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tv   [untitled]    April 15, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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bryce and if you. come from the steve. santagati don't come. please news in the week's top stories here on our t.v. the syrian government warns it will retaliate if attacked by armed groups continue was the first u.n. monitors arrived in the country after saturday's unanimous security council vote for an observer mission. come under attack taliban strikes at the presidential palace of western embassies and nato saying is it retaliate for recent actions in killings by u.s. troops. access denied scores of activists from across the globe perceived as a security threat by israel are banned from flying into the country but some do make it to protest in the country the phone taps of us some i've been his whole to hold peaceful demonstrations in support of the palestinian people that need to
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tough with stones from the israeli peace join me for more in just a few moments. and the biggest holiday of the religious calendar for millions of orthodox christians celebrating easter sunday with the most by tackler service here at moscow. two am in moscow i match reza bring you today's top stories and a look back week a look back at the week's news damascus says it won't stand idly by of attacks or armed groups increase across the country is out for a number of demonstrations erupted in the wake of the fragile truce leading a fresh confrontations with security forces the first u.n. monitors have just arrived in the country to oversee the cease fire set there after a security council resolution saturday artie's murray important reports from the. according to russian ambassador to the u.n.
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to tell you one russian officer will be part of the group heading to syria the resolution that was adopted also calls on all parties in syria including the opposition to immediately seize all armed violence in all its forms this is what was a sticking point on friday and why the security council was wasn't able to vote on a resolution friday because according to russia's position the u.s. first drafted resolution made many demands of the syrian government and no explicit demands of the syrian opposition russian ambassador to the un vitaly churkin said at this critical junction is very very important for all syrian parties including our opposition to comply with the six point peace plan that was laid out by un special envoy kofi annan on this of course also calls for an immediate cease fire and for an inclusive political process in syria in which the opposition
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groups and the syrian government engage in i dialogue with the russian ambassador said that moscow from the very beginning has been supportive of mr anon peace plan and is only he said through an objective balanced approach that the security council was able to reach a consensus on saturday with. russia even though. it's dry through solution has been significant. and started to present more. of syria's going to be an. observer mission according to this resolution the un secretary-general ban ki-moon will have to report back to the security council on april nineteenth regarding how the resolution is being implemented whether the observers are being granted access throughout. whether humanitarian officials are being granted access throughout
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syria if the syrian authorities and the syrian opposition is complying with what the security council this monitoring mission will eventually grow to a team of two hundred fifty people we should know though that it does say in this resolution that has some there is a vague reference that if syria does not comply with what the security council is asking further measures can be taken but those further measures are is not clear yet i think at this point all security council members are hoping that the armed opposition group in the syrian government do comply with what's being asked and peace is finally established in syria political analyst kamil was new says the pledge you know more support for the opposition by washington it is wise won't help bring peace to syria. there's some parties within the middle east politics trying to sabotage the peace plan that is a range by mr annan and the u.n. i think somebody in qatar and. they're not liking the plan and they want the
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bloodshed to continue in syria and probably we have seen and witnessed in the past couple days major abreast from other third organization and getting from arab countries into syria and causing all of these against the stability of syria and i think in my estimate the peace plan should have signed by and by the qatari and the sudanese and the united states. because because these factors are actually causing. the ability and escalation could continue at this point we don't understand how mr obama would say i'm supplying all kinds of. different supplies mostly weapons to the opposition and at the same time you want to have a peace is working at this point. a series of explosions have rocked the afghan
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capital in a coordinated way for the taliban attacks across kabul with targets including the presidential palace the afghan parliament a nato headquarters most of the targets were in the seas diplomatic district with western embassies in the residences coming under fire at least seventeen insurgent fighters and two police officers were killed in the violence but dozens more injured the military airport in jalalabad in the east of the country also hit with violence reported in two other provinces taliban says the assault comes a retaliation for recent actions of u.s. troops including a massacre of civilians and the burning of the qur'an depended rogering radio host david letterman thinks the instability in the country is in the u.s. interest. i think america one of the. we don't leave the incidents were they go to a lot of play including. bickering and burnings you're aiding on the koreans to massacre him and. not what you wish so if you report them
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a grown up to twenty us special forces. seventeen afghans this would in reaching any relation i don't think this happened by chance i think america wanted it because the one thing they are defeatist whether it's iraq where the ricin livio last year or even know whether it's in afghanistan and yes the possibility of create peace in syria and the possibility of peace and stability. inflicted by americans and period depends on the islands in instability i don't know how many fell out but one date was postponed to another date to another date here it's still over a hundred thousand forces in it. they may pull back some of us would lose some of the country's need but here it tens of thousands will leverage private military contractors still be paid literally at what he says to kill it if things get too
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quiet will turn their dogs loose and with been killed and injured and ratchet up more evidence more violence like is so ahead this hour show premieres an exclusive interviews r.t. launches a new program featuring the world's most well known whistleblower julian a songe this week plus. britain who says eastern influence selling arms to japan which is looking to invest in new military hardware. but first more than forty activists from the welcome to palestine campaign have been detained by israeli airport at tel aviv ben gurion airport. israel has also refused entry to dozens part of a so-called fly killer who surveyed plain peaceful activities like planting trees in the west bank now it would have a campaign with activists from more than fifteen countries want to challenge what they call an israeli siege of occupied territories are the reports from tel aviv.
