went back and tried to figure out how these detainee lawyers found out and ultimately curious who is the one source that they came up with. so basically the justice department wanted to find out how this information about and hanssen kara gaiters was leaked and our inquiry led them to these journalists e-mails we have today politico's josh gerstein reported that the other journalists in referenced in the indictment are believed to be former a.b.c. investigative journalist matt cole and current a.b.c. investigative journalist richard esposito but that's not what set the twitter sphere fire the hulking two ton pink elephant remains in the room just how did the
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government obtain these e-mails and how many did they have tame how once an area can be counted out straight away we can assume that the government did not obtain the e-mails from cole esposito or shane because that move would have been ferociously contended by the reporters after all government prosecutors want to know who leaked valerie plame the identity to the press new york times reporter judith miller refused to appear in court was held in contempt and spent time in jail and the ongoing case of another alleged cia leak or jeffrey sterling new york times reporter james risin seen here has been told by the court that he does not have to reveal his sources and that's a decision that the obama administration is appealing so the point is revealing sources can be a career ending move for journalists and sources are often legally protected furthermore we know that's not the case here we spoke to the justice department today and they told us that the e-mails were obtained through search warrants granted by a federal judge and they did not directly name the journalists but the d.o.j. spokesperson did not say who federal investigators were authorized to search only
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that additional information will be. revealed as the trial progresses so let's engage in some informed speculation shall we one possible scenario is rather straightforward kiriakou his emails researched he had to turn them over and exchanges between himself and the three journalists turned up another possible course of action is that a court required a good motive fence lawyers to turn over those e-mails as marcy wheeler pointed out they were at the heart of the curiosity case and while that's disturbing enough there is yet another scenario that is the most draconian of them all as we've seen before the government doesn't even need a search warrants or the involvement of parties directly implicated in cases to take information take a look. what it means though is that if you ever do anything that the government decides that they find interesting they can get it they can get it by using the services provided by free company provided for free by companies like google facebook twitter that are repugnant to me saving this information but it's called we're sort of leaving this digital data trail behind and so when the government decides off the thought you know they think you've done something interesting or
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they think you've spoken to a whistleblower they just call the company's os for the information and suddenly they know who the whistleblower is without ever forcing you to reveal it. yep that's right the government can say information online from e-mail services internet service providers and social networks like twitter now we've seen that before in the wiki leaks case website supporters only found out that the government subpoenaed twitter for information because twitter executives challenge the government's gag order in court so that they could then tell those users that their information is being requested but in this case it's unclear which companies if any were ordered to hand over information who knows maybe there's a gag order involved here too but however the government of e-mails when things definitely clear journalists are vulnerable these days with beds able to browse through their information without even informing them no sources say nor are the journalists they're all behind cases a whistleblower is being charged under the espionage act on the straight jeffrey sterling leibowitz steven kim and bradley manning so a journalist privacy compromised and the possibility of material support of
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terrorism charges the chilling effect of the n.d.a. added to the makes the first amendment seems a lot less sturdy and journalists those best suited to hold the government accountable i speak might be spooked into silence let's just hope about won't be the trend. now as our viewers know we've been following the case of jailed environmental activist named christopher last month he was thrown in isolation after an anonymous congressperson complained about a letter that he had sent to his activists network and while the christopher has since been released from isolation we want to know which congress person overstepped boundaries and secretly discuss this case with the bureau of prisons that we want to relay that information. do you say get in touch with your representative ask if they reached out to the bureau of prisons about to christopher and if so what do they say then email us the results t.a.'s producer g.-mail dot com for more information about the christopher you can also check out our facebook page or the website of the activist group he co-founded peaceful uprising dot org. now the goal of space programs across the world used to be to put
