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are treasures for the. locals of the. autonomy area russia close up r.t. . in. tonight's n r t the un security council passes a resolution to send observers to oversee the ceasefire in syria which has been hit by further deadly clashes the latest just ahead. also back around the table after more than a year of silence and suspicion world powers meet with iran discuss its nuclear program which to run insists is peaceful. and the people of new delhi is said to vote in regional elections but it could end up being a choice between alleged murder isn't fraudsters with many candidates run by a criminal past.
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hello they are watching r t live from moscow this saturday night it's now nine pm here my name's kevin oh in our top story the u.n. security council voted unanimously on a resolution to send a team of observers to syria a group of up to thirty monitors will help oversee the country's fragile cease fire this amid reports of fresh shelling and more bloodshed in the country despite the truth. and following the events in new york. the security council is cautiously optimistic and quite proud of itself that it's finally able to speak with one voice reach a consensus the first resolution now unanimously adopted on syria it calls for monitors on up to thirty going to syria immediately to observe this cease fire the fragile cease fire in place there boarding to russian ambassador to the u.n.
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to tell you one russian officer will be part of the group heading to syria the resolution that was adopted also calls on all parties in syria including the opposition to immediately seize all armed violence in all its enormous this is what was a sticking point on friday and why the security council was wasn't able to vote on a resolution friday because according to russia's position the u.s. first drafted resolution made many demands of the syrian government and no explicit demands of the syrian opposition or russian ambassador. churkin said at this critical junction is very very important for all syrian parties including arm opposition to comply with the six point peace plan that was laid out by u.n. special envoy kofi anon this of course also calls for an immediate cease fire and for an inclusive political process in syria in which the opposition
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groups and the syrian government engage in a dialogue the russian ambassador said that moscow from the very beginning has been supportive of mr a knowledge of peace plan it is only he said through an objective balanced approach that the security council was able to reach a consensus on saturday which was. russian and a number of the new security council members if draft resolution has been significantly changed. instance if you represent realities. more secretly it is taken in. syria's government it will be admitting the u.n. observer mission according to this resolution the un secretary-general ban ki moon will have to report back to the security council on april nineteenth regarding how resolution is being implemented whether the observers are being granted access throughout syria by their humanitarian officials are being granted access
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throughout syria if the syrian authorities and the syrian opposition is complying with what the security council is this monitoring mission will eventually grow to a team of two hundred fifty people we should note though that it does say in this resolution that has some there is a vague reference that if syria does not comply with what the security council is asking for other measures can be taken what those further measures are is not clear yet i think at this point all security council members are hoping that the armed opposition group and the syrian government do comply with what's being asked and peace is finally established in syria. because new york more in syria let's. go to the university of jordan he's joining us on the line very good evening thanks to be with the with the u.n. still body agreeing on this resolution on syria now giving the green light to the observers mission do you think it's a major step toward resolving this long lasting conflict well i think there's
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a window of opportunity but there are also many dangers lurking in the dark with truth of the matter is that it all hinges on the armed gangs and whether they actually decide to abide by the cease fire lay down their weapons hand them over to the government of syria and start its serious dialogue with the syrian regime and so they do so but just thought it was because i do think that's not happening. no i do not think so i think they have toned down their attacks but they have not seized their backs on until today i've been hearing and seeing reports of attacks against syrian officials or syrian army officers or just regular troops security troops or army troops on the ground throughout syria and libya and homs and hama and several other places and we have seen reports in the guardian for example
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quoting members of the free syrian army as saying that the fighting is not over yet so with that in mind and the fact that turkey so they're rabia and qatar have publicly announced that they will be arming financing on horrible armed gangs i do not think so far that they are really sincere in their with their agreement with this plan but i can tell you look at it we've got we've got a shaky truce is into its fourth day now we've got the resolution we've just and yet we've also got a warning from the syrian ambassador to the u.n. against arming the rebels from the rebels he just been talking about if you think this is still going on that they are still being armed and if so doesn't that undermine the whole diplomatic maneuvers that i'm talking about sir they have publicly announced the foreign minister of some of the arabian that istanbul conference has said openly that arming the syrian opposition should and is
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a priority he said quote it must be armed and the same thing goes for turkey which has been pounding the drums of war there calling on nato to assume its responsibility in the funding its borders with syria calling on nato and you so i do not think that these guys have acquiesced to sleep plan really they are just helpless in the sense that there's a balance of power on the ground that. prevented the the armed gangs from maintaining control of any syrian region for a significant amount of time the same thing goes for the emperor national balance of power because both russia and china as you have reported they have changed actually the language and the intent of the resolution that eventually the united states and the arab states have agreed to so basically this is not the same solution that was put forth in literally and we still have serious dangers these