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they are part of this international campaign that has been dubbed palestine and the intention of this campaign is to highlight the plight of the palestinian people its intention is to really hold peaceful demonstrations in the west bank they were planning to meet with palestinian families to plant trees and to gather in bethlehem and they say that this is also an attempt to highlight the way the israeli police and the israeli authorities deal with activists all foreigners coming to as well who hold political views not kid by the government there was a small counter demonstration by a group of israelis who shouted at them go home go to syria what are you doing here israeli police accuse these activists of provoking the situation they say that they were intent on disrupting public all day and they really were trying to be legitimatized his role this heavy handedness by israel is not something new we've witnessed at a short time ago with the way the israel you can be dealt with the day commemorations that we have one person dead and several other palestinian activists injured
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throughout the west bank and jerusalem and then of course they've been to attend sim previous years. to reach gaza those flotillas were unsuccessful with the first one resulting in nine activists killed. with the french just a week away from selecting their next president kerry this house staged massive rallies in paris it was a very tight race one hundred thousand gathering just outside the city supporting the socialist council candidate francois hollande who's slightly ahead according to the opinion polls meanwhile president nicolas sarkozy was seeking a second term spoken central paris to a crowd of his campaign claims was one hundred fifty thousand strong as artist arsole reports its growing immigration and fear of terrorism that many french politicians are banking on to voters anti immigration anti euro antiglobalization and advocates of protectionism. all in the name of the french
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state and national identity there is not a single french person not one european who does not know that i am a sworn enemy of the european single currency buskers that is radical islam as a direct consequence of mass immigration that's the left and the right in hos on last for decades it is not know. traditionally on the fringes of france's national politics the rhetoric of today's far right need no longer be as far off for its citizens as it once was the opinion polls suggest the presidential candidate marine le pen of the ultra right wing national front party is third with potentially ten million votes its biggest support base ever there is no pussy or from friends so if you don't speak french. it doesn't bother anyone but. we don't belong to us who play king and so we built one. of the different communities
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but don't speak together. as an agent. it's globalization destroyed so i wouldn't. enter lipans with her calls for economic patriotism prioritizing france over europe its native citizens over others and giving the french back their jobs for us all sudden and center right incumbent nicolas sarkozy stands accused of jumping on the far right bandwagon some say for the ballot say. our integration system is getting worse and worse. because we have too many foreigners in our territory threatening to withdraw from the shy good border free agreement by no coincidence at a time when europe is seeing an influx of refugees fleeing conflicts in north africa and the middle east this is a phrase or shift so we would have to see he. has. a nose pretty well he was elected in two thousand and seven only because he was
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able to catch. the national front and know the situation is quite the same some say that what was once a protest vote is now a more permanent part of the french political spectrum so i don't believe in lots of excesses there is certainly a part of the electorate who vote for the reasons of dissent but i think it must now be recognised even if it's difficult to accept that the vote for the national front is increasingly a vote of support. for the increasing problem it's a right we've got for a good france especially the lead up to the presidential elections is clear but what's more difficult to decipher is whether the road support for the right reflects the direction of the french cycle values i stated or is simply a knee jerk reaction to everything the french see wrong in their country. that's our so yeah artsy part. and it's a show that's got people talking and premiers on tuesday night right here on our t.v. we can leaks founder julian assange will come face to face with newsmakers on the
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program which is filmed under house arrest in the u.k. or a summit brings us a sneak preview of what to expect. the first episode of the show will be broadcast on choose day april seventeenth so that's this cheese day coming and we and julian together are really hoping this is going to be an explosive new show i can't tell you the name of the first guest you'll have to chew name yourselves to find that out on tuesday but i can tell you that they are all opinion formers some of them this isn't and some of them had never been interviewed before on english language television the first guest is particularly controversial according to julian in the wake of the interview holly charismatic and find out what that's all about i met with him recently and i talked all about the show how he changed his guests why he decided to do it and of course he spent a lot of time sitting on the other side of the interview his desk and he told me a bit about his system challenge really with the mainstream media and why he chose
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r.t. to broadcast first this show the things that we're trying to report. current. you know very well who want to work. with their current gently or not this week coming up for the week in which the press show is going to be broadcast is really a week run of first three for him both personal and professional it's going to be five hundred days since the investigation into these allegations of sexual assaults by two swedish women began now we've seen that at the request of his extradition go through the courts here in the u.k. right up to the supremes courts which and that case finished at the beginning of february that's ten weeks ago now we still don't have it we are expecting it possibly to call next week but there's still no set date for that verdict to be handed down and still after five hundred days no charges have been laid against him