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a man on the moon time to change the challenge now is to put a man on the moon and keep him there russia nasa are now working to do just that they're in talks to build manned research colonies on the moon in the next decade artie's tom barton reports. to put a man on the move to keep him that's the aim for space exploration in the coming decade according to a plan unveiled by moscow's academy of sciences choice was bogus but worse than klein cannot stay where it is now for a long time we have been successful in exploring near earth's case it's time to move beyond the rubbish the goal is to put on man was already ruined by two thousand and twenty with landing stations established by twenty twenty two which will start the process of building a permanent manned base their own on the minute the moon is that all well say scientists we actually know surprisingly little about our closest cosmic neighbor
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and the consensus is we should try and prove our skills and science as close as possible to home before attempting any bigger leaps vast quantities of frozen water being discovered under the moon's surface taken there by billions of years worth of collisions with asteroids and water might not be all we filed if we look carefully organic samples may have been preserved in comets in a frozen state it's impossible to investigate them from afar so we should deliver those samples back to or in the control rooms there have been serious questions about whether we can technically manage a moonbase the past year has seen a catalogue of the errors between a supply rocket on its way to the international space station plunging back to earth and an unmanned mars exploration rocket falling from orbit we're still using technology from the decades of the space race from the fifties to the eighties
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scientists a new ships have been taking too long to live. until we get these new ships we will have problems also many of the people with the knowledge of the old models are no longer with us and the younger generation doesn't have that knowledge so for now sticking with the moon might be a. it's enough with some missions as well as the world remembers the. space in the first place and those in charge of causing the pixelation. start making some of. us and. i would take a quick breather but after the break i'll give our tour guide award let's go it all the way to the top where the white house has now learned to reign in. our own happy hour and i guess we'll have a collective breakout about pay for prevailing. all that we can.
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see a story. here see some other part of it and realize that everything. is a big. up
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in the lower self you know there's a real headlight with none of them are the problem with the mainstream media today is that they're completely disconnected from the viewers and from what actually matters to those viewers and so that's why young people just don't watch t.v. anymore if they want news they go online and read it and we're trying to take those stories that people actually care about and transfer them back eating. our tea is the state run english speaking russian channel it's kind of like. russia today has an extremely confrontational stance when it comes to us.
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right it's time for tonight's tool to have a war and tonight we're handing it to the commander in chief it's the president obama and his administration have been meeting with the activists working out a way to ensure the federal contractor employees will not basis criminal action in the workplace based on their sexual orientation and seeing how difficult or it's been difficult to pass other l.g.b. t. bills and agreements the activists were hoping that an executive order would guarantee that they will be protected in the workplace now if you're a fan of the show you know that obama has that absolutely no problem exercising his executive powers in the past and apparently the administration decided against the order this time saying we do not expect that executive order on nondiscrimination for a federal contractors will be issued at this time. i support legislation that has been introduced and we will continue to work with congressional sponsors to build
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support for it so what they're saying is that they're not opposed to supporting gay rights but they want to do with the old fashioned way getting approval from congress before moving forward and i mean normally that would make sense i might even applied it and was given some respect but i want to come through the obama administration i'm just a little bit confused like i said before this president is all about flexing his executive muscles when it comes to financial political especially foreign policy issues take libya for example here but obama went on t.v. to explain the threat of massacres and been bossy and now we want to do something to prevent it from happening it was not in our national interest to look let that happen i refused to let that happen and so nine days ago after consulting the bipartisan leadership of congress i authorized military action to stop the killing and in force u.n.