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guys hope that this resolution will be a stepping stone towards the internationalization of the syrian crisis that is have the security council to some kind of resolution that would allow. military interference in syria thankfully russia and china are both more aware of such maneuvers now after the experience with libya and resolution one thousand nine hundred. dr thanks for the program talk head revolution analyst and profess that it's in university in jordan thanks for your thoughts thank you very much. a big story today six major world powers in a round of made in turkey to try to find ways to remove suspicion that iran's nuclear program has a military dimension discussions have resumed after a fifteen month break with a previous round ending in stalemate rounds recently increased to grade him in richmond amid suspicions he could be seeking nuclear weapons washington called the
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talks the last chance for diplomacy to work with israel threatening military action russia and the e.u. of call the top constructive though saying iran is shown serious engagement which is surprising of the circumstances says politics professor foad izadi. there's a long list of things that iran is unhappy about and unhappy about killing five iranian nuclear scientist in the last couple of years. increased sanctions against ordinary people in iran sanctioning. commodities like gasoline i'm happy about sanctioning the central bank which is basically iranian central bank which is basically a country that trades very international companies in fact it's somewhat surprising that iranian government officials go to these meetings and basically listen to the other side which is more or less repeating the same demands that are. not really
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acceptable to the iranian side asking iran to stop its its nuclear program and when iran ask why do you want us to do that they say that they think you are making a nuclear bomb and at the same time we hear from the intelligence agencies of these countries united states even israel that iran is not pressuring a nuclear weapon so there is a lot of contradictory signals that are coming from the other side and that is making the situation somewhat confusing. coming up on r.t. age old solutions the current debt crisis the new case treasury plans for the never ending fall of the last scene after the first world war saddling generations to come with billions of pounds to repay is that going to go down we gauge opinion also. so with again we're porter is absolutely deadly a dream destination but a fatal path we report from the us mexico border tonight where many illegal immigrants perish as they try to find a new life in america. the next over two thousand candidates for new delhi
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municipal elections will try to woo voters on sunday but many might find it hard to make their choice not because of the overwhelming numbers it's because a fifth of the candidates are standing for office despite a dubious past pre-history to reports for r.t. . show pinney's has been a councillor representing one of the wards in india's capital city for five years he's up for reelection this year and says he wants nothing more than to serve his community. and politics is like social work i'm in it to serve the public as it gives me satisfaction i know their needs but alongside these lofty aspirations are some murky allegations denise has been charged with attempted murder intimidation assaulting a public servant and armed rioting he says he's not guilty of the charges but he's not the only candidate in this year's municipal elections facing serious
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allegations according to the association for democratic reform but about fifteen to twenty per cent of candidates from both major political parties have a criminal background many actually have pending cases involving serious allegations like murder kidnapping extortion and robbery and actually in a recent local election ten a family candidates were actually campaigning from and shale. of the one hundred thirty nine candidates in delhi's municipal election the nisha has the second highest number of charges pending against him but he says the allegations are bogus and on a general level the problem in india isn't as serious as it sounds. with. there is no truth and it's a conspiracy i was in fact fighting for the people when they charged me with folks like you say sions how can anyone called as a criminal case. the cho car is working to make indian political candidates
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backgrounds more transparent to voters he says money often means power regardless of how it's obtained with. all made of. money and the muscle. both. money and. anger. while the indian parliament could pass a law to make it illegal for criminals to run for office choke our doubts it will happen since almost a quarter of the lawmakers themselves have trouble pasts in a country known for corruption and bribery some voters say they simply want to elect someone who they think can get the job done we should not pull through so much with the history of the politician standing up for elections whether he's been a criminal in the past or not only we need to see is whether he brings developments
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but in a country where so much development is needed others feel that process is being undermined by shady allegations were candidates backgrounds are now very much in the foreground preassure either r t new delhi india. tens of thousands have gathered in a football stadium in pyongyang to show their support for north korea's ruling family the nation's gearing up to mark a hundred years since the birth of kim il sung which is on sunday but amid the celebrations north korea is being deprived of american food aid in response to the controversial book it launched on thursday that rocket fell into the sea just last month but still world condemnation violates u.n. resolutions north korea is for ballistic tests if it's developing the range nuclear weapons but critics told me things poses a threat to anyone. in many respects north korea is technologically quite advanced and has been for many years for many decades is major problem of course is money it