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and it's also five hundred days since the wiki leaks bank accounts were first frozen so that has made funding for wiki leaks very difficult at. and threatening that whistle blowing organization all together and really that's what makes this program so unique the fact that it was conceived all store sold while our souls was virtually living under house arrest here in britain awaiting this verdict on his extradition there's two reasons first of all being on the house and sort of well it's nice to have an occasional visitor and talk or more about the world and the conversations we were having a quite interesting what about all of them for a lot of people what was going on that's one of the second reason is that as someone who's given the water for. you know the receiving end of very aggressive. i found that i wasn't even much of what he. pretty quickly. he was.
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you know sort of principles so people could take it from sort of a context that i wanted to have a different sort of approach with people and why but of course it has been summaries i think it's also succeeded in other ways and we're very real science or very interesting and important people and i think what we're going to go because they're not doing anything different from doing something that's going to house arrest. control for political problems. so you can see the full version of that interview on monday the sixteenth of april and that will be followed hopped on the heels by the first episode of the program on shoes day the seventeenth of april we're still awaiting a verdict on tonight's honors extradition but we are quite glad that he's managed to make this program before whatever happens to him happens to him obviously his main thing has always been that he will be extradited from sweden to the u.s. . there hasn't been anything yet on t.v.
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he. used to get the maximum from the people back. to the source. tiriel is hopes journalism this week. we wanted to visit. something our. series goes live tuesday and as laura mention the full interview with julian assad will be on the airwaves at four thirty g.m.t. monday tune in here at r.t. to hear more from the controversial whistleblower don't forget you can catch up on all our stories and latest developments also on our team dot com here's what's a click away right now to the relatives of those who died when the titanic sank a century ago return to the site where it struck an iceberg leaving seventeen hundred dead plus. a sense enery of a different kind in north korea a spectacular fireworks display all rounded off the two weeks of celebrations
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marking one hundred years since the birth of the founder of the reclusive state kim il sung. ten of twenty three candidates in egypt's political election have a presidential election rather have been barred from standing in next month's poll and excluded candidates have the right to appeal and supporters demonstrate and supporters demonstrations are expected in the top of the list of those banned from the poll includes mubarak era intelligence chief omar suleiman and key islamist political activists ahmed says that despite moves towards democracy it will be hard for egypt to break away from military rule. the running mate bands such as hide its author almost said a man well causing a lot of tensions on the ground so egyptians are receiving this gladly there's a deep militant i state here for over sixty years the military has been ruling this country anyone from the missile heads the governors the mayors they're all retired
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military jobs this is not the place that them because i have a strong grip all over the country so it's not easy to the root there's those tentacles i remember when we were first in countries where they said we're not here this is not a revolution we're here as a gypsy ins and once things settle down we'll definitely run for parliament and we will not get all the thirty five percent maximum of the parliament and this is this is more of a promise than just the statement what we've seen is that they actually began with seventy percent and then said it will be twenty five and then they said it will be thirty five what we've seen is that with the broad coalition of salafist it's reach over seventy percent of parliament. there are likely to be more western weapons in the far east and japan opens up its military market with britain vying for trade prime minister david cameron led the charge this week joining us in building up in asia pacific influence but that won't sit well with china as our attorneys are for
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better reports. selling weapons is quickly becoming what britain does best prime minister david cameron unashamedly touting the u.k.'s military hardware only he calls it flying the flag for britain it's seeking to become only the second country other than america to trade arms with japan not only big business but the chance for a crucial foothold in what's clearly the place to be as must be you know perfectly predictable result of the shifting of focus of american attention in the attention of much of the world to the asia pacific region as china obviously continues to be an economic powerhouse and even in the other countries in the region for him to actually become more economically dominant i think with that comes the attendant attention from the militaries of the u.s. and the u.k. and other countries america's recently announced plans to station two thousand and remains in australia hoping to exert influence in
