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tv   [untitled]    April 16, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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the first few an observer team arrives in syria to oversee the tribal truce but i'm not scored a name on the first movement to keep from say. first day of the trial of no reason killer anders breivik rough stuff for you began with a right wing salute insisting he is no criminal but was protecting the country from the muslim. and deloris releases two high profile political prisoners washington and the e.u. prancer on minutes to ease up on the opposite side. from
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our studios in central moscow you're watching r t with me and he said now it's six pm here in the russian capital five pm in damascus as the first u.n. observers touched down in syria the government's being urged to show restraint and the opposition to fully cooperate damascus says it can't guarantee the monitors safety unless every step is coordinated with authorities well the opposition claims it's still under attack and the government vows to crack down on what it calls terrorist acts on a void in the syrian capital. waiting to be reborn the series also looks christians the meaning of easter was all the most poignant this year as they contemplated the sacrifices of the last one to the death and suffering across the country many so bruff and in prayer hoping that peace would be
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a reason reacting i guess. praise for these despite isolated clashes the kofi annan brokered cease fire has answered its fifth day and begin a rival of the universe a lasting peace may now have the best chance in months still as these analyst points out the u.n. monitors may need to learn from the experience of their arab league counterparts as mission in january failed to stop the bloodshed in the eyes of both the government and the opposition the u.n. mission is more professional credible it will be made up of the observers of the tickler countries with their own agendas and their perceived neutrality or the lack of it could make or break mission. the rapid deployment of monitors that is in the interest of the assad government which is argued is the only way to ensure the compliance of both sides to the cease fire now that they have servers are on the ground you know officials have made it clear they expect the syrian authorities to take further steps to uphold it we are worried about the operational deployment ok
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we are. in. operation sometimes they don't belong. they didn't belong there in the first place they don't belong there and we are working with the government and with the opposition. for a full cessation of violence all its forms there for the. political aims and counter claims of violence by both sides the unit monitors will surely wrestle big challenges ahead but at least they have syrians cheering them on the owner of the shop just ordered another batch of these t. shirts a popular restaurant slogan in syria it is now taking on a whole new meaning. killed across the country rising above hate is a tall order and while it may take years and many syrians agreed that having impartial international observers on the ground may be the first step in that
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direction it's not going to artsy syria well discuss the situation in syria with jabber of the director of the center for middle east studies in beirut joins us live on the line thanks for being with us the u.n. secretary general says the government must allow observers full access to monitor the cease fire because the u.n. doubt also its commitment to troops. yeah i think. the secretary general has the right to ask for such. and such request but the syrian government is responsible about the security for those observers must be aware of their movement in syria especially they are working in very dangerous. situation so i think the best way is to cooperate with
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the syrian government and to inform the syrian government about their destination about their activities about their movement. which will be signed today or in the next couple of days and between you know. those observers the sort you would like to see here. in order to receive. as we are about two hundred fifty those observers meet just. before. they have also to prepare their operation. and. many many points must be discussed. first of all to. simply to prove.
