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tv   [untitled]    April 17, 2012 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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the future of. giving air time to do you know where the world's most famous whistleblower premieres his talk show on our t.v. with controversial newsmakers who get missed out on a stream. the syrian rebel faction admits coffee on its peace plan is the lunch counter and the bloodshed of russian war and some forces remain intent on the story in the complex. and america's torture techniques are equal to war crimes beliefs state department memo with grave concerns over the bush administration's brutal interrogation.
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live from our studios in central moscow you're watching archie with me need to know why if you've just joined us you just miss the debut of one of the most highly anticipated news talk shows of recent years but there are more chances to come world renowned whistleblower julian assange is going head to head with a series of controversial high profile figures despite having been stuck in house arrest in the u.k. for staggering five hundred days or smith has more on the first edition of a show that promises to give the floor to those mostly shunned by the mainstream media. just in case you missed it the first episode of chilean authorities exclusive new shows has been broadcast it's an interview with someone who's only very rarely heard from in the west snuff tied with six years ago the millions he's a freedom fighter but the millions of others he's a terrorist it's the highly controversial leader of hezbollah qatar not for
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ourselves and not through the talk tape or a range of issues to do with his areas of influencing clue to the israeli palestinian conflict and hezbollah its role in the international struggle over syria now for the reveal for the first time the hezbollah contacted the opposition in syria to urge them to negotiate with that regime they refused but hezbollah will keep pushing for another with a few who have what we call from seriousness which is dialogue is there a format for a misdemeanor carried out because the alternative to that no one cause of the first season for things inside syria because the sensitivity of the situations in syria so such as to her send me into civil war and this is exactly what america and israel want for syria now for a little so you pointed to the involvement of al qaida in syria saying actually take his top already arrived and they'll be followed by more al qaida members from elsewhere in the arab world they he says are trying to destabilize syria and turn
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it into a battleground elsewhere in the region now it's really reiterated heads below its view that colors died belongs to the palestinians now here's your chance might have a feeling that if your house i don't know how much force was in because of my interest your hundred years just because i'm stronger than you realize you have a little alcohol you once that doesn't give me that doesn't mean it was my question because now i went to talk to. a head of the broadcast to the program at the secretly cation where he filmed the show we told you all about the show how he chose the guests because he spent a lot of time himself in the other side of the interview with death he too. it's about his disenchantment with mainstream media and why he chose analogy to broadcast this but i don't see why he feels that he's in a unique position to make an interview show let's hear what he had to say what. the majority of what they have. at work.
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with me they understand. it's going to. try. to recoup from people situation so they can speak to agree but i think. it's not too late the whole show it will be broadcast here on our t.v. every two hours through tuesday. and where next showing that they've new edition of julian assange to show in just under ninety minutes like laura said right here on r.t. . in other news syria's opposition says kofi annan peace plan is the last chance to stop bloodshed resolve the conflict the national coordinating committees comments follow talks with russian diplomats here in moscow but russia warns there are still those interested in the failure from shall cease fire but here is has been following the meeting in the russian capital now joins us live with the latest
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alexei the meeting took place with international peace efforts well underway certainly in syria what has come out of today. all this meeting comes exactly a week since the syrian foreign minister was the most go to hold talks with syria lavrov the russian foreign minister now members of the syrian domestic opposition the national coordinator committee are here and they've already said that the u.n. brokered cease fire plan proposed by kofi annan is the last chance to bring to still a g.'s in this country to an end now lavrov basically reiterated moskos stance that despite this plan seemingly working out so far certainly there are some forces which are willing to disrupt this rather fragile peace. there are countries interested in the failure of kofi announced plan from the outset you predicted the failure of any political agreement in syria and only demanded regime change we have information that even today those who have such
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a stance are doing a lot to hamper the plan providing arms to the opposition instigating violence by militants i hope that all who have some influence will pursue the interests of the syrian people and security in the region and not their geo political ambitions. the members of the national coordinator could be from syria played along saying that the biggest difficulty in maintaining peace in syria is the lack of a unified international stance on the issue and they also have. that most will also willing for a democratic and peaceful change of power in syria now lavrov also said that. large scale server forces syria is crucial for bringing the facilities to announce in this country and we understand that while this plan seemingly working out so far with rallies renewing in the country certainly the off feel that calls for democracy and freedom in the country are being disrupted are being destroyed by the armed militia in the country now my colleague on a boy who did
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a report on that and you may find some images in this report very disturbing. this is the media face of the syrian revolution and shaven man with kalashnikovs appealing to the international community to stop the killing of children by the blood thirsty as army. a few weeks later the same man this time posing the soldiers and going around homes knocking on the doors of innocent people. later we see them again already dad shown on you tube as civilians were savagely killed by troops yet still western policymakers insist on calling these people freedom fighters rather than charities united states of america. so far. and the definition for the. united states of america.