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security council resolution one hundred seventy three. now if you notice he says that he consulted with congress but let's be clear here telling congressional leaders that you're about to engage the u.s. in a war it's quite a different thing than getting their approval you know the old fashioned way with a vote and if you look on the white house website you will see executive order one three five six six about blocking property in prohibiting certain transactions relating to libya now on the topic of foreign policy how can we also forget about the case of anwar a lot earlier when obama made a really proud announcement about taking out this american citizen without due process earlier this morning. a lucky leader of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula was killed in yemen. but this. is a major blow to al qaeda is most active operational affiliate the death of a walking. now what he didn't say was how as executive order to kill
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a lot he was also a major blow to the judicial process of the constitution of the growth abuse of executive authority and as i've said many times obama made himself the judge the jury and executioner eric holder friday felt that offense addressing the issue indirectly during an un televised speech in northwestern university and their holder explained the u.s. government had the right to take out all locky without getting approval from a federal court because due process and judicial process are different specially when referring to national security i would just love to hear eric holder told that to the founders but obama doesn't just like the executive power in the foreign policy and national security realm he's had no problem issuing domestic executive orders as well and that he openly talks about overriding congress to create a bipartisan fiscal commission during his twenty ten state of the union speech the cost of medicare medicaid and social security will continue to skyrocket that's why i've called for a bipartisan fiscal commission. on
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a proposal by republican judd gregg and democratic in congress. yesterday the senate what a bill that would have created this mission. sole issue an executive order that will allow us to go forward because i refuse to pass this problem on to another generation of america. obama knows best people now look we can keep rattling off examples but i think we get the point the president has had no problem flexing his executive muscles but for some reason when faced with an order to ensure the elegy between federal employees are treated as equals they decided draw some sort of line in the sand what gives killing american citizen with no due process bringing up the us into a war those war executive power but they'll leave this issue to be dealt with in congress i call b.s. inconsistency is never becoming and if the obama administration wants to use executive powers at least use them equally don't hide behind some notion of executive restraint the everybody knows you don't actually believe it and so for
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that we're giving the obama administration really the president himself since he's the executive the issues the orders tonight's trial time award. ok guys time for happy hour and join me this evening our team producer jenny churchill and kevin glass managing editor at home plate a guy thanks for joining me first you're trying to switch of the order i mean or. let's talk about iraq rails obviously the big story has been that there was a gawker a mole working within fox news they fired him they found him that's all said and done it but listen to what roger ailes had to say about soccer. whose dog is it the owner group. it's a sort of court what's. your. old.
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i only you it is a website that everybody should really have is the word. i am not getting on if we just doesn't know why cocker in the right way to have your pulse on the news world all of you honestly doesn't fox news is obviously not in the business of punching down you know they're competing with c.n.n. they're competing with n.b.c. nightly news except for roger ailes not concern himself he did think it was just low. so that he would find out he doesn't consider himself with this a little e. publication that on a regular basis has broken stories about fox news they broke the story about o'reilly and that whole cost bragging to so i was really should never have gone out it's honestly small potatoes compared to you know what the regular news cycle goes through that's a little bit of you know gotcha journalism that we like to talk about and we think is important but you know the biggest thing that i can think of that gawker media
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has broken was when they found an i phone in a bar somewhere and it was the new i phone for roger ailes and some good stuff when it comes to foyer requests. and we've done interviews with some of the people there that have done investigative work but still you figure that if there's a if the biggest story right now is that somebody from another news organization is a mole in your views organization you probably would at least want to know what that news organization is especially if you want to talk about liberal media bias now they're taken over i think you get the impression that he knew there wasn't that he was even aware that some was out there dialing stories from it might have not been to me you know the story we live in it's weird little bubble where no one else actually cares we will definitely go because i have to say and else defense when i moved here i didn't know what caught her was i never read any type of gossipy type magazines any of those things and i had no idea what cocker was and it was some running off but that's your coverage does sound kind of risque if you think about it talking girls probably knows what for as hilson is just if you're
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going for it also yes and. the way things really work in life is if someone tells you not to do something or not to look at something what do you do you go do it or try and you go look at it so somebody said roger don't i don't go to this pornographic web site called gawker there's really a dirty stuff on there i'm going to bet that roger ailes went to gawker to see what was all about the bigger question is roger ailes friends that they're like oh dear friend don't visit this graphic website shield your eyes i think we've killed the guy. in there. ok. next story is. facebook facebook facebook we know they've had a lot of privacy issues in the past and we call them out for it all the time and they're actually trying to do something new in this whole area of transparency. it's been one issue after another with those guys over the years to do with privacy