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to the people in their mission not to have the same bad experience of the arab observers a few months ago but their first calls from washington to arm the rebels that of course is despite the ceasefire why are we seeing this kind of interference. you know as we said many times that the syrian government has a responsibility as a government to urge the united nations and international community to respect. but on the other hand. they don't have one thing to command and we say that. we. will respect the fire. ok and as we heard fire started many operations as the syrians say that many operations have been made by the answers. for him in this case
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have to reply. this is friday i was not going to speculate and hopefully it's acceptable but it's not perfect yet the u.n. resolution contains a very very a reference if syria doesn't comply with it further measures can be taken a similar reference was made in last year's resolution on libya that in the end opened of course the way for intervention so you think we could see a repeat syria. no not all i don't think there is no comparison between syria and libya syria is different in syria still have an army united army strong argues that we still have a government and they. have different. demography and in syria. a different position of the political
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situation where you would referee. this is a much different. scenario in libya in any circumstances and as you know they tried with him one year to prepare a military operation from our side in syria and. this decision that's being faced by the little from russia and china and. also means. that were made by the united states or syria. and from the buffer zone mouth. of the us then the idea to provide weapons you know sophisticated weapons to the answers are also sanctions against the syria nothing that succeeded and they came at the end of the
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day after one year. go ahead and take that. almost played very positive role and did invite the answers rather than the government on. them or school and off of the table and there's a reason and opposition to different this and now we are trying with the last call i called it last called of coffee or not and if it will succeed it will be the first. stone in my opinion. where the. it's a good solution from certain mission but it's. we have to find i'm not going to submission and i know we'll wait to see how you will you. work for some time for the director of the center for mideast studies live with us on the line from beirut thanks for your analysis. and the trial of self-confessed norwegian
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killer anders breivik has wrapped up its first day and also it's all going to form a right wing salute smirk at survivors in court and weep at his own propaganda video of the gunman admits to killing seventy seven people in a bomb attack on a government building and the shooting rampage camp last summer but he denies criminal guilt insisting it was self-defense to protect norway from being taken over by muslims will be given his own testimony on tuesday but it will not be broadcast his lawyer said his own explanation was crucial to help the child saying that it could be locked up for the rest of his life is considered a danger to society a former euro m.p. when ford says the massacre in norway is the largest or not the only other time of its kind. that is the way you want it justice system works in it in the european union in norway he he will clearly has opportunities to express his own views one just hopes that the over well we will jerky people will reject them for what they
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are signs of if you want to be a man who is deluded. and a racist those are the number of muslims in norway is actually is actually rather small there are countries in europe where if you want you call it you have millions of of muslims many of which are fully integrated and many of which are spyros western values but there are minorities are monks and muslim communities that have the same delusions. as our norwegian killer this is something that we've seen across the european union. in germany and in france in the united kingdom as well as in norway he's just he was particularly successful but i think he's one of. many maybe too strong but he is certainly not unique in amy's whatsoever and these groups are actually working together to promote these kind of lone wolves to endure any census follow the same pattern as the some of the muslim fundamentalists.
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this is r.t. why from moscow on the right for you the filipino fury as a war. angry crowds outside the us embassy in manila against your country's controversial workings in china backyard. first the belorussian president has released two political prisoners one of which is the former presidential candidate alexander lukashenko unexpected move follows pressure from the e.u. that's been highly critical of the regime after a harsh crackdown on the opposition ten years ago let's hear a sense of the house the details. few if any had expected such move from the man often described as europe's last dictator alexander the leader of the bell or was now presidential candidate under the sun you can thank you so close counterpart. a dozen opposition figures arrested in december twenty town following the presidential election accused of instigating massive street protests that was
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certainly a very serious crackdown on the opposition with all of those so so many people arrested and being sentenced to prison terms the sign you were sentenced to five and two years in prison respectively now both of them have been set free on a presidential pardon they have reconvened with their families and came out with statements saying that they could never believe that their plea to be set free would be matched by alexander lukashenko you know the political analysts in belarus are trying to determine the reasons behind this move while the other. political prisoners still remain in prisons in behind bars in belarus and their fate remains pretty much unclear at the moment this also being a reaction from the european union from the highest representative and international affairs and security catherine ashton who said that releasing these two prisoners is definitely a right move to improve relations between brussels and me in scans she demanded that. the political prisoners must be set free as well definitely the ties between