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for if we don't. who are fighting really for a great moment. of united states. this is the case and if you talk about syria we have. an organization of course this is also the syrian opposition but it faces goals and ways of achieving them are strikingly different these kurdish women are against the entrenched discrimination of their ethnic group others in the crowd call for free elections and stopping arbitrary detentions still the main slogan they're rallying under is for peaceful change. we think that bashar al assad has stepped down but we are totally convinced it can be achieved through nonviolent means the only way for this democratic revolution to proceed peacefully all sides have to stop the violence small rallies like these almost the wicklow curran's in damascus but this
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time even syrian state t.v. came to fill my heart to travel to grab all the attention the syrian opposition has many faces and there's a growing concern here that basically warning the radicals the last may be hurting because of more moderate forces that the gunfire has essentially drowned out more legitimate calls for democratic change while the organizers of this rally received a permit from their thirties it didn't last long an hour into the protest a group of supporters appeared from nowhere sending demonstrators running on this occasion nobody was hurt or detained. democracy is about the rule of the majority and the my jordi of the people support bashar al assad these people may be curious but they're not there for them from guns. force that supporters there is indeed little difference between peaceful protesters and the rebels and it looks like the west is making the same mistake by betting on the armed opposition international
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powers to make activists like these guilty of association with the gun charging militia. while. it gets much much worse obviously a lot of. girls is just not provoking obviously but quite the opposite chaos even. syria has wanted prided itself on tolerance but when it comes to politics the gloves come off very quickly not only a syrian city have to agree to disagree but more importantly they have to learn how to do it in a nonviolent way in the car see them as syrian. authorities from moscow coming up later this hour at the u.s. government just won't quit when it comes to tightening the noose around them that it's a bill that would let officials take what they want when they want with your private
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online data and there's a week of furious protesting ahead because of it plus. he says he killed seventy seven innocent people as an act of goodness but he's mental state is soon going to be determined to bring you the latest from anders breivik mass murder and terror trial. well. it's technology innovation all these developments from around russia we've got the future avar. something lies beneath. thousands of natures of ice country rock.
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the lovers and that is a lure for many. but dangerous even to those who keep it at a distance. the closer a team has been to the sverdlovsk region. where blacksmithing has developed from across into an industry. now archie
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goes far north. where returns to good roads and rails are a battle against the elements where really culture is the only transport for medics to reach those in need. and where rain and fish are treasures for the. locals of the. autonomy area of russia close up r t. r t live from moscow no regrets or repentance from norwegian mass killer anders breivik and says he would have done it again is giving his testimony on the second day of his trial which is only being published instead of broadcast very good mates last summer's bomb and going to times and also which killed seventy seven people but pleads not guilty thing it was in self defense to protect norway from islam through this hearing was the late after a judge was dismissed for commenting on facebook shortly after the tragedy but
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rather deserved the death sentence a penalty banned in norway that judges me was maybe disallowed but graphic still publicly helling his massacre as the most spectacular and sophisticated attack on europe since world war two for many products getting exactly what he wanted a platform for his extreme ideas. dottie's the way the fuel the justice system we're seeing it. in the european union in norway he he will clearly i was opportunities to express his own views one just hopes that the overwhelming majority of people will reject him for what they are signs of if you want i'm a man who who is deluded and a racist was under focus is something that we've seen across the european union. in germany and in france in the united kingdom as well as in norway it's just he was particularly successful but i think he's a he's one of. many maybe too strong he's certainly not unique in amy's whatsoever
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and least groups are actually working together to promote these kind of lone wolves sue in many senses follow the same pattern as the some of the muslim fundamentalists. there's barely is ruled as saying the maximum jail tendency to receive is just twenty one years not argued for more on the trial as well as background reports on the massacre which devastated the people of norway. several torture techniques used by the u.s. against terrorist suspects have been made of war crimes if they were weak think red state department officials memo which also reveals a warning to the bush administration about their use. now explain some believe president obama is turning a blind eye to america's past. america's so-called war on terror produced images and accounts that ignited a world of questions about torture and the u.s. treatment of suspects american people need to know we're using techniques within
