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tv   [untitled]    April 14, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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most sophisticated. doesn't give a darn about anything tombs mission to teach creation why it should care about humans. this is why you should care only god can. and i cannot see the u.n. security council passes a resolution to send observers to oversee the cease fire in syria which has been hit by further deadly clashes the latest for you this hour. also back around the table after more than a year of silence and suspicion world powers meet with the brand to talk about its nuclear program which to run insists is peaceful. and the people of new delhi a sense of vote in regional elections but it could end up being a choice between alleged murders and fraudsters that many candidates by criminal past as we discover.
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alone a very good evening from moscow my name's kevin owen it's eleven pm here now and you're watching r t our top story the u.n. security council voted unanimously on a resolution to send a team of observers to syria the first monitors are set to arrive in the country on sunday to help oversee the country's fragile cease fire has made reports of fresh shelling and more bloodshed despite the truce has made a point now has been following the latest for us in new york. the security council is cautiously optimistic and quite proud of itself that it's finally able to speak with one voice reach a consensus the first resolution now unanimously adopted on syria it calls for monitors. to team of thirty going to syria immediately to observe this cease fire the fragile cease fire in place there according to russian ambassador to
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the u.n. to tell each one russian officer will be part of the group having to syria the resolution that was adopted also calls on all parties in in syria including the opposition to immediately seize all of our violence in all its forms this is what was a sticking point on friday and why the security council was wasn't able to vote on a resolution friday because according to russia's position the u.s. first drafted resolution made many demands of the syrian government and no explicit demands of the syrian opposition are russian ambassador to the un vitaly churkin said at this critical junction it is very very important for all syrian parties including armed opposition to comply with the six point peace plan that was laid out by un special envoy kofi annan on this of course also calls for an immediate cease fire and for an inclusive political process in
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syria in which the opposition groups and the syrian government engage in dialogue the russian ambassador said that moscow from the very beginning has been supportive of mr anonymous of peace plan and his only he said through. a balanced approach that the security council was able to reach a consensus on saturday with. the number. draft resolution has been significantly changed it but he. sees. it is. of syria's government and it will be at the un observer mission according to this resolution the un secretary-general ban ki moon will have to report back to the security council on april nineteenth regarding how resolution is being implemented whether the observers are being granted access throughout syria
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whether humanitarian officials are being granted access throughout syria if the syrian authorities and the syrian opposition is complying with what the security council is this monitoring mission will eventually grow to a team of two hundred fifty people we should know though that it does say in this resolution that has some there is a vague reference that if syria does not comply with what the security council is asking further measures can be taken and what those further measures are is not clear yet i think at this point all security council members are hoping that the armed opposition group in the syrian government do comply with what's being asked and peace is finally established in syria. correspond with the u.n. in new york with more. conversation political analyst chris bambery joining us from the lawn of the evening information on the ground in syria where long has been hard to verify it's been sketchy but this is their claim there's shelling ongoing killings in a country we know here in media reports from a syrian t.v.
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. news in the other side of the sort of things was kind of tit for. these reports to think first of all. well i think it does seem that the ceasefire is part of the country it's a fragile cease fire and as you say there do seem to reports and certain areas in homs for instance there has been continuing fighting reports of government shelling in the government is also it in the armed groups have been taking action so it's a fragile cease fire but it does seem to hold a watch parts of the country and it would seem to me there is a possibility of peace to forestall a civil war inside. actually welcomed i think the developments we saw today it was in particular russia when it finally voted for this resolution did sort of basis along with china that it no longer suggested that there had to be regime change inside syria and that was one of the most important concessions as far as the russians were concerned with russia and china both thing for the resolution of the
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security council and with the running gave them talks on the nuclear issue with the americans the europeans i don't think assad had any option but to go along go along with this and also have the monitors coming in some more i have to see thirty one system or even two hundred fifty monitors here is a big country and they are covering a huge space is really very difficult for these monitors that actually assess what is going on in keep checking in but i think fingers crossed this could come off and we could. is looking like a very unpleasant civil war developing inside inside syria nonetheless as you say it's a fragile and shaky cease fire despite the optimism you're talking about there the russian envoy to the u.n. warning that the last mission the that we witnessed from the arab league didn't end to successfully so there is a word of caution from the russian side as well is there a danger that it could and i know you're saying that it's probably going to go ok