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costs half a billion dollars to launch one of these rockets and that's a lot of money in north korea they don't have a lot of money to continually test these things so failure frankly is more likely than success on the side of threat does north korea really represent a threat well frankly it doesn't have much in the way of military at this point of course has a very large army we're talking about a military that is declined rather precipitously relative to the south korean military and certainly relative to the u.s. military their nuclear program was in some sense an attempt to level the field the fact that it doesn't have much of a nuclear program is held to task neither of which are particularly successful tried to put a satellite into orbit hasn't been successful that suggests that this attempt to level the playing field represents for north korea kind of
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a baseline of deterrence but no kind of offensive threat for other countries. you'll get more on that story on our website. also there tonight not always tried of the century that's what they're calling it find out why and is braising who admits massacring over seventy eight one holiday island last summer is reportedly said to argue he was acting in self defense i want to read up more about that it's a month and i suppose. also you can see there tens of thousands rallying in egypt in support of banning former president hosni mubarak's officials from running for the country's top job next month again we got a background we've got the latest at r.t. dot com. around the world in brief sudanese jets of bombs strategic targets in south sudan it's left at least five people dead tension escalated after southern forces seized the town of a gimmick responsible for half of sudan's oil production the u.n. wants forces from both sides to withdraw behind borders and the violence to be stopped the fighting along the oil rich from here is the worst since. became
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independent last july. for people being killed after al-qaeda fighters attacked a security checkpoint in southern yemen insurgents killed four troops were losing eight of their own over two hundred people have died in a week long battle between security forces and militants there. took control of several towns in the area during we're a political turmoil to the post presidents. separate attacks in southwest pakistan have left eight shia muslims dead in the first incident gunmen riding a motorbike ambushed a car and killed six people and just minutes later they shot dead two other travelers in a rickshaw in the same area cheer muslims are the minority in pakistan and are often targeted by extremists among the sunni join. the u.k.'s debt is growing steadily and the treasury is now looking at drastic measures to try to tackle it it suggesting never ending loans should make
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a reappearance first despite the fact that previous ones issued to cover the cost of the first world war still being slowly repaid today and the new loans will need future generations nothing but debt bennett reports. strapped for cash and deep in debt the u.k. government has a plan for buyers beware alls not as it seems chancellor george osborne wants to bring back never ending loans dumping the government's crippling debt on to future generations it'll still be borrowing only this is money george and friends won't have to pay back sounds too good to be true that's because it is nothing there to stage their elements of a period this is a good time for the u.k. tax privately to be issued but that begs the question of who would buy it because it is a good time to issue them when it's not a good time to buy the would be buyers at the taxpayer's themselves shouldering the government's vast one trillion pound debt pile by lending it money also on off
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a bonds that will mature after one hundred years these workers if the government taking out a very generous mortgage benefiting from its current rock bottom interest rates for another century bad news for whoever's lending the money the only way you could actually make money here is if there was no inflation between now and the year twenty one twelve a very optimistic outlook take the last hundred years for example if i had bested one hundred pounds back in one thousand nine hundred twelve at a rate of three point four percent say in this year it would have turned into almost three thousand pounds sounds ok in itself but it's nothing compared to what i would have got just for inflation which would have seen one hundred pounds balloon into almost nine thousand so who would fall for such a cheap trick well no one of course but that's where the government gets its own investment rules would force pension funds to buy against their will not exactly fair play but this is
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a monopoly with only one winner you know this is what happens in markets when governments into the risks are enormous you know the risks of buying a one hundred year. gilt from the u.k. government on historical evidence given inflation patterns in the past would suggest that. anything close to current. you would lose money on the last time britain issued never-ending loans was after world war one a massive deficit still burning a hole in the taxpayers' pocket even today and now this government's doing the same offloading its own mountain of debt to be someone else's problem i've been it r t london. still to come through this is the digital drive down we ask. do you text you or y. o. u. for the word you. just you placate
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a short in everything you who will make me them are in school to. take you with me in school oh what a bigger role in the big apple to find out if getting their boys means taking to grammar. serious matters next though every year thousands from mexico and latin america try to make it to the united states now to stop the flow of illegal immigration american authorities have beefed up security along the border with mexico and started running killing the reports next it's become the final destination for scores of people. the wind blows through the rugged sonora desert in arizona helping shape its rocky values and spectacular peaks it's a treasure of the american southwest but this is also a frontier land where a deadly conflict is underway. it's almost