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the law to protect two years after george w. bush left the white house this talk about waterboarding the former commander in chief admitted his stamp of approval for the use of interrogation techniques like waterboarding dubbed inhumane and illegal under u.s. law and the geneva conventions well as waterboarding legal in your opinion this is a lawyer said it was legal so it did not fall within the it torture. and but you go first to judgment of people who are going to the bush administration also chose to disregard that judgment of a top adviser who warned that the cia's interrogation of terror suspects equated to felony war crimes according to a secret memo obtained by wired magazine in two thousand and six state department counselor philip zelikow warned the white house that controversial interrogation techniques such as waterboarding stress positions and cramped confinement are prohibited under u.s.
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law and under american law there is no precedent for excusing treatment that is intrinsically cruel even if the state asserts compelling need to use it i think there needs to be an accounting in the united states of what was done over the last ten years and name of america there is a president after the second world. united states actually executed japanese soldiers who had. used torture. against american prisons they took action against the japanese with us. as opposing which. countries so there is a clear legal case to say that you know action must be taken we're still evaluating two weeks before taking office u.s. president barack obama steered. we are of saving america's historic commitments to international justice this is we're going to be looking at past records. and i don't believe that anybody has a problem on the other hand i also have a belief that we need to work for those laws as opposed to war looking backwards
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last june obama's u.s. justice department dropped ninety nine out of one hundred in one cases against cia interrogators over the use of torture i'm sorry but the current administration wants to keep those options open and you don't want to label these techniques just as crimes you're torturing because that would prohibit them from using them but we're doing that definition and how we're slightly grainy being we can still be option applying these techniques once again and that is what is threatening you know scholars attorneys and human rights experts around the world have called for the prosecution of senior bush administration officials who designed in order torture tactics however critics say the unspoken agreement within countries proclaiming to pioneer democracy is to never turn on your own but will be that the west we you know we make great claim that we are great democracies but there is a kind of stick. party that they will not press charges and they will not take
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legal action against the crimes of book or previous administrations through the use of torture rendition and secret prisons america's moral position are around the world has are undoubtedly shifted and while the u.s. will likely continue marking the beacons of freedom and democracy critics say the more important question to ask is who is even listening anymore. artsy new york. and other cybersecurity bills on his way to congress in the states which liberty groups say will let the government harvest any online personal data whenever it wants or launching a week of protests against this far after the success and the rolling minatory of stop online piracy act we have freedom activist chapter ten thinks it's time a while may learn their lesson. before when we were trying to stop sopa congress wouldn't return the calls of the civil liberties community they wouldn't return the calls of the tech community they were just trying to shove it through congress
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without any debate whatsoever and once they saw that how are the internet and how users can organize and really make a difference in the legislative procedure i think they understood that you know they have a more understanding now what we're seeing with this is that the authors of the bill are trying to disassociate themselves with soap but they actually took out the intellectual property cause last week which is a good sign unfortunately they didn't go nearly as far enough and were running a weeklong protest this week actually trying to convince congressman to vote no on this bill until they take out these privacy destroying provisions and hopefully make it a bill which can affect cybersecurity positively but not encroach on the privacy rights of americans. i don't see dot com we will be increasing attempts by governments and big businesses in getting its hands on your data and dictating what you can you can't do on the internet while you're there and here's what else you're
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still free to watch a british lord is the friend in from his party over claims who put a ten million pound bounty on the heads of president obama and george w. bush. arresting art as police work on a russian father and daughter who made millions in dealing fakes from your own conclusions of our t.v. dot com. a look now at some other news from around the world australia is to withdraw its troops from afghanistan a year earlier than planned and twenty thirteen prime minister julia guillard said the pullout will begin as soon as afghan security forces take control of a region where most australian personnel are based the country has just over fifteen hundred soldiers there and has lost thirty two in the conflict.