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as you see it let's get off biggest cross but it does but you know is there a danger that it could all go wrong again or i think there is i'm not saying is going to. ok i think people should hope that it we call the so for the violence but i think there are a number of issues here firstly what happens if major demonstrations in which we remember this began with big big demonstrations on the streets of damascus our web poll and others are other cities what happens if the opposition call the results that didn't happen yesterday the day of krios if it does happen how that was the response going to be that are is the free syrian army and. security through a national syrian national council capable of getting the same of the different groups inside syria to we don't know on this because the opposition is not a unified body in terms of that there are divisions within save your position and there are tensions inside is it capable of doing that what happens with the scars
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which run deep inside syria you've got serious violence involving poses that there is there are bitter scars left by that and this can open up any movements in moments in times is a very fragile such a situation and finally what is going to happen it was agreement between the opposition and the outside regime because of the blood that's been spilled between them these are very dangerous dangerous dangerous times but we are seeing that there are going to be monitors arriving in the country tomorrow i gather as well russian warships are reported to be coming toward syria as well russia is taking this matter very very serious seriously so is a very fragile it's fraught with danger always see how this develops as chris really quickly a lot of our ends in a fire here sort of sneaks. file want regime change in syria and it's therefore still on the cards what could the next step be for syria. well so the arabia qatar
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pro desperate for regime change there are obviously sections of the white british government as well who want regime change i think that agenda is still knocking and knocking a road and i think there is still a possibility if this does not come out of all of some form of western intervention because in the saudis have been on the opposition the americans and the british and the french have been providing would just think support therefore that is something is going to ratchet up in my opinion comes on and i have to say i think we should be aware of the hypocrisy of the west deal i'm speaking tonight from london as you can see the british government has consistently at the record of the assad regime to some justification but at the same time this week they're just invited. to come forward to be hosted by the queen here in britain there is no bench of the fact that in bahrain people are dying in a daily basis with arms to be sort of a green by britain so there is an element of hypocrisy here that britain focuses on syria but says nothing about bahrain and other countries around the world which are
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it's our eyes an interesting point you're raising your political analyst chris bambery thinks being on the line from the. international. a big story today the talks between six major world powers in iran have wrapped up now in turkey they were held there was constructive by the e.u. foreign policy chief said the next round set to take place on may the twenty third this time in baghdad the parties will try to find ways to remove suspicion that iran's nuclear program has got a military dimension to it discussions resumed after a fifteen month long break with a previous round only good stalemate transfer its part insists its nuclear program is purely peaceful it's recently increased too greatly richmond had made claims it could be seeking a nuclear weapon washington described the talks peace talks as the last chance for diplomacy to work with israel threatening military action to trans willingness to talk his surprising out of the circumstances as politics professor forward is that . there's a long list of things that iran is unhappy about and unhappy about killing
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five iranian nuclear scientist in the last couple of years. increase sanctions against ordinary people in iran sanctioning. commodities like gasoline go unhappy about sanctioning the central bank which is basically iranian central bank which is basically the very country trades of the international companies in fact it's somewhat surprising that iranian government officials go to these meetings and basically listen to the other side which is more or less repeating the same demands that are. not really acceptable to the iranian side you know until it's its nuclear program and then iran ask why do you want us to do that they say that we think you are making a nuclear bomb and at the same time we hear from the intelligence agencies of these countries united states you're going to israel that iran is not pursing
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a nuclear weapon and so there's a lot of contradictory signals that are coming from the side and that is making the situation somewhat confusing. in watching our team from moscow and coming up age old solutions to this current debt crisis the case treasury now planning to issue never ending born as the last scene of the first world war saddling generations to come up with billions of power to repair a good report on that also this. so it's a deadly year importer is absolutely deadly a dream destination but there. we report from the us mexico border were many illegal immigrants perish as they try to find a new life in america. over two thousand candidates for new delhi municipal elections will try to woo voters on sunday but many of my find it hard to make their choice not because of the overwhelming numbers because a fifth of the candidates standing for office have a dubious past press reader reports for r.t.