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a mass disaster situation the disaster which doctor has faces is the growing number of unidentified bodies being found along arizona's southern desert bodies stacked high in a fight for space and perhaps even a proper burial one day becomes not so much an effort to determine why that person died it becomes an effort to sort out who's who were inside of the pima county cooler at the medical examiner's office which has a capacity to hold hundreds of bodies now this facility is much larger than other places around the country pacifically because of the issue of bodies being found along the border even so lack of storage is a major headache three hundred some remains we had a refrigerated truck parked out here. to help us with overflow some arrives he expects they will need it again the department of homeland security recently
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boasted about the sharp drop in border patrol rest suggesting that government's crackdown has helped curb illegal immigration and migrant deaths ever mean consistently high so with them here and border is absolutely deadly and more than six thousand have died along the us mexico border since one thousand nine hundred four according to human rights groups that's when operation gatekeeper program for defying the international crossing with high priced benzene thousands of agents and high tech surveillance was launched border agents call this area below us the ravine or place where migrants commonly try to. all the while to get into the u.s. for the scores we try to make the crossing here there are many others who choose a much more treacherous and sometimes deadly route into the u.s. policymakers start pushing the immigrant floaters deserts with determined gratian instead it has led to what some call traps internationally migration is.
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there's attempts to control migration through the same tactics the militarization through building malls and we see them in various places in india unpack and see this health and israel you've seen disastrous wall attempt. in germany many remains found in the desert are merely bone fragments making them difficult to identify you know their cases remains of the missing are never found leaving hundreds perhaps thousands of families wondering what happened to their loved ones during their journey north the reality is militarizing borders does not control migration well politicians argue over who can spend the most money to fortify the border hundreds more. chasing the american dream up here at the people county morgue in tucson arizona ramon dylan though archie.
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the internet and smart phones mean were forever texting or tweeting upgrading or downloading some of his more than others but there's a world that's increasingly high tech mean we're getting more and more lowbrow that's the question is resident in new york investigates which side of the net is winning the race. in this information sharing digital age is it possible we're dumbing down and not intellectually advancing our society this week let's talk about that do you think it's making society smarter or dumber and dumber why is that because people use worse though to do stupid things smarter. information sharing of information immediately which i think is really important but there's a lot of misinformation being shared too and people see it on the internet they think it must be true oh i hope. we all reply
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a teachers so we used to have children. i mean pupils at school sometimes they only copied to on the internet the subject they had to to do for law and and sometimes they copy stuff that's just not true because the internet doesn't have always right right right we don't look for it and the libraries of books i think yes there are some publishers are considering making books digitally that have pictures and animations instead of just words now do you think that that's going to have an effect if it is a. true is worth reading you don't need all the. right so why are they doing that because people don't want to read. do you think that's a product of the information and. i think every generation story says they're always been people who didn't like to read every single make you smarter or dumber
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it depends call you if you take it what do you think the view of today is doing with that. i mean hundred million years in use it as a. pulley and really can be used all this advantages do you tax dollars yeah do you taxed you or y. o. u. for the word you. just you like a short in everything so that will make me dumber in school to. take you with me in school so you can do that spelling as well as you say now doesn't it scare you that that's the world that we're living in yeah. but we're young so we don't we don't think about it but they're not eve think this digital age is dumbing down or raising up our society the bottom line is there's probably not much we can do about it anyway because the internet isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
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residents of spoke those of all those christians around the world are preparing to celebrate easter marking the resurrection of jesus christ the most important holiday in the religious calendar of course now on saturday believe or stay traditional food church which is blessed stuff with morning services includes painted a visual cake and i could spread this past which is what if called the russian on saturday worshippers in jerusalem witnessed the so-called holy fire miracle when the flame appeared from the to christ but for some must go to night time filming submission should be made by russians perhaps you. will bring live coverage from moscow's christ to save people later today church minister said to talk to some key spots to see this. coming up over the next thirty minutes lauren list brings us some indefiniteness of the latest financial stories in capital a pound from washington d.c. that's after headline update and this quick break.
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if. you know some version see a story and it seems so silly you think you understand it and then.


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