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angry scenes in a court because court where defendants charged over the deaths of seventy five people at the port side football riot declared their innocence. confined to a cage they chanted for justice or death provide on february broke out between longstanding rival supporters of a local and a cairo team and they face murder trials and police officers have been charged with assisting a group in attacking cairo france. the space shuttle discovery took its final flight today aboard a modified jumbo jet as it heads the smithsonian museum in washington in thirty years of space exploration discovery is now feels most travel shuttle and that florida's kennedy space center where thousands lined the old landing strip see the crowd to head off for the last time. figuring out the finances in the world of money malays isn't easy especially when it comes to mind
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numbing numbers in places like greece also your hambo r t v dot com tim kirby has an offbeat look at why it matters. to see good leverage with your makers we need to build a huge most sophisticated reach on those interviews with jordan sound anything mission to teach creation why you should care about you and. this is why you should watch only. time now for the latest business news with daniel bushell and president elect has been laying out the shape of things to come what's most important saying about the economy. but he also promised to balance the books in his keynote address to the finance ministry for more we're joined by ortiz to. treat some food for thought of spending spree off the general election
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pledges that may not be the case but. it does seem so that there's a massive change of weather for the russian economy right now instead of spending more and more on massive state projects russia now and needs to save up for the hard times prepare itself have a balanced budget for. example vision and now in order to do this but it isn't hailed the methods used by former finance minister i like say. during the times of during the years before the crisis which very much helped the crisis of two thousand eight hundred thousand knight and this means that all the all the extra oil and gas money and by extra he means. the average ten year well price will be accumulated into a reserve but now as soon as this reserve fund reaches seven percent of the g.d.p. all the extra money will then be spent on state infrastructure projects and
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accumulated into. national wealth and also a very important point of that even though it's a mate is that taxation in the gas industry is very low it's justifiably low so this is what we may be looking out for and these are the matters that russia is using to its advantage richard. thank you we'll have more on that story as the day develops now we've been talking about. deal with america's yesterday what does it all mean chris we thought from. the arctic has its significant potential for a major source of oil and gas in the future russia needs to open up this area in order to acquire secure new sources of oil and gas as existing production base go into decline over the next decade similarly for exxon mobil this is the only place on the planet where a company like exxon mobil can also get access to significant new reserves the cost
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of developing the article is going to be very significant the exploration phase alone will be several billion dollars and the total cost of eventually bring in oil and gas to the surface is likely to be even four hundred billion dollars some of those projects involve so-called unconventional energy resources such as shale gas christine to screwing up from ratings agency standard and poor's does it make sense for russia to be involved and spoil its huge conventional reserves. it is estimated that in terms of conventional recoverable reserves russia has around a hundred trillion cubic meters in terms of gas but if you look at unconventional potential excluding three if you say estimated thirty it can have anything between one hundred fifty to five hundred million cubic meters so that's a huge potential they've seen. the united states so they're trying to cover their bases start understanding how to develop this potential resource in the
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future but i could probably see you know a doubling or tripling of its old reserves like it has done in canada and the u.s. for a time for the markets know europe's rising for a second as a blue she was foals are going. to will be positive but offer a dog yesterday not much better today here in moscow as all prices remain for this hour for chorus is the euro's losing value against the greenback of the original one month low against the all over the fragile state of the eurozone economy and europe today more stories on our web site of business and. many thanks daniel for that day or see you next hour same place same time what a good short break here in our t.v. don't go away in a few minutes our exclusive interview with julian assange we sit down with him about his debut show have fun throughout the day here on r.t. stay with us.
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the. feeling. of militant islam is. just so. just so.
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it's. come up. there hasn't been anything good on t.v. if. it is to get the maximum political in fact costs before the source material is what helps feed journalism one of reasons. we want to present. something else.


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