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the most recent involves your telephone number being handed over to developers of third party applications you may choose to use on facebook so last friday facebook friday evening i should say facebook gave after developers access to your phone number and address if you decided to use an app on facebook. but some of the shady stuff it's because on the grass now what they're trying to do is a little more transparency so they've expanded this recall download your data. basically you get a copy of what you share on facebook in the past you could get a copy of your list of friends photos ball posts messages now that all of your former user names e-mail addresses even all of your old friend requests so you can go back and see whatever request. i don't want to call you out but i wonder what happens to all the people that are in your weird requests limbo box right now . i do have
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a weird request. other people know about faith somebody should try it out and print it and maybe there isn't if there is though a limbo teacher i think obviously that facebook is trying to do right by people who are always very keen for them to release more data let us know what they're doing with our information that goes on line and for the most part it's not something that i'm too concerned about most of the apps that can access your data there's a big box when you use the offices are you going to allow this to access your data well i know it's like ok allow those apps the issue was that it was letting the people who click yes it was giving access to information about their friends that was the problem there's been a bunch of a bunch of glitches essentially is what has happened to you with a lot of these basic things in terms of apps where then later they get to claim we didn't know but then all of your information you know and end up getting handed out and what about the facial recognition features you know they keep introducing new
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things and then trying to have to go back but i didn't actually have to opt out or you know i did to certain settings in this case though i really do think it's kind of one of those things where they're just letting you see all the people you sent request to and if you're psychotic and crazy you can then go print out who your friends are and cross-reference the lists to find out things i don't know are real friends are there how we're going to bring this thing out i haven't seen it and the good rule of thumb is don't use facebook if you don't want your information to be sold to people you know don't put things online that you don't want to be found but how do we live with it i mean i felt like that when you have my family do you have space so facebook should be really honest about their policies you can't just say oh well they just do. bad on you if facebook is to be honest about who they're actually giving this information to. you know the onus is on them they should be honest with their users. but. you can. get on my soapbox now. basically ok so there's all kinds of cool new little
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technologies we talk about all the time that we find really creepy things you could say are turning into a big brother security types including iris scanners. it's really allows to identify with a very high degree of security every individual passengers but on top of that there is simplicity all of us and you need to do is just step into the space and look at the camera. now that i got to do these days. your password has a certain id no biggie right. turns out that the cia is actually running into a little bit of trouble because you know this stuff is designed to catch terrorists and criminals but by travel under false identities or secretly having some. kind of ironic isn't it usually when there's some new form of id recognition
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software the government wants to get their hands on it and they want to implement it and you know before anyone else so you know you hear the things about the biometric id cards that are implanted with your genetic d.n.a. you have iris scanners that are already are operating in a bunch of airports around the world and now they're just trying to expand them to land border crossings in places like that they didn't think they would come back and. get the really concerned because what happens is if you have an agent go into a country and these ira scanners are used that's their one identity that's the only one they get for ever before it was like you know pick an identity yeah i mean it helps the defending country though from spies you know if we send some guy under a secret identity over to china and he's trying to gather information on the chinese government the chinese are going to be better at identifying that so it improves defense in that way and you know it's going to improve the united states is defense which is going to piss off the cia when it comes to their often thought and it's going to mean the end of the james bond movies which is really interesting
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because you know contains five somehow always manages to be a big a video it has a crazy technology that you would never think of james bond's been going down hill for a couple movies now i consider the james bond movie series ended a couple years. i think it was. we get this the want to baghdad and all look at that it's us and you know disagreeing or going to say well it's sort of it doesn't matter i love you like the. other thing because it's already again and i should be anyway thanks for joining me tonight but that is it and i thank you for tuning in as a nation to come back tomorrow lauren lyster host of the capital account to give me on for our weekly financial check up and meantime don't forget to become a fan of the lower show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of our shows tonight or any other rights you can always catch the. clash the water show find the interviews as well as the show in its entirety there. is neat.
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wealthy british style. sometimes the title of. markets finance come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's culture for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause report on our good are sometimes you see a story and it seems so for life you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big fish.
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