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brussels and minsk have been very much strains after the events and in december twentieth and the presidential election and the crackdown on the opposition in fact all kinds of old diplomatic missions to do the european union left immediately all twenty seven passengers then the european union imposed sanctions umbrella was namely more than two hundred state officials and businessman are still prohibited from traveling to the european union countries as well as several companies are blacklisted from trade with the european union they have been talks of more tougher sanctions to come within the next several weeks so the possibility that the two. possible sanctions and the release of the prisoners are connected cannot be ruled out by many experts. well go deeper into our stories that are t. dot com here's what's on line for you at the moment flagging up right here the states claim to the more and more parts of the resource rich are sixty bat that lie
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in its territory. and north korea keeps mom about its alleged nuclear program but celebrates with and temporary of its first leader's birth with a bang see the sparks fly at our t.v. . so it's gone quarter past the hour let's take a look at some other news from around the world for shiite muslim farmers have been shot dead just north of the iran little more sectarian attack two carloads of gunmen opened fire while the men were working in an orchard violence has decreased in iraq but sunni militants still launch attacks to challenge the country's shia led government. military leaders in the west african state of guinea bissau have announced a national transitional council that's following a meeting with political parties soldiers wrestled control from the nation's interim government four days ago over plans to reduce the size of the country's influential army whose have been calm and you need to sound since it won
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independence in one thousand and seventy four. the mali interim president says he's ready to open talks with rebels an islamist occupying the north but he insists on groups among them must leave only have been divided since rebels declared an independent homeland earlier this month when the military coup the soldiers in the uprising claimed the government has not provided enough weapons fight the insurgency. and afghanistan's president says sunday as attacks across the country showed an intelligence failure on part of local and nato forces kabul saw eighteen hours of fierce fighting after taliban militants most of our gracious and well coordinated assault on the capital most targets were in kabul's diplomatic quarter with western embassies and government buildings coming under fire thirty six militants were killed but eight police officers and three civilians also lost their lives tell me about said the onslaught was retaliation for american troops
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killing civilians and burning copies of the koran. on line we want to know your view on what you expect to happen next in afghanistan hear your votes so far and are you dot com more than half of you think more militant stripes are to calm post to a third project collapse of central authority while ten percent say afghanistan will see any go see a truce with the taliban the minority feel it will lead to an international troop surge well your views count head on to argue dot com and tell us what you think. thousands of american and filipino troops have begun and you will military exercises near disputed south china sea waters friendship between the philippines and china has been as he waited there for the past two weeks them and say there is gathered outside the american embassy in manila in protest at the workings of peking university deputy principal junction says the u.s.
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only has its own moves in mind in the region there are many filipino students and doctors concerned that games represent us playing a big brother role in politics and there are many people in from the kings were concerned that the government will so the only need for the people national interests to u.s. interests so i think that these protests are a sign of a lot of discomfort with the traditional filipino reliance on u.s. military muscle american ships have gone back and forth over the pacific. and this especially to treat i think a lot of it is inertia and the fact that for a long time america has been running because it dissipated and now it's not so used to the ideals before going to other powers but i think that for the future of world peace i think in the future america will need to you shortly go shooting we are trying to create a framework to share the pacific and especially to see. to
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exposing the world's darkest secrets so it's no surprise top whistleblower sons of us to reveal even more will be grilling dissidents on opinion makers and his interview show that debuts on r t this thursday but today was answering the question about his much anticipated show and his guests. doing us our enemy combatant a traitor i'm getting into bed with him for leaving the kremlin and. interviewing. terrible radical some groundwork. i think that's a sort of it's a pretty trivial kind of attack on character when you were choosing the guests what were your criteria so that the single biggest criterion said they would come up short so those are. people who normally don't get what it was could any of the guests that you have got do you think the pair were in a mainstream t.v.