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. show denise has been a councillor representing one of the wards in india's capital city for five years he's up for reelection this year and says he wants nothing more than to serve his community. being in politics as long social work one minute to serve the public cause it gives me satisfaction i know the needs but alongside these lofty aspirations are some murky allegations the news has been charged with attempted murder intimidation assaulting a public servant and armed rioting he says he's not guilty of the charges but he's not the only candidate in this year's municipal elections facing serious allegations according to the association for democratic reform but about fifteen to twenty percent of candidates from both major political parties have a criminal background many actually have pending cases involving serious allegations like murder kidnapping extortion and robbery and actually in
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a recent local election ten i found a candidate who actually campaigning from in jail to all of the one hundred thirty nine candidates in delhi's municipal election they nisha has the second highest number of charges pending against him but he says the allegations are bogus and that on a general level the problem in india isn't as serious as it sounds. there's no truth in the arch it's a conspiracy i was in fact fighting for the people on the charts we would false accusations how could anyone called as a criminal case. judge cho carr is working to make indian political candidates backgrounds more transparent to voters he says money often means power regardless of how it's obtained we're. all made of. the money and the power of the muscle throwing money and muscle both.
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money through illegitimate beings. while the indian parliament could pass a law to make it illegal for criminals to run for office choke our doubts it will happen since almost a quarter of the lawmakers themselves have trouble pasts in a country known for corruption and bribery some voters say they simply want to elect someone who they think can get the job done we should not bother so much with the history of the politicians standing for elections whether he's been a criminal in the past or not only we need to see is whether he brings to. but in a country where so much development is needed our there is that process is being undermined by she allegations were candidates backgrounds are now very much in the foreground preassure either r t new delhi india. more the story online of our t.v.
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or cause this to norway's trial of the century we're reporting on my go online to find out why anders breivik who admitted massacring over seven hundred people on a holiday island last summer is reportedly no set to argue he was acting in self defense we've got the story online and libya's national transitional council suspends a multi-million dollar payout program to former rebels after admitting it was steeped in fraud just two of the stories from many many more available on our website tonight. around the world in brief ten candidates have been barred from the presidential race in egypt the move comes after tens of thousands took to the streets in support of the new law banning former regime officials from running for the top job the list of people banned from the poll includes not only the mubarak era intelligence chief mostly unknown but also key islamists to no explanation has been given for the decision and it's of no got forty eight hours to appeal. sue to get strategic targets in south after the five day tensions escalated after southern
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forces seized the town of heglig some responsible for half of sudan's oil production the u.n. wants forces from both sides to withdraw behind borders and for violence to be stopped the fighting along the oil rich for interior is now the worst since south sudan became independent last july first. twelve people have been killed after al-qaeda fighters attacked a security checkpoint in southern yemen insurgents killed four troops were losing eight of the room over two hundred have died in the week long battle between security forces and militants al-qaeda took control of several towns in the area during a year of political turmoil to depose president sunday. running of the world news now separate attacks in southwest pakistan. muslims dead in the first incident gunmen riding a motorbike ambushed a car and killed six then just minutes later they shot dead two other travellers in a rickshaw in the same area cheer muslims are the minority in pakistan and are
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often targeted by extremists among the sunni majority. the u.k.'s debt is growing steadily and the treasury is looking now at drastic measures to try to tackle it suggesting never ending loans should make a reappearance despite the fact the previous ones issued to cover the cost of the first world war still being slowly repaid today and the new loans are set to mean future generations will inherit nothing but death result is either bennett reports . strapped for cash and deep in debt the u.k. government has a plan but buyers beware all's not as it seems chancellor george osborne wants to bring back a never ending loans dumping the government's crippling debt on to future generations it will still be pouring and this is money george and friends won't have to pay back sounds too good to be true that's because it is but figured the state's going to be clear this is a good time for the u.k.