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a region china says isn't theirs to meddle in and britain could soon join them part of its defense deal with japan could see a british hunter submarine deployed in china's backyard complete with missiles and all the physical presence the british government claims is needed these geopolitics are relevant but i think that's even more reason for the u.k. to be going out there to engage with what is one of the few allies in the region with over thirty executives from the u.k.'s highly profitable arms industry this isn't the first sign david cameron has been criticized for turning an overseas trip into a travelling sales pitch cameron was left red faced last year when on the same trip he went from praising the democratic uprisings in cairo to flogging weapons enqueue wait prime minister david cameron's been forced to defend his party weapons manufacture is saying it's perfectly responsible and respectable but this is a region that's highly sensitive to any kind of military maneuver
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a tense. is at the moment a particularly high piece certainly not one to confront that moment and they do not have the resources to fuel their respective military strains to come out and also that. the best of both at the moment of course used to count on the united states more strategically and more foreign power into the region so us would have expected challenges of exerting the pressure off the international community on until now britain and america have had to make do with the existing influence in the region from a draw but with the talk of physical presence there the theories could upset the balance on the bennetts see london russia and poland have two years since the plane crash that killed polish president lech kaczynski and more than ninety top officials near the western city restaurant russian city of smolensk the memorial
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services were held tuesday in the polish capital an adverse side of the disaster in russia ninety six died in a crash as a high profile polish delegation traveled to commemorate victims of the stalinist massacre of thousands of polish soldiers at the t. in russia n. poland of undertaking two years of meticulous investigations into the tragedy of polish right wing opposition members led by relatives of the deceased president have alleged the accident was an assassination official probe for most moscow in warsaw concluded that pilot error and problems with the plane or to play. three foot at some other news making headlines now across the globe the taliban says it's responsible for the masses scape of nearly four hundred prisoners after a full scale attack on a jail in northwest pakistan heavily armed is the honest insurgents stormed the prison with guns and grenades early sunday morning in the area bordering the volatile tribal regions that some of the prisoners are titling the militants on death row. in the face. for the first time in fifteen months iran held. talks with
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major world powers over its controversial nuclear program the meeting in turkey was held as positive and constructive but the second round of negotiations scheduled for next month in baghdad the five plus one group of countries ultimately hopes to persuade iran to help your reign in enrichment something to ron has so far refused iran and says its nuclear ambitions are peaceful but western nations suspect it could be seeking to develop weapons. millions of orthodox christians around the world have been marking the holiest day in their religious calendar easter sunday celebrating the resurrection of christ the largest overnight vigil was held in russia's main church the christ the savior cathedral where the congregation of thousands including the country's political leaders archy's tom barton reports. easter services in the russian orthodox tradition are designed to be both long services but also very beautiful services stylized markings of the key moments in the story of christ's death and his resurrection on the third day
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a key moment in the service is the easter vigil where the priests walk in a circle around the church holding candles and they also change their outfits three times during the service from black which represents lent through to purple which represents the passions of christ went through to join which represents the resurrection itself. the holy fire was also right here in moscow this easter as it has done since the eleventh century when it first made that journey from the church of the holy circle in jerusalem the story surrounding the fire is that a light shines through the roof of the church of the holy sepulcher every easter in jerusalem and somehow manages to light candles wall of which is brought to moscow and it's then taken around to many orthodox churches a very special symbolic moment for the russian orthodox church easter the russian
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orthodox church also comes at the end of a great lent not seven weeks of fasting no meat or no dairy products but at the end it is time to bring out some special foods with a special connection to easter what is coolidge a cake that's sweet and filled with raisins another is named after easter in the russian language. it's a sweet dessert. also designed to be a celebration after the long weeks of fasting and also that universal symbol of easter eggs many are painted and often shared with family members and all are taken to priests at easter blessing. with holy water will be shared around. the world. in thirty thousand russian orthodox churches and their communities around the world it's a decision all russian orthodox greeks it will be said. christ has risen and it
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will be answered with another reply that traditional russian orthodox reply. coming up shortly in his first t.v. interview since being taken off death row me abu jamal shares his experience of life behind bars and more with art he's honest ask your church this after a recap of the top stories.
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evolve for bush. always stands by one vote for kerry or kerry so the people that are going to be validating this machine can stand there all day long and vote for somebody and it will be right every time but the guy can walk up here and if he hits the right button. if it's up to vote then you should. feel.


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