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network some could some couldn't and some have. quite a few haven't. what is fair to say is that the majority of what they have said to me they could not say when the mainstream thinking at work that is not is because of sort of censorship of the networks it's because my style of interaction as someone who has been interviewed by the media even times i understand the faults. in the format and so i wanted something good and the report that's a good bit of it in situations that they had so why of. pulling out their story about their situation when they are in perspective i'm not in something that would mean it's not for the media as are both frames in dealing with me. they understand that in order to deal with a host government they are going to report what they're dealing with someone has been very trying dangerous and difficult situation so they can speak to what degree
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i think will because i don't despair but i. am truly and. it's true we should be fixed as the world says he's talking it's long been a time for the united states. to leave the. hundred days i feel detained without charge but doesn't so. they. can change the world. more from julian us thousands in just under ten minutes time and make sure you're here for the premiere of the world tomorrow tomorrow on thursday at eleven thirty g.m.t. three thirty pm moscow time also broadcast it throughout the day before to turn it . three of egypt's leading presidential hopefuls will appeal their ban from
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next month's poll go marchin committee barred almost half of the candidates from standing including the muslim brotherhood's main contender prompting the threat of mass demonstrations the uncertainty in egypt could compromise you asked for license let's go next to cannes reports from washington. egypt is changing dramatically washington policies are not for the last thirty years the u.s. has sent an annual eight parent cash to the egyptian military this year it's one point three billion dollars and it's absolutely essential that we do what we can to preserve a close scrutiny as you correlation share with egypt because egypt is being major player in the region the egyptian military has been widely accused of cracking down on peaceful protesters and egyptians want to put an end to the overreaching power of their military but that seems to have had no in fact on washington's decision to
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keep going with business as usual with egypt business as usual ceased to be a reality almost a decade ago unfortunately our leadership in the white house and in the state department have not caught up with that reality the new reality is it is not business as usual we are not buying loyalty but not even the egyptian military's loyalty may be enough to secure business as usual between washington and cairo the muslim brotherhood is the ruling power in egypt's parliament now and their candidate could well when presidential election in may the brotherhood has declared israel america's closest ally in the region enemy number one we will not be able to afford or put in jail for example in gaza on the borders of egypt that is love acceptable by the egyptian people but most recently a delegation from the muslim brotherhood has made a trip to washington and flip flopped on some of their harsh statements this time
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the brotherhood lawmakers said they were not planning on breaking the peace agreement with israel signed at the end of the nineteen seventies in light of the mixed messages that keep changing daily some wonder whether there is any guarantee that egyptian military power poles stirred by u.s. taxpayer dollars and weapons. will not one day be aimed at israel the fact that they have to send the go delegation to charm washington shows you that what they are trying to hide is not very charming they're talking about american taxpayer dollars being used to fund what may well be a government in egypt which is vitriolically anti-american washington seems to be holding on to the old policy of offering egyptian leaders incentives in exchange for favors and while loyalty but will that model work with the new democratic egypt
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which may soon be ruled by those will capitalize on fraley and anti-american rhetoric i'm going to check our reporting from washington r.t. . time now for the world of big money and let's check in with. then you know it's monday morning out wall street how's it working out there yeah it's off as expected off the since the group posted quarter profits beating estimates for the nasdaq still under three thousand points thing. was just top oil firm rose and if the u.s. will do to sign a wide ranging strategic partnership on monday the agreement will. exist the projects in north america developed by two firms will also look to transfer know how from these projects to develop. all reserves in the where some will get an interest the value of the initial just puts a just over three billion dollars but this is like it's a climb rapidly it's a partnership successful. strictly all price now crude is mixed after the saudi oil minister said he's working to cut global prices there we go brant is still on the
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one twenty and the footsie has gone on the fifty seven hundred remains higher for the day mobile they can knock years rating has been called one level above junk as its hero to zero continues there we go we've got to see almost up to closing in the facts as well on the exchange rates the single currency hits a one month low against the greenback today as spain's boring course record highs you're also a strong self against currency on the news and the oil tears is barely clinging on to sixteen hundred china g.d.p. is raising fears it will buy lists from russia just the mail so it could issue two billion dollars this year. most states moves now owning seasons continue here in moscow trying to make a commercial is driving up off the twenty eleven it's exhilarated by russian accounting standards. just flowing awful posting a big jump in it for last year is crushing russia's deputy prime minister just said
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his privatization could be postponed to next year and you're up to date more stories on our website. for that update see you same time next hour. and a few minutes the world renowned whistleblower julian assange stalks r.t. about his interview shows debut on the channel on tuesday that's after this short break.
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yvel for bush hope for bush that the bush. i always adds my one vote for kerry for character so the people that are going to be validating this machine can stand there all day long and vote for somebody and it will be right every time but the guy can walk up here and if he hits the right buttons he can flip the boat that he took. the close up team has been to the spirit last legion. where blacksmithing has developed from a craft into an industry. now archie goes far north. where returns to good roads and rail are a battle against the elements where the culture is the only transporter medics to reach those in need. and where reindeer and fish are treasures for the people
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will go into the. autonomy area. close up. wealthy british style sign. that's not on the. market mind can find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headline news to cause a report. from . mine.


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