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tax by felice to be issued but that begs the question of who would buy it because it is a good time to issue them when it's not a good time to boy there would be buyers at the taxpayers themselves shouldering the government's vast one trillion pound debt pile by lending it money also on off a bonds that will mature after one hundred years these workers if the government taking out a very generous mortgage benefiting from its current rock bottom interest rates for another century bad news for whoever's lending the money the only way you could actually make money here is if there was no inflation between now and the year twenty one twelve a very optimistic outlook take the last hundred years for example if i had bested one hundred pounds back in nineteen twelve at a rate of three point four percent say and this year it would have turned into almost three thousand pounds sounds ok in itself but it's nothing compared to what i would have got just from inflation which would have seen one hundred pounds aloon
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it's almost nine thousand so who would fall for such a cheap trick well no one of course but that's where the government gets its own investment rules would force pension funds to buy against their will not exactly fair play but this is a monopoly with only one winner you know this is what happens. when government. risks are enormous you know the risks of buying a one hundred year. gilt from the u.k. government on historical evidence given inflation patterns in the past would suggest that. anything close to current yield level you would lose money on the last time britain issued never ending loans was after world war one a massive deficit still burning a hole in the taxpayers' pocket even today and now this government's doing the same offloading its own mountain of debt to be someone else's problem i've been it r t
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london every of thousands from mexico and latin america trying to make it to the united states to stop the flow of illegal immigration american authorities a bit now beefed up security along the border with mexico and that is run until in the reports it's become a final destination for scores of people. the wind blows through the rugged sonora desert in arizona helping shape its rocky valleys and spectacular peaks it's a treasure of the american southwest but this is also a frontierland where a deadly conflict is underway. it's almost a mass disaster situation is that a witch doctor headspaces is the growing number of unidentified bodies being found along arizona's southern desert bodies stacked high in a fight for space and perhaps even
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a proper burial one day it becomes not so much an effort to determine why that person died becomes an effort to sort out who's who were inside of the pima county cooler at the medical examiner's office which has the capacity to hold hundreds of bodies now this facility is much larger than other places around the country pacifically because of the issue of bodies being found along the border even so lack of storage is a major headache three hundred summer means we had a refrigerated truck parked out here. to help us with overflow some arrives he expects they will need it again the department of homeland security recently boasted about the sharp drop in border patrol rest suggesting the government's crackdown has helped curb illegal immigration the migrant deaths every mean consistently high so if the border is absolutely deadly and more than six thousand
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have died along the us mexico border since one thousand nine hundred ninety four according to human rights groups that's when operation gatekeeper program for defying the international crossing with high priced benzene thousands of agents and high tech surveillance was launched border agents call this area below as they were being a place where migrants commonly try to us. the wall to get into the u.s. for the scores who try to make a crossing here there are many others who choose a much more treacherous and sometimes deadly route into the u.s. policymakers start pushing the floater deserts we determine gratian instead he has led to what some call but get trapped internationally migration is. there's attempts to control migration through the same tactics the militarization through building walls and we see them in various places in india and pakistan and see this in palestine and israel you've seen disastrous wall attempts. in germany
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many remains found in the desert where i'm really fragments making them difficult to identify you know their cases remains of the missing are never found leaving hundreds perhaps thousands of families wondering what happened to their loved ones during their journey north the reality is militarizing borders does not control migration well politicians argue over who can spend the most money to fortify the border hundreds more. chasing the american dream would appear at the people county morgue in tucson arizona ramon girl indo r t. sorry story from arizona there. tools of orthodox believers are flocking to russia's main cathedral for the easter service right now marking the resurrection of jesus christ that is the most important holiday in religious calendar and marks the end of forty days of lent that's now taught them to. the front of the cross and
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save cathedral here in moscow to hyde very good evening to you could see well tom thousands of people there are because the the around there and of course millions more are said to watch this big event live on t.v. and take us through what's going to be happening during this special service which is set to last correct me if i'm wrong well into the night. it is indeed kevin services here at the christ the savior cathedral and across churches in the russian orthodox faith are intending to hold long and beautiful services those us some of the qualities that mark surfaces surrounding easter in the orthodox faith chief among them is the easter vigil and this is an iconic moment in this service is when priests of course circle the church three times holding candles and they also will change their dress three times during the services from black to symbolize which
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symbolizes lent which they've just left to purple which symbolized the passions that jesus christ went through and finally to white which symbolizes the resurrection of jesus christ and the whole thing is supposed to be a symbolic marking of each stage of that story that's so well known across the world here also recently has arrived from jerusalem the holy fire for many centuries now the holy fire the story goes came from a hole in the church of the holy sepulcher in jerusalem and that has been used to light candles nobody knows quite how on earth this this fire manages to do that or where it comes from. it is brought to moscow every year and it has arrived here as well and it will be used to light candles at many other churches throughout the russian orthodox faith as well this is the most important celebration in the
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orthodox christian year and the patriarch of the russian church will be leading the leading the services here it's held a week after the service in the western christian churches and that's because the julian calendar is used here they never moved to the great glory in calendar but the message of the service the central message is the same ok tom thanks for the. coverage. on our web site www dot com. now in a few minutes my scars from stacey herbut here with the latest programs because i know that americans are too broke to go broke interesting thought because report coming on air here on r.t. after their headline and a very quick break. thanks
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. to. wealthy british scientists i. thought i was. right that. markets why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause report on
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our key. so. you. can come on. this history still keep some secrets but now it's time summerfield listen to something that saddam's an off season. there hasn't been a thing get on